tagInterracial LoveSharon Goes Back to School Ch. 10

Sharon Goes Back to School Ch. 10


original story: Scipio

story continuation by RogueAlan

Chapter 10: Saving Sharon

Sharon rolled over & sighed. She'd been awake for more than an hour, waiting... hoping for Shaun to arrive. She'd showered, surprised she still had no need to shave, & had thoroughly brushed her teeth-- morning breath didn't begin to describe what had settled on her tongue overnight. She'd donned one of the frilly pieces of lingerie Shaun or Dave had left in her dresser, eager to spend some time with the big Frat Brother. After 30 minutes she'd hopped up again, starting a pot of coffee and then packing the bowl of the bong, just in case. She was tempted to use it, but decided to wait.

She sighed again. It wasn't the 1st time Shaun hadn't visited. She told herself he was undoubtedly busy at the Frat & would call. Laying on her back, she thought about the prior night's party, & jumped up, taking another of the morning after pills that they BZ Brothers had provided. She didn't know if they could cause problems, but resolved to visit the school clinic the next week to go on the pill. She checked her cell phone again... no calls.

She pouted for a moment, angry not even her kids had called. Realizing what she'd been doing not 12 hours before, though, she blushed, & decided she was glad Chris hadn't called. She shuddered, wondering how he would respond to the changes she'd undergone, & resolved to take Kelly along, so he could see that she was just 'one of the girls.' Of course, her daughter would undoubtedly demand she be allowed to get her navel pierced... they'd argued about that over the summer.

Shoving aside concerns about whether her family would suspect just what she'd been doing, Sharon got up & decided to make breakfast. She realized she was starving as she took the skillet out of the drawer beneath the stove, & quickly put 3 pieces of toast in the toaster & began to make a 3 egg omelet. About the time she was going to sit down to eat, though, there was a knock on the door.

Surrendering to the excitement she felt at Shaun's arrival, Sharon ran to the door, not caring she was still in the barely there lingerie & nothing else. A key was already opening the lock when she reached the door, & a moment later, Shaun came inside, smiling broadly at the obviously aroused white housewife.

"How's my favorite BZ Bitch?" he teased, accepting the full body hug Sharon delivered without hesitation. She tried not to pout when Dave sauntered in behind him, carrying a box. Forcing a smile, she stepped back as the young men closed the door. She stepped up & hugged Dave, as well, ever the good hostess.

"Mmm, smells good!" Dave said, walking into the kitchen as if it was his own. He grabbed a plate out of the cabinet, a 2nd fork, & then casually divided the omelet. He sat down, & after kissing Sharon Shaun joined him. They dug into Sharon's intended breakfast as she stood by, unsure what they expected of her.

"Ready to earn that award again, little Money Maker?" Shaun asked when he'd finished. Sharon nodded, wincing at the name.

"I don't think I like that name," she said, images of a streetwalker coming to mind. Dave snorted but Shaun glared at him, then nodded to Sharon.

"It's OK, I'd never say it in outside company," he pushed back from the table, motioning for Sharon to sit on his lap. She smiled & did as he'd indicated. "We'll just say... Minnie Mouse when we're talking about your helping the Frat out, that all right?" Sharon bit her lip but nodded.

"Uhm, how can I help?" She waited, pleased when Shaun began to tease one nipple through the lingerie-- he wanted her. Dave stood up with the box he'd set on the linoleum. He went to the fridge & opened it, setting some things out from the box on the counter & then systematically taking things out of her fridge. "What's Dave doing?" Sharon asked without thinking about whether she sounded challenging. Shaun laughed.

"Like I said, we need your help."

"I thought," Sharon blushed, "I thought we might..." she trailed off, but looked to the bedroom. Shaun was still working her nipple-- the pierced side-- & she squirmed in his lap. He smiled.

"That sounds great, but it's gonna have to wait," he paused, shaking his head at the bad rhyme, "We need you to make a phone call & then be a hostess..." Sharon sagged a little, expecting they wanted her to service one or another of the many Teacher Assistants on campus. But she nodded. "Great," Shaun praised her, "Dave is just checking to make sure we have things ready."

She looked over. He was stirring the coffee pot as if wondering whether he wanted a cup. Nodding to himself, he moved the box off of the counter onto the floor. The food she'd just purchased nearly filled it up. Puzzled, she watched as Dave put a big pitcher of orange juice that hadn't been there before inside the fridge, as well as 2 six packs of the beer he & Shaun favored. Noticing her eyes were on him, Dave motioned her over.

