tagInterracial LoveSharon Goes Back to School Ch. 13

Sharon Goes Back to School Ch. 13


Original idea: Nick Scipio

Continuation: Rogue Alan


Welcome new reader... I would recommend seeing where Sharon has been before you continue here. There is more story here than in some chapters... Hopefully the naughty bits will be sufficient, and there are enough stepping off points for your imaginations to take over. For those wanting a more graphic presentation, I believe your patience will be rewarded even in this chapter. To those entertaining a shot at telling a BZ story, my thanks in advance... expand the world of Sharon and her Sisters. I encourage you take one of these BZ Bitches or make up one of your own; there are ZB chapters at colleges across the nation, after all.

AND my apologies to all of you who have waited so patiently. This was supposed to be out before Thanksgiving... then before Christmas... then by the end of the year. Life interferes sometimes. And I pushed part of the outline back into Chapter 14, so this could get out (and because I think we have a nice ending for this and a stepping off point for 14... See for yourself).

RP great pics... I find myself 'seeing Sharon' in some of the women showing themselves off on the net; your selections have been spot on. NS, the cartoon was perfect, the idea of a cartoon representation of Sharon's story, a la Omaha, Cat Dancer or Cherry made me smile.

As ever, I welcome your thoughts and suggestions. In reading Sharon's story, she becomes yours, too. If what I have her do isn't what you think would happen, apologies, but like I said, take another of her 'Sisters' or make one up & tell her story. If I can do it, anyone can do it.

And for the bitter angry few who will decry how unbelievable or awful or horrible the story is... Are you serious? Thirteen chapters in you don't know what to expect from this story? THAT is unrealistic and sad and awful. If you did not like it before, I promise you will not appreciate this or the following chapters. Save yourself the angst and outrage and stop reading. I don't care what you think the story says about readers who do like it or about me. It's a S T O R Y. Fiction. Make believe.

To the rest of you, happy wanking. And while it may take a bit, don't worry, Sharon's story is not finished...

Pax, RA

Chapter 13: Bet Your High Flying Ass...

Sharon's new role as a Snake Eyes headliner and champagne room girl kept her more than busy. Her 'get wet' introduction Friday night, as the other dancers called it, was repeated Saturday night, except she danced twice the number of sets and had been grinding against strangers out on the floor for almost 6 hours before Raoul collected her as she was finishing getting a GI off in a back booth. The big bouncer calmly told her she had an 'admirer' who wanted to share a bottle of champagne with her.

The hapless white housewife did not understand at first, but Raoul was patient, leading her to the short hallway that opened into the champagne room. He stopped, still on the main floor, introducing her to 'Clark,' a light skinned black man who had had Sharon do 3 lap dances in a row earlier in the evening. Flattered but nervous, Sharon quickly realized her 'date' was obviously a frequent customer, based on the casual and knowing way in which he led her into the blue room and to an open 'table.' The cushion, which reminded her of the ottoman at the foot of Chris' big chair in the den, was covered with faux polar bear fur. She giggled, seeing there indeed was a bottle of champagne on the small glass table between the 2 seats that completed the station. She answered Clark's toast and emptied the plastic champagne flute. Soon enough she found herself on her knees, slurping at the stranger's average cock. When he was hard and indicated he wanted more, she deftly slipped a condom onto him from the supply in the dispenser on the table where you would find sugar at a typical club or restaurant.

And then she was on her back, looking around absently at the other dancers who'd been tapped to 'entertain' that night, while Clark thrust into her eagerly. She made the right noises, lifting a leg as his tempo began to change, spurring him on with a low moan that did the trick... He was through in less than 5 minutes, and fell back, gasping that she was 'amazing' and refilling their glasses. Sharon was glad for the 2nd drink... she had not cum yet, and even though Go had gotten her off before her shift, the constant semi-arousal that pervaded the club had her hungry to cum again.

It had made it easy not to argue when Geoff signaled for her thirty minutes later... She had finished her last set on stage before Clark had fucked her, and was merely working the floor for the extra money. The guest the second time was older and heavier than Clark, and to her relief, he was bigger as well. She managed to get off as he lay back on a couch and had her ride him to his orgasm, all, while pouring bubbly down her bare chest and licking it off of her nipples.

