tagBDSMShe Crawls Ch. 03

She Crawls Ch. 03



Melissa felt the roughness of his hands on her butt, first the right cheek and then the left. What was he doing back there? She longed to be taken. She'd been ready for it for ages now. With Jack, there was only two options when she went down on him: either he orgasmed, or he flopped on top of her and took her. She'd never, ever been with a man who'd stopped her. She'd done all right, she felt. Alex's penis wasn't as long as Jack's, but it was thicker around. She'd felt him quivering, and he hadn't given her any punishment points. So why the wait?

She moaned inwardly as she felt two thumbs find the folds of her vagina. They slowly, languidly rubbed up and down, parting the lips only when they met in the middle. She longed to see what he was doing, what he had planned. One finger probed her anus and she instinctively moved away. "Stay still," he commanded, painfully pulling her back. Again the finger found the rim, and then oh-so-slowly began to press inside. Uncomfortable, but not hurting, she clenched her teeth, hoping he wouldn't penetrate her there without lubrication. In a few seconds he withdrew the few centimeters he'd gone in, and she again felt him fingering her vagina.

A warm breath and a wet tickle announced his intention to lick her. Finally, some relief! She bent farther down to give him better access, which he used to lick the length of her lips. After a few preliminary licks, she felt his tongue probe inside her, his wetness meeting hers. He lingered inside her, lapping up the moisture, exploring every inch of her inner halls. She paid particular attention to the times when his tongue left her, hoping he would soon stand up and drive his hard tool inside her. It wasn't her favorite position, but at this point anything would do.

She heard him sit back. "Turn over and lay on the ottoman," he told her. She did as he said, her butt on the edge and her torso propped up by her arms. Good. She liked to see a guy's eyes when he orgasmed; it made her feel powerful. But why hadn't he pulled his penis out of his shorts?

"It's time for you to learn some manners," he began. What? She wanted to scream at him. Who cares about manners! I'm laying here, sopping wet, for you to take! "You may think you're in charge right now, but you're not," he continued, really getting her attention. "Spreading your legs for me doesn't impress me. I own you. I can have you at any time. Any time. Whether you want it or not." Could he read her mind? Was she that transparent? She was starting to get it now.

"Tonight you're going to learn a lot of rules. Now here's two more. First, what you call me and how you answer me. While you may think you're a slave, you're not. You have to earn that position, and you haven't even come close. Which means you can't call me Master yet. Instead, you'll call me Sir. Is that understood?"

"Yes, sir," she answered, still bewildered by this new direction.

"Which brings up another point. Everytime I ask you a question, you answer 'Yes Sir' or 'No Sir,' with the question included in your answer. For instance, if I ask you 'Do you understand?' you would answer, 'Yes sir, I understand.'" Or, if I ask you 'Do you like to finger-fuck yourself?' you would answer, 'Yes sir, I love to finger-fuck myself.' Do you understand?"

She paused to phrase it right, "Yes sir, I understand."

"Good, because every time you forget to say Sir tonight, you'll get two punishment points. And every time you forget the second part, you'll get another one. Do you understand?"

"Yes sir, I understand."

"Very good. Now, spread your legs a little wider. I want to see your cunt. Good. I've noticed you don't like the word 'cunt.' Too bad. Because as far as I'm concerned, that's what you are," he said harshly, as she felt herself coloring. "Your pointy tits, your flat tummy, your sexy legs all exist for one reason, as pretty wrapping around your cunt. You don't believe me? Think about it. When men look at you with that gleam in their eye, you think they just want a little kiss. No! They want to get in your cunt! Every guy except your husband wants to be in your cunt. Lot's of women do too. You think lesbians spend all night kissing and tickling? No, their lips always end up on their cunts. It's a powerful word for a powerful place, and until you acknowledge it, you'll never really get it.

"So, repeat after me, he ordered. "'My name is Cunt.'"

She felt herself near tears, looking hatefully up at him from between her legs. Suddenly she felt horribly exposed as his eyes raked up and down her body. It was a nasty word. Her mother had forbidden it. And the one time she'd used it to a neighbor who'd been flirting with Jack, she'd regretted being so mean. And now he was going to call her that every time? It was time to stop all this...

"What are you waiting for?" he demanded. "I expected more from you. It's just a word, you know. And a word only has meaning, only has power, when you give it some. So whether I call you Cunt or Zalafrax shouldn't matter. You will use this word, or by god I'll tan your hide," he threatened while simulating a swat. "Now say it."