"We're gonna take the milk & eggs & cheese & bologna," he pointed to the empty drawers, "& all of the fruits you've got... except for the celery," he smiled as if she should understand, "But we'll leave the Asti's & keep this beer in there & cold." He pointed at the coffee maker, "It's perfect that you've got a pot ready." He set a pile of little blue pills on the counter left of the sink, "Don't mess with these." He added little round pink pills near the blue ones, & a variety of white tablets & pills on the other side of the sink. He dropped partially smoked joints on the counter, & a used ashtray miraculously appeared. He set several empty beer bottles on the sink & table, going back into the living room where more roaches & empty bottles were strategically placed.

Finished, he looked at his handi-work, then pointed at Sharon while talking to Dave.

"We're set, but she got cleaned up... The bitch won't buy it if she doesn't look... used." Sharon's brow furrowed in puzzlement. Shaun got up before she could ask what they were talking about.

"We'll take care of that," he winked at her, "Just bring the baggie over. Dave shrugged & moved over, pulling a baggie out of his pocket.

"Now," Shaun began, "I understand you have a class with Dr. Eller." Sharon nodded hesitantly. "She's..."

"She's a royal bitch!" Dave interrupted. Shaun frowned, as Sharon looked like she might argue.

"Let's just say she isn't on board like the other professors," Shaun continued.

"She's sort of why I'm here," Sharon began, then stopped, afraid to have the young men angry at her. "I mean... she's always been very nice." Without thinking she went on, "She was just telling me after class that she was... uhm, that she was worried about me." Shaun nodded.

"& should she be worried about you hanging out with some black students?" Shaun asked, as if the Professor's motives were racial. Sharon shook her head.

"I'm sure she didn't mean it like that..." Dave snorted derisively, for a change helping Shaun's play.

"Well, it hasn't always seemed like that... she's refused to let athletes make up quizzes. She wouldn't give players a chance to delay taking tests when they're gone the week before..."

"She's the bitch who keeps siccing the administration on us... it's why we're on probation every year," Dave snarled, "Otherwise we could've had a longer party last night." Shaun nodded.

"You enjoyed yourself last night, right?" he prompted. Sharon blushed but nodded. "Well, this is a chance to get her to... cooperate."

"How?" Sharon couldn't imagine she could get the woman to change her attitude.

"Well, one of the Brothers overheard her telling you to call her if you ever had a problem." Sharon nodded, not thinking about the fact that she'd been alone with Professor Eller when they'd had that discussion. "We want you to call her over."

'What makes you think she'll come over?"

"You'll tell her you feel like things are out of control... That you're doing things you don't want to be doing... that you woke up with drugs in the house & you think several of us had sex with you..." Sharon blushed more deeply.

"But I... I mean..." Shaun raised a hand.

"I know... you're doing what you want... no one's getting hurt. But Professor Eller sees you as being exploited. She's out to save you." Sharon nodded. That made sense.

"But won't she just tell me to leave?"

"Then tell her we took your car... Tell her you only have clothes you couldn't go home in, & you don't know what to do. Tell her we said we'd be back to party tonight." Sharon nodded. To make sure she had the play down, Dave handed her a sheet of paper with the points they wanted her to make. "Ask her if she'll come over to talk to you."

"Then what?" Sharon shook her head, "What if she does?"

"Show her the bong. Show her a disc if she doesn't believe you," Sharon blanched at that thought. The idea of anyone seeing her doing that... "Sit down at the kitchen table. Apologize for not having anything to eat, but show her all we're 'letting you eat' is juice & celery & champagne." Sharon nodded, but clearly didn't understand. "Offer her a drink... coffee or juice, complain that the water tastes funny."

"OK..." Sharon said tentatively.

"After you've had a drink... you can talk about whatever you want... just be yourself... Talk about the other girls... about what we've been doing... Hell, talk about your little field trip with Dave, I don't care... just keep her involved... you don't know what to do... your husband will freak.... You're scared... that sort of shit." Sharon nodded again. "When you've both finished a glass, jump up & make a production about having to take a pill," he held up the specific pill, set farthest from the edge of the counter. To Sharon it looked just like the other white pills. "Tell the... Tell Prof Eller that you almost forgot... we insisted you have one of those anytime you drink a glass of that coffee or that juice... whatever it is you drink."

"I don't understand?" Sharon looked at the pill, "What is that?"

"It's sugar," Dave answered easily, "A placebo. We'll be watching through the window... Dave can get it all on film."