Sweating but momentarily sated, she thanked the second 'guest' with a brief kiss on the lips, then tracked down one of the other girls to ask about a shower-- the sugary wine had left her a sticky mess. She was not actually surprised when she found the shower was not private...the entry door was not even in the girls' changing room. Go had found a way to make money even on his girls cleaning up. When she entered the shower booth, a light went on over her head, and was obviously visible on the main floor, too, because it was not 30 seconds before she saw windows opening on 3 sides of the shower stall; Snake Eyes patrons were watching as she soaped up and rinsed. Without really thinking about it, she began to put on a show; if there was one instruction she had heard a hundred times, it was that she was to smile and 'flaunt it' when she was in the club. Two nights in, that reaction had already become second nature.

Of course, at least one of her unseen voyeurs was sufficiently stimulated she found herself back in the champagne room a third time, letting a Hispanic soldier use her doggy style. At his urging she had several glasses of the bubbly as he was using her, and giggled that it was a different feeling getting buzzed while being balled. She did not make it out of the champagne room when her 'guest' had finished before a tall, nervous young black man was ushered in and proceeded to quickly enjoy himself with her, too.

When he had finished and she had led him to the entrance to the champagne room, giving him the expected kiss on the lips as a final 'thanks,' she chose to stay in the blue lit room, lounging at the front with some of the other girls who'd been assigned to work on their backs, and were choosing to let the patrons who wanted it come to select them. Of course, she was still supposed to move and pose and offer the men who came in 'to browse' sufficient attention they would choose her. She knew she was not as good at that as the others-- experience was crucial to that skill set-- but as the 'new' girl she did not have to work very hard to get noticed. She had 'entertained' twice more before the bell rang through the club: 2AM, last call.

She had not expected that 'last call,' would mean a rush not for final drinks, but for a last turn with the girls putting out in the blue room. Already a little embarrassed that 6 strangers and Go had used her since she had arrived at the club, she found herself draped over one of the fur trimmed cushions as another stranger thrust into her from behind, while his buddy had her suck him off. She did not pause to consider that the guy using her mouth was not in a condom, and swallowed his load in a few minutes without real reluctance... Rubbers tasted bad, she remembered, giggling at the thought.

Driving home after her second night on duty at Snake Eyes, a fat roll of bills filling her clutch purse, Sharon had admitted she could understand why Go had no trouble getting dancers... they easily made more money than they could have earned doing anything else. She had been worried she had had too much to drink to be driving-- not an irrational concern-- but she was embarrassed at the thought of a cab picking her up at the club and was not about to ask anyone else to drive her home, so she climbed into the Range Rover and pulled out onto the early morning roads with over-exaggerated caution. She arrived safely, but had a wheel fully up the curb when she parked.

She shut the door to her place and leaned against it as the clock on the wall chimed once. She glanced over, seeing it was 3:30AM. Groaning at how tired she realized she felt, Sharon stumbled to the bathroom, then flopped onto her bed and was quickly asleep, giggling at the thought that she might never have to change the sheets if she kept falling asleep on the comforter...

The smell of coffee woke her shortly after noon on Sunday. She padded out of the bedroom, not caring how she looked, to find Dave pouring 2 mugs of coffee. She sat down at the kitchen table and was pleased when the ZB Brother served her a mug along with a little pitcher of cream. She put more than usual in, adding two packets of sugar before taking a sip. Satisfied that it wasn't too hot, she quickly emptied the mug, then stood up to fix another. She giggled when Dave spanked her haunch as she went by.

"You make a Brother proud," he told her, "Go said you dance like you were born to it and you turn twice as many drinks as the other girls." Sharon beamed. She pointed to the schedule she had taped to the refrigerator.

"Are you going to come watch me dance?" she asked, hopefully, "That's when I work... The nights it says 'C' I spend part of my shift in the champagne room." Dave nodded thoughtfully. "If it's a lower case 'c', like last night," she went on, "Well, then I work the floor, and if someone wants to go back I go along." Dave nodded again, as if he did not know Go's routine.

