tagLoving WivesShe Came By For Her Things Ch. 2

She Came By For Her Things Ch. 2


I watched from the living room window as Lee put her 2nd box of belongings into the Van.

Then she climbed in beside Carey. They sat there for the longest time, I couldn't hear what they were saying, but he was obviously yelling, from the animated way he was waving his arms.

"What a strange situation," I thought. Here the man who had stolen my wife of 20 years from me was furious, because she had just cheated on him with me.

And he obviously knew it.

Now here was Lee being yelled at by him. I don't think I ever raised my voice to her in all our years of marriage.

Then as I watched, Carey swung his left hand and hit her!

I was out the door in a flash, I jerked the Van door open and hauled him out of the seat by his hair.

Carey is a bit larger and heavier than me, and much younger than my 58 years. But he was no match for the strength that has built up in my arms and upper body from years of Massage work.

He got in a few licks, I could taste blood in my mouth, but in short order I had him down and under control. I just pinned him there, until I felt his resistance fade.

Then I went over to Lee, she wasn't crying. But she had a dribble of blood down her lip, which was swelling rapidly.

She looked up at me and asked, "Can I stay?"

I just nodded, and reached in the side door for her bags.

Carey was standing by the front of the Van by this time. He looked at me with hate-filled eyes, and said, "I will come back and kill you!"

I grinned at him, and said, "Bring your friends, and call ahead. I will give you an appointment!"

He jumped in the Van and tore off down the road.

I helped Lee into the house, and got an ice pack for her lip.

She sat on the couch in silence for a long time. I said nothing, just waited. Then she looked up at me, and the tears exploded from her. I just held her as she sobbed, finally she calmed.

"I made a mistake," she said. "Yes," I answered.

We sat back down on the sofa, and it all began to pour out of her. She told me that she loved me, but she needed the exciting and powerful kind of sexuality that Carey gave her.

She told me that my normal gentle and kind style was wonderful, but she always had an ache that remained.

Then when I had just grabbed her and taken her, almost in anger, she had orgasmed in a way she never had before.

I thought of the way I had pounded at her less than a half hour earlier, and realized that that was one of my most powerful, too!

And to top it off, I was starting to sport another woodie again!

I thought of the way her pussy had grasped at me, almost rolling inside out as I withdrew and rammed again, and I reached out and tore the front of her blouse open.

Her nipples were like rocks, they stick out amazingly when she is turned on, and here they were, in their glory!

"Things are going to be different around here!" I told her, as her mouth reached out for my cock she had just released from my jeans.

"Yes, dear," she said, as she closed her mouth over me...

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