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Stephanie and I had been married three years after having dated each other exclusively for three years. Neither of us had a lot of sexual experience before that, just a few serious relationships and a few lovers each. But we didn't lack for passion and neither of us were interested in exploring other sexual partners. Stephanie was all I wanted, as was I for her. She's medium height and slim athletic build with short black hair, liquid brown eyes, thin but sensuous lips, and a quick cute smile. But that quick description doesn't do her justice; she is sexy!

It never crossed our minds that inviting Wendy to be our roommate might shake up our lives. We were all in grad school. We had an extra bedroom in the house we rented, and our friend Wendy needed a place to stay. Wendy helping with the rent meant we had money for the occasional little luxury, and we all got along together very well. Privacy was a bit awkward now and then, but nothing three adults couldn't handle easily. Wendy was about the last person in the world you'd think might spark a sexual incident. Not that she was bad looking. To the contrary, she was attractive and vivacious - completely different from Stephanie but still a beauty. She was about the same height as my wife, a bit curvier build, with moderately wide hips and nice full breasts. She had long straight blonde hair, pale grey eyes, and full lips.

No, the reason I say Wendy wouldn't spark a sexual incident was that she was basically asexual. That is, during graduate school she had resolved to have nothing to do with men who had done nothing but complicate her life in her undergraduate studies. Also she was terrified of AIDS and felt that the surest way to avoid the disease was to avoid sex. Wendy discussed this frankly with Stephanie and didn't mind if she talked to me, but would have been way too embarrassed to talk about sex with me present. Stephanie and I had no doubt that Wendy would eventually start dating again, find a nice man and get married. She did like men - don't get me wrong - but felt she could easily live without them for the time being. Wendy's cloistered lifestyle seemed a little odd to us, given how much we enjoyed sex, but we understood her reasoning.

Though she was celibate Wendy didn't cramp our style. She didn't mind that occasionally she could hear our lovemaking from the next room; we can both get a bit loud sometimes. And we sometimes heard Wendy. Since Wendy and my wife share all their secrets, my wife was able to explain the reason Wendy got so loud sometimes was her trusty little vibrator.

"John, she's sworn off men, not sex," said Stephanie. "Her vibrator takes care of her needs and doesn't put any demands on her beyond batteries." I laughed.

Stephanie seemed very interested in, or envious of, Wendy's vibrator since she had never used any toy like that before. I was thinking of getting her one for her birthday. But I'd probably need advice from Wendy to choose the right one, and so far I had been too embarrassed to broach the subject with her.

As I said, privacy was awkward at times, and one time Wendy walked into the bathroom just as I was stepping out of the shower with a towel over my face, drying my hair. When I saw Wendy we were both too surprised or shocked to say anything. She was just staring at my nudity, especially at my groin. I had been idly masturbating in the shower. Not to climax, since I wanted to save that for Stephanie that night, but just playing with myself a little. So when I exited the shower my cock was semi-erect and Wendy got a good look at it. She didn't seem at all inclined to stop looking either. I'm nowhere near qualified to be a porn star, but my 7 inch cock is longer than average and pretty thick. Stephanie tells me it's shaped very nicely and is just right to fill her up. Finally Wendy and I both mumbled "excuse me," I wrapped myself in the towel and Wendy went back to her bedroom. Nothing more was said about it by either of us for weeks.

One night I went to bed early by myself. Stephanie was studying for an exam and would be up late. I slept a while and just partly awakened as she slipped into bed beside me. I was lying on my side and she slid in on her side next to me, snuggling up with her back against my chest and her head tucked under my chin against my neck. We both slept naked and her skin felt warm and enticing against mine. This is how we had begun sex many times when we hadn't been planning to have sex, and my body began to respond to her hot skin.

My penis stiffened and lay against her buttocks and pressed against the small of her back. Still I didn't know if Stephanie wanted to make love, or if she just wanted the intimacy of cuddling. So, with either one starting the same I just pressed up against her and put my free arm around to embrace her while nibbling softly on her ear lobe. My wife pressed back against me and my penis slid against her skin. Well, she certainly knew that I was aroused and probably she was aroused as well. As I embraced her I slid my hand across to her breasts to cup and fondle them, lightly tweaking her nipples, and...

...and I found breasts that filled my hands and more, that were larger than my wife's breasts. The nipples too were bigger than my wife's.