"You ain't working tonight, though?" Sharon shook her head, and found herself hoping he would take her back to the frat. "Well, if I didn't have a project due I'd drive you back to get some new outfits for your job," he smiled, "We could go back to the mall... past time you got touched up, ain't it?" Sharon blushed... a few errant hairs had become obvious where she'd been worked on the 1st time he had taken her 'home.' She clenched her thighs together, remembering what else they'd done that day. "Guess we'll have to do that sometime soon." She just nodded. Dave sat looking at her, until she bit her lip uncertainly, feeling as if she was missing something.

"What?" she finally asked. Dave shook his head as if she should know.

"What'd you do last night?" he asked. She blushed.

"I danced."

"You danced?"

"I... I stripped." He waited, "And I did lap dances... and I... I entertained in the champagne room." She couldn't bring herself to say what 'entertained' meant. He rolled his eyes.

"Did they give you anything to bring home?" She frowned,

"No, they... oh," she blushed more deeply, "Oh, oops, I forgot..." She ran into the bedroom, returning with the clutch purse. She pulled out the thick wad of rubber banded bills. "See? I couldn't believe it... I thought it must be a mistake," she said proudly, handing it to Dave. He stripped off the rubber bands and quickly counted through it, nodding.

"Not bad at all," he said, stripping off 3 $20's and as many $5's, before reapplying the rubber band. He dropped the impressive roll into his shirt pocket, leaving the rest sitting on the kitchen table. Sharon blushed, looking at the money.

"Oh, no, that was the deal," she started, "I mean..."

"Hell, it looks like you need some groceries," Dave interrupted, "and like I said, you'll want to get some things to use on stage," he pulled a battered flyer out of his back pocket, "This Adam and Eve catalog? They've got some killer shit... and so does the Playboy Store... I tucked one of their catalogs inside." He tossed them onto the table top, and Sharon picked them up, at once scandalized and aroused at the variety of toys and clothes and what not she saw on the pages. She didn't notice the mailing address and name were her own. "I'd better get going," he was delighted at the way she looked up when he said that-- she'd obviously expected to be having sex with him. "I think we've got just the sort of party you'll enjoy," he assured her, "It's just a couple weeks away." He motioned toward the fridge, "Better get yourself some groceries, though." and then he had left, struggling not to laugh at the helplessly ensnared housewife's response.

The only thing that would've been better would've been if she'd offered to give him the rest of the money to have him get her off... Dave wondered if he could arrange for just that sort of show as he headed for the other side of campus to pick Keiko up. The hot little Asian BZ Bitch was doing the same thing Sharon was doing, except at one of the juice bars closer to campus. Eyeing the roll of bills he'd taken from Sharon's purse, he admitted 'little Key' wasn't doing nearly as well as their prize filly, but that wasn't a big surprise. Still, he'd have to do something about that...

Sharon managed to do her laundry and get groceries on Sunday. She called Kelly, but her friend didn't answer. She considered going home, but the thought of having Chris wanting to have sex with her was enough to stay away... As horny as she'd been when Dave was in her little condo, when he'd gone she'd realized she was still a little stiff and sore after the prior nights' activity. She hadn't even been tempted to masturbate when Dave had left without doing anything to her. After a light lunch-- she had stocked the freezer with Healthy Choice frozen dinners, and the fridge with fruits, juices, and single serving champagne bottles, as well as more of the beer she'd seen Shaun and Dave drinking-- she grabbed a water bottle and a granola bar and hit the gym. It was flattering the way the guys eyed her as she did thirty minutes on the elliptical, and another thirty minutes on the treadmill. Mindful of the muscles she was using dancing, she spent most of another thirty minutes on the weight machines, too.

She was embarrassed to admit, on the walk home, she had sort of hoped someone might approach her while she was exercising, but she had not seen any of the frat members. By the time the sun was dipping below the horizon, she almost wished a chip holder would visit. She wasn't sure what else to do. After paging through the flyers Dave had left, Sharon went online, ordering several items from both the Playboy and Adam and Eve sites; outfits she could use at work and some toys she hoped would convince Dave or Shaun to spend more time with her when they visited. After finishing a frozen dinner, Sharon paced about before remembering Dave warning her to get enough exercise. Maybe she needed to exercise more...

