tagBDSMShawn Ch. 02

Shawn Ch. 02


Four weeks had passed, training and traveling to meet Anna's customers. Men who liked being spanked, men who liked being tied, men who liked the idea of something a little different from their socially prevalent wives and their socially prevalent teas and parties. Anna's group had formed a nice routine in those four weeks while continuing to train Shawn. She only balked occasionally now. Anna was pleased. Mama San was disappointed.

They were traveling now to a nice little neighborhood near Hunter Air Force Base, about thirty miles from Savannah. Just on the outskirts of the nice little neighborhood was the seedy section of town, and tucked into the middle of that was Joey's Girls! Girls! Girls! topless bar. And in the back room of Joey's was Anna's current goal, a private showroom where she would demonstrate a little bit of S&M to the panting and well-paying delight of Southern gentlemen. Rich Southern gentlemen, she thought with a smile.

Anna was being given a manicure by one twin, a pedicure by another. Mama San was knitting. Auntie K was slumped in a corner, mouth open, snoring. Shawn was in the back of the trailer, asleep. Anna called to Anthony. "When will we be there?"

He glanced at a mile marker. "About ten minutes."

The twins began packing up nail files and buffers and polish.

"Wake Shawn," said Anna to Bambi. She nodded.

The trailer crunched over gravel and swung to a stop near an old tree covered in Spanish moss. Joey came out with a smile. He reached to hug Anna, who had left the trailer. She dodged his hands and kissed the air near his cheek. He smiled broadly.

"Hey, got a great group lined up for tonight! And got a father-son deal tomorrow night!"

Anna smiled. The father-son meetings were a tradition. A Southern gentleman would die before breaking a tradition. Traditions meant money. Anna liked tradition.

Joey helped Anthony hook up the trailer for lights and plumbing. Anna went back inside to Shawn's room. Waking Shawn was not simply a matter of telling her it was time to get up. She had to be untied as well.

The first couple of weeks, the girl had tried to leave the trailer. This made Mama San happy until she realized she was not going to be allowed to punish Shawn. "Not just yet," Anna said. Mama San frowned and glared at Shawn.

But by now, Anna had used the tying to make Shawn more comfortable with just being tied. With having her legs open. With being exposed.

And with having the ginger liquid spread on her each night by Mama San. If Anna was not watching, the old woman dabbed on a little too much. Deliberately. It made Shawn writhe against the cuffs on her ankles and wrists, pushing up with her hips even for a gentle teasing flicker of the sheet against her pubic area. It made Shawn rut and open her legs and not care who saw.

If Anna ever noticed her doing this, she was pleased. She would let her stay that way for an hour or two, panting, and then let one of the twins push a dildo in Shawn for the night, or tie a butterfly vibrator to her, so the girl would sleep.

And that was how Shawn slept now, and even napped that way.

Bambi was unbuckling the ankle cuffs when Anna came to the door. The room was too small for a third person. She looked at Shawn, who was yawning slightly but looked rested. Good. Anna went in search of Mama San.

"Tease her. Have the twins help you. Give her the liquid twice. Make her ready."

Mama San nodded. Anna left for dinner with Anthony and Joey. The twins left to make a few calls. They had been here before.

Shawn took a shower while Auntie K fanned herself in the small bathroom. They were taking no chances. They had used Shawn in a few demos, but not in a group this size. And Anna had plans for Shawn that night.

The two elderly women patted Shawn dry and turned her this way and that. They checked for smooth skin and a hairless pubic area. She squirmed when Mama San dug her nails into her clit, pulling it out to be sure that Shawn was smooth. Mama San smiled grimly and nodded at Auntie K. They put cuffs on Shawn's wrists and pulled her arms overhead. Anthony had long ago installed a series of bars overhead in the trailer. They were meant to hold someone's weight.

Shawn's legs were pulled out and each ankle cuffed and tied to bars on the side of the bathroom walls. Anthony was useful. Shawn squirmed, earning a pinch on her bottom from Auntie K.

"You be still!" she snapped. They continued inspecting her, prodding, poking, running their hands along her body to make sure she was smooth, her skin flawless. They checked her hair. The dye held beautifully. The eyes were a deep violet from the tinted lenses.

