tagBDSMShe Crawls Ch. 02

She Crawls Ch. 02



Melissa felt a warm breath on the back of her neck and smiled. She'd known by Jack's mood all evening that he'd want some that night. Accordingly, she'd dressed for the possibility, wearing just a short t-shirt and panties. She'd long ago given up trying to wear lingerie to excite him; he liked her better in something she might wear to the beach.

What scenario will it be tonight, she wondered. Jack only had a few different ways to approach her, and since she never failed to accommodate him, he tended to stick to the tried and true. She murmured encouragement as his left hand brushed over her arm and captured her breast. Jack loved to fondle her breasts almost as much as he liked to fuck, which lately wasn't saying much. Squeeze, squeeze, pinch, pinch, rub, rub; his sequence never seemed to change. She nestled back against him, not surprised to find him already hard. She hardly ever wondered anymore whether she inspired him so, or whether it was the fake beauties he watched every night on the Playboy Channel. Truth be told, it hardly even mattered.

She reached down and squeezed his dick. In response, his hand left her breast and traveled down her stomach, sliding inside her panties. Only by hunching his back could he reach down to her sex, and he waited not a moment on the outside before plunging his finger inside her. She let out a moan. She very much wanted to be eaten tonight, to orgasm hard enough to drain the tension from her. But this particular scenario didn't allow such a personal touch. Jack wanted straight sex, on top, quick, clean and urgent. At least this way wasn't as bad as when he had a few beers with the guys. Then he did his 'Me Tarzan' routine, plunging inside her without the least bit of foreplay. Sometimes he didn't even remove her clothes, just stretching her panties aside.

Other times he played the sensitive lover, bathing her body in kisses, licking her until she orgasmed. Occasionally he did the please, please me thing, pulling her hand to his dick, and encouraging her to do her best to pleasure him. And that was about as imaginative as it got.

So she wasn't surprised when he rolled her on her back, pinning her arms to the bed while positioning his torso between her legs. She looked down, seeing the heaviness of his dick stretching the front of his boxers. Even in the gloom, she could see dark, wet spots freckling his shorts; he'd been playing with himself for some time.

She decided to try to get him more involved. "Jack," she purred, "what if you tied me up, right here, right now? Then I'd be helpless...you could have your way with me." She'd tried this before, but maybe now, in this aroused state...

"Why would I do that when I have you right where I want you," he murmured, before sliding his tongue into her mouth and cutting off any reply.

They kissed passionately, and Melissa did her best to try and reach the back of his throat with her tongue, which always drove him wild. I can pretend, she thought. I can pretend that my arms are strapped to the bedposts, and this man is having his way with me. Just then, she felt his weight shift backwards, and her arms released from the bed. Clumsily, he removed his boxers, and then slid her panties off, pausing just a moment to press his fingers to her sex. Then he slid her t-shirt up, stopped only to lick each nipple, positioned himself over her, and slid his dick smoothly inside of her.

She tried to find the illusion again but it evaded her. Instead, all she could see was her sweaty husband bobbing in and out of her, doing it all his way, but expecting her full cooperation. As per the script built up over seven years, she spread her legs wide at first, giving him full access without much friction. Occasionally, she would lift her legs high, which gave her some modicum of pleasure, but to which Jack objected, pushing her legs back down. Finally, when he told her he was close, she would put her legs flat against the bed, making herself tight for him. He always orgasmed inside of her, always pulled out right away, always flopped back to his side of the bed, always gave her breast a quick squeeze, and always said, "Wow, that was great." Tonight he followed the script to the letter. Again.

As she searched for her panties on the floor, Melissa thought back to Alex's proposition. I'm gonna go for it, she decided. She didn't know what surprised her more. That she'd made that decision. Or that she'd made it with her husband's semen still dripping from her vagina.


Alex watched Melissa carefully cut and eat her chicken, as precise in this as she seemed to be in every aspect of her life. As always, he admired the courage it took to try such a radical thing as he proposed. He hoped she would have the courage to see it through. She could grow through it, release some of that ever-present tension, and have some much needed fun along the way.