"Wendy?" I gasped.

"John?" our roommate mocked. She reached behind her and took my penis in her hand.

"B-but, Stephanie," I protested incoherently.

"Silly," she replied. "Who do you think sent me in here?"

"You mean she said we could...?" I stammered.

"Yes we can," Wendy replied, "and it seems like you are ready. And believe me, I am more than ready. Don't worry about Stephanie. She's playing with my little vibrator tonight. I always keep it nice and clean, and I know she keeps her big sex toy nice and clean too. So we traded tonight. She gets to try out my toy and I get to try out her toy." Wendy gave my penis a squeeze and a couple of strokes. "How about it, toy?"

"But your vow of celibacy," I said. I don't know why I was so stupid as to protest like this. She was right; I definitely wanted her. It was just a situation I had never thought about before and I hadn't gotten my wits about me.

"Oh that," Wendy said dismissively," I changed my mind. And don't worry, I never stopped taking my pills. So... you like me, don't you? You want me?"

"Yes very much," I replied, "and yes very much!"

"I've been thinking about you ever since that day - do you remember? When I saw you in the shower?" Wendy asked. Keeping her grip on my penis she moved until she could press my glans against her pussy. She rubbed me back and forth along her slippery slit, flicking my penis across her clit. I couldn't believe it. Our friend was about to fuck me and my wife was in the next room where she'd be able to hear everything. And she had sent Wendy in to me. I suppose I could have been upset that she decided to share me without even asking me how I felt about it, but all I could think of was how good Wendy's pussy lips felt sliding across my cock head.

Then with a wiggle she pressed back until I slid inside her hot wet vagina. I sighed. This was the first pussy I'd been inside other than Stephanie's for almost seven years, and it felt incredibly exciting. So much the same and so very different. Her vagina was so hot it felt on fire. Slowly we slid apart a few inches and then back together, pressing into her as deeply as I could.

"Mmmm," Wendy moaned. "That feels so good! Stephanie was right, you do fill me up just right."

"Ohhh," I said, "You feel great Wendy." Every little thing was different which I hadn't been aware of noticing before, the touch and pressure of her skin, the way she moved, the way she breathed, her scent.

"Your wife said you had a great cock but that wasn't even the best part. She said the best was how you used your entire body to make love. So how about it, are you going to prove your wife right and show me a good time?"

"I do," I said, "I want to give you back all the pleasure you're giving me."

We made slow sensuous love for an hour or more, not minding that some of our sounds of passion could surely be heard in the other bedroom. And from that bedroom we heard cries of pleasure from my wife as she enjoyed her borrowed vibrator. I had to pull out and lick Wendy several times to keep from climaxing too soon. We made love in several different positions, and we both enjoyed it very much. Wendy had one orgasm from fucking and two smaller ones from cunnilingus before she mounted me above to ride me to the end. Just as I began my climax she had one more powerful and loud orgasm, and collapsed atop me.

We were back as we started, cuddling skin against skin sharing our breathing and heartbeats in step. We fell asleep like that with my cock still inside her vagina, our arms entwined. Some time later we woke, my penis beginning to stiffen again still inside her, and her juices were beginning to flow too. We made love one more time and this time after I ejaculated Wendy pulled off of me and nestled into my arms to sleep the rest of the night.

The next morning we awoke as Stephanie came into the bedroom to get dressed to go take her exam. She laughed when she saw us tangled in the bed sheets. "It looks like you guys had a good time last night. Sounded like it too."

"Stephanie," said Wendy, "I want to thank you for sharing with me."

"No prob," my wife replied, pulling back the sheet. She took my flaccid penis in her hand. "But Wendy, I left you plenty of battery in your toy," she said to Wendy. "I just hope that you left some life in my toy. I think I've got to have some tonight." She winked at me.

"I know there will be some for you, love," I said.

With that my wife kissed Wendy on the cheek, kissed me deeply on the lips, said goodbye, and went off to class.

We made love several more times while Wendy stayed with us, and each time was a thrill. Twice Wendy and Stephanie shared me together in bed, each one feeding my cock into the other, and taking turns fucking me. After we graduated Wendy did meet a great guy and get married. I don't think she told him about our past relationship, and none of us have even hinted at renewing it. But we see Wendy and Phil every now and then and are still great friends. Oh, and for Stephanie's birthday Wendy gave her a cute little vibrator just like hers.

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