tagInterracial LoveShe Couldn't Resist

She Couldn't Resist


We'd been married for over twenty years and my gorgeous blonde wife is as hot today as she was when she was eighteen. A beautiful ass, nice 36 C tits and big pouting lips, that when combined with her fuck me now and fuck me hard look will make any man cream his pants in an instant.

We've had some wild and great sex over the years, however try as I might she insisted that the only cock she wanted was mine. I found this a little hard to believe, as at the frequent Celtic games we attended her focus was always on ML Carr. She said he had a face that looked like he loved to eat pussy, and she wondered if he had a big cock to compliment what looked like a talented tongue.

It was obvious that the thought of having sex with a black man, and the potential of a huge black cock pounding her blonde pussy was intriguing. This was clearly the case whenever we watched a porno flick with a well-endowed black man in the film, as she would marvel over his size and comment aloud that it must feel so big when slid inside a woman.

We were scheduled for a trip to Vegas, the City of Sin, and I was determined to see if a black cock could intice her into burying a strange one deep in her hot pussy.

Prior to the trip I contacted Jerome, a 35 year old black escort, who had an eleven inch monster cock with good looks to match. Together we agreed upon the "Plan"(not to mention the fee of $1,000), which would give her the opportunity to try black. Whether she did or not would be all up to her.

On our third night in town we had a couple cocktails in the room, as well as a joint of some killer weed, to loosen her up before heading out for a night on the town. I insisted she dress in her sexy best, with ruby red lips, and absolutly no underpants. I said after all we are in the City of Sin, and it would certainly be a sin not let everyone there admire the wares of the hottest lady in town!!

We headed to the hotel bar and when we entered it was packed. I gave a quick glance around and confirmed that as agreed, Jerome was at the bar. He looked our way as we entered the room and I made eye contact and nodded, a nod and smile in return confirmed he had us spotted.

Fortunately as we looked for a seat a table opened up in the middle of the room, and we quickly headed over to stake our claim. As I seated my wife I leaned over her shoulder and whispered in her ear, "two hundred bucks if you can have some stud buying your drinks within ten minutes". I then left her alone at the table and took a seat at the bar.

When I looked over in her direction she was staring at me and initially looked very pissed, I figured I was in deep trouble. Then slowly that look, that fuck me now and fuck me hard look came across her face, and she flashed a devious smile in my direction as she seductively leaned back in her chair and began to survey the crowd.

I looked around and saw many eyes focused on the hot blonde MILF who had just entered the room who was apparently all alone. Before anyone else could react Jerome left the bar and strolled over to her table and asked whether he could buy her a drink. All this in about ninety seconds of elapsed time.

Now Jerome is quite a package as he stands 6"6" and weighs 240 pounds. He's a solid man with a good body, model like which are topped off with a shaved head and a tightly trimmed goatee. He has a smile which will light up a room and a casual manner which immediately puts a person at ease, he was flashing that smile right now.

She surveyed him from head to toe, and she soon wet her lips with her tongue and said, "why not, I'll have a double Cosmo straight up with a twist."

While Jerome's attention was diverted as he looked to garner the attention of a waitress, she glanced in my direction to be sure I had witnessed her feat, a sly smile clearly indicated that she was very pleased with her feat and the stud she had landed.

Their drinks arrived quickly and they toasted each other, together with the good fortune of happening to meet in a city so large and full of people. Her treipdation and nervousness was very evident and she downed the big drink in short order as they chatted. Jerome was quick to insure she had a refill immediately on the way.

Between the drinks and the earlier weed her normal inhibitions dissapeared, and he soon had her on the dance floor. In short order they were bumping and grinding, then dancing slow and tight. She was putting on a show for the whole room, but was as well making sure I got an eyefull but good for putting her in this position. Little did she know that this was only the beginning.

When they returned to the table, on cue, Jerome excused himself to go to the mens room.

I took that moment to approach the table to congratulate her saying, "well you're up two hundred bucks and in record time to boot, now if you'd like eight hundred dollars to add to your pot here's the challenge. Get him from the bar to our room you get another four hundred bucks,then if you choose to get that ebony cock in your hot pussy you'll get another four hundred. That's one thousand dollars for doing what you know you've always wanted to do anyway!! To make sure you don't cheat, I'll be watching from the closet."

With that I turned and left the bar and headed for the room. When I snuck a glance back there was no angry look this time, just a look of, "you ain't seen nothing yet buddy".

It seemed like hours, but in reality it was only about twenty five minutes before I heard a key in the door, and their laughter, as they came into the room. She was obviously feeling no pain and quickly excused herself to "freshen up"(and I'm sure as well to take a couple tokes on the joint still in the bathroom to bolster her courage). After about five minutes she emerged (together with the sweet aroma of pot) naked except for her bikini panties and walked straight over to Jerome to plant a long passionate kiss on him.