Occasionally, he'd see signs on her face of the struggle raging inside. She wanted to know what came next. She wanted to talk about it now. But evidently balancing that impatience was the decision to let him lead. He was already taking control. And though it made her somewhat afraid, he could tell that it reassured her as well.

After finishing their meal, and allowing Melissa to pay for it, they retreated to his car, parked at the edge of the lighted parking lot. He took the drivers seat, she sat on the passenger side. A nearby streetlight cast just enough light so he could read her face, which looked just a little more frightened. She probably thinks we're going to start right now, he thought, smiling inwardly.

"Before we do anything, you need to sign this little contract I made up. It's not legally binding in a court of law, but it will protect both of us. Basically, it says that we're doing this as a form of sexual therapy, and that any money that changes hands is for the payment of services rendered to that end. In theory, this will keep me out of jail for prostitution. In practice, it's just a little extra protection. And if you decide not to go through with this, I'll shred my copy in your presence."

Melissa signed quickly, checking the box stating that she did not and would not reveal his identity to her husband or anyone else, without Alex's express permission. He then showed her a copy of his latest STD and AIDS test, and gave her the name of two doctors where she could go for her test, plus a place to leave the results for him. On money, he'd decided to charge her the full rate, but not the premium one, based on the credit and income information he'd gotten from his sources. With someone as sexy as her, it was always tempting to lower the rate to better her chances of acceptance. But, he cautioned himself, many times the pretty ones were the most trouble. As it was, she barely flinched when he quoted a price of $350 a session, plus expenses, with her picking up dinner, room costs and the like.

"And the next step is..." she asked, shifting a little uncomfortably in her seat.

"The next step is that we set up for Session One, and you prove to me that you're capable of following my instructions to the letter. Remember, if you go into this thing with your full enthusiasm, you'll get more out of it than you ever dreamed.

"So here's what I want you to do," he continued. "We'll be meeting again exactly one week from today at 5:30 pm. You'll get the exact location when you drop off your test results; we'll assume for now that you're free of any little critters. The morning of your first session, I will call and reserve a room in your name. When you arrive, all you have to do is claim your reservation and pay for it. I recommend cash. Walk up to the room, knock on the door, and I'll let you in."

He gave her a soft smile. "Of course, there's a few tasks you'll have to perform between now and then." As expected, she glanced down at her clothing, and then around the parking lot. He laughed. "Relax. Tonight's activities are limited to orientation only. The first thing I want you to do is buy some special clothes to wear that night. I'm thinking a nice garter ensemble...bra, high-cut panties, garter, stockings, a little throat piece. In...blue, I think, to go with your eyes. Lacy, too. And sheer.

"Wear the panties so you can take them off without removing the garters. Wear high heel shoes, but not so big that you can't walk. Over that, wear your usual business attire. Skirt or slacks, your choice. You're not going to be wearing it for long. On to other things. Don't bring your purse in...just your car keys. Believe it or not, one woman tried to tape record our session for blackmail, so I'm very paranoid about that. Obviously, you want to shave your legs that morning. I don't want to waste time on that. Are we clear so far?"

"I think so," she replied, concentrating on what he said.

"Good. If you disappoint me, you'll know it. Now, remember, once you walk in that door, you're mine. I own you. You have to do everything I say, no matter how embarrassing it may feel. You have to trust me that I know what I'm doing, that I'm taking you where you want to go, even though the path we use to get there may seem to be going the wrong way. Now, I want you to remember this word: Blazer. If I should ask you to do something you can't possibly do, could never force yourself to do, you just say 'Blazer.' Using it doesn't mean I won't make you follow my orders, but it does alert me to your discomfort. In all the times I've done this, only three women have used their word. And in only one case did we change direction."

"Blazer," she said under her breath, committing it to memory.

"Your first session is going to be tough," he continued. "You're going to learn how to relinquish all control, how to act like a slave, and how to please your master. Would you like to know a little about what we'll do?"

He knew she did, just by the way her breathing shortened. "Yes."

