tagGroup SexSharing with Two Brothers

Sharing with Two Brothers


They were brothers. One, Andy, I had met a few years ago. We had talked on line and on the phone. We had the same sexual desire, and talked about it. A lot!

After a year of conversation and some phone sex, we finally agreed, we needed to meet. He lived a plane ride away. But, he had family that he visits here near me. We set up a day, time and place.

It was a little no tell motel off the highway. And when I first saw him standing there in the parking lot, waiting for me, I thought that I must be crazy meeting a strange man at a motel. He directed me where to park my car, and we went into his room.

I was nervous, but he made me feel at ease. We had a bit of small talk, and then he leaned over and kissed me. That was it. I was his.

My pussy gets wet at the mere thought of sex, and it stays wet. When I start kissing a man, and let his hands roam, the wetness practically drips down my leg. And, this is what he found out.

The sex was great. Better then great...awesome. He loved to eat pussy, and he did it so well. He also fingered me, with three and four fingers at a time. His cock was thick, and when it slid inside me, it felt so good stretching me out. And, as much as he loved eating my pussy, I loved sucking his cock.

And I have to say, the hottest thing he did to me....he reached over to the night stand, put on his glasses, pulled my legs apart, and said,

"Let me get a good look at that clit of yours."

No man had ever done that. He pulled on it with his fingers, then leaned over and took it between his teeth. It was so erotic.

That was three years ago. We have kept in touch, over the years, by chat and email. We often talk about that nice afternoon we spent together. He had been back here since, but we never could seem to make the timing work to meet again.

However, in an email, he explained to me he would be making the trip again this year, this time, with his brother. He had told him of our meeting, and now he wanted to join us. It seems he had a fantasy of fucking a woman's ass, but his wife was not a willing partner. And, Andy knew I had a fantasy of being with two men, and I just happened to like having my ass fucked. Considering Andy was the first to go there!

So, here we were, the same motel, with Andy waiting in the parking lot for me. This time, his brother, Earl, was with him. Andy's hair was a bit longer then the last time I saw him. Other than that, very little had changed about his appearance. Earl, he looked like his brother, but with less hair.

I was a bit apprehensive, but having known Andy, it made it a little easier to try and relax. As I pulled in to the parking place, Andy came along side and opened the door for me. When I stepped out of the car, he took me in his arms and kissed me. His tongue pushing through my lips and roaming throughout my mouth. I could feel the wetness between my legs already.

Once we broke apart, Andy introduced me to his brother, Earl. Even though we would be as intimate as it comes, at that moment, we just shook hands.

We had a little small talk going toward the room. I was relaxed, but excited at the same time. Once inside the room, which by the way had two queen size beds, I kicked off my shoes and threw myself on the bed closest to the door. It was a hot summer day, so the coolness of the room, felt good.

Andy offered me a drink, so I sat up and took what he had made. Vodka and cranberry juice. More vodka than anything, but it tasted good. There was an awkward silence hanging in the air. I sipped my drink, as the two men watched. I smiled, but I felt like the main entrée for dinner.

After a few minutes passed, Andy reached over and took me by the hand, pulling me off the bed. He slid the drink out of my hand, wrapped his arms around me, and kissed me. This time, his hands were roaming. First up and down my back, then they slid so carefully under my shirt, and around the front. As his hands slid over my tits, I could feel my nipples hardening. So could he, as he pinched them through my bra. His hands moved around to my back once again, and this time, in one quick flick, my bra was undone. And, before I knew it my shirt was over my head and bra on the floor along with it. He had both nipples between his fingers and was pulling and pinching them. I had forgotten about Earl, until Andy turned me around to face him.

"Are these tits great or what?" He said to his brother.

"O yea! Can I touch them?" Earl asked.

I laughed, and told him it was fine. That is why I was there.

As Earl reached over to touch, Andy moved his hands down and undid my pants. He pushed them down and I stepped out of them. They both led me to the bed and I laid down. I moved my fingers between my legs as I watched the brothers get undressed.

I moved up to the top of the bed, as Andy crawled up between my legs. His tongue started lapping at my wet pussy. I moved my hips up to meet his mouth. His teeth were pulling at my lips and nibbling my clit. I opened my legs wider, and he slid his tongue inside me. He was the best man I have ever had eating my pussy.

And, while Andy was below, Earl, was busy with my tits. I guess his wife's were on the small side. Mine, on the other hand were a mouthful, and he was taking every advantage of that fact. As he sucked on one nipple, he was pinching the other. My guess was, that Andy had filled him in on just what I like.

Andy came up for air, and asked his brother if he would like to switch places. Earl could not move fast enough to get to my sloppy pussy. His fingers probing me a bit rougher then his brothers, but that was ok; I like it rough.

As much as Andy liked eating me, he liked it when I sucked his cock more. I turned my head, and took his thick cock between my lips. O it was so nice! He moved his hips back and forth fucking my mouth and playing with my nipples.

I was in heaven! As you can imagine, it did not take me long to cum. And that made Earl very happy. He sucked the juices out of me. When he finally came up for air, his face was soaking wet and he was licking his lips.