She drew a deep breath, looking up from where her vagina lay open to his glowering eyes. She could do this. "My name is cunt," she whispered, staring resolutely at him. It felt dirty to say.


"My name is cunt," she said, raising her voice.


"My name is cunt," she fairly screamed at him, hating his satisfied grin.

"You are a cunt. Repeat it."

She did, over and over again, until she was emphasizing the hard 'c' of the word, and feeling its echo come up from her belly. It felt degrading and dirty and nasty, but as she lay there exposing herself to this man, she decided that, yes, she could be his cunt. Besides, how much worse could it get?

He ordered her to stand up, and she did, confident that she could handle whatever would come next. Which is why she longed to scream "What the hell!" when he pulled her close and pressed his lips against hers. With one hand on her butt and the other hand on the back of her head, his lips pressed against hers so hard that their teeth clicked together. His tongue swirled inside her mouth, the tip exploring every inch like a snake in a box. She pushed and squirmed away from him, finally breaking his grip on her head, though he still held her by the arm.

"You, you..." she started to accuse him, stopping when she saw an annoyingly bemused smile on his face.

"I own you," he stated simply, emphasizing every word evenly. With that, he pulled her to him again, this time kissing her passionately as his hands caressed the curves of her butt. He broke the kiss.

"I own you," he stated again, raking her body with a possessive look. This time when he kissed her she replied in kind, sucking at his tongue, fencing with hers, all the while enjoying the sensation of his hand squeezing and pinching her breast. He owns me, she thought with real wonder.


Alex broke the kiss and looked at his student with a sigh. He'd been negligent, enjoying the physical aspect without paying enough attention to the mental aspect. Still, there was still time to remedy that.

He sat on the love seat and took in the luscious morsel before him. Clad only in garters, stockings and high heels, she looked both vulnerable and scared. Still, her nipples appeared hard as rocks, and her body language almost screamed "fuck me." Good. Time to add some more powder to the mix.

"Cunt, you've collected quite a few punishment points, which you should've been keeping track of. So, tell me, how many do you have?"

He watched as she became more and more confused, and just a little scared, as she realized that she had no idea.

"Well? That was one of the rules we went over, wasn't it? That you would keep track of your punishment points? I want an answer now! How many???"

"I, I don't know," she stammered, her eyes never leaving the floor.

"You don't know?" he bellowed at her, inwardly smiling as she shriveled some more. "Well, you just got two more than 'you don't know' for not calling me sir. Do you think I don't deserve your respect?" he demanded.

"Yes, sir, um, you deserve my respect," she replied meekly.

"Well, at least you got it right that time. And since you don't know how many swats you were given, I'm gonna have to guess. And I'm guessing it was...19. Plus the two you just got makes 21. So maybe 21 swats will help your memory."

Alex knew the actual number was 17, but he didn't want to go too much higher on the first spanking. She'd get plenty more before the night was over.

"Since you don't know the proper spanking position yet, I'm going to take you over my knee. First, remove your garters. I don't want anything getting between my hand and your ass. Now lay over my legs..."

He positioned her butt squarely over his knees, giving him a good view of her well-shaped globes. His cock poked its way through the opening in his shorts; he'd have to get inside her after disciplining her. He didn't really have enough room for a full swing, but figured he could get up enough speed to get her attention. That's all this first spanking was for, anyway.

"You'll supply the count, down from, what was that number?" He waited while she said, "The count is 21, sir." "Yes. Twenty one sweet smacks. Don't lose track, or we'll have to start all over. And then I'd have to show you what a real spanking is like."

He brought his hand down hard on her right cheek, and smiled when she yelped. No, my sweet Melissa, this isn't the playful spanking you might try with your husband. This is the kind that turns your ass pink, that makes your skin steam, that turns your cunt into a sopping wet sponge. He randomly lightened and strengthened his efforts, adding an element of uncertainty. During his own training, he'd come to appreciate that uncertainty. It gave one something besides the pain to focus on.

In no time at all he heard her pronounce "One." He gave her another swat just for the heck of it, and was pleased that she'd learned enough not to protest. In time, she'd understand that this situation was just like life -- sometimes punishment came for no reason at all.

Her rested his hand on her ass, her warm skin pleasantly heating his. Her butt and the back of her legs were tinged pink, but he didn't see anything that would leave a permanent mark. That was the primary difference between doing his work and having a live-in sub. With the live-in, you could leave a woman red, you could have her cut her hair, or shave her pubes, or whatever, just to please you. He, however, was constrained to those things that wouldn't be noticed, even by a woman's husband. He supposed it was one reason he preferred the psychological to the physical.

