tagLoving WivesShe Bounced from the Gutter Ch. 02

She Bounced from the Gutter Ch. 02


I would like to thank Tiger for assisting me with the proof work of this story. He a good frined and I am happy to have him help me.


Temptation is an entrapping and corrupting thing. And it's ever more evil when it sneaks up on you and you don't notice it as it does. Then, when you do finally notice it, you're faced with a choice. But, your emotions are in control of your decision-making at this point, not your mind. You don't even consider the ramifications and consequences of the choice you make. Most of the time, you choose based only on the facts or things you see in front of you.

The offer that seems too good to pass up usually should be. The potential thrill of the experience of the illicit act makes the temptation even harder to resist. But, most humans can't see that when they surrender to temptation the first time. It's only later, after they do give in, that they begin to realize the consequences. It's the anticipation of the act that gives us the thrill and excitement. And, it's the aftermath of the act that gives us the guilt or fear. Does that make any sense to anyone reading this?

How about the long term effects of what was done? Do we even consider what these will be? In some cases, we don't know or can't see them until we are finished. And after trying an illicit act once, the thrill could lead to doing it again and again. This can and will effect your emotions and depending on which one and how you feel, the thrill will force you to want it again. And this, my fellow readers, can be the most dangerous situation of all. When you are finally forced to see the consequences, it's usually too late.

Take my situation with Jack, for example. As a happily married woman, I have no idea why I started meeting him at all again after the first time when we met for lunch. I certainly didn't think I would have sucked his cock, let alone let him cum in my mouth. Yet, there I was meeting him in his hotel room and having oral sex with him each time now. I realized it was only a matter of time before I let him fuck me. And once that happened, I pretty much knew I'd continue to do it with him. The only thing I didn't consider was just how much I liked it. That was my unforeseen circumstance. That was the one thing I didn't see coming and it blindsided me and knocked me off my feet.

To understand why I gave in to Jack, I thought about what had happened. We had gone from a one time, friendly lunch to what would soon be a full-blown affair. As I look back now, I realize the temptation and should have immediately stopped seeing him. I just didn't think about the consequences because I really didn't see them. It was just one lunch and then, another one. Then, it was just one dinner and then just a little heavy petting; then, things got out of hand and it was a blowjob. I was falling in deeper and deeper with Jack and I loved it! But, what then? Well, that's the next part of the story.

The next morning I was up and ready to go ahead of time but I was also tired and dragging from the sex with my husband Bud and the stress of having a new lover and the sex with him too. I thanked my husband for a very wonderful night and he smiled and told me, "It should be me who is thanking you Annie. Anytime you get the hots baby, I'm here for you! Have a great day, Annie, I love you!" I told him, "I love you too, baby." I kissed Bud goodbye and headed off to work at the hospital. He usually didn't have to go in to his work until 9 AM, so he got to sleep in most workdays.

As Bud's hand slipped out of my hand when I left, it occurred to me that perhaps I should start calling him and Jack, baby, or maybe babe or sweetie would be better yet. Anything besides their real names, that way, I was hoping I wouldn't slip up and call Bud, Jack, and vise versa. That was the first time I was thinking and learning about covering my tracks and my ass. It also told me I would be seeing Jack more. It wouldn't be the last thing I learned to do to cover-up, either.

As I drove into the city, I couldn't stop thinking about what had happened yesterday. It was a strange feeling and one I couldn't explain to myself or to anyone else. But, then I had no one to talk to about this. I had to keep it quiet. But, the feeling inside my body was one that I couldn't explain. I realized that my husband had received the full rewards of the built-up passions and desires that Jack had created in me. The hours I spent with Jack were the most sexual and exciting of my life. At least, that's how I felt this morning.

As usual, my day was full of emergencies and I was stressed out when the flowers arrived. They were from Jack and carried a note that read, "Thanks for making my life worth living again."

I held my hand to my mouth after I read it. That statement worried me. I certainly didn't want Jack to think more than perhaps having sex and a short affair with me. I surely didn't want him falling in love with me and asking for more than I could give him, like some sort of commitment. We had to have to talk about this when he came to town next month.

