tagLoving WivesShe Came By For Her Things Ch. 3

She Came By For Her Things Ch. 3


Are these stories erotic? I don't know, all I know is they are true, and happened to us.

My wife Lee is slender, she is small in the bust, slim hipped, and can best be described as very sexual.

Heads turn to look at her, she carries herself in a manner that lets everyone know that she knows.

My job as an instructor at the Massage Therapy School, combined with my own home practice, has made me gentle in manner and gentle in our love-making.

I came to realize it was part of our problem.

After Lee had left me for Carey, one of my students, I sank into a bitter depression. But friends and work finally prevailed, and I returned to normal.

Once a man becomes available, it seems that the ladies almost come out of the woodwork!

For two months I lived alone, but I had no shortage of companionship.

Then the day everything changed arrived. Lee showed up to get her things, and I just took her! I was almost angry with her, so I stripped her naked and pounded into her in a way I had never done!

I even flipped her over and rammed myself into her from behind.

There was steel in my cock, for some reason it was like taking another man's woman, even though we had been married for more than 20 years!

Lee had looked at me almost in shock, before gathering herself to leave.

Then Carey, knowing what we had just done, struck her!

I had jerked him out of the car, and we fought.

This was the kind of fight only two unskilled equally matched men can do, which nearly always results in the comical struggle where only strength and endurance prevails.

20 years my junior, and larger than me, he was equal in strength but not endurance.

I felt him fade, and pinned him.

Lee now looked at me in a different light. She had never seen me violent before, let alone victorious in combat.

Her eyes sparkled, her nipples began to poke out, it excited her!

Almost before Carey's Van was gone from the driveway, she was curled up at me feet with my cock in her mouth!

To top matters off, all I needed to get an erection like I did as a young man was think of the way I took her.

I was even having a bit of a struggle in class, my mind would drift off into a fantasy world, and if I wasn't careful, I would get an obvious erection.

This brought a few sidelong glances from some of my women students, and I noted a few whispers amongst them as I would try and control myself.

One day I was sitting at my desk when Dan, a therapist I know from some of the evening classes walked in.

Dan has a bit of a reputation around the school. It was rumored that he, like me, would take a massage session farther than some with the ladies.

As we chatted, an idea popped in my head. Lee had met Dan a couple of times at parties, that was about it. She knew he was a massuer, but had never really taken an interest.

I decided then and there to see what would happen, so I asked Dan flat out if he was up for a session with Lee. He looked at me in a bit of surprise, and said "sure!".

So I booked him for that very evening.

When I got home, I told Lee I had her booked for a session, she looked at me in surprise. Then I told her she would let him do whatever he wanted!

She got an odd expression, then just said, "Oh".

I gave Dan no prior warning, I wanted to let things develop as they may.

Right on time, the doorbell rang, Lee let Dan in. He seemed a bit flustered, but I showed him my massage room, and he then stepped back out to let Lee get ready. I told Dan I was going to go down to the school and finish some papers. I would be back in two hours.

Then I left, and circled around to my vantage point in the loft above my massage room. I would have a clear view of all the proceedings.

I didn't tell Lee that I would be up there, but I am sure she suspected.

Lee was lying face down, fully draped, and Dan was just starting on her legs as I settled in.

Dan is a large man, a bit shorter than me but right around my 220 pounds.

But he has these long fingers, made for the massage profession.

I watched his hands as he worked, drifting up her leg, and pressing the muscles ahead of his fingers.

He folded the drape up over her left buttock, I noticed he didn't tuck it in.

His long fingers slowly pushed the drape over, more and more, until the full crack of Lee's behind was in view.

From my vantage point, I could almost see her pussy, but her legs were tight together. Then Dan grasped her left ankle, and lifted her leg for a little shake.

As he did so, he moved her leg over to the left, opening them slightly.

Then he worked on her right leg, and as he lifted her leg for another shake, he also set it down farther apart.

Lee adjusted slightly on the table, bending her right knee! I looked at the drape, it was all the way above the crack of her ass, her pussy was fully on display.

Dan stepped to the foot of the table, and swept his hands up both of her legs. Then he said something to her I couldn't make out, she answered, and he ran his hands up, allowing his thumbs to sweep up and over the lips of her vagina.

I could see clearly as her spread her open with his thumbs, and he was staring at her.

He then reached up and grasped her hips, and slid her down the table. Suddenly his penis was out, he was big! Bigger than me, at least 9". The head was much larger than the shaft, it looked almost like a mushroom.

Then he was in her! He pounded into her for 3 or 4 minutes, then withdrew.

He fastened up his pants, and started to work on her back!

"Now this is different," I thought.

He worked on her back for a full 20 minutes or so, then had her turn over.

I watched as he undraped her breasts, and began to massage them, paying particular attention to her nipples, now fully extended.

Then he began to work on her legs, sweeping up and across her pussy with each stroke.

He stepped around to the foot of the table, dropped his pants and stepped out of them. He was sporting another rock-hard erection. He climbed on top of her, and slid into her again.

I watched as he pounded away, her hips coming up to meet him so strongly that she was almost lifting him off the table. He was holding himself off the table with his hands, I could see Lee's pussy lips almost turn inside out as that huge mushroom head pulled back against her opening.

I saw her stomach muscles writhe in orgasm, and finally they were done.

Dan took a damp towel, and cleaned them both up.

Then he looked up to where I sat. "How was that, Ted?" He asked. "I guess we are even, I know you fucked Annie two weeks ago!"

Annie is Dan's wife, a slightly chubbie little Blonde with huge tits. I started laughing. Yes, I had done exactly that!!

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