tagNonConsent/ReluctanceSharon and Diane

Sharon and Diane


My best friend, Sharon, and I were standing in front of our favorite restaurant waiting for a cab. We'd enjoyed an excellent meal, and chatting over drinks. We didn't pay much attention, when a van pulled up in front of us. We should have.

The side doors opened, and before we knew it, we were in the van and it was speeding away. The two men holding us, covered our mouths with their hand, muffling our screams. While two others blindfolded us, they told us we wouldn't see tomorrow if we didn't stop screaming and kicking. When we settled down, they tied our ankles and wrists, and forced ball gags into our mouths. We were helpless and at their mercy.

The two men let go of us, and all four began cutting our clothes off. When I screamed, through the ball gag, one slapped my face and told me to shut-up or the next one would really hurt. Considering how much that one hurt, I shut-up. They moved fast. I was already nude when I decided to be quiet. I felt defenseless, vulnerable, humiliated, and most of all, scared. These men were not going to make love to me, or fuck me. They were going to use me, and probably abuse me.

Eventually, we arrived at our destination. I don't know how long it took to get there, but I know it wasn't close to home. They untied our ankles and helped us out of the van. A hand grabbed my right tit and guided me until my legs touched something that felt like wood. I thought it might be a workbench. They untied our wrists and told us to bend forward over the bench. I heard scraping noises and felt movement in the wood. When that stopped, we were told to let our arms hang down. There was more movement and I felt the bench rise up and support me, off the floor. It wasn't a solid bench. There was a small section supporting my shoulders, between my arms and my chest. There was another, larger, section supporting me from my stomach to my hips. My tits were hanging down in the gap between them.

When we were in position, they tied our wrists and ankles to something below us, which held us in place. My head was pulled back by my hair, while a strap was placed on my forehead and secured to something behind me. I was laying face down on some type of table, with my arms and legs tied, spreadeagle, with my head held back and a ball gag in my mouth. Every opening in my body was accessible and defenseless.

I sensed movement under me and hands on my tits. Rope was wrapped around the base of each tit and tied tightly. I was adjusting to the discomfort I felt a sharp pain in my right nipple. I screamed through my ball gag, unable to get away from what they were doing to my tit. I heard Sharon scream when I felt that same sharp pain in my left nipple. I was crying now, mumbling around my ball gag, begging them to stop and let us go. They held my tits as I felt something slide through my nipples. They'd pierced our nipples and inserted some object through them.

They, either, practiced all this, or were experienced, because they hadn't said a word sense telling us to bend over.

I sensed them moving out from under me. They moved to my pussy. They were done with my tits, at least for now. They rubbed some kind of lotion all over my lips, around my opening, and in my hole. They knew I would be dry, and were preparing me for the next phase of their plan. I heard Sharon gasp, as they prepared her. Both of us were only whimpering now. Crying was useless, but we were still scared.

More movement around us and I felt a cock touch my pussy lips and another cock at my mouth. They both plunged into me at the same time, with so much force I thought they were going to meet in the middle. I grunted and groaned has they set up a rhythm, forcing me on and off them with each thrust. I was grateful for the lotion, because the one in my pussy was not small, and he was not gentle. My throat was not as lucky. It was getting sore as the cock moved back and forth, fucking my face. With my head back, it was a straight line from my mouth, down my throat, and into my stomach. He didn't reach my stomach, but not because he wasn't trying. His hands were behind my head, pushing me into him. At least he wasn't going to break my neck.

They double fucked me for what felt like five days, but was probably five minutes. I felt the one in my throat stiffen first, he had more friction. He buried himself in my throat and began cumming in my stomach. That put his friend over the top and he buried his cock in pussy and began to fill my hole with his cum.

When they were finished, they stepped back and were replaced by two more. The six men rotated through us until they each fucked both holes. Except for groans and moans, not a sound was made by any of them. I heard them walking away. I guess this rotation was complete, time for a break. I lay there, trying to catch my breath and relax, while their cum dribbled out of my pussy, onto the floor.

