tagLetters & TranscriptsShe Caught Me Looking

She Caught Me Looking


Mr. Big: You've been wearing short skirts that have been driving me crazy.

We're both working late and everyone else has gone home.

I come out of my office to find you bent over filing something in the bottom drawer and I stop dead in my tracks. I can't take my eyes off your amazing ass.

You stand up and catch me with my mouth open.

What do you say?

Remember, you really need this internship

Susie: flustered, I smooth over my skirt and look up at you, "err...can I help you with something, Sir?"

Mr. Big: "Susie, I'm not sure that short skirt is appropriate professional attire."

You can see some hardness in my suit pants.

Susie: "Oh, I'm sorry Sir. It won't happen again."

Mr. Big: "In my experience, actions speak much more loudly then words, young lady. I think you need to be taught a lesson. Come into my office."

Susie: "ummm...yes, alright then Sir," following you into your office.

Mr. Big: I sit on my couch - "Stand in front of my desk, Susie."

Susie: "um, yes Sir," I move to stand in front of your desk.

Mr. Big: I don't say anything then. I just sit back, loosen my tie, and relax onto the plush leather cushions. I boldly run my eyes up and down you . . . staring into your eyes . . . locking my gaze on your full cleavage . . . moving slowly down your legs and then back up.

I motion for you to turn around, still not saying a word.

You know I'm devouring you with my eyes. You can hear me breathing a little bit deeper, heavier.

You can FEEL my eyes on you.

Susie: I blush and look down as I turn around for you.

You hear a small, quiet sound - it might be a moan.

Susie: Looking up at you nervously.

Mr. Big: I motion you to turn back to face me. I continue my journey with my eyes up and down your sexy body . . . pausing at your tits, your legs, your eyes, your pussy.

Susie: "Sir...you're making me uncomfortable."

Mr. Big: "Shut UP! Unzip your skirt."

Susie: "What?"

Mr. Big: "Unzip your skirt. You'll never forget to be conscious of what you're wearing once you feel what it's like to wear nothing."


Susie: "umm, yes Sir," my hands tremble as I move to unzip my skirt.

Mr. Big: describe the panties that I'm seeing now

Susie: black thong

Mr. Big: "Let it drop to the floor."

Mr. Big: do you have little hairs peeking out or not?

Susie: shaved.

Mr. Big: "Put your hands palm flat on the desk and point your ass at me."

Susie: I do as you said.

Mr. Big: "You've been pointing that ass at me since you started working here. Now you know that I know what you've been doing."

"Part of your lesson is that your ass can be a weapon. Or a tool. To get what you want."

"Today is about what I want."

"Today your ass is my tool."

"Do you understand?"

Susie: "I'm not sure that I do..."

Mr. Big: "If you want all the opportunities that this job has to offer, you will pay close attention today."

Susie: "Yes, Sir. I'm paying attention."

Mr. Big: "You will do what I say. You will tell no one about this. Your job is to please me today. I promise you will enjoy it, too."

Susie: "Yes, Sir"

Mr. Big: "While still facing away from me, unbutton your shirt."

Susie: " Yes, Sir," my fingers fumble nervously with the buttons on my shirt.

Mr. Big: "Good girl. Take a deep breath."

Susie: Obediently I inhale and exhale, and this calms me slightly.

Mr. Big: "I know you're nervous. But, you're a little excited, too. Aren't you?"

"I'm right, aren't I?"

Susie: "Yes, Sir."

Mr. Big: "Good girl."

"Now drop your shirt to the floor."

Tell me about your bra.

Susie: I let my shirt drop from my shoulders, revealing a lacy, black bra.

Mr. Big: "Turn around, Susie."

Susie: I turn around slowly

Mr. Big: "How big are those pretty breasts?"

Susie: "err...36H..."

Mr. Big: "How are you feeling now?"

Susie: "nervous...excited..."

Mr. Big: I have a grin on my face

"Which do you want to show me first? Your tits or your pussy?

Susie: 'ummm...which do you want, Sir?"

Mr. Big: "This is the only control you'll have today. You choose and tell me why."

Susie: "Yes, Sir. I'd like to show you my tits first, Sir. I feel a bit less shy about that..."

Mr. Big: "Are you proud of your tits?"

Susie: "Yes, Sir, I suppose I am"

Mr. Big: "You should be. Now show them to me."

Susie: I unhook my bra and let it fall from my shoulders.

Mr. Big: "Very nice."

Tell me about them.

Susie: "They are very big...soft...heavy...sensitive..."

Mr. Big: and your nipples?

Susie: "Big nipples...easily aroused...very sensitive...hard right now, Sir."

Mr. Big: "Hold those tits up for me, one in each hand."

"Can you lick your own nipples, Susie?"

Susie: "Yes, Sir, I can," I say softly, holding my tits in my hands.

Mr. Big: "Take your left tit in both hands and feed yourself your nipple."

"Kiss it, lick it, show me what you like done to it."