Again, the note was on one of his business cards, and again, the girls all bugged me about my "new" friend. Mary was my best friend at work and maybe anywhere else, for that matter. She asked what I was doing to get flowers every month from Jack? She made me blush as I quickly walked away.

It was the middle of the month before I heard from Jack again. I had received a cell phone in the mail at the hospital the day before he called. The note told me he would explain why he sent me a phone when he called me on it the next day. When Jack called, he told me he had purchased cell phones for both of us and they were both the types where you paid for the minutes ahead of time. That way there was no bill and no record for my husband to every find. Yes, it was another way to cover up what I was doing with Jack. I kept it in my nurse's bag knowing y. I also put in some everyday perfume and some cosmetics just in case I needed them after sex. Bud would never look in there. It only had hospital stuff in it so I could say I got it for emergencies and I was pretty sure he would buy off on that store. I always showered before going home to Bud and now I could cover any after-shave or other odors that might give away my secret.

Then, three days later, Jack called me again on the new cell phone and we made plans to meet at his hotel. No lunch or dinners at a restaurant this time, just meet him at the hotel room and I agreed right away but told him we needed to talk.

We met and ate when room service delivered the dinner. We then chatted about the note sent with the flowers. He told me in no uncertain terms that he didn't want any commitment either. He only wanted a good time and great sex with me. He told me he really liked me and enjoyed my company. We talked for a long time before doing anything else. But again, it was just a blowjob for him. What? See how easy that was for me to say. I said, "It was just a blow job!"

Where did that come from? And, why didn't I think that was so bad? Well, he did finger fuck me and gave me two very nice orgasms before I left and went home to fuck my husband crazy again that night. But, it was getting so much easier to meet him and do things with him I never felt I would ever do with another man besides my husband. Yet, it still didn't scare or concern me. I had things under control!

From then on, we met in his room and he was always nude when I arrived. Then, he would walk me to the bed, where he always undressed me. He loved to do that to me. Then, he went to work and always made me climax quickly with his hand and fingers. Then, I would suck his cock and take his cum in my mouth and swallow it. I really looked forward to doing that for him now.

Then, Jack told me he was going to come into town twice a month from now on and he wanted us to meet when he did. So, for the next three months, we met twice a month and never left his room. We didn't want to take the time to do anything but meet and have some sort of sex. For the first three or four times in a row it was nothing but oral. But, now I was letting him eat me, too. We had taken another step.

When I said nothing but oral, don't get me wrong. I mean, it was some of the most fantastic oral sex I ever experienced. It was unbelievable. He had promised me that he wouldn't try to fuck me even when he had me so worked up with his mouth, tongue and fingers that I believed he could very easily have done it. He told me he would wait until I asked him for it. Jack's word was as good as gold and he never tried to put his cock into me once during that time. I sucked him off each time and swallowed his cum and he ate my pussy and had me crying with pleasure.

I sucked his cock like a witch each time we were together. He had me trained to do exactly what he liked the best and I knew now, without him asking, what he liked the most and when he liked it. I couldn't seem to get enough of his cock or his cum. Then, he began to insist on eating my pussy only after I sucked his cock. Again, he performed some unbelievable oral sex on me after I went down on him.

We only performed 69 once or twice. We both agreed that trying to please the other person took away a little of the pleasure we ourselves were receiving at the time. So we talked about it as we did with everything and decided that I would do him first each time we met and then he would do me and send me home to my husband. We laughed sometimes at what my husband was receiving from all his foreplay. He told me that Bud was an extremely lucky man. I told him that I would let him have me completely very soon. I promised.

The oral orgasms this man gave me were like none I had ever experienced. And I don't know why, because Jack did almost the exact same thing to my body as my husband did. Jack's pussy eating just seemed to be better.

I finally realized why that was after talking with Jack about it. It was the thrill of having a strange man between my legs licking me and making me orgasm that made it so good. We agreed that the sex was better for both of us but especially for me because I had the added thrill of cheating and doing it in a strange hotel room. Also, the fact that it was only twice a month with him also helped to heighten my sexual desire and pleasure.