Hoping she might bump into a ZB, she made the trip across the campus again, repeating her time on the treadmill and elliptical, pushing herself until her top was sufficiently sweat soaked that it was obvious she had no sports bra-- or any bra-- underneath. Sharon basked at once more in the many looks she got from the male students using the gym, and ignored the more pointed glares of the other women.

When a woman barely older than her daughter said something under her breath as she walked past, Sharon just shrugged, almost laughing when the spectacles little prude sniffed and hurried away... If she was not such a sourpuss, Sharon knew the guys would have eyed the other young woman. She was not as busty, but she was graceful like a gymnast, and Sharon had seen some of the things a more petite woman could do to satisfy her man or men. The little dear was clearly uncomfortable with herself.

Sharon made the walk back across the quad without incident, and reluctantly turned in at 10PM. She slept soundly, even making the next morning's classes, but of course, she had to be out at Snake Eyes before the lunch rush. She grabbed a granola and champagne lunch, then drove out to the club in time to practice a little... and to spend fifteen enjoyable minutes getting Go off, before she had to go to work.

She worked every day the first week, the lunch shift on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday, and the Tuesday night shift. Well, that's when she was on the schedule, but she was at the club every night. There was always a lull between lunch and the after work crowd. Nobody said anything to her about going home, though, and whether it was blowing Go under his desk as he went about handling the business, practicing her dances and the music she would use, trying to fix the pathetic supply of 'community costumes' that filled the bin in the dressing room, or talking to the other girls, getting pointers and suggestions, Sharon most nights was surprised to realize that her shift was long past and she was still there, working the tables, shaking her ass, grinding against strangers, and downing the heavily watered drinks to pad the customers' tabs, not to mention putting out for whoever... for whatever Go charged.

Of course, before every shift Go took a turn with her; he wasn't selfish, and even if he came as she sat on her knees beneath his desk, he always made sure to 'feed her the pipe' as he called it. Without shame she mused it was the best part of her day, Thursday afternoon, as she slipped into the costume she'd chosen for her first turn on stage... She always got off repeatedly while he was using her.

By her second Friday as one of Go's dancers, Sharon understood why the other girls seemed so quiet and pale... She could not seem to get enough sleep, even skipping her classes to allow longer naps, she was dragging. Dancing was a chore, even without prep and practice... The lap dances left her aroused but unfulfilled, and more often than not whoever was fucking her in the Champagne room was done before she was really excited, much less before she really got off. The weekend was a blur. She woke, showered, grabbed some clothes, and hurried to work, staggering in shortly before sunrise to sleep away the day before repeating the process.

Midway through her second full week as a dancer, Sharon was wondering how much longer she could keep doing it. The money was still impressive... She had given Shaun more than a thousand dollars Sunday morning, and he had told her how proud he was of her... but he had not stayed. The end of the week and the weekend were once again lost to any real memory. Staring at herself in the mirror Saturday afternoon she tried to remember anything about the night before... How many times had she danced? How many had she entertained in the champagne room? When had she gotten home? She wondered if her drinks had not been watered down. She was relieved that she was no more sore than usual... there was a constant ache she had just learned to ignore in all of muscles.

Worried she would not stay awake on the drive home after the club closed down Saturday night, Sharon slept in the Range Rover Saturday night, stealing a long nap in the dressing room after the relentless sun pouring through the windshield woke her up. She napped again, curled up on Go's couch after he found her in the dressing room and led her by the hand to his office to 'wear her out so she could sleep good and proper.' When she woke, after sundown, still naked on the couch in Go's office, she jumped up, worried for long moments she was late to her next shift. The music was working, and she had spent most of a minutes scrambling to gather her clothes before she realized she was off-- she could go home.

Of course, getting back to sleep, then, Sunday night was not easy. Although she knew she should feel rested, she lay in bed staring at the ceiling and skipped class before dragging herself out of bed to shower and get ready for her lunch shift Monday. She had not felt so jet lagged when the family had gone to Europe a few summers before.

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