tagLoving WivesShe Bounced from the Gutter Ch. 03

She Bounced from the Gutter Ch. 03


Once again I would like to thank Tiger for his help with the proofing of this story.


"Oh fuck, I'm cumming. I'm cumming. Oh yes. Oh God. Oh Jack!" I moaned as I held him and felt him pump his cock into me using his hips to push it in and out of my welcoming body. "God, I love your cock. Oh shit, Jack how do you do that to me? Oh yes! That felt so good sweetie" I moaned again and again as Jack finished making me cum for the third time that afternoon.

I was whispering in his ear as I pulled him down more tightly on top of my pussy driving his cock into me as far as it could go! As Jack began to pull his cock out of me, I told him in a very husky voice, "No! No baby! Don't pull out yet! Just lay on me and keep your dick in my cunt."

I was still convulsing under him as he pressed his cock into me as deeply as he could. But, Jack had had it. He was starting to soften already; I could feel it, as I just held him. I didn't want him to ever pull out. But Jack's cock eventually fell out of my pussy completely soft. He lifted up and smiled down into my tired but face. Even with my make up almost gone and my hair all messed up, Jack told me I looked lovely and freshly fucked. I was! In fact, I was still convulsing a little as I lay under him. My legs, while relaxed, were still wrapped around his body and were holding his body against me.

Jack raised off my chest to allow me to breathe better and I pulled him back down onto me and kissed him hard and long. He was mashing me into the mattress of the bed again but I didn't seem to mind. I loved the feel of his body on me and whispered, "That was one of the best sessions we have had Jack! Well all of them have been great, but for some reason this one drove me completely mad with lust. God baby, I'm still horny!"

Jack rolled off me when I lowered her legs and he rested his head on his elbow. He smiled at me and kissed my nose as he gently moved my long hair, which was sticking to my face for our perspiration. We had been going at it for over an hour. My lower body was covered with our cum as I used two fingers of one hand to feel my wet sticky pussy and then I raised my hand to my lips. I licked one of my fingers and then placed the other one on Jack's lips. He opened his mouth and sucked it clean. We played like this for quite a while. Then, Jack sat up and looked over at me and smiled again telling me about how beautiful I looked nude and how well fucked my body looked. He said, "Annie?"

I smiled and looked into his face, I loved that hard, chiseled face and salt and pepper hair. I touched his back with my hand. Then I asked, "What, baby?"

He said, "I want to ask you something. But I don't know if you'll get upset."

I looked puzzled and replied. "Nothing you could say to me would upset me unless you're going to tell me you're not coming to town any more."

He laughed and said, "Oh no, baby! Nothing like that. I wanted to ask...ask you if you ever had a woman in a love making session? Or, have you ever had two men at the same time? That's all, I was just wondering. I mean you're certainly woman enough for it, that's for sure."

I laughed and told him I hadn't even had another man before him except my husband, let alone two at a time. As for having a woman, I hadn't had that experience since college and, even then, it had only been two or three times.

I smiled and said, "I always seemed to want a real cock afterwards. I mean, I would cum with the woman but I still felt as if I needed to be filled by a cock, a real cock. Filled by a real man. But, it never happened."

Jack smiled and very carefully he asked, " So, I take it you wouldn't be interested if I asked you to participate with a woman or another man and me then?"

I sat up and wrapped my arms around my knees. There was so much cum in my pussy, I felt it almost pour out as I sat there looking at my lover's back. Jack felt me sit up and he turned and looked at me. I smiled at him and looked him in the eyes and said, "You know, maybe I would enjoy another man. I mean, you'll still be here too, right? I mean both of me having sex with me together. Is that what you had in mind?"

He laughed and told mer he wouldn't miss a chance to fuck me anywhere, any time. He told mer I had really come a long way in knowing what kind of sex I wanted from him and that I also knew how to please him much more than when we first were together. He told me I was now a fantastic lover and should be shared.

I smiled at his words and kissed him as I slid my legs off the bed and stood up, the first time in three hours. I stretched long and hard and looked back at him on the bed. I saw his eyes leave my round, firm little ass and look up at her breasts as I pushed them out stretching and holding it. Then he looked into my eyes. He asked, "What, baby?"

I said, "Set it up and I'll be there."

He said, "Man or woman? Which would you prefer?"