I don't know how long their break lasted, but I heard them returning. I braced myself for the next round of fucking. That's when I felt them applying lotion to my ass. My ass was virgin. I screamed through my ball gag, begging them not to fuck my ass. Anything but my ass. I envied Sharon. She had the nerve to let one of her dates fuck her ass, and would able to handle this better. I felt better for her, not for me.

I was crying again, when they finished applying lotion all around, and in, my ass. I tried to relax but still screamed when the plunged into me. It felt like I was being fucked with a flagpole. I was sure my ass and pussy were no longer separated. My crying and screaming didn't bother him. The bastard probably enjoyed it. I heard him grunting as he plundered my ass. When he finally came in me, it felt like he was cumming in my stomach from the other end. At least his cum helped to lubricate my battered hole, and ease the pain a little. Sharon was doing much better. I guess she didn't have enough experience. The pain subsided, with each load of cum dumped in my the ass. When the last guy finally pulled out of me, I can't say it didn't hurt, but it was getting easier to handle. I wondered how many times it took to feel good. I didn't think I would live that long.

Again, they walked away, another rotation completed. We lay next to each other, moaning and crying, while their cum dribbled out of our ass onto the floor.

When they returned for the next rotation, I felt them at my pussy. My left lip was pulled back and held in place. I was just beginning to wonder when I screamed from the sharp pain in my stretched lip. I lay there, helpless, crying and screaming while they pierced both of my pussy lips and inserted rings. It sounded like Sharon was receiving the same treatment. I remember wondering if our rings matched. Weird, how the mind works when it's stressed.

When they finished abusing my pussy, they untied me lifted me off the table. My legs wouldn't support me. They caught me and held me up while we waited for them to release Sharon. I managed to walk when they led me, by my nipple rings, to some point about twenty feet away. I could feel their cum dribbling out of both holes. I know I left a trail a blind man could follow.

They attached straps around my wrists. They must have attached to the ceiling because my arms were pulled up until I was standing on my toes. They attached more straps around my ankles than raised my legs until I was hanging from the ceiling in a horizontal position. I grunted when they shoved, what felt like a dildo, into my pussy, and secured it with straps around my legs. I heard Sharon grunt too. She wasn't too far away. I felt better even though it didn't make any difference.

They started swinging me, the arc gradually increasing, until it felt like the dildo hit something. At the same time, I felt something touch my ass. They gave me a push back then forward. I heard both of us scream as I felt the dildo push against something, while at the same time, I felt another dildo push into my ass. The dildo left me as I swung back, but reentered me as I swung forward. They were making us double fuck ourselves with strap on dildos. With one last push, our bodies touched with every swing, impaling us on the dildos. I felt humiliated.

We were still swinging when I felt something warm and wet land on my tits. Then I felt some land on my face. They were stroking themselves and cumming on our bodies, while they watched us double fuck ourselves. The next surprise I got really surprised me. I came. I heard them start laughing when they saw start shaking and moaning as my orgasm washed over me. I couldn't help myself and began moaning, and mumbling for them not to stop. I wanted them to keep doing this. I was getting confused though. There was more moaning and mumbling than I was creating. An echo? It hit me. Sharon was cumming too.

Finally, our orgasms subsided and all six came on us. They took a break, leaving us hanging there. Another rotation complete. What next?

We heard them returning and braced ourselves. They lowered us to the floor, and removed the straps and ball gags. Again, they guided us by our nipple rings. I heard the van doors open, right in front of me. Now where are they taking us. To our graves? I was scared as I followed orders and got in the van.

We sat, huddled against the wall waiting for the next part of their plan. The van stopped, the doors opened, and we were tossed out onto, what felt like, grass covered dirt. We heard the doors close and the van drive away. Were they really gone?

We took our blindfolds off, and looked around, as our eyes adjusted. It was dark, we were on the front lawn of some house we didn't recognize. We were nude, sore, and lost, but we were alive and still together.

We hugged and kissed like long time lovers, not just friends. But that is another story.

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