Susie: "Yes, Sir," as you watch I lift my tit to my mouth and take the nipple into my mouth, sucking on it hard, biting it too.

Mr. Big: "Ooooo, you like them treated rough."

Susie: I continue to bite my nipple and twist it between my teeth, showing you what I like.

Mr. Big: "You're a VERY good girl. Now the right one."

(Susie, I want you doing this between typing.)

Susie: I move to the other tit, again holding it to my lips and sucking and biting.


Mr. Big: "I'm enjoying the sounds you are making very much. Keep going."


"Let go."

Susie: At your instruction I bring my tit away from my mouth and release it.

Mr. Big: "Now, grab a nipple with your thumb and index finger of each hand."

Susie: "Yes, Sir," I say as I take my nipples between my fingers.

Mr. Big: "Lift those heavy tits up by your nipples."

Susie: I let out a small, pained moan as I pull my nipples hard to lift my tits.

Mr. Big: "Hold on tight and pull them away from your body."

"Now further."

Susie: I pull even harder on my nipples.

Mr. Big: "Higher."

Susie: "Yes, Sir," I pull my tits higher by my nipples.

Mr. Big: "I can see how much you like that. Even with the pain. Your nipples are so hard."

"Are you wet, Susie?"

Susie: "Oh, Yes, Sir...you have me so turned on..."

Mr. Big: "I'm glad you didn't lie to me. I can see the wetness on your thong. You're soaking."

Susie: "Yes, Sir. . ."

Mr. Big: "You may kiss each nipple one time now."

Susie: I pull each nipple to my mouth and kiss them.

Mr. Big: "Do you know what time it is now?"

Susie: "No, Sir. . ."

Mr. Big: "I think you do."

Susie: "Please tell me, Sir..."

Mr. Big: "What haven't you shared with me, yet?"

Susie: "My pussy, Sir?"

Mr. Big: "That's correct. Take off that thong, Susie."

Susie: "Yes, Sir," I quickly step out of my thong, revealing my smooth, wet pussy.

Mr. Big: Tell me about your pussy.

Susie: Shaved smooth, big lips, very wet...

Mr. Big: "Run your fingers up and down your lips. Don't touch your clit."

Susie: "Yes, Sir," I move my fingers along my lips, wetness collecting on my finger tips.

Mr. Big: "You may slide fingers inside yourself."

Susie: "Thank you, Sir," I push two fingers into my wetness.

Mr. Big: "Deeper."

Susie: I moan as I slide the fingers deeper inside me.

Mr. Big: "All the way, now."

Susie: "Yes, Sir," I get my fingers all the way inside my pussy.

Mr. Big: "Taste them."

Susie: I pull my fingers out and bring them to my lips, licking them briefly.

Mr. Big: "Put them in your mouth."

"Have you tasted yourself before?"

Susie: I shake my head, taking a deep breath before sucking my fingers into my mouth.

Mr. Big: "You taste sweet, don't you?"

Susie: "Yes, Sir."

Mr. Big: "Slide those fingers back in your pussy. All the way."

Susie: "Yes, Sir," I quickly thrust my fingers all the way into my pussy.

Mr. Big: "Bring them to me to taste."

Susie: I take my fingers from my pussy and hold them out to you.

Mr. Big: "Put them in my mouth." I stay relaxed back on the couch.

Susie: I slide my fingers into your mouth.

Mr. Big: You feel my tongue all over your fingers. You think about how that tongue would feel in your mouth. And elsewhere.

I grab your wrist and remove your fingers from my mouth.

"Yes, you are very sweet."

I raise my arm to point, "Go back over to the desk."

Susie: I retreat back to the desk

"Bend over the desk and show me that ass of yours."

"Grab the far side of the desk and stretch yourself out."

You hear me get up from the couch. You hear a few steps.

Susie: I wait for you in position, taking deep, nervous breaths.

Mr. Big: You feel my strong hands GRAB your ass cheeks. And SQUEEZE. Susie: "Ohh!" I yelp, startled.

Mr. Big: I chuckle.

I spread your ass cheeks apart to stare at that little rosebud above your wet pussy.

SLAP!!! - I spank your right cheek.

"No more teasing, right Susie? Never start something you're not prepared to finish."

Suddenly, You feel my hot breath on your pussy. Just inhaling your smell.

Susie: I resist the urge to push back against you, to push my pussy into your face...

Mr. Big: I spread your cheeks and LICK all the way up and down your wet lips. I spear my tongue into your pussy. Drilling in and out.

Susie: "Ohhh, god," I moan.

Mr. Big: I lick your asshole. And push my tongue inside.

"Susie, push down and rub those sensitive nipples on the desk."

Susie: "Yes, Sir," I say, pushing my nipples down against the desk.

Mr. Big: I lick back down and flick your clit with my tongue.

Susie: "Ohhh Sir..."

Mr. Big: "You have my permission to cum while I'm eating you."