I guess that was all true. But, whatever the reason, the type of sex with Jack was satisfying me like no man had ever done. And, we still hadn't fucked!

I was wondering if Bud was thinking about why I was so hot to fuck when I got home those nights. He never asked. I guess he figured why look a gift horse in the mouth. He always believed I was working extra hours or pulling a double shift. To this day, I think he felt I was working overtime. Oh, I'm working overtime all right! Overtime being fucked by different cocks. But, I'm getting ahead of myself

Jack's mouth worked me into a fit of lustful sexual rage as I reached my first orgasm of the night, almost squirting my wetness out onto his face. The pressure I felt when I neared a climax, that first time, was unbelievable. As that pressure was released, I screamed with rapture as Jack licked and sucked on my pussy and clit.

And, it seemed that Jack, just like Bud, loved to lick me for a very long time. It was as if he couldn't get enough of my pussy juice. His face was always covered with my wetness when he finally came up for air. I called him my glazed donut lover. As I said, each time we met, he performed oral sex on me, driving me wild with orgasm after orgasm after orgasm. I was afraid I was going to have a heart attack some days. Each time, I had to actually pull him out from between my dripping wet, wide open thighs and hold him to me as I shook and shook from the orgasmic stimulation and pleasure.

As the months went by, it became harder and harder not to tell Jack to fuck me. And, each time I left his room, I left my soaking wet panties with him. I would go home and almost rape Bud. It was fantastic the way Bud rose to the challenge to fuck me until I was satisfied. I mean it; I had to have a lot of pussy filling man to satisfy my sexual needs on those nights. So, if Bud was always good, why did I need Jack? Again, I have no idea.

I felt like I was a damn nymphomaniac some nights, screaming and yelling for Bud to fuck me harder and fuck me faster and fuck me deeper. God, I bruised both our hips from ramming my hips up into him as he fucked me. Our usual lovemaking disappeared on those nights and was replaced by a savage type of sex.

Bud never complained, you understand. In fact, he told me he liked the way we did it on those nights. It was still easy and soft the second time those nights when I hadn't been with Jack. But, the first time after Jack, well it was like two animals in a fit of sexual rage. Bud always left me feeling satisfied afterward.

Well, that is, except for that small place inside my mind. That was the place I was holding for Jack. Bud couldn't reach that place since it was reserved only for my lover. It was in the deep, dark depths of my mind and I knew that one-day I would allow it to be taken, to be penetrated, just as my pussy would be when Jack fucked me for first time. And, it was coming soon, too. I knew it and so did Jack.

As the weeks passed by, Jack and I became better friends, too. Along the way, we grew to know each other well and knew what we liked and didn't like about a great number of things besides sex. As we talked each time we met, we slowly started touching and feeling each other.

Jack would always undress me and I loved how he admired my body and felt it. His hands and fingers were magical. At first, he was always slow, easy, smooth and gentle. He would spend a great deal of time looking at me and exploring my body. He worked on me for a long time, driving me wild and lifting me higher and higher until I was gasping for air and I climaxed not once, but numerous times after I had pleased him with my mouth. We were now meeting twice a month on a regular basis. And once, we even met three times in one month.

Bud worked harder than ever at his job. His boss was praising him all the time. His bonuses were getting better and better but he was working harder and harder. He also went to his various clubs and organization meetings. Again, I'm pretty sure he had no idea what day I had off or what days I worked late or did a double, unless I told him. It just wasn't important to him and that was good for me. I was always leaving home before he went to work. And, I always came home after he got there. He was used to that. Usually, it was Bud who made dinner and had it waiting for me. I did the dishes and cleaned up.

Except for the cheating, I tried to be a good wife and do whatever he wanted whenever he wanted. The marriage actually seemed to be better than ever. But I'm sure Bud didn't realize how much I was cheating on him.

And then, the day came that I will remember as if it was the day I died. For the most part, it was. No, Bud didn't catch me, if that's what you're thinking. It was as if the old Annie died and the new Annie was born. It was the day I told Jack that I wanted him to fuck me.

