The next spin, I knew was fixed, this time it was myself and Tina, again the razor was in action.

Tina had a magnificent thick black bush which extended either side of her obviously wet slit and even her perineum was covered in hair. I filled another bowl with piping hot water and put a kettle on top of the woodstove to top it up once I had thoroughly soaped up all of her hair. I don't know if it is every hot blooded male's ambition to fuck a lesbian but right then, it was certainly mine!

I used my hands to work up a lather and then started rubbing it into Tina's pubic hair, brushing her labia and clitoris from time to time, sometimes coincidentally and sometimes deliberately. When she responded by pushing her hips up into my hand I knew I was safe to go further and slipped two fingers inside her while my thumb concentrated on her clitoris. Only after she almost broke my fingers with the strength of her orgasm did I go back to the job in hand.

I took the kettle which was now boiling to heat up the water in the bowl again and checked that all of the hair to be removed was thoroughly wet and soapy. Half a dozen clean strokes cleared the area above Tina's vagina. Several smaller strokes did the fiddly bit either side of her cunt and three more left her as naked as the day she was born.

A bowl of clean water was next to get rid of the soap, followed by drying with a towel and I then used a skin cream made from olive oil and beeswax from my own bees with ylang-ylang oil in it to rub into the skin.

The straight away the bottle had us paired up again. I knew what I wanted to do! Surprisingly it was her partner, Sarah who said, "I want you both to make love in front of us all."

So we did. First we kissed, Tina clearly relishing the taste of Liz's nectar on my lips. At the same time both our hands were exploring and stroking the other's body, not ignoring the sexual organs but not overly lingering on them either. Eager for the main event, I moved south with my lips and did her breasts and nipples more than justice while my right hand repeated the detour it had performed during the previous dare. I kissed my way next down across her belly and the freshly shaved area. I then kissed the inside of her thighs and her perineum before finally moving on to her labia majora.

Giving each side due attention I then went deeper to Tina's glistening inner lips while one hand started to play with her clitoris. Once I changed position to slip my fingers inside her again and took her erect nub into my mouth it was only about a minute till again her vaginal muscles contracted around my digits.

I was more than ready for the main event. I could not remember ever having been so hard before. Not that my attention was on past exploits at the time. I lay back on the cushions and Tina slowly lowered herself on to me. I held her hips to guide her and once fully impaled, Tina gasped, "Give me a minute to get used to you." I don't know how long she took but I do remember the slickness of her love tunnel and how tight she felt as she slowly started to move up and down. I reached up for Tina's breasts to help her balance, (That and the fact that I like playing with women's tits.) It was not long before she came again with a loud scream.

My earlier Tantric fuck and the herbal help meant I was still as way off so I told Tina to get on all fours and I entered her dripping pleasure centre from behind. Soon she was thrusting back at me in a rhythm that matched mine so well you would have thought us long time lovers. This time when she came there was no holding back and five strong jets of my cum coated her insides. I kept twitching inside her for a couple of minutes as her own climax milked me again and again.

When we finally got our breath back, Tina looked at Sarah and said, "That beats the rabbit any day!"

Sarah laughed and answered, "And the rabbit doesn't stand a chance of giving us the baby we want either!"

My mind was whirling. Had this been a set up just so that Tina could get pregnant from me? I hadn't I was later to find out and I had to endure another three sessions with Tina before that outcome was achieved. Still, a man shouldn't shirk from his duty.

By common consent the dares were now finished with though the sex wasn't. I made some coffee and then Liz tried to phone for a taxi. The person at the other end of the phone laughed, "Have you looked outside?" He said. Liz carefully pulled back the curtain before swearing. "Fuck! There's a foot of snow out there now!"

"Well, I have got two king sized beds and there are plenty of cushions and sofas for anyone who doesn't want to share with a stranger........"

It was late the next morning when I was the first up followed swiftly be Eileen who joined me in the shower. I had fucked Sarah three times and Tina twice more in the bed we shared before finally sleeping. I assumed from the sounds emanating from the other bedroom that Liz, Eileen and Fi had also been enjoying themselves during the night.

Needless to say, I wasn't averse to a quickie in the shower and our activities served to wake the others up for breakfast.

We went for the full Monty. Gloucester Old Spot sausages and bacon, black pudding, fried bread hash browns, tomatoes, mushrooms and beans. All washed down with lots of freshly ground coffee either black or with cream depending on taste.

We didn't talk a lot but it was an easy silence. It may have been my first time having sex with more than one woman present at a time but I didn't feel guilty about it. I think it was a first for most of us but we all felt good about ourselves and what we had done.

It was almost inevitably, Liz that broke the silence.

"I think you should set up in business with the shaving lark." "I can just see myself putting an ad up in the local paper, 'Come and get your cunt shaved. Friendly middle aged man will get rid of all the unwanted hair in your nether regions.'"

"I wasn't quite thinking of you doing it that way. I bet I could get you at least a dozen customers in a month. You could charge £25 pounds a time and I would get £5. It does as good a job as waxing and is much better than safety razors. It might get you some new clients for massage too."

I remained doubtful but a week later I got the first phone call from a fried of Liz, a ballet dancer who was appearing at the theatre Liz managed. The next day I got four more calls from the ballet troupe. Before I knew what was happening, I was getting as many women coming for pubic shaves as I was for massage. Of course I couldn't finger or fuck my paying clients. If they suggested and I fancied them, I used the, "Give it six months and if you are still interested, get in contact and if we both want to take things further we can." formula.

None have to date but given that the number of fuck buddies I have is now five, I don't really have time to fit many more in. Even given that I have bought an extra two razors and an autoclave to sterilize them the shaving pays far more per hour than the massage. It does mean however that I spend a lot of time with a painful hard on that usually has to wait till the evening to be relieved.

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