Susie: "Thank you, Sir."

Mr. Big: I suck your clit into my mouth. And slide fingers inside you.

"Has anyone shown you your G-Spot, Susie?"

Susie: "No, Sir..."

Mr. Big: Up and behind your clit, I touch the tip of my middle finger to it. And push.

"There it is."

Susie: "Oh, my god."

Mr. Big: I'm flicking your clit with my tongue and rubbing the tips of my fingers on your G-Spot.

"You are so wet for me. Good Girl!"

Susie: "Oh, Sir...that feels amazing..."

Mr. Big: You feel some pressure as the middle finger of my other hand starts sliding into your asshole.

Susie: "Ohhh...fuck..." I keep moaning as your finger presses into my tight ass,

Mr. Big: I'm sucking and licking your clit. Finger fucking your ass. And playing in your pussy with fat fingers. Susie: "Oh, Sirrr...sooo good..."

Mr. Big: Your wetness is all over my face and my hands. Running down your thighs.

"You taste soooo sweet. I love feeling your little pussy and your little asshole squeeze my fingers."

Susie: "Oh, Sir...just a bit more Sir and I will cum for you..."

Mr. Big: I slide a third finger into your pussy and suck your clit into my mouth.

I begin to hum, vibrating your clit. Then, I flick your clit really fast with my tongue.

Susie: "Ohhh, Sir"

Mr. Big: Now I'm licking that clit like an ice cream cone. With long, slow, steady strokes to make you cum.

My finger stays in your ass and the fingers in your pussy hold rhythm with my tongue.

"You may cum for me, Susie."

Your full ass. Fingers moving in and out of your wet pussy.

My tongue so nice on your clit.

"That's it."

I can feel your movements. Your body is mine. My gift to you is this orgasm.

Susie: "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh," I let out the loudest moan yet as I cum hard, my body shaking against the desk, my pussy spasming.

Mr. Big: I don't stop licking until the waves stop.

Susie: "Oh, Sir...Thank you, Sir..." I gasp.

I stand up.

SLAP!!! - My palm on your ass cheek.

"Remember, this is a punishment," as I go sit back on the couch. "Take your time, Susie."

Susie: "Yes, Sir," I murmur, still lying against the desk, barely able to move, floored by my powerful orgasm.

Mr. Big: "Once you catch your breath, you will suck my cock. And drink my cum."

Susie: "Yes, Sir."

Mr. Big: "When you are ready, you will let me know by getting on your knees right where you are."

Susie: I take one more deep breath, and drop to my knees.

Mr. Big: "Good girl. Now crawl over to me." I spread my legs on the couch.

Susie: Obediently, I crawl on all fours over to the couch.

Mr. Big: "Undo my belt and open my pants."


Susie: "Yes, Sir," I quickly undo your belt and unzip your pants.

Mr. Big: "Take out my cock, Susie."

Susie: I gently take your cock into my hands.

Mr. Big: "It's hard for you." All 7 1/2 thick inches.

"Put it between your tits first."

Susie: "Yes, Sir," I slide your hard cock in between my tits.

Mr. Big: "That's nice. Rub them up and down." You feel my zipper and buttons on your sensitive nipples while you titty fuck me.

Susie: I rub my tits on your cock.

Mr. Big: "A little faster now."

Susie: I move faster.

Mr. Big: "That's enough."

"Take my balls in your mouth."

Susie: I gently take your balls into my mouth.

Mr. Big: "Lick them. Suck them. Tell me what you want now, Susie."

Susie: "I want to suck your cock, Sir."

Mr. Big: "That's my girl. You may."

Susie: "Thank you, Sir," I eagerly wrap my lips around your cock.

Mr. Big: Tell me what you're doing to me.

"Can you swallow all 7 1/2 inches?"

Susie: "Yes, Sir, I think so," I slowly, steadily take your cock into my mouth and down my throat.

Mr. Big: "Mmmmmmm."

Susie: Gagging as I take you fully down my throat.

Mr. Big: "So Good."

Susie: Holding you down my throat as I choke on your cock.

Mr. Big: "Yes! Don't stop. You'll have my cum soon."

Susie: Coming up from your cock, gasping for air, before taking you down my throat again.

Mr. Big: oooooooooooooooooooo

Susie: Repeating this again and again. Moving my tongue all around your cock as I do.

Mr. Big: I grab the back of your hair and you on my cock as I shoot my load down your throat.

"Here it is. You've earned this."

Susie: I swallow down your cum greedily.

Mr. Big: "Now clean me up and put my cock away."

Susie: "Yes, Sir," I lick every drop of cum from your cock before gently moving it back into your pants.

Mr. Big: "Very good, Susie. I think you'll work out just fine here."

"Remember to honor the dress code."

"If you are having trouble with this, I have more lessons to teach you."

Susie: "Yes, Sir."

Mr. Big: "Now get dressed and get out of my office. I'm late for dinner," I stride out and down the hall.

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