tagNonHumanSharing the Past Ch. 02

Sharing the Past Ch. 02


This story contains m/m relationships and sex scenes.

* *


* * * * * *

When Monday rolled around Jon headed into town early. His smartest suit didn't feel all that comfortable, he was far too used to jeans and t-shirts, but he had to try and look the part, even though he had no idea what he was letting himself in for. When Ross had seen him dressed up like that the look in his eyes said Jon looked good, but then Ross was a little biased, and would probably have preferred to get him out of the suit.

The office was huge, modern with lots of dark stone floors and walls but still light thanks to the fact that the huge foyer was fronted entirely in glass. Jon took a breath to steady himself and walked towards the front desk and the security guards there. He was intercepted by another man in a suit, probably in his early forties, an open and smiling face that made Jon feel comfortable immediately.

"Jon?" the man asked.

"Yes. Are you Matt?"

"Yes. Thanks for being on time. Usually we start at 9, but I wanted to make sure I could meet you."

"I really appreciate this. Don't know how it happened, but I do appreciate it."

Matt laughed again. "I have to say, we don't normally hire people this way. But it is only six weeks until you go back to college, and you aren't going to get to running the company in that time. Let's get you upstairs to a desk and I can sort some things for you to do before I have to go meet the management team."

"How is this place run then? It gets spoken about as a family firm, but I don't suppose they do all that much."

Matt gave him an odd look. "The Arcans do work here, come to board meetings, oversee projects. They are heavily involved, but the day-to-day running is down to four managers, each of us heading up a specific area. I'm charged with finance and business infrastructure, so your kind of area which is why I got the call."

Jon didn't think the other man saw his look of surprise as he was leading him into the lift. This man was so senior he had no idea how or why he was here with him. As they travelled up in the lift he wondered if he could ask, and figured there wasn't any reason not to.

"I didn't realise you were so important. Not to sound rude, but who has the power to have you hire some bloke off the street.

Matt looked amused. "You really have no idea, do you?" He paused while the lift came to a stop and opened into another large reception area, this time all light coloured marble. "Look familiar?" he said, pointing at two large pictures on the wall.

Jon drew in a sharp breath. The names under the pictures made the answer to his question very clear. Sam Arcan and Tilly Arcan. To him, the man who had pinned him to the side of a delivery vehicle, and the kind woman who had offered him this job and got him together with Ross. He had a lot to thank her for.

"Shit!" he let out under his breath, not quiet enough that Matt didn't hear him.

"I assume that answers your question?" he said with a smile. "It was a rather unusual request, even for her, but I have more sense than to argue with an Arcan."

* * * * * *

Jon's head was spinning after a day of trying to find his way around the huge open-plan office and learning systems and procedures. He was glad that what he would be doing was relatively simple and used skills he had learned at university. Obviously he was doing grunt work but it was a lot more useful than driving.

The biggest shock of today was still finding out that the Arcans were the ones who had stopped his truck. His mind kept running over what had happened, but no matter how many times he thought about it he really had no idea how or why they had done it. If they really ran a huge company like this then what the hell were they doing going all special forces on him at the side of the road? Recovering missing persons didn't seem like normal industrial espionage, and even if it was that they'd be unlikely to be doing it themselves.

If he'd not been desperate to get back to Ross he might have dwelt on that a bit further, but one night had not been enough and he needed more of Ross's touches, and even though he was a little sore, he needed that cock inside him again. Normally he wasn't desperate to get back home, but today he had a very good reason and he was smiling as he rushed to get back to his lover.

"Hi honey, I'm home!" he called as he got through the door.

Ross was sat watching tv on the sofa but looked at him and laughed.

"Bet you've always wanted to say that!"

"Not always, but most of today. Mind you, I've been looking forward to my welcome home kiss a lot more."

"Oh really? You'd better come get it then," Ross teased. "Don't take your jacket off."

Jon stopped removing it and walked over to Ross, deciding to straddle him and claim the kiss he wanted. The two of them took time to explore and reconnect, even though they had only been apart for a few hours. Ross liked the way Jon had sat on him and grabbed handfuls of his backside to pull him closer.