"It almost 7:00" said Auntie K at one point. They finished the girl's makeup, heavy and slutty, mysterious. A Goth look of sorts, yet a touch of innocence. Auntie K fastened the collar around Shawn's neck. Mama San pulled up a stool and sat with her bowl of ginger juice. She pulled open one lip, dabbed it liberally, then dabbed the other. She painted the outside of the lips as well as the clit, eased the brush to just underneath, near the anus, then dipped the brush into the bowl again, picking up a dollop of thick juice. Auntie K frowned. "That a lotta juice," she said doubtfully. She was brushing and smoothing Shawn's hair. Mama San shrugged. She pushed the brush inside Shawn, twirling it around, then jabbed it in the bowl again, daring her sister to say anything. Auntie K shrugged. Mama San pushed the brush inside Shawn again. This time Shawn shuddered slightly, moving against the brush a little.

"Slut," hissed Mama San. "Just remember, be good slut tonight."

They dressed Shawn, unbuckling one limb at a time, then cuffing her again when done. Collar. Short leather jacket. Half gloves with no fingers. Lacey thi hi hose. Boots just over the knee with a low pointed heel. A silver chain around the waist.

Auntie K pulled open the jacket. Her eyes were getting poor. She stood behind Shawn, holding the jacket out of the way. Mama San lifted a tube out of a box, placed it to Shawn's nipple, and pulled out on a plunger. When she was satisfied that it would hold, she did the same with the other nipple, then pulled the clit into a third vacuum tube. The women left to change into their own robes, leaving Shawn spreadeagle in the bathroom, vacuum pulling her nipples and clit into the tubes, swelling and becoming sensitive.

After about fifteen minutes the two women returned. Mama San deftly rolled a nipple noose over one tube to the base of the nipple. She pulled it under the tube, released the pressure, removed the tube, and pulled the noose tight. It clicked into place with the aid of a bead. The other nipple was lassooed as well. Both nipples now stood out, engorged, tender, swollen, harnessed in a little ring of fire held in place by a bead. More beads bumped and swayed gently against her breasts. Beads dangled on four or five strands, two or three inches from each nipple. Mama San painted each nipple with ginger juice.

The clit was harnessed with a silver metal ring, and the clit was so swollen by then that it puffed over the sides of the ring and jerked slightly, the blood pounding in excitement. Mama San painted it with juice liberally, re-painted the nipples, then re-painted the lips, clit, and shoved the brush inside the girl twice more. By then Shawn was arching her back, her eyes half-closed, pushing against the brush.

Auntie K cackled. "She think it a little cock! Hee hee." Mama San grunted. She thought a moment, then slid the wet brush to flick around the outside of the anus. She glanced at Auntie K and grinned, then pushed the brush inside Shawn again. Shawn was close to coming, but Mama San pulled the brush out. She grasped a swollen nipple in her blunt nails and pinched.

"You be a good slut later."

Shawn spent a miserable half hour or more, tied spreadeagle. Anna entered the private room and began a demo with the twins. The gentlemen sipped bourbon and sat on sofas or at tables in comfortable leather chairs. They watched the twins hold each other in mock fear, saw one tie the other, looked as Anna flicked her whip delicately at Bambi's bottom, or at Bunni's breasts. The men shifted uncomfortably, feeling their pants grow tight. It was all very genteel and exciting. Anna announced a second show after a short break. The men drank more bourbon and made donations. Anna was never paid. She merely accepted donations from generous patrons.

One of the men was in a wheelchair, chatting with two men who sat on a small, well-padded leather sofa.

"This bores me," said the wheelchair man. He tossed back a bourbon. Dim light caught silver hair and hid age. He was nearly sixty. He had hoped that tonight he would feel much younger.

"Hey no, Eric, you need to wait," said one of the men amiably. He puffed on a cigar. "If Anna says she has a show coming up, believe me, she has a show." The third man nodded.

"I'm staying. Besides, what else would I be doing?"

What else indeed? Eric shrugged and motioned to Joey. "Scotch this time." Joey nodded and skittered away. The cigar man chuckled.

Mama San personally escorted Shawn to the little dressing room. Auntie K was helping Bambi lace up in a leather corset.

"You stay HERE," said Mama San. Shawn had wandered over to the curtain. She came back and stood near Mama San. Mama San looked down. She grabbed Shawn's hand and smacked it.

"No! You no touch self, only Mistress can do!" She smacked Shawn's hand again.

This was getting to be a problem. She'd found Shawn fingering herself three times in two days now. Too much ginger. She grinned. Maybe that meant she could punish the girl later.