"OK, just a small preview. First, I'll teach you your place in the world. You'll strip for me, show off your body, as though you were a slave that I'd just purchased. Next, you'll learn how I like my women to act, how I insist that they greet me, and what parts of your body that I consider most important. Then, we'll work on your positions. There are several positions that you must be able to take at the drop of a hat, all designed to please me. Finally, I'll use you for my own pleasure. And if you're a good girl, a sexy girl, and an obedient girl, I may let you have an orgasm. Although that's by no means guaranteed."

He watched as she nervously spread and closed her legs, obviously turned on but scared at the same time. Good. He'd given her something to think about all week. And if she had the guts to show up next week, she'd be all the more prepared.


Melissa turned off the car and looked thoughtfully at the hotel wing. Not surprisingly, Alex had specified a suite at the back, away from all the other business travelers. And in the middle of the week it was unlikely someone would check in next door. Besides, Alex seemed to have an accommodation with the desk clerk, or else how could he get into the room before she had paid for it? She wondered just how much the desk clerk knew.

During the preceding week she'd been a bundle of nervous energy. Whenever she tried not to think about today, it would spring to mind that much more vividly. And often the damning thoughts would float into her mind completely unbidden, sometimes even getting her wet with anticipation. She'd even had erotic dreams during the week, in which Alex or someone else held her captive, and she was forced to trade sex for food. Fragments of these dreams haunted her, and their appearance often turned into elaborate daydreams. Several times, while Jack watched sports in the living room, she retired to bed early and masturbated, something she'd rarely done since the boys were born.

The previous night had been especially frustrating. She had an insatiable need for Jack to just take her, wham-bam-no questions maam. It would've been a perfect night for his Tarzan routine. But no, he'd come to bed all wimpy and sensitive. "What do you want?" he'd whispered in her ear. "Tell me just how you want it." She tried to tell him to take her, now, like an animal. But he persisted in making her make all the decisions. And even though she had ordered him to take her, the very order itself took away all the power, and the act was just as routine and mechanical as the last few years had been.

Her pager shook her from her reverie. Someone at the office needed her to make a decision. Well, they would just have to wait. She was going to get fucked.

She tentatively knocked on the door. "Come in," she heard a muffled voice say from within. Trying the door, she found it locked. Well, how...oh, duh. You've got a key, dummy, she told herself.

It didn't take long for her eyes to adjust inside. Nearly every light was on, though the drapes were drawn. The room was the same type she'd stayed in on several business trips, the same chain with locations around the country. Fireplace (unlit), mini-kitchen, love seat and stuffed chairs, dining table and chairs, obligatory TV and VCR, and a separate bedroom. Alex sat facing her in one of the chairs, dressed in black jeans and a black t-shirt.

"Put your keys in the box in the closet," he ordered, nodding to her right. She bent and had just dropped her keys in when his voice interrupted, "No, no. That's not right. I like my women to bend from the waist, none of that mamby-pamby kneeling stuff. From now on, whenever you have to bend, do it at the waist. Pick up your keys and do it again."

What the hell? Confused, she bent to get her keys so she could drop them again, when he addressed her again, an edge to his voice, "What part of that did you not understand? I want you to bend at the waist every time! Not that you need to know, but I like to look at your butt. Now if you're gonna do this, you're gonna do it right. You do still want to do this, don't you?"

"Yes," she replied, voice trembling, feeling disconcertingly off-balance.

"OK, then. I'm giving you two points for that. Every time you do something that I don't like, I'm gonna give you points. It's up to you to keep track of them. If you forget how many, I'll estimate it...and I tend to go on the high side. Now, let's try it again," he ordered.

This time she carefully bent at the waist, staying in that position for several seconds at his command. For the first time, she noticed the sounds of a radio emanating from the box. She was too afraid to ask why.

"Good. Now come over here so I can get a closer look at you." She stood before him, feeling his eyes undress her. Of course, he will be undressing me soon. And then he'd see how wet her panties already were. She'd decided to wear a business pant suit for the day. She'd changed into her new sexy underwear in the women's lounge at work; she didn't want to explain to Jack why she would want to go to work in such an uncomfortable get-up. Even at his densest, Jack would notice that.