I said, "Oh I don't know, why don't you just set it up Jack, I trust you."

And with that, I walked into the bathroom. I had moved another step down the steep ladder of depravity and lust.

Meanwhile unknown to me at the time, Jack picked up his cell phone and dialed a number. As I took her shower to clean his cum and the smell of sex off my body before returning to my home and my husband. He was unaware that I was having an affair and soon I would be doing more things I had never done before. Jack was setting the games in motion as I showered I just didn't know it.

I came out, wrapped in a towel, and sat on the edge of the bed. Jack never got tired of looking at me. He told me I was, without a doubt, the most beautiful woman he had ever had sex with including his deceased wife. Now, he had moved us to the next level of his little sex game. Now, he was going to start to share me with his friends, both male and female. Soon, me, little Annie, would be the new whore in his group. And the funny thing was, I had no idea what was going to happen. I had fallen for his line big-time and I now loved sex with a man who wasn't my husband. Now, I would begin learning to experience sex with a number of different people. Each had their own style and idea of what they liked. Soon, I would know how to please them all and I would enjoy it tremendously.

As Jack stood up, he too stretched as he got out of bed for the first time in three hours. He smiled at me as I released the towel and sat on it on the bed. I stood there showing him my body. He had made me proud of it now. He smiled and said; "Do you remember the first time we were together, Annie? You were so afraid of me seeing all of your body. And, now, you have no problem at all standing there in front of me, nude and looking so good. Come here and sit on the bed again for me. I want to taste you one more time before you leave."

I smiled as I realized Jack was going to lick my pussy one last time and send me home completely satisfied. My poor Bud, my poor husband, would get no sex again tonight. I knew I would be just too tired.

Jack knelt in front of me and I slid my ass and pussy to the edge of the bed. I now knew this is what Jack liked when he wanted to eat my pussy. He looked up into my eyes and said, " So, which would you like first, Annie?"

I looked at him with a confused smile and said, "I'm not sure I understand, baby! OH yes, Jack! Lick me right there! Mummmm. God, I love your fucking tongue!"

This, too, was new to me. I never talked like that in front of Bud. But Jack did something to me. Something that brought out the most lustful feelings I had ever had in my life. I enjoyed Jack's way of fucking and sucking so much more than what I had experienced with Bud. Oh I loved Bud, but I adored Jack and his sexual knowledge and energy.

Jack released my pussy lips from his teeth and said, "Another man or a woman first, Annie. Which would you rather have visit us the next time?"

I was rocking slowly on his fingers as I looked down and said, "I really.....Oh God Jack...I don't know baby! Oh yes....just lick me! Ahhhh! Yes baby!"

Jack stopped sucking on my large, throbbing clit long enough to say, "Well, decide and I'll set it up and then call you. I have already told both that they may be invited to meet you and they are both very happy to do so."

He had my body pumping up and down on his fingers and mouth now, as I was only seconds away from cumming! I moaned out loud, as I rested on my elbows and watched Jack's head moving all around between my open legs. Jack was a great pussy eater. He did me as no man had ever done before. I arched her back and lifted my ass up off the bed and cried, "Oh yes! OH GOD! Ohhhhhh fuck, yes Jackkkkkkkkkkkk!!! Jesus! Jesus! Jesus! Jack! Oh God, I'm cumming so hard! Baby! Yes, suck me! Suckmesuckmesuckme!"

And Jack had me exactly where he wanted me. My small body was going wild on his mouth and fingers. I had my ass hanging off the bed now fucking Jack's mouth as he held it with his hands under my ass cheeks. Both holes were showing and Jack was licking both of them. My legs were bent at the knees and my feet were on the very edge of the bed, too. I was wide open for him to do whatever he wanted.

He wanted to lick me into a couple of orgasms before sending me home to my husband. And I kept on cumming and cumming and letting Jack have me anyway he wanted. Finally, he stood up and moved to my opening. He inserted his cock and began to fuck me harder than he ever fucked me before. As he fucked me, he was grunting as he asked, "So.... Ann....choose! Pick....one..... baby! A... man... or... a.. woman!"

I heard myself screamed as I climaxed one last time, "A....a......a...a....woman! OH God, Jackkkkkkkkkkkkkk! Oh GODDDD!! Fuck......fuck.....FUCK meeeeee!"