"Get what on film?"

"Well, I expect she'll worry there's something in the coffee or juice that she doesn't want to affect her. So she'll demand you give her a tablet, too... Give her another of these..."

"What are they?" Sharon asked in alarm. She tried to remember if she'd ever had one.

"Relax," Shaun said, as if reading her mind, "This is Ecstasy. It's a feel good drug. It's not addictive. We just need to get pictures showing her taking E..."

"With a student, no less," Dave added.

"But if she doesn't really take a hit," Shaun indicated the pile of pills, "It wouldn't show up if she has to do a pee check." Dave nodded. Sharon nodded.

"So then you can get her to cooperate." Sharon understood finally. She wasn't sure she liked betraying Prof Eller's trust like this, but didn't say so directly. "I'm not... I mean I'm not sure I can do this." Shaun sighed.

"I guess it is a lot to ask... I just thought you'd give it your best effort," he offered Dave a disappointed look, "Sorry man, I don't know if we're gonna be able to do this." Sharon heard herself answer before she could think about what she was saying,

"No, no, it's OK... I just... I'll do it."

"There's my girl!" Shaun praised. Dave was over by the DVD player.

"I'll put a regular porno in... something you two can watch if you want... show her what we were watching 'last night' & all that," Dave fiddled with the tray. "Good, you primed the bong... Get her to do some with you if you can... Don't push it, though."

"Yeah," Shaun cautioned, "We'll let you know if we think you can try that." Sharon nodded.

"You'll be here?" Shaun shook his head.

"Oh no, but we'll be recording it through the windows, see?" he pointed, "So long as you stay out front we can get it. If she takes it & starts to get loose... Then we'll call & suggest you do some bud." Sharon nodded. "We'll need your keys."

"My keys?"

"You car keys... Can't have the wheels sitting out front if you're going to tell her we have your car."

"Man, I told you she's too clean," Dave complained, "Don't look like she been ridden at all." Shaun rolled his eyes, then winked at Sharon.

"Well, I s'pose we can do something about that, can't we, Babe?" Sharon smiled, relieved she'd get to be with Shaun after all.

"Of course!" she was suddenly flushed with desire, "I mean... I hope so..." Shaun laughed, pulling her close.

"Let's see about then, shall we?" Sharon tilted her head up, welcoming Shaun's kiss. His hands roamed over her barely clothed body, sparking growing need. He tweaked her pierced nipple again, then broke the kiss, "I think this little ring was a great addition... it keeps you horny 24/7." She bit her lip & nodded, not really aware her hands were eagerly opening Shaun's pants. Then his erection was free. Her fingers encircled his thick shaft, & she dipped to her knees in the front room to kiss the tip before sucking his rising meat into her mouth.

"Mmmm," Shaun patted her head, "That is so nice... I could do this every day." Sharon shivered beneath him. Her fingers were working her dripping seam, & she murmured her agreement with Shaun's words around his fully engorged cock. "But you know," Shaun teased, catching her head in his hands, "I think there's something I'd like even more." Giggling, Sharon pulled away, honey-smeared fingers closing around his base as she looked up at him adoringly.

"Where do you want me, Baby?" she asked. Shaun smiled in genuine pleasure. There was nothing better, he had to admit, than having a woman begging for it. & to have that woman a married white MILF? He was going to enjoy every moment this little BZ Bitch was theirs. Chuckling, he admitted to himself he'd stay in school a couple extra years to keep banging this hottie.

"Well, how about we break in the kitchen table?" he asked. Sharon didn't stop to consider what they'd just pointed out-- that it was visible from the front window. She stood, pulling him along by the cock & lying back, legs spread, teddy lifted to her still flat belly, exposing her laser manicured sex.

"Oh, so you like that?" he teased. Sharon nodded, trying to pull him up, into her. "Tell me what you want, little Bitch."

"Fuck me!" Sharon husked, her free hand playing with her bare seam, "Give me your big black cock!" Her hand moved up to pinch her turgid nipple.

"Put it in yourself, slut," Shaun said, & Sharon obediently pulled his cockhead to her splayed, glistening labia. He reached down, catching his shaft beyond her grip at the base, & slapped the heavy tip against the top of her sex. Sharon gasped as he teased her clit. She tried again to get him into her ready box. He waited another moment as Dave moved into position to get it with his ever present camcorder.