She spun slowly at Alex's bidding. "Take off the jacket, put it in the box, and return to me."

It would get wrinkled, but somehow she knew any protest would be futile...and maybe dangerous. "Two more points!" he called out, when she forgot to bend at the waist. Damn! That made what, four? Getting points couldn't be good. She picked her jacket up, and did it again, thrusting her butt out and receiving sarcastic applause for her effort.

She could just up and leave at any time, she reminded herself, standing again in front of Alex, this time with her arms stretched high above her head. As she faced him, she saw the predatory look in his eyes, the unhidden lust. I could leave, she repeated. If only I wasn't so hot.


Alex admired the lines of her body as she stood before him. In her tight blouse and pleated pants, she could easily be dropped into a harem movie, or play a serving girl. Good thing I don't work at this one's company, he thought. I'd be hard all the time. He had her spin around one more time, her arms stretched high over her head. Sometimes a move like this in front of a stranger could feel more prying to a woman than if she was naked.

From his conversations with Melissa, he knew she wasn't comfortable with the stares she usually drew from men. Even with her husband she was discrete; they always made love in the dark, though she had many rationalizations for that. Soon, he'd know more than her husband about her body. It would make her very uncomfortable. Which is why Alex liked this part so much.

He allowed his eyes to linger on her breasts, trying to discern the exact contours through her blouse. He felt himself hardening, turned on by the potential of the situation. He had to decide which direction to take. Was he taking it easy on her because his instinct told him to slow down? Or because he didn't want her to bolt? Probably more of the latter. Time to change that.

"I want you to remove your blouse now. First, untuck it from your slacks, and then unbutton it from the bottom up. Let it fall open when you're done."

He watched closely as she followed his directions, never looking him straight in the eye. When she began to shrug it off her shoulders he stopped her with a quick "No, wait for my command. Add four points to your total. And now you can let your top slide to the floor."

She'd selected a royal blue bra, with entirely too much lace, as it covered far too much of her breasts. Worse, the fabric was too thick, as he could not see the sexy dark outlines of her nipples, only the small bumps marking their arousal.

"Not bad...but not great. Now, face to my left, and unhook and unzip your slacks. Good. Pull them down off your hips, and then, bending at the waist, pull them all the way to the floor, and hold that position. I want to get a good look at my new slave."

The panties were sufficiently high cut, with the garters disappearing below the blue satin, signalling that she'd following his directions pertaining to the order in which she'd dressed. He admired her slim, trim legs, and the curve of her firm butt. He especially liked the way the slip of fabric disappeared within the rounded flesh, all but begging him to go find it. All in all, this Melissa was a sexy, supple package. He couldn't imagine living with her and not exploring the whole gamut of sexual expression. Well, some men just didn't know how lucky they were.

He circled around her, aware of his growing erection, and his growing power over her. "It's time for you to learn the facts of life. Number one: while you are in this room, I own you, completely, without question. You are like a tool to bring me pleasure. I can use you however I want. If I want you to suck me for five hours, you will do it. If I want to film you playing with yourself, I will. And you'll do exactly as I say."

He ran his fingers down her spine, enjoying the feel of her body shuddering at his touch. "Number two: You are no longer a woman here, a fellow creature of mankind. You are now an animal, a creature to do man's bidding. My bidding. No act will be too perverse, no order too obscene. Because you are an animal, no longer bound or protected by the rules of man."

He motioned her to sit in the armless chair in the middle of the room, touching her hair, shoulders and arms as he circled her. Her eyes tracked him fearfully, but her erect nipples, wet panties and shortened breathing told him she was enjoying this, at least on one level.

"Number three: This body of your's, these legs, your ass, your tits, only serve to make more attractive your most important part...your cunt. The only reason you can walk around is to carry your cunt from man to man. When you spread your legs, it's because every cock belongs in your cunt." As he'd predicted, she'd flinched every time he'd said one of the two C's: cock and cunt. She didn't feel comfortable around dirty language. But language was power, as she'd soon learn.

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