And then, it was over. Jack didn't cum in me this time, he just made me cum and then he pulled out. His cock was glistening with both of our juices. He stood there as I sat up. I let my legs fall back down and hang off the mattress. He moved towards me and God help me, I automatically opened my mouth and took his cum coated cock and began to suck on it. I sure had come a long way in the art of sucking a cock too. I used my mouth, my tongue and my hands as I felt him throbbing with his orgasm. It was coming and I would soon have a mouth full of warm, wet, sticky and thick cum. Jack hadn't cum in my pussy because he wanted me to suck him off. I held his hips as he pumped his cock into her mouth fucking it. I took more and more of him into my mouth and then felt his cock head begin to slip down my throat. In and out, Jack pumped and I sucked just as he had trained me.

Soon, I had my face buried in his pubic hair and Jack's cock head was fully down my throat. Jack and I both moaned as the first shot of cum went directly down my throat and into my stomach. As the remaining shots came, I felt some go into my mouth which helped to coat the shaft of Jack's cock so he could slip the big head down my throat again and again as he fucked it. He climaxed hard and drained his balls in my mouth for the last time that day. As I finished him up I licked and sucked and gently squeezed Jack's balls, milking the last couple of drops out of him.

And then Jack was done and so was I. He pulled me up and kissed me hard, shoving his tongue into my mouth and tasting his own seed. It was neither the first time nor the last time, he was sure about that. And he always told me I was worth tasting a little of his own cum, if it meant he could have me. He held me and praised me on the great job I had done. He told me I was the best he had ever had. I kissed him and said, "I really have to go, baby! Call me and let me know when we can get together. And make it soon. OK? I love our sex, Jack."

He said, "Right, and the next time we'll have a lady visitor join us."

Jack smiled at me as I opened the hotel door and left. . And I smiled back, as I was already thinking about the other woman and what we would do. I adjusted my heels, fuck shoes, my husband called them for good reason. I wore them every time I saw Jack and every time I was fucked royally, but my husband didn't know about that. I walked out of the lobby with everyone looking at me like I was a whore. I guess I was, Jack's whore.

As I started to drive away, I popped a breath mint, then another one and then a third one into my mouth. I wanted to make sure I didn't have cum breath when I kissed my husband hello. Another thing Jack had told me about to help me cover up my affair.

Two weeks later, Jack called me and told me he would be in town the following Wednesday and reminded me we would be having another guest with us. I laughed and said I couldn't wait to see what he had in his evil brain. He hung up and smiled.

On Wednesday afternoon, just as on the other days, I met Jack. I arrived at the Marriott minus any underwear as usual. I was never allowed to wear a bra, or panties, and I had to wear a very short skirt and thigh-high nylons. My outfits made me look and feel a lot like a hooker as I entered the lobby of the Marriott hotel I got a great many looks. Jack liked white thigh-highs but today, I had on black.

As I rapped on the door, it opened and one of the most beautiful women I had ever seen stood there in nothing but heels and white thigh-highs. She was blond, a natural blond. Between her legs was a 3-inch strip of blond pussy hair and the rest was shaved completely bald. She smiled as she took my hand and gently tugged me into the room.

Then, Jack said, "Annie, meet Louise. Louise, you and Annie are going to become very good friends over the next few weeks. Yes, Annie, it's time you found out what another woman can do to you and for you, my love. Come sit on the bed, sweetheart, and we'll talk.

I hesitated and asked about the camera I saw on a tripod. Jack told me he intended to film Louise and me and then sell the film out on the West Coast. "Lots of men and women, for that matter, love lesbian films. And while neither of you are full blown lesbians, Louise and I hope you too like to give and receive oral sex. The only difference tonight, Annie is you'll use your talented mouth and tongue on Louise. I'm going to fuck you from behind as you eat Louise's pussy again. Now, I have to tell you, it's still pretty full of my cum but you already know what that tastes like. So, there's no problem. Right?"

As we kissed hello, Louise took my hand and we walked into the bathroom together. She filled the tub and began to undress me. It was the first time another woman besides my poor old mother did that to me. It was odd, yet thrilling, as Louise knelt and slid my skirt down my legs and I stepped out of it. Then, she stood and began to undo the four buttons of my blouse. Jack stood in the doorway and watched as Louise let the blouse fall off of my shoulders. He laughed and said, "Mmmm, this looks so hot. Two extremely beautiful woman in my bathroom both completely nude."