Mama San helped with the corset, then aided Bunni. Auntie K helped Anna change her dress. So it was a moment before they realized that Shawn was no longer in the room.

"Little bitch!" growled Mama San. Surely she would get to hurt the girl tonight. Surely.

She went to the curtain. Please don't let her – damn. Shawn was out there. With Eric Johannsen no less.

Johannsen was a corporate bigshot from Atlanta, visiting friends. Twenty years before he'd had an accident and lost the use of his legs. Rumor had it that he had developed a few "kinks" as compensation for an equally useless reproductive system.

But Johannsen had power, and a lot of money. If he got angry, he could call in favors and Joey's could be shut down. Anna would get unwanted attention.

Mama San looked worried. Especially now, unwanted attention was bad. She slipped into the dark room She would grab Shawn, make many apologies to Johannsen, and then punish Shawn with every fantasy dream of pain she could come up with.

A hand grabbed her arm before she could leave.

"Look," whispered Anna.

Damn. Shawn had wandered directly to Johannsen, who was – laughing?

* * * * *

Johannsen had been surprised when his friend, Stephens, had whistled low. "Pussy alert!" said Stephens, choking on a cloud of his own cigar smoke. They looked at Shawn, wearing boots and jacket, who smiled. Stephens motioned with his hand for her to come over. She came closer. Johannsen put out an arm, draping it around her waist.

"And what's your name, honey?" he asked, smiling. His hand was at her waist. It was small and slender.

She tapped her mouth with a finger and shook her head.

"Cat got your tongue?" said Stephens. He was puffing faster on his cigar. "Damn, Eric, this kind of stuff always happens to you!" He chuckled.

The third man leaned forward. Don Morris. "Maybe she can't talk?" he asked timidly. He always sounded timid, right up to the minute he closed a big deal. In his favor.

Shawn nodded and pointed at him, nodding again. Johannsen frowned. "You can't talk?" She shook her head no. Then she smiled at him and reached back with one hand. She pulled his hand lower and back, so that it was on smooth firm bottom. He rubbed it a little, then patted it. She smiled.

"Ah. You like that?" She nodded. Right now, almost anything felt good.

Eric patted the bottom again. "You want it a little harder?" She thought about it, then nodded, motioning with her thumb and forefinger. "A little bit more."

He smacked her bottom gently. Several of the members had turned, talking quietly, sipping drinks, but watching. She jumped a little, then grinned. Made the motion with thumb and forefinger again, a little wider apart. "More."

He rubbed the small bottom, then slapped it. She half-closed her eyes, reached back, and held his hand to her bottom. He reached with his other finger and flicked a strand of beads from one nipple.

"These hurt?"

She grinned, made the motion again. "A little." But she smiled.

And then Anna, watching, grinned. "I can't believe it." Neither could Mama San.

Shawn wanted something inside her, or at least, something pushed against her. She hiked up one leg and propped her knee on the arm of Johannsen's wheelchair. Stephens almost choked on his cigar. Eric smiled, rubbed his hand on the little bottom. His other hand flicked the swollen clit. She shuddered and pushed against his hand. He was fascinated. He pulled gently at the clit, rolling it between his fingers. She arched her back, the jacket opening.

"Look at those tits!" said Morris.

"Tits hell, look at that pussy!" said Stephens.

Anna came out. "Now you have seen only part of my surprise, gentlemen."

* * * * *

The evening had gone well, thought Anna. In the second half, she had tied Shawn spreadeagle on the small stage, mainly from fear that she would wander off again. She had chuckled with the audience about a need to punish the little slut. Anna was beginning to suspect something. She pulled out a set of clover clamps and had Bambi place them on the girl's lips. The audience was rapt. Bunni and Anna threaded a chain through the D ring on the girl's collar, clipped a clover clamp on each nipple. The breasts were pulled up slightly. Bambi looked up. "Get the clothespins," said Anna. Bambi opened the box.

Bunni took a set of clothespins from Bambi. With Shawn's arms outstretched and overhead, the jacket was open, the breasts exposed. Anna could see the nipples tight, and the clit quivering. The girl was excited. Well well.

