tagInterracial LoveSharon Goes Back to School Ch. 11

Sharon Goes Back to School Ch. 11


original story: Scipio

story continuation by RogueAlan

Author's Note: Though mentioned above & at the end of the last chapter, I am still getting questions about Chapters 1 through 3. Nick Scipio created Sharon, & has graciously let me run with her. The first three chapters are his, & are on LitErotica under his handle, Scipio555. While you're there, be sure to check out his 'Right Thing to Do' series. Along with JPB, Slirpuff, bakeboss, Poizon69, papatoad, his work is always worth a read. For those partial to the... humiliation & 'downward spiral' in Sharon, gobula's works may fit the bill.

In any case, twelve is done. Thirteen is being fleshed out. Outline exists through 17. That should bring us through Sharon's freshman year, after which it may be time to leave her to your varied (sometimes fevered) imaginations. Who knows for sure.

As ever, thanks to those who liked it & dropped a note... Kathy, Cheryl, Rob, SGG, et al, we'll try to keep you entertained in the chapters to come... & I continue to hope someone else will take a shot at writing a chapter or two occuring in Sharon's world... takers, anyone?

Pax, RA

Chapter 11: Home Field Advantage

Two uneventful weeks passed. Two achingly boring, weeks during which Sharon didn't see Shaun or Dave. The week after she had gotten her new decorations and helped show Professor Eller the joy of being a ZB Sister, the frat had been preoccupied with an away football game, so there hadn't been a party.

Sharon had hoped to see Shaun or Dave in class. It didn't happen. In her English Lit class Monday Professor Eller had been sick. On Wednesday the usually stern woman had seemed distracted. She hadn't met Sharon's gaze as was her usual habit while discussing some important point, and Sharon had left class feeling vaguely uneasy. She hoped her mentor wasn't angry at her.

She was quickly distracted as she walked toward the Union as her eyes scanned the passing students for any of the ZB Brothers. No one was around. She saw guys eyeing her wherever she went, though, which made her feel good. Not that any of the boys she saw walking across campus stood a chance of winning her attention. She wasn't suffering from a lack of sex; each night two or three students or TA's or professors happened by to turn in a ZB chip. She dutifully put out, but found the sex wasn't satisfying, at best leaving her masturbating to the memory of being with Shaun or the other Brothers.

Friday night she called Kelly, and the pair went out barhopping, eyeing the various men, before Sharon had admitted she was getting really horny waiting for the game to be over. Kelly had laughed, but she was puzzled, since she and Dave had been together twice that week, and she'd had sex with at least three of the other ZB Brothers, too. Sharon asked if Kelly thought they were punishing her for confusing ZB with BZ as she had for weeks. Kelly laughed, insisting that the frat used the letters interchangeably, and weren't 'hung up' with the Greek shit like most fraternities and sororities. Kelly told herself Sharon might have done something, though, to get the 'silent treatment' from the Brothers. And she knew better then to say something that Dave might not like, so she did not say anything else about Sharon's complaint.

Between drinks Kelly pulled out the wheel of birth control pills she'd gotten at the Student Clinic, laughing that it was time for her 'daily vitamin' and adding that it went better with beer. Seeing the

contraceptive reminded Sharon she needed to take care of herself-- she'd used too many of the 'morning after pills' since she'd started sleeping with Shaun.

They went back to Sharon's place, enjoying a fine smoke before moving the party to the bedroom, enjoying a leisurely lesbian 69 before falling asleep entwined. It was delicious, but it wasn't the same as Sharon had grown to expect from the ZB Brothers.

The sunshine lighting the room through the half open Venetian blinds was dazzling when Sharon regained consciousness. She murmured happily, though... In her dream she'd been enjoying a delicious licking from Dave. She moved her hands to her chest, registering dimly that the sheet was gone and her nipples were hard with the pleasure of her dream. God, it still felt good...

Her hand trailed down to her crotch, intent on finishing what her dreams had begun. She moaned in surprise and pleasure finding a head already firmly planted between her splayed thighs. For an exciting moment she told herself it was Shaun before realizing the hair was long and remembering the night before. She shivered, moaning again as Kelly's tongue expertly worked at her aroused clit. Her hands came up, tweaking her love hardened nipples, the left toying with the ring that kept that side perpetually aroused. She spread her thighs, welcoming Kelly's attention, and cried out as the younger woman quickly brought her off.