"I like you in this suit. I want to strip you out of it slowly, but after dinner. I cooked."

Jon smiled and raised an eyebrow. "You can cook as well as make love to me for hours? I'm going to have to keep you around!"

"You'd have to chase me off with a stick to get rid of me now baby," Ross replied, seriously.

* * * * * *

It was a short dinner. Jon nearly regretted not making more of an effort to be appreciative of the food because it was really good, but the lustful looks Ross was giving him through their meal meant that he barely paid attention to what was going in his mouth. It wasn't what he really wanted, by any means. He was aware that those looks were not one way either, he couldn't seem to take his eyes off Ross for very long when all he could think about was what they would be doing after dinner.

"I made pudding too," Ross said as he cleared their plates, "but I can't wait any longer."

He fell to his knees at the side of Jon, their faces and bodies close but not enough. They both moved to close the gap though, soft moans coming from each at the first touch of their lips, and both feeling that they couldn't get enough of the other. Ross broke the kiss eventually, his hand stroking through Jon's dark hair for a moment while he got his breath back.

"I need to get you out of that suit baby. Come with me."

Jon followed, just as eager as Ross to be getting naked, especially if it led to more of what he had experienced last night. He really didn't think he could get enough of being touched and kissed by this man and he hoped he never had to stop. From when they had spoken though he was confident that Ross felt the same way and that was enough to be sure this would last a while.

He came to a halt by his bed and saw the look of lust still on Ross's face as his eyes raked up and down Jon's body. The look would have stripped him of his clothes if such a thing was possible.

"You have no idea what that look does for me," Ross murmured. "I didn't think it was possible for you to get any sexier, but I was proved wrong this morning, and I've spent all day thinking about getting you out of that suit to make love to you again."

"So what's stopping you?" Jon asked, slightly impatient for something to start.

"Just savouring the moment," Ross replied with a grin.

Then he moved, close to Jon but not touching him. Even that made Jon's breathing hitch, his body humming with the desire to be touched, his cock hardening further by the moment. The first gentle touch of his lover's hands, sliding under the sides of the jacket to push it off his shoulders and moving up his chest and down his arms slowly while doing it made him shiver and moan.

Ross undid the tie while peppering Jon's face with soft kisses, not letting him catch hold of his lips for anything intense. Jon turned to try and mate their lips properly but he found he was being avoided, and he gave up, allowing Ross to do what he wanted. He freed his hands, letting the jacket drop to the floor, uncaring that it would crease since it freed him to hold Ross loosely, not to interfere with what was going to be done.

The first buttons on Jon's shirt came undone quickly but then Ross slowed, spreading the shirt apart and licking and kissing over the skin that was revealed. Jon's scent filled his nostrils, not sweat but a sweetness that turned Ross on even more, forcing him to open the shirt further to attack first nipples and then armpits as the shirt tangled around Jon's waist. Ross groaned as he pulled the remainder of it off and pushed Jon back to the wall, his arms over his head.

Pinned to the wall, Jon wondered if he might come just from the treatment he was getting right now. His wrists were held above his head while Ross licked and kissed at his underarms. He'd never thought this could be erotic, strangely enough, but anything Ross did just made him moan. He was glad of the support, leaning back against the surface even though he was concerned he might slide down to the floor at any moment.

It might have happened when Ross released his hands, but his body was immediately pressed back by the other hard body and this time he got a proper kiss. Ross tasted slightly sweaty but it only drove him more wild. Their erections pressed together and made Jon aware he still wasn't anywhere near as naked as he wanted to be, and Ross still had all his clothes on. He made a grab for the bottom of the t-shirt, needing to feel skin on skin, and sighing happily when he achieved it.

Ross broke their kiss once his top was off, seeing how excited he had made Jon made him shudder. Jon was panting and his look was full of need. The only better look he could get, Ross now knew, was the sated and loving one Jon would give him once he had come, and that was going to happen pretty soon, there was no way Ross could hold out too long.