It took Louise less than 10 seconds to strip me completely. And now she was standing there completely nude except for her high heels. Louise laughed but I was wondering what was going to happen. Then Louise said, "Take the heels off, sugar, and let me bathe you. I want you fresh and clean when I lick that little pink pussy. I bet you shaved it for Jack, didn't you?"

I shook her head yes and did what Louise told me to do and we both stepped into the tub. I said, "Yes, he asked me a while ago, to shave it for him."

She smiled and kissed me again and then she said, "That's a good girl. I did that for him, too. What's it been Jack, two years now?"

He laughed and said, 'Yea, Lou. We've been having fun for over two years now."

Louise said, "And my old man, my husband, loves it this way Annie. And I have Jack to thank for that too!"

I said, "Oh! You're married too?"

Louise smiled at her and said, "Oh yes, I'm married too Annie."

As Louise sat down and opened my legs, she pointed and told me to sit in front of her. She said, "Sit back, baby, and relax. This is just the build up. We need to get to know each other better and to get your juices flowing as I clean your body and my own. We're going to have so much fun today Annie. Right, Jack?"

He just laughed and watched Louise as I sat with my back to her and he saw Lou gently pulled me backward to rest against her nice, full breasts.

The way I was lying against Louise's breasts, Louise was able to nibble my ears and kiss the back of my neck, as she reached around and cupped both of my breasts. I smiled up at Jack and closed her eyes. What I was feeling felt very nice.

Jack now held the video camera in his hand and filmed both of us. That made me nervous but as Louise played with my growing nipples, I began to relax more and more.

Louise reached around and caressed my young, full breasts very softly at first then pinched my nipples harder as they began to get more and more erect under her touch. The water was nice and hot and made our skin all pink and tingly. It would be hard to tell on film, if we were flushed with arousal or just pink from the heat of the water. And the tingling I felt now, oh yes, that would definitely be from the touching and our being so close together in such a sensuous setting.

Louise gently pulled my head back until it was resting between her big breasts and I could feel how soft they were on my shoulders and cheeks. She ran her fingers through my hair softly, soothing and relaxing me more and more.

Jack saw me close her eyes and moaned softly. He smiled knowing Louise was doing a good job on me. Louise whispered in my ear, "Just relax. Relax, Annie, and let your body luxuriate in the anticipation of what we both know is going to happen later in the bedroom, baby. You like how I'm touching your nipples sweetie?"

I replied almost in a moan, "Oh yes it's very nice Louise."

Louise smiled at Jack and reached down and over my thighs with both hands to slide a finger into my pussy, as she rubbed my clit with the other hand. I was already wet from Louise's caresses. I was surprised that I was getting into this so fast. In fact, I was thinking about the filming, too, and I was getting more excited, thinking about all those horny men out on the West Coast who were going to see my movie and surely masturbate as they watched me having sex with another woman, and of course Jack.

Louise began to rub my clit and fingering my pussy hole with an inch of her middle finger. I knew if she didn't stop soon, I would cum quickly from all the excitement. So, I took Louise's hand in my hand and said, "Oh God stop! I'm going to cum!"

Louise said, "Cum for me Annie. Let' yourself go baby! Cum for me."

I pumped my hips and lifted my body out of theater and moaned loudly and I climaxed. Louise was enjoying this as much as Jack was as he filmed me cumming and crying out as OI orgasm on Louise's soft smooth hands.

When it was over, I was just strong enough to say, "No! No more! Not yet, baby. Oh God, that feels so nice Louise. But no, no stop. I want to do the rest of this in bed."

I knew there would be a great deal more sex tonight and I didn't want to cum again so quickly and I would have from what she was doing to me. Louise said, "I want to build and build your arousal for me now before you finally get to enjoy me and get your release again. You have now tasted what I can do or you Annie, and now we'll really have some fun baby!"

We spent a long time in the tub with me playing with Louise's body and Louise playing with all of me, my breasts, and my pussy and yes, even my rear end was played with and Jack filmed it all.

Louise continued sliding her hand over my stomach and down between my open thighs. Louise was either finger fucking my pussy or licking it and I was finger fucking Louise's pussy or licking her. It was continuously going on, but we held off making each other cum.

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