She then stepped back and said, "I've waited years to experience a big black cock, I sure hope you have the tool to prove it was worth the wait and I won't be disappointed". With that said she sat down on the end of the bed facing Jerome.

Up to the challenge Jerome smiled and said, "my gorgeous white slut you had better believe I have the cock you've dreamed about, and probably more, try this on for size."

He kicked off his shoes, removed his shirt and finally his pants to reveal a massive, but still soft uncicumcised cock, which was as thick as a kielbasa. Her gasp of amazement made him chuckle.

She reached out a tentative hand as he stepped toward her, and nervously at first, placed her shaking hand around his still soft cock. She couldn't wrap around it with one hand and soon had her other hand on his massive pole.

Obviously her nervousness and shaking was as much from excitement and anticipation as anything, because very quickly she lowered her head to his cock and began licking slowly down the length of his shaft to his balls and back. After a few minutes of this she pulled back the foreskin to reveal his bulging head, which was quickly in her mouth as she proceeded to give him a long and sensuous blow-job.

It seemed that with each minute of attention Jerome's cock grew larger and firmer until its full eleven inches filled her mouth. She soon looked up into his eyes with that pleading fuck me look and said "I need you in me now". With that she slid back on the bed removed her panties and spread her legs, her wet pouting pussy lips glistened they were so wet.

Jerome was only too pleased to oblige and as he knelt between her legs he took hold of his monster cock and began rubbing the massive head against the lips of her soaking wet pussy.

Up and down he rubbed asking her the whole time over and over, "what does my white slut want, does she want a big black dick. All you have to do is say yes and beg for it and this big ebony cock will start pounding your lily white pussy. That is if you think you can handle it, well bitch do you want this hard cock?"

She never said a word the whole time, rather just stared right into his eyes as she focused all her body on feeling him and that cock. She bit her lower lip as she gyrated her hips as he rubbed her hot snatch.

Finally she couldn't resist any longer and said, "Ok big boy lets have it, and don't you dare hold back. I want your big black cock, every fucking inch as hard as you can, so fuck me now and fuck me hard!!"

She then thrust her pussy hard against his cock, burying it at least six inches deep into her hot pussy, immediately a gasp of pure pleasure came from them both.

Jerome was however very cool, and for my benefit(and as well one thousand of my cold hard cash), took his sweet time in fucking her.

Slowly he would slide his cock into her, and just as slowly he'd pull every inch out. She was begging for him to pound her and would thrust her hips forward in an attempt to again bury his cock deep into her pussy.

Jerome however pinned her to the bed and instead teased her smoking snatch. He continued to slide his cock into her inch by inch each ever sooooo slow, then back out just as slowly until the head of his cock was poised just barely over her swollen pussy. With each thrust he'd slide his massive cock in just a little deeper, until finally his full length was driven deep into her wet snatch.

His pace slowly quickened until his balls were slapping hard against her ass as he pounded her sweet pussy. Her cries of ectasy filled the room and Jeromed soon stiffened as together they cummed, his cock shooting huge spurts of cum filling her pussy to overflowing.

After a few moments to collect herself, she gave him a quick kiss and excused herself to "powder".

When the bathroom door closed I stepped out of my hiding place and quickly handed Jerome the balance of his fee and blubbered, "that was fucking unbelieveable". I quickly returned to my hiding place before she returned.

Whe she entered the room Jerome was reaching for his pants, she glanced my way and winked before saying, "not so fast there big fellow, I'm not done with you yet."

With that said she knelt in front of him and took his still glistening cock in her mouth to suck him hard in minutes. This time they fucked doggie style.

He rode her pumping like a pile driver and would intermittently slap her white ass as he asked , "does my white bitch like this big hard black rod?"

Her moans of pleasure were one clear answer, however ever the cock tease through clenched teeth she replied, "is that all you have big boy, I thought you black studs could fuck, now slam that cock into me hard!!"

Very soon, amidst her screams of pleasure, they both cummed for a second time.

A few minutes later as they lay on the bed exhausted, her red ass was evidence of the raw hard sex that had just taken place.

Once she had collected herself she looked over at him and said, "you can go now but only if you promise to come back tomorrow and only if you bring a friend. Ideally he should be around 25, and with a cock at least as big as yours, because my other fantasy involves two black men!!

Well I guess that story of only wanting my cock was a bit of a "white lie". When given the chance at a big hard black rod its quite obvious the temptation proved to be more than she could resist!!

As for the next day and her "other fantasy", that's another story.

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