"Mmmnnggg!" Sharon groaned, arching her back & thrusting her pelvis at him over the edge of the table as he let her guide his black snake into her frothing pussy. Knowing not to block Dave's view, Shaun caught the passion addled beauty by the knee on that side, bracing her waist with the other as he began to move his hips, working in & out of her cunt. Sharon moaned, reaching down to teak her clit, pumping her hips to meet his thrusts.

Dave continued filming, but opened his fly one-handed, then moved around the table until he could feed their helpless new Bitch his cock. Sharon's eyes were closed as she reveled in the sensation of taking Shaun's big cock, & she gasped, blinking in surprise when Dave slapped her nose & cheeks with his ready cock. She didn't argue though, opening her mouth & running her tongue up the underside of his erection before letting him feed her his meat. The pretty white housewife writhed & moaned as the took both cocks. Dave pumped at her face slowly, leaving his shaft in her throat for several seconds at a time. Shaun set a steady, rapid tempo... all the way in, all the way out. When Sharon's hands went to the edges of the table as she tried to meet his tempo, Shaun released her waist, bringing his thumb to the top of her cock filled seam. He pressed over her swollen clit, & Sharon responded with a cock muffled scream. Her back arched, fingers clawing at the table edges.

As her velvet walls clenched at his pumping shaft, Shaun cut loose. He left the 1st jet fully in her still twitching cunt before pulling back, painting her mons, inner thighs, & lower abdomen with the last of his climax. He wiped his cockhead on her spread inner labia, then stepped back & took the camera from Dave as his friend finished off, feeding Sharon only part of his ejaculate before painting her face & neck. They high fived as Sharon lay panting, an absent smile lighting her face.

They buttoned up, then Shaun helped Sharon off of the table. As Dave carried the box out to her car, Shaun held up the cordless receiver. Sharon hesitated, but retrieved the Professor's number from her purse. Shaun began to rub her back & shoulders as she dialed. Reaching out, he made sure the page he & Dave had typed out was in front of her on the table.

Shaun listened as their prize BZ Bitch set the trap. It helped that she'd obviously interrupted the Professor's sleep. He smiled, confident that the still panting white wife's tone conveyed her urgency. It wasn't an Oscar winning performance-- Sharon couldn't manufacture tears-- but obviously they'd been right; Sharon was the Professor's weak spot. In less than 2 minutes Sharon had secured the woman's promise to be 'right there.'

Sharon hung up, looking back expectantly at Shaun. He smiled, patting her back.

"Great job, Babe." He managed an appropriately contrite frown, "But I guess that means we'd better get out of here." Her pout was wonderful. Not one in 20 women were so totally hooked by the BZ's scheme. She really would be their MoneyMaker. "Now remember, don't clean up." Sharon blushed, aware of the jism smeared over her skin.

"But I can't open the door looking like this..."

"It's perfect," Shaun assured her, "What better proof we took advantage of you?" Sharon looked at the soiled lingerie & the BZ Brother nodded, "Yeah, you can put on some clothes... luckily all that activity last night marked you up a little bit," Sharon looked down to see she did have some bruises. She wondered how it'd happened, & sat for a moment, remembering the various things she'd done. An undeniable bloom of arousal answered her reverie. Shaun pushed back from the table.

"We've got to go," he motioned to Dave, who grabbed the box. "We'll be nearby, though. I know you'll do great." Sharon followed them to the door, then went back to the kitchen, eyeing the pills arrayed on her counter. She picked up one of the blue tablets, which looked like a Viagra from the ads. Setting it down, she went into the bedroom. She didn't look in the mirror as she stripped off the lingerie, tossing it into the open, nearly overflowing hamper. She opted for a BZ Bitch strappy tank over sweat bottoms, then went into the front room. She resisted the temptation to smoke as she waited.

Just a few minutes later, the bell rang. Taking a deep breath, Sharon stood & answered the door. Professor Eller's eyes went wide & her jaw dropped open when she saw Sharon at the door.

"Oh my God!" she started, then caught Sharon's arm, taking control, guiding the only slightly younger woman into her own apartment. She herded Sharon away from the couch, where she saw the nearby bong & some assorted pieces of clothing, to the kitchen. There was another gasp of shock, seeing the pills scattered over the counter. Seeing Sharon's empty coffee mug, Nancy Eller quickly refilled it, rummaging through the cupboards for a 2nd mug.

Face worn with long experience, the English Lit. Professor sat down beside Sharon, who seemed detached & withdrawn. She shivered, understanding it, considering what was obviously smeared over the married student's face, matting locks of her garishly colored hair. She reached out, covering Sharon's hand with her own.

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