The twins placed clothespins around each of Shawn's nipples, on the underside of the breasts; along the ribs and to the waist; the insides of the thighs, and on each lip on each side of the clover clamps. Anna attached a small chain to each clamp with a weight dangling, pulling at the tender lips. Shawn's head was back, pulling the nipple chains. Bambi and Bunni stood. Anna thought as the audience watched, no sound but heavy breathing. Anna stood behind Shawn, reached around, smiled at the men. She pinched up skin to one side of the clit, against the bone, before the start of the leg. She gripped it with a clothespin. She did the same to the other side. Thought. Added two more to each side. The girl looked glazed over, quivering, excited. Anna grabbed the ring of clothespins around the nipples and squeezed, pulling at skin. Shawn's head went back further, her mouth open, panting slightly. "Good," Anna whispered. She was taking a risk. But the girl was wet. She could see it on her legs.

Anna smiled again at the men, who were leaning forward. She took another clothespin from Bambi, who was watching quietly. She was used to Anna going with her feelings, her intuition.

Anna took the clothespin, waved it at the audience. Reached down, pulled the swollen clit out, clamped it with a clothespin. Shawn jerked. Johannsen frowned, watching. Anna took another clothespin. She had found the nerve in the clit and moved her fingertips past the edge of it. She waved the pin, then clamped it to the very end of the clit. It quivered in the air. Anna reached down, her palms against Shawn's wet skin, and rubbed up, twisting clothespins along the way. Shawn jerked again and again. Damn but the girl was coming, and not just once either.

Anna called for her crop. She reached underneath and tapped the clothespins, caused the weights to swing. Shawn's hips thrust forward. Anna smacked her bottom with a crop once, twice, again. Each time the clothespins jerked and tugged, Shawn's head pulled back on the chains holding the nipples, and Anna smacked her again. She knew the girl orgasmed again at least once. Maybe she came a second time, fast on the other. She moved to the front, to one side. Men stood and edged forward, watching, quiet. No sound but heavy breathing. Eric rolled forward a little.

Anna flicked each of the clothespins off with a crop. By the end she knew Shawn had come again twice. Her legs were wet. The men were standing, clapping, by the time the last clothespin had come off. Anna handed Bambi the crop, stood behind Shawn, reached in front and grabbed the clover clamps. She pulled outwards, pulling the lips open wide. Eric moved closer to the stage, watching. Anna jerked first one, then the other, pulling them off. Shawn opened her mouth, shuddering. She really was a slut, thought Anna. A pain slut.

The evening ended with promises for "something even better" the next night, though Anna had no idea what that would be. She wasn't worried though. She always came up with something good.

She was so pleased that when they were going to bed that evening and Bambi came up to her and told her that Shawn was really miserable, could Bambi use the dildo on her? that Anna smiled. She went to Anthony in their room. He was reading a new Louis L'Amour book. Anna reached down, grabbed his cock, and began stroking it firmly. His eyes shut. "Baby, please tell me you aren't just teasing." Even calling her "baby" didn't upset Anna tonight.

"Go in there to Shawn," she said. Anthony opened his eyes.

"She ok?"

"She's very ok. You've both earned a treat."

Anthony wasn't sure about this part. He'd done this twice before, when Mama San was still trying to figure out the right amount of juice to use on the girl.

He padded down the short hall to Shawn's room. She was cuffed spreadeagle on the bed. She was tugging at the cuffs, jerking her hips up.

"You miserable hon?" he said. He felt ok now. He was rescuing a damsel in distress. Him and his cock, hiho Silver.

Shawn nodded.


She shook her head violently, panting.


She nodded vigorously.

Anna stood in the doorway. She liked to watch Anthony. She knew he liked that as well.

He was already naked. He knelt on the bed. "It's big and hard, hon," he said. Shawn nodded.

Anthony leaned on his arms and shoved into her. He heard her suck in her breath. He looked up and she nodded, gave an Ok sign with her thumb and forefinger. He proceeded to fuck the damsel in distress, feeling her tighten and shudder on his cock. He felt Anna's hand on his ass, squeezing, pinching. He got hard again and rammed Shawn.

Anna leaned down. "Fuck her hard," she whispered. "Fuck the little slut hard. Then I'm going to give you a special treat."

Anthony groaned. He loved it when Anna talked like this. He felt like Superman. He fucked the little slut hard. He listened to Anna while she whispered and he fucked, and she squeezed and smacked him. Yes he liked his black cock in the white pussy. Yes he liked Anna watching. Yes he liked her smacking his butt. Yes he liked fucking. He finally rolled off of Shawn. Her eyes were closing into sleep.

"That girl is gonna kill me," he groaned quietly. Anna smiled.

"Come with me. I'm the one who is gonna kill you." Anthony groaned again, and Shawn slept.

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