I felt the bed adjust some, as Earl slid off. My pussy felt empty. But, Andy was still enjoying my nice warm mouth. I was sure Earl was ready to slide his meat into me. And that is just what I wanted. As I continued sucking off Andy, I could hear the snap of a camera.

We had talked about Earl taking pictures of this day, and they promised me that they would blur out my face. Earl was a web page designer, and he wanted to make a page of our afternoon delight. I agreed as long as my face was blurred. But, at that moment that is not what Earl was taking pictures of. My legs were still spread open, and he wanted my swollen, wet pussy lips. And, I was more them eager to accommodate him. After a few snaps, I put my fingers down there as well. I thought Earl was going to cum right then and there as he snapped more pictures.

"I told you," Andy said, "she loves to act like a hot little whore."

At that point, Andy pulled out of my mouth, and leaned down and kissed me. I took my wet fingers from my pussy, and rubbed them over my lips and into Andy's mouth.

The rest of the afternoon was spent fucking and sucking. Andy and Earl would take turns with me. I would have two on me at one time, and then one would break away and watch as his brother would take me.

Earl's cock was thick like Andy's. But, a bit longer. When he slid into my pussy he filled me to the hilt. And Earl loved to fuck me doggy style. And Andy would take the camera and take pictures of my tits swinging back and forth.

My pussy was filled with cum. I guess since they were brothers, they did not care that they were fucking me and filling me with each others cum. Besides, they were having me lick their cocks off after each deposit!

It was getting late, and they knew I was not going to spend the night, so one last round was coming up.

They had decided that Earl would be the first to take my ass. This was the main event, as it were, for the three of us. As Andy turned me over, I got up on all fours. I felt one of them pour some oil on my back side, and push a finger in me. The camera was clicking. I guessed we were going to have a play by play of this!

Andy, by then, had moved up to the top of the bed, and told me to suck him. I could still feel a finger rooting around in my ass, and hear the camera clicking. So, that meant that Earl was multi tasking.

"O this is going to be so nice." Earl said. " I can't wait to get into this ass of yours."

I felt the bed adjust, again, and this time it was Earl's cock that was pressing against my ass hole. It hurt, but he was taking it slow, pushing in just a little at a time. At one point, he pulled out and I felt him pour some oil on me. This time his cock slid in easier. With each push in, I could hear him moaning.

At some point I stopped sucking off his brother. I needed to be able to breath, and I had to adjust my position to accommodate Earl, and what he was trying to accomplish. And that was, of course, to fill my ass to the hilt with his cock and his cum.

Andy, urged him on. He was still on the bed, and I could see he was stroking his own cock. The tip was wet. I stuck my tongue out, and he smiled. Moving a little closer, I could now lick the wetness off him.

Earl was now all the way up my ass. I could feel his balls up pressed up against my ass. It felt so good. And, I could tell that Earl was enjoying it as well. He was moaning and telling me how nice and tight my ass was.

Andy was ready for my ass as well. Earl pulled out and Andy took his place. He slid in nice and easy, since his brother had opened me up.

Earl again picked up his camera and took pictures of his brothers cock buried in my ass. Andy of course added to this scenario by slapping my ass cheeks, as he fucked me. He was leaving some red marks and Earl was making sure he had that on film as well.

They each took turns fucking my ass and taking pictures. At one point, Earl said he was not going to last much longer, and Andy agreed that he was not either.

Andy handed the camera off to Earl and got back on to the bed. This time, he slid under me and instructed me to climb on top of him. Of course I did as I was told, and impaled myself on his cock. Earl then climbed behind me, and slid his cock back into my ass. I had never felt so filled up. Two cocks in me sliding in and out in rhythm. And in between I heard the camera clicking. He was taking the picture of two cocks buried deep in me. It was all so good and again, so very erotic.

I ended up staying the night. After 5 hours of fucking, and sucking, and being eaten, I just could not move. So, I moved over to the unused bed, and crawled under the covers. Andy moved over there with me and we spooned and both fell asleep.

I am not sure just how long we slept, but I woke up to his hard cock pressed up against me, and he told me to turn over. I rolled over onto my back, and he climbed on top and fucked me silly till we both came. We tried to keep it quiet, so not to wake Earl.

When we were done, Andy got up and went to the bathroom. Guess I dozed off for a few minutes, and I felt him move back into the bed with me. So I thought it was him. Turns out it was Earl. Not to be out done by his brother, for one more round, he too wanted another fuck. And, of course I was willing to help out. Since I knew Andy was awake on the other bed, it did not seem to matter just how much noise that Earl and I made.

When Earl and I finished, I headed to the shower. When I came out, they had ordered some breakfast from room service. We were all very hungry.

After we ate, they walked me back out to my car. Earl promised me that he would email me the pictures he took. And, he would send me the address of the web page, once it was up and running. He could not wait to show his friends that fun that he had while on vacation!

I smiled, and thanked them both. We all agreed to plan for next year!

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