His physical needs, however, needed a little attention. His cock was rock hard, and the sight of her sopping wet pussy lips peeking out from between her legs was making him ache with desire. So far he hadn't really sampled her. Probably going too far to prove to himself that it wasn't just physical; that he was here to do a job. Enough of that.

Without a word he shifted her to the floor, where her legs naturally fell open. Her pube hairs were matted with moisture; it looked as though she really enjoyed her spanking. Without a bit of foreplay (as if she hadn't had enough!) he crawled between her legs and plunged his cock inside her. She moaned a little, as did he. Even wet as a puddle, she still felt very tight.

He started a slow rhythm, humping into her while bending to suckle her tits. He varied his pace, not wanting to cum too fast. Every so often she would raise her hips to meet his thrusts, their pelvises bumping together violently. Her head writhed from side to side, her hair plastered to her forehead by sweat. He wanted to stare into her eyes, show her his power, but she had her eyes clenched shut. He permitted her this, but vowed to make it up to himself later.

She trembled beneath him, once, twice, as the muscles around her cunt spasmed from the friction. Many masters required their slaves to ask permission to orgasm. Alex believed in rewarding his slave for giving him pleasure -- she could cum at any time. He knew that some women didn't believe that those little spasms were orgasms. They only wanted the big, soul-wrenching, body-clenching orgasm...the female equivalent of the cum shot. Women had made so much progress in society, yet they still measured themselves against men in so many little ways.

Alex let his animal instincts take over, and pounded into her like a jackhammer. Now her eyes flew open, and reflected in her eyes he saw the beast inside him, the wildness, the predator. He could feel the pressure building as he slid into her again and again, and then he stopped, and then slowly and deliberately thrust into her, over and over, each thrust accompanied by a spurt of his cum deep inside her. As he looked down at her, he felt he truly owned her now. And he knew she knew it.


She hadn't expected such passion, such emotion, such animal lust. This was liberating, she decided. Stress-free. Not what she'd expected. Not just different. Far, far more.

She waited expectantly under him while he caught his breath. Normally, with Jack, she'd be attending to clean-up duties, wiping herself with a kleenex and finding her nightclothes. She'd be wondering if she could get Jack to go again (she never could) or deciding if she should visit the bathroom and finish the job herself. She might even be thinking about what she had to do tomorrow.

This time, there was none of that. I don't have to decide anything, she reminded herself. If he wants to go again, he will. If he wants me cleaned up, he'll order it. Just lay here and enjoy his weight on you, his cock still hard inside you, and the cool feel of your sweat finally drying.

After a few moments he pulled himself out of her, his now softening cock sliding out with a pleasant wet sensation. He'd cum inside her generously; she knew that she'd be wet and sticky down there for the rest of the night. She stopped herself and smiled inwardly. It was amazing how she was now thinking the graphic words and images he'd forced her to say. They described so much better the way that she felt.

They moved back over to the loveseat, he sitting and she kneeling between his legs. His cock was now fully soft, but still covered by a sheen of her juices and his cum. She stared at it. It was not as big as Jack's, but had just given her a great deal of pleasure. She didn't know if bigger was better; all of the lovers had been approximately the same size. But this size had done better than it looked.

"OK, cunt," he said to her not unkindly, "let's give that talented tongue of yours a little more workout." She'd expected this, and scooted forward to begin. "No, not so fast, my greedy little cunt. There's a few rules to this game. First, you have five minutes to get me hard again. I'm sure a woman of your talent can do that easy. But just to give you a little incentive, if I'm not sufficiently hard, you'll get fifteen punishment points. Second, you have a little task to perform while you're working. You're gonna work on your vocabulary. You have to come up with ten dirty words to describe that sweet spot between your legs. And you can't use cunt. For every word that you don't get, you're gonna get one punishment point. Enough talk. Get started...now!"

Get started? Ten words? What? She looked down to see the flaccid member in front of her, and then up to see the grin on his face. That's twenty-five swats if she did neither task! She bent her head and took the soft appendage fully into her mouth, where the salty taste shocked her out of her reverie. Five minutes! OK. We'll do this in stages. She could use the first couple minutes coming up with dirty words, and the last few minutes getting him hard. She swished his cock around with her tongue. It would take that long for him to just get any feeling back anyway.

OK. Now, not cunt but...what? Pussy! She knew that one. And...vagina? No, he said dirty words. What about vulva? That was part of it, maybