Sharon Goes Back to School Ch. 08


After 50 interminable minutes reviewing the Civil War, Sharon escaped the class with the rest of the students. She hadn't eaten, but didn't stop at the Union to eat. She worried she had a tell tale spot in the crotch of her sweats, & wanted to get home to clean up, especially if Shaun was coming over. She figured she could go shopping-- get some food-- before his visit, & started wondering what she could fix to impress him...

Sharon hurried about in her place, slipping out of her sweats, which mercifully were not marked by the spend leaking from her recently used seam. Her shorts had contained most of it, leaving a slowly drying collection in her crotch. She showered then donned fresh BZ halter top & T, shorts, & the just purchased hoodie & sweat bottoms before hurrying out to the Range Rover. She hustled a cart through the aisles of the local Safeway, opting for 2 already stuffed pork chops. The rice & vegetables would cook up nicely. She absently chose some cereal, more pop tarts, milk, eggs, cheese, & a variety of 'lean cuisine' frozen meals. She grabbed a big jug of orange juice, & considering the Brothers, several 6 packs of beer. Blushing, she also grabbed a new 'bulk' box of Magnum condoms, then selected a young woman checker.

The woman eyed her as she passed the black box over the scanner. Sharon blushed, but was glad no comment was made. She'd also grabbed more hoodie & sweat combinations approaching the cash wrap... it seemed every store in the city offered them, & she was relieved to have found something the BZ Brothers apparently accepted; putting herself on display went against her nature... or at least, it had before.

It was almost 5 PM by the time she was driving back. The sudden hip hop riff surprised her; it was a moment before she remembered it was her phone. She glanced at the caller ID, & saw 'BZ Fraternity' glowing on the screen. She answered.


"Where you at?" Sharon recognized Dave's voice.

"Uh... I'm on my way home from the grocery store."

"Damn, Bitch, if you need something, don't you know you can call us?" Sharon was relieved he wasn't mad. She didn't understand why he would be mad, but didn't consider her reaction any longer. "You got to get home, don't you know you're expecting a visitor!" She accelerated anxious to be there when Shaun arrived, never thinking about how she was behaving; or why.

"I'm hurrying," she assured Dave, "I'll be there in just a few minutes."

"Good," he answered, "Next time you go out, you might check in..." he went on as if worried she might be offended, "You never know, somebody might need something, or maybe someone's already out & can pick it up for you."

"Okay," she agreed; she hadn't thought about it like that. This BZ Sister business had benefits she was still discovering.

"Be good, little girl," Dave said through the cell phone, "I'll see you at the party tomorrow night!" Sharon nodded, trying to decide just what, it was that she was feeling about that. Dave had explained the party was her 'welcome' to the BZ Sisters. She was sure it would involve lots of booze, & lots of sex. Feeling the increasingly familiar... & pleasurable response of her body at the thought of it, Sharon realized she was really excited at the prospect of the coming weekend. She was glad she had not made the drive home, even though that thought led to a momentary worry about how her husband & kids were doing. She could always call home...

She sighed in relief when the street in front of her duplex was empty. Grabbing the bags, she hurried inside. She stripped out of the sweats & the BZ T while putting things away. Unsure when Shaun would arrive, she opted not to start on the pork chops... she could already think of a way they could waste the time while it cooked...

The doorbell rang. She rushed to the door, throwing it open without bothering with the peep hole. Her smile froze. Where she'd expected Shaun, a meek white man... a boy, really, stood, almost trembling, the BZ chip clutched in his hand. Sharon stared at him... she was sure she'd never seen him, before. She glanced back, wishing she had used the bong when she got home... now it would mean sharing, & she was sure Shaun & Dave wouldn't like that... or going through with this without any assistance. Still standing on the stoop, the young man cleared his throat, looking around nervously.

"Uh... they said this was the address," he was obviously painfully shy, "I mean, I mean, this is where they said to come... uhm, they said you'd understand... you'd, uhm, you'd know what to do..." Sharon managed a nod. She prayed she didn't seem as scared stiff as her visitor.

"Sure, hon'," she stepped back, holding the door, "C'mon in... I'm sorry, I just wasn't... I wasn't expecting you yet." The young man blinked.

"I, uh... I came when they said."

"Oh, I'm sure you did," Sharon closed the door & gently retrieved the chip, "I didn't mean that... sometimes I don't get my messages on time." He nodded as if he understood. Sharon was torn... what if Shaun came while they were... while they were doing it? But she knew... this was what was expected of her... she was a BZ Sister. She hoped he'd want a beer... she knew she could use one.

"Can I get you a drink, hon'?" the young man shook his head jerkily. She realized with growing surprise the young man seemed overwhelmed... he hadn't managed to tear his eyes off of her chest from the moment she'd opened the door. Sharon made a snap decision. Without thinking about it, she shimmied her shoulders, knowing how it made her breasts move beneath the thin material. She had to hide a smile, wondering if the poor geek might cum before she touched him. "OK, then, I guess all you need to say is what you want... & where you want to do it." The young man seemed frozen, as if he hadn't expected it would really happen. Sharon wondered how such timid people could manage, & hoped fervently her kids weren't of the type.

"Uhm, wherever you want," he managed. She smiled, stepping close, resisting the almost overwhelming urge to take her top off.

"OK, baby," she purred, "I guess the bedroom would be most comfortable, don't you?" He managed a nod, but didn't move through the obvious, open bedroom door until Sharon took his hand, leading the way. "I assume they explained about how this works?" she looked back & saw him nod. Well, then, shall we get right to it?" she continued, sitting him on the bed, "No sense ruining this with just a blow job, right?" The young man managed a feeble smile.

"I, uh... I should be OK," he paused, as if wondering whether to go on. He nodded to himself, "I, uh... I followed the pimp rulebook," he looked at her as if she would understand. From her puzzled expression he realized she wasn't following. "I mean I... well, I took care of myself earlier... you know... so we can both enjoy this longer." Sharon managed a smile... the poor boy wanted to pleasure her? At least his heart was in the right place. She went to the nightstand & selected a condom.

"So, how did you come to be here, young man," she said with mock severity. The student managed a genuine smile.

"Oh, I, uh... I tutor some of the football team," he paused, "I got one of the backs an A on his latest paper. This was sort of a tip, I guess." She nodded.

"Am I the 1st gift you've gotten?" He blushed, but nodded.

"I'd, uh, I'd heard about the... benefits... of working with the athletes," he blushed, "I sort of thought... well, I'm sure you're not surprised that I don't get much... uhm, action." Sharon just smiled at him, "But I'm not a virgin if you mean..." She patted his knee.

"Oh, honey, that's all right... I was just hoping maybe I'd get to be the one who... you know, taught you something." The young man swallowed.

"Oh... I mean, that's OK... I'm sure I'll uh... I'll learn something." Sharon put the condom package in her mouth & without hesitation stripped her halter top off, baring her chest for the hapless student.

"So how did I get to be the lucky girl?" she asked absently, reaching forward & unbuttoning the young man's shirt.

"Oh, I saw... I mean, I got the chip, & then he had a book."

"A Book?" Sharon tried not to sound surprised or anxious. Gaze transfixed on her bare breasts... specifically her pierced nipple, her young suitor didn't notice.

"Yeah... uh, there were pictures. I uh... I thought you looked really sexy," he licked his lips, "But, uh, that wasn't there in the picture." Sharon managed a nod... nude pictures of her... in a book. Seeing the hunger in the young man's eyes, a hunger she could understand as she went on hoping Shaun would arrive. She reasoned the Brothers wouldn't just post pictures of her where anyone could see them.

"I just got that, sugar," she began to sway her body in front of the young man, the condom package in her right hand, "It's still tender, so go easy." He smiled.

"Uh... can I touch them?" Sharon smiled back.

"I'd be disappointed it you didn't... But let's get you out of those pants." For the first time her guest moved quickly. She laughed he was out of his jeans so quickly. Aware he might misunderstand, she cupped her breasts, then began to push her shorts down, soon to be bare before this stranger, "Mmm, I like that anticipation!" She moved forward, feigning rapt interest in his crotch. "I hope you've got something there for me to put this on," she giggled & waved the condom as her hands moved to his boxer clad groin. He lifted his hips, eagerly pushing the boxers down, then watched in obvious amazement as she dipped her head, slurping at his average erection several times, the last a lingering backstroke with tongue before she looked up from between his knees where she'd knelt.

"Should I put this on so we can get down to business?" At his jerky nod, she smiled, tearing the package & rolling the latex onto his erection before rising & moving over his thighs, looking down at him, "Shall we do it this way, or do you want to be on top?"

"Go ahead," he managed, obviously already struggling for control. Sharon reached down, spreading her labia with the fingers of one hand & gently catching his erection with the other. She slapped the tip against her clit a few times, feigning a moan of pleasure before tucking it down & settling onto him. She was glad for her earlier anticipation of Shaun's visit... she was wet enough to take the young man without any difficulty.

"Yessss!" she let her head fall back, putting on a show for the young man, jumping in reality when his right hand toyed with her nipple ring. "Mmm, careful," she warned, & began to rock back & forth, keeping him fully within her. Her guest managed a short nod. His mouth was partly open. Giggling, Sharon began to rise & fall... not far, she didn't want him to slip out of her. She went on rocking & humping for a couple minutes & was surprised enough at the young man's stamina. She paused, shimmying as she looked into his eyes.

"This feels so good, sugar," she murmured, arching her back for show, "But how can we make it better for you?" The young man, struggled for words...

"I, uh... I, uh... This is so great," he managed a feeble smile. Sharon thrust her tongue out, flicking his nose & smiling back.

"I'm all yours, right now," she said, "So how can I pleas you... This is already been good for me."

"Really?" the young man seemed impossibly relieved at the suggestion he'd gotten Sharon off. "Oh... I uh... I mean, I guess I've always wanted to try... uh, doggy style."

"Mmm, my favorite," Sharon smiled more broadly. She gave a quiet moan as she lifted off of his jutting erection. The condom was still in place. She moved onto her hands & knees on the bed, wiggling her naked ass at him & looking back over her shoulder. Her guest moved quickly, fumbling to be sure, but soon enough his erection was pressing at her pussy from behind. "Yeah," she sighed, pushing herself back onto him, "God that's good... Fuck me, baby.. fuck me hard!" The young man caught hold of her waist & thrust at her hard & fast... for almost a minute. Then he groaned, shivering, & she knew he'd cum. Just to be sure he was satisfied, she made her voice husky & groaned, "God baby... I'm so close again... Don't stop, yet... Fuck me a little more... Just a little more..." She smiled as the young man tried to do just that, & put on a showy moan & shiver 5 or 6 strokes later, gasping, "Ahh, ahhhh, oh God that's it... That's it. Oh thank you baby.... Mmm," & then she slid forward, off of his cock, to lie panting on her stomach on the bed.

After a long 10 count she opened her eyes to find her guest staring at her, hand on his spent cock, holding the condom as if uncertain what to do. She rolled to her side, aware that his eyes immediately fixed on her breasts.

"I hope that was as good for you was it was for me?" He nodded eagerly. She leaned forward, "Here, let me take care of that," & she slid the spent condom off of his shriveled cock. She pointed toward the bathroom, "You can clean up in there if you don't want to leave a spot in your boxers. The young man thought about that, then reached down & began to dress. The smile lighting his face was precious. "Well, then, I'd better jump in the shower," she pouted, "But I'll walk you to the door.... The young man just nodded, nearly bumping into the doorway as he tried to move while staring at her breasts. She giggled, pressing herself against him, helping him through the door & across the front rooms to the front door.

The moment he was gone, Sharon was torn between smoking a little & showering. Shaun wasn't there, yet, so she'd have time to clean up, but she worried about how she'd manage if she had another visitor. & as she opted to take a few hits on the bong, she shivered at what she'd just done... had sex with yet another total stranger; she hadn't even learned his name! But the potent weed took the edge off of her worries & shame. She giggled at the memory of the young man... almost certainly a virgin. It was too bad she hadn't cum. Absently fingering the ring in her left nipple, Sharon put the bong on the mantle & wandered-- still naked-- into the shower. She was drying her hair in just her towel when the doorbell rang.

Approaching, she wondered why Shaun would ring... She was sure she'd given him a key. & at that she realized it wouldn't be Shaun. Hiding her disappointment, she dropped her robe & opened the door, giggling again at the way the young man on her porch gaped...

Two hours later, Sharon had finished her 3rd 'guest.' Still drying off after her 4th shower of the day, she didn't bother dressing, assuming as late as it was that she'd have no more visitors. She lit the bong, inhaling & holding the bitter smoke, then repeating the process twice more, delighting in how loose it left her feeling. She wandered into the kitchen, looking at the new groceries.... It was too late & she was too tired to actually make dinner. She settled on another Pop-Tart, leaving the 2nd pastry in the wrapper on the counter for the morning. She was disappointed that Shaun hadn't visited. She glanced at her purse, then took out her phone, ambling into the bedroom & flopping on the sweaty sheets, staring at the small screen. No missed calls. No messages.

She sighed... She'd see Shaun at the party, she was sure. She smiled, glad that she'd helped out her Brothers that day. She remembered the way she'd felt as Tom was thrusting into, her & drifted off, a hand firmly between her legs...


Coming Attractions...

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Chapter 12: Stripped Glory

Chapter 13...

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I don't know how many times I had read this chapter and everytime, it never disappoints. I hope Roguealan wrote more often.

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