He let his hands slide between them, squeezing the erection he found to a drawn out moan from Jon, and then dealing with the belt and zip swiftly so he could get to it properly. He wasn't quite sure how much longer Jon would be able to stay standing, so he bent down to get rid of his socks, planning to lie his mate down pretty soon so he could continue his worship. Before he could stand again he found Jon had pushed his trousers and underwear down to pool at his feet.

"Eager, are we?"

Ross thought to continue the teasing, right up until his journey back up brought him face to face with Jon's leaking erection. His tongue flicked out to taste the liquid forming and he let out a soft moan at the reminder of how Jon tasted. That one taste shattered his control.

"Bed, now," he growled, pulling Jon away from the wall and towards the bed as he backed up. He let out a groan as Jon just flopped forward onto it, and although Jon had thought to turn over once he was horizontal he didn't get the chance, Ross pounced and had spread his cheeks and started licking and kissing his hole a moment later.

The intensity of the movements on him after the teasing of the strip had Jon almost coming, and the second he felt Ross slide his tongue inside him it was nearly too much. He cried out as he felt the movements in and around his hole, opening and teasing him, but even the intensity of that didn't stop him from pushing back to Ross to encourage more and more attention to him. Now he needed cock, needed to be filled by his lover and taken even higher.

"Fuck me," he groaned out.

"Getting to it love," Ross responded, his voice tense with his own need.

Afterwards, Jon was amused that Ross had already prepared for this and had the lube in reach. Right then he just sighed his pleasure as slick fingers penetrated his body. He started riding them immediately. They'd had sex many times over the weekend and he had only had a few hours at work, but still he didn't feel like he'd had nearly enough of Ross and he couldn't see himself getting bored of this for many years.

Ross was just as keen as Jon for the actual sex to happen, and since Jon was riding two and then three fingers with ease he knew he could do this without hurting him. Enjoying the view of Jon's tight buttocks, he decided not to move him and straddled the naked body, positioning his hard cock between Jon's cheeks to a moan from his lover that made him thrust to enter him.

He needed Jon just as badly as every time before and he doubted that feeling would fade. The tight heat, muscles parting and clenching around his cock, felt so wonderful he didn't stop the slide until he was buried up to his balls in his lover. He lay down then, letting his naked body blanket Jon and feeling their whole bodies pressed together before kissing and licking Jon's neck. He tasted sweet even though there was a sheen of sweat on him and Ross began to nip at the soft skin in between kisses.

Jon felt full and dominated, but he wasn't getting what he needed right then. The teeth on his neck made him shiver with delight but Ross wasn't moving and he needed to get fucked. He tried to buck his hips but he could only effect a small movement that wasn't enough, so he started to work his interior muscles, thinking he could tempt Ross into moving that way. It got him to let go of his neck and moan loudly, but there was still a delay before Jon felt the first movement out of him, every last part of the hard cock stroking his insides until only the head was left in his channel.

They both moaned, then Jon cried out as Ross thrust back in sharply. It was the best kind of shock, one that sent waves of pleasure through his body, and they just kept coming as the fucking continued. His hips raised to meet his lover each time, desperate for more even as Ross sped up and pushed harder. Ross was in heaven too, still working on Jon's neck as well, although as his pleasure built there were far fewer kisses and more nips and bites. Jon was going to have some marks after this but right then he didn't care, he wanted to see the evidence of his love and lust on his lover.

"I love you," he whispered in between his bites, only hearing pants and moans in response.

They were crashing together now, both seeking their release. Jon was so close before they even got into bed that he was having trouble holding back, but he wanted to feel Ross fill him first. He failed, the feeling of Ross becoming almost impossibly harder just before he came and slamming that rock hard dick into him was too much. He cried out his lover's name, spilling over the sheets beneath him and aware of little except Ross coming and biting his neck hard as he did, a long groan of his name all he could hear.

When Ross stopped panting so hard he licked the mark he had made to soothe it. He hadn't drawn blood, but the marks of his teeth were clear and the sight gave him a strange sense of satisfaction and renewed desire such that his cock stopped softening and roared back to life. He heard a moan from Jon and realised that he had felt the resurgence of his erection and seemed to be just lying there waiting for more.

"Are you okay baby?" Ross checked, slightly concerned.