Eyes closed, she groped blindly until she found Kelly's right thigh at her left side. Kelly giggled between Sharon's thighs as the older woman pulled, signaling her desire to return the favor. Kelly shifted, never stopping her continued work on Sharon's still hot cunt, and gracefully draped her leg over Sharon's torso, bringing her own ready sex to the housewife's eager mouth and tongue.

The sound of Kelly's pleasure, moaned against her own sex, was almost enough to get Sharon off again as she began to lick from top to bottom of Kelly's young seam. Giggling as her face was quickly coated with Kelly's flowing cream, Sharon refocused her attention, licking, then slurping hungrily at Kelly's clit until the young woman was shaking and crying out on top of her. Within a few minutes they'd rolled to their sides, continuing the most intimate kiss she could imagine, taking turns getting off until after almost 30 minutes they shuddered in a mutual final climax that left them panting, tangled on the sweat and honey soaked sheets.

Sharon reluctantly got up, making coffee and egg white scrambles with wheat toast for them both. She absently wondered where the real eggs and English muffins had gone. After enjoying their post 'wake up sex' breakfast, Kelly hugged her good-bye, promising to call later in the day. Sharon showered, cleaned the small rental, and decided to go to the clinic to get on the pill. She pulled on a pair of impossibly tight jeans she couldn't remember having bought, threw on a ZB Bitch tank top, and over that donned the school hoodie she'd gotten at the Union. She locked up, walking to the campus and the clinic by the library.

There was no line when she signed in, but she balked when the nurse at the front desk asked for her insurance card.

"I, uh... I'd rather just pay for it in cash," Sharon stammered. The woman looked at her sternly over her ½ glasses.

"You can take that up with your insurance company," the woman answered tersely, waiting expectantly for a moment. Sharon considered lying, telling the woman she did not have insurance, but she was not sure if the information was already in the college computer system. The last thing she wanted was to have Chris wondering why she was going on the pill. The nurse sighed theatrically and stomped off, grumbling to herself. Sharon was wringing her hands, looking at the nearly empty waiting room as she tried to decide what to do. Just as she was about to leave, a young coed seated near the front desk leaned over and caught her elbow.

"You could go to the free clinic," the young woman suggested quietly. Sharon blinked at the stranger, not understanding. The woman handed her a thin business card. "Go to the free clinic," she repeated, "They'll help you without asking questions. Then she sat up, obviously not wanting the nurse to think they had been talking. Sharon smiled at the young woman gratefully, before hurrying back to her rental to get her car.

She blushed, arriving at the clinic. She was sure she was only a few blocks from where she'd done the 'photo shoot' with Shaun. She became more flustered at the way her body responded to her memories of that night, amplified by the lack of big cock she'd been dealing with for weeks. Her discomfort was increased seeing that there was not another car in the clinic parking lot that was less than 10 years old. Her big SUV stood out like a sore thumb. Reasoning no one would be looking out to the parking lot, and aware she needed to get some protection, she jumped out, locked the doors remotely, and hurried inside.

The dingy clinic was busy. She waited several minutes to give her name... offering her maiden name to reduce the chance anything would get back to Chris. When the plump woman at the desk asked her why she was there, she smiled and told the woman she needed to get some birth control. The woman tsked but marked the sheet Sharon had filled out, setting it in a box and directing Sharon to wait until her name was called.

Sitting down, Sharon was acutely aware that most of the others in the cramped room were black or Hispanic. The men eyed her openly, a couple offering leering smiles. Sharon was embarrassed at the way her body responded to the presence of men... She shuddered at the momentary image of herself naked, draped over the dated plastic chairs being taken by a line of men awaiting treatment for one malady or another.

It was just over an hour before she heard her name called. The first time she did not get up, having forgotten that she had given her maiden name. A diminutive Asian nurse led her down a maze of hallways to a small exam room, telling her to strip and don the white paper smock that was folded on the counter.

"But I'm only hear for birth control pills," Sharon protested. The woman shrugged.

"New intake visit. No worry, you no pay. Government grants pay for this," she answered, misreading Sharon's apprehension. "Dr. Brian will be with you shortly. Now change." Resigned, Sharon carefully stripped out of her clothes and put the useless paper gown on, squirming on the paper covering the cracked exam table pad and waiting. Time dragged by.