That afternoon, when we were both nude and just lying there playing with each other's body as usual, I pulled him close to me and kissed him hard. Then, I looked him right in the eyes and told him, "Babe, it's time! I made the decision last night."

I was soaking wet when he lifted up and looked down into my eyes and said, "Oh, and what would that be Annie. What decision have you made? Is it what I hoped it would be all these months?"

I smiled and shook my head yes, before I said, "Yes Jack, I want to move to the next step today."

He smiled and said, "The next step, you mean, you want me to fuck you? Are you sure Annie? Say it baby, tell me."

I kissed him and said, "Yes baby! I'm sure, very sure. Actually Jack, I'm more sure about this than I have ever been about almost anything in my life."

"Then say it," he told me again.

And then I did, I said it! "I want you to fuck me today, Jack," I seemed to sing the words to him.

And, yes, I used those words, "fuck me."

We held each other as I stroked his cock a little faster now, feeling it get harder in my hand. I talked telling him, "I have given this a great deal of thought and I know I want you to plant your cock deep inside me for the first time today, Jack. And, I want you to fill me with your love cum." Yea, I know, dumb choice of words. "Love cum." But, those are the exact words I used.

So, now we moved together with a new purpose. I wiggled my buns around until I was lying under him. His body was on top of me and he was between my open legs. I could feel his hardness pressing against me. We merged our bodies together tighter as our kissing and touching became harder and hotter. This time, I felt his hard cock moving between my thighs as it pressed against my inner thigh and the head touched my ass cheek as the shaft rubbed the sides of my pussy lips.

My passion built just from feeling his cock so close to my pussy hole. The feeling of the hardness of a man's cock so close to the opening of your vagina is a powerful stimulant to a woman. It's a feeling most women can say thrills them greatly. It was the first time I had felt his cock so close to my opening since that very first time we met in his room.

I took his cock in my hand and smiled into his eyes as I guided it towards my open pussy hole. He asked if he should use a rubber and I told him "No! I'm on the pill."

I was sure he was clean since he had been married for a long time and, according to him, had never cheated on his wife. I was the only other woman he had ever had in his bed for almost ten years.

He smiled and kissed me as the head of his big, uncircumcised cock touched the center of my vaginal hole for the first time. I jumped when I felt it. I moaned and lifted my legs up and out just like I did when I fucked my husband.

Jack knelt between my open legs now and held them up a little higher as I guided his hard cock head in towards my wet openness. I rubbed the head up and down my slit, making the head wet from my fluid leaking copiously out of my pussy! Jack moaned and said, "Oh hurry, Annie! I want to feel you! I've wanted to be inside you for so long!"

To say I was extremely excited was an understatement. I smiled up at him and moved his cock directly to the center of my hole and I lifted up and felt him push. Jack smiled down at me as his hips thrust again and as I was so wet, he easily pushed into me. I felt the head of his cock open my pussy lips wider and wider and then he entered me for the first time. I cried out loud as I felt him inside me. God, it was bloody marvelous!

I moaned like a female dog in heat as he began to push more and more of his cock into my body. What it did to my brain and body was unbelievable. The thrill of his cock entering me made me shudder and shake as I actually felt as if I was cumming already. Jack said, "Relax! Relax baby! Just relax and let me get all the way in. God, you are so tight! Relax and let's make this first time the best we can."

I moaned as he pushed more and more of his cock into my body. "Oh God! Oh God, Jack, it feels so good baby! Fuck me Jack; we have been waiting so long. Oh Jesus, baby! Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me!" I almost moaned the words as he began to rock in and out of my vagina now.

His thrusts were smooth and gentle and yet firm and felt so wonderful. As I said, Jack's cock wasn't that much bigger than Bud's but for some reason, it felt a thousand times better than Bud's cock ever felt inside me.

When Jack was all the way inside me, I asked him to stay still and not move. I just wanted to savor the feeling of him filling my pussy. We held each other as he buried his cock completely, pushing his balls against my ass. His cock was a little longer than Bud's, maybe three inches, but it was the greatest and most wonderful three-inches I have ever felt. It stimulated nerve endings I didn't realize I had so deep inside my body. I arched my back as he stayed fully inside me.

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