"Shit, this is so far beyond okay, I'm not sure where I am. You gonna fuck me again with this?"

The words were muffled but it was clear Jon was happy. He sounded kind of spaced out in fact, which could only be a good thing, and the way he clenched his internal muscles when he asked about the fucking made Ross moan.

"Let me turn you over Jon. I want to see you and kiss you while I do."

Jon couldn't stop the moan of disappointment when Ross slid out of him and he felt suddenly empty, and when the warm body moved off him it was worse, but he was soon turned onto his back and blanketed by his lover again and he sighed as he felt a hard cock nudging against him and then sliding back inside. He opened his eyes to see Ross looking at him with such tenderness it made his heart swell, and he gave him a smile, reaching one shaky arm up to stroke his cheek.

"How come you are so perfect and I'm so lucky?" Jon asked.

"You've got that the wrong way round baby. It's you who's perfect, and I'm unbelievably lucky to have you as mine and be buried deep inside you right now."

"You gonna do more than stay buried then?" Jon replied with a twist and lift of his hips to encourage Ross to move.

"Hell yes!"

* * * * * *

Jon thought he had just had the most perfect week of his life. He loved the work he was doing, the only downside was missing Ross while he was in the office, but Ross had certainly made up for that every night when he came home. He was drawn into kisses and sometime making love the second he got through the door, and they spent their evenings curled up together in front of the tv or in bed. Each morning he woke tangled up with his new lover, a smile on his face and a hard cock that soon got sorted out in one wonderful way or another.

As Friday rolled around there was only one thing worrying him, and that was the fact he had agreed to go with Ross to meet his mother. So soon too, but Ross had asked him in a weak moment, in fact just after he had come from Ross sucking him off, and he'd agreed without thinking about it. Now he was going to have to go through with it, and cope with a night away when he couldn't scream his delight as Ross pleasured him.

On Saturday they were in the car, Ross driving the couple of hour trip and Jon trying not to panic about the idea that he might not be quite what the new 'in-law' would be expecting. The one plus was that he wasn't going to have to be apart from his love for a night while he went home alone. Allegedly Ross had planned this for some time.

"Are you sure your mother is going to like me?" Jon asked nervously.

Ross glanced across at him and smiled.

"Stop worrying. She's always been lovely to anyone I've introduced her to. Only brought people home twice, but she'll love you, just like I do."

"Does she know..."

Ross interrupted him. "Yes Jon, she knows you're a man. She won't be shocked in the slightest. She's heard me go on about how wonderful you are enough times."

"Sorry baby, it's just meeting the parents is a big step."

"I know, and I'm glad you want to do it. I should warn you though, although mum is lovely, she is a bit odd. One of her oddities... well, one of us will be sneaking across the landing later."

Jon groaned at that. It might only be for one night, but he didn't like the idea of separate rooms. Now that he was with his man he didn't want to spend any more time apart than they had to.

"I appreciate you waiting until now to tell me, when it's too late to back out."

"Don't be like that. I have no intention of sleeping without my arms around you, we'll just have to put on a show of going to our own beds first."

Ross pulled the car over after that, finding a lay-by only a couple of minutes from the house.

"Come here gorgeous," he said. "I need a kiss now, before I have to behave myself. I really don't want to molest you in front of mum, but it's going to be hard not to!"

"You're insatiable," Jon replied, an amused grin on his face.

He moved though, not wasting another moment he could have his lips pressed to Ross's. The two of them took a moment to to explore each other, hands stroking as well as their lips and tongues mating. Jon let out a soft moan, and Ross seemed to almost purr his pleasure at their contact. Neither of them broke the kiss for several minutes, but eventually Ross had to pull away.

"That is too good, every time, but if we do that any longer I might just have to jump you!"

"I was thinking the same," Jon replied. "Let's go do this before I lose my nerve, or start stripping you naked instead."

Ross drove off quickly, not allowing himself to think about Jon's idea because he might lose his control if he did. Thankfully he did only have a minute or two before he was pulling into the drive, his mother already there and waiting for them. He was happy to see her, and it put paid to any lingering sexual thoughts and responses he'd had about the beautiful man at his side.

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