"Eight needs a refill on the suppositories, and schedule 7 for a diagnostic mammogram," a baritone voice called from the hall as the door opened. A tall black man, about Sharon's age, stepped into the room, after pausing to slide a binder off of the door. "Hello," he began, "I'm Dr. William Brian. What can I do for..." his voice trailed off as he brought his attention to Sharon, seated on the old exam table. His eyes moved over her, seeming to linger on her face, making the housewife more nervous. "Who sent you?" the tone was harsh, and Sharon flinched, then shook her head.

"No one," she paused, "I mean a girl at the University clinic suggested I come here... I just need birth control pills." The physician paused, as if he wanted to say something, then shook his head. He rubbed his right hand, holding a pharmaceutical pen, absently against his left shoulder as he sat on the stool opposite Sharon.

"Uh-huh," Sharon was puzzled... It did not sound like he believed her. "You need birth control pills, eh?" Sharon nodded.

"I'm sorry," she didn't know why she was sorry, but he seemed... angry. "I didn't mean to be a bother... I just thought I could get the pills and go, but your nurse... I mean your receptionist... She said I was a new intake." The physician rubbed his hand over his face, then looked at the chart, seeming unwilling to look at her again.

"Right," he started again, "You're Sharon Guest." She nodded but when he didn't look up she agree aloud. "You live here in town?" He recited the address and Sharon agreed, wondering what was wrong. "You list here that you're a student?"

"That's right... I'm taking English courses." He paused at that. Shook his head. Sharon felt a spark of annoyance. "I know, but my kids are in school, so..."

"So you have children?" Sharon blushed; she had not noted that on the form. "How many pregnancies?" She answered, and the questions that followed, as the doctor ticked off notes on the form. He paused after a couple minutes and looked up at her. "Kind of incomplete data here, wasn't there?" Sharon shrugged. "You want to tell me why you're really here?" Sharon sniffed at his tone.

"I already told you: I need birth control pills." He looked at her briefly.

"But you could've gotten them at the school clinic."

"Not if..." Sharon stopped herself. "I didn't like the attitude of the nurse there." He nodded.

"So go to a private clinic... You aren't destitute," he said mildly. Sharon blushed.

"No, but I don't have the money to pay for an office visit."

"But you have insurance."

"No," Sharon stopped herself before admitting she did not have insurance she wanted to use. The physician sighed, looking at her again briefly, eyes not quite meeting hers. He seemed to come to a decision, then nodded once.

"All right, it's not my place to ask," he stood, taking the stethoscope from around his neck, "Just sit there for a moment..." He proceeded to listen to her lungs and heart, not noticing the way her breath caught when he slipped his hand under the collar of the paper gown to press the cold metal bell against her skin. Sharon tried not to react as he deftly checked her eyes, ears, mouth, and reflexes before having her lie back. He palpated her abdomen, listened, then leaned over and flipped a switch on the wall before stepping to the door. Sharon started to sit up.

"No, just stay there," he cautioned, "My nurse will be in to get you ready in a moment."

"Get me ready?" Sharon looked at the man standing in the doorway, "For what?"

"For the pelvic exam, of course," he rolled his eyes and was gone before she could protest. Sharon shivered but did not move. A moment later a diminutive Asian in scrubs stepped into the room and began pulling sealed packages out of the cabinets and the drawers in the exam table. Without a word to Sharon she pulled the stirrups out of the table corners & moved Sharon's feet into position. After checking things, she flipped a second switch on the wall and sat in the chair on the opposite wall, poring over Sharon's chart.

Several minutes passed before the door opened. The doctor paused, pulling latex gloves on before straddling the stool he had used before, wheeling casually to the end of the table between Sharon's spread ankles. His nurse stood, turning a lamp on that bathed Sharon's paper covered crotch with bright light, then sat back down.

"OK, this will be cold..." He paused pushing the gown up, baring Sharon's crotch, and the housewife blushed at what he was looking at. "Don't see that sort of hygiene too much," he quipped, and the Asian leaned over, glancing in from the side before giving Sharon a pointed look. Sharon missed it, trying to control her breathing as the big black man put his fingers against her still clean shaven labia, spreading the outer lips as he placed a cold metal speculum in place. "Sorry, we can't afford the new plastic one time units that aren't as cold," he said in a practiced patter, "And I can't use any lubricant or the PAP might be compromised..."

She felt the metal blades slide inside and spread, opening her up to the stranger's gaze. He deftly swabbed her cervix with what looked like a long q-tip, then repeated the process twice more before removing the speculum. Sharon had forgotten about the 'complete pelvic' as her physician at home usually stopped with the PAP. Standing, the surgeon moved closer to her naked groin, and without warning thrust 2 or 3 fingers into her. Sharon gasped, her back arching, her body reacting as it'd become used to over the past weeks. The doctor paused, looking at his nurse and shaking his head as he brought his free hand down on Sharon's bare stomach.

"Easy now," he murmured, "This'll just be a moment..." She felt him shift from side to side, trapping her ovaries and briefly examining them before he removed his hand. Sharon was left struggling not to pant... or to ask him to do more. She wondered if he had noticed the way her clit had surged erect at his touch. He snapped off the gloves, then handed the vials with the q-tips to his nurse, who nodded and left. Sharon pulled the gown back down, sitting up and swinging her legs around to face the doctor as he sat down again.

"OK," he started, "The PAP should be back by next week.

"It's usually just a day or two..." Sharon caught herself too late. Dr. Brian nodded.

"Yes, the private offices can do that... We can't." He shifted, "The STD screen may take a bit longer."

"STD's?" Sharon repeated, blinking at him, "Why STD's?" The doctor shrugged.

"Look, ma'am, you're away at school, I get it... You've... experimented," he paused, "So you don't want your husband to find out and you came here." He shrugged, "I just assumed you'd want to be sure you weren't carrying anything back to him." Sharon blushed but managed a nod. The doctor almost smiled. "Good... That feels like the first honest thing you've said, here." He looked away and shook his head. "I'm sorry... that wasn't fair. I don't mean to sound judgmental." Sharon just nodded her head. "So if you're wanting birth control I suppose you're... still experimenting." Not a question. Sharon almost expected him to stand and open his pants, demanding she 'experiment' with him. She managed a nod. He stood, turning to a row of pamphlets. "We have the pill, of course, but the hormones in someone your age pose more risk... Do you smoke?"

"Not... I mean no," Sharon wondered why she couldn't just fib to this stranger.

"Not tobacco," he finished, nodding, "Well, there's a new latex ring you insert... it lasts for a month and then you change it for a new one..." Sharon nodded, "But I've had other patients who were... experimenting who've had problems losing them." Sharon nodded but didn't understand. "If your partner is aware of it, he can usually tell if it's... been dislodged when he pulls out..." He looked at her, "But most college guys aren't particularly observant... and if it's a series of guys, well..." Sharon licked her lips nervously.

"I don't think that would be a good idea." Dr. Brian smiled sardonically.

"I agree. We could do the depo shot... that lasts 3 months. I still have some implantable... they last three years or more, but you can see where they sit under the skin..." Sharon shook her head at that thought. There was no way she could explain that to Chris. "I suppose condoms and foam are out..."

"I've been using condoms," Sharon assured him, "But... well, just in case..." He nodded.

"We have a new device... It's implantable through the cervix," he handed her a brochure, "But it's a surgery... It's not something our funding covers right now."

"How much is it?" Sharon asked.

"$800," he answered, "And unlike the other methods I've mentioned, it's permanent." Sharon knew the last thing she wanted was another pregnancy. She and friend had laughed that they should have hysterectomies, since they were through with babies. She decided she would start to save her money to have the procedure, but knew she needed a more immediate fix.

"I think I'll save for that," she started, surprising Dr. Brian, "But for now... I guess the shot." He nodded and rose.

"That will work," he paused, "But you'd be a perfect candidate for something that doesn't have the risks associated with the hormone therapy." Sharon tilted her head and waited. "We could put an IUD in place today." Sharon shook her head.

"I remember those," she argued, "They killed some women when I was a little girl... I didn't think they were around anymore." Dr. Brian shook his head.

"Oh no, those aren't around... There are newer ones now... They do the same thing but without the risk of sepsis and DIC that caused problems before." Sharon was skeptical. "Honestly, it sounds like your thinking is solid, but that concern... well, you don't need to worry about that. And you'd be done today and not have to come back every few months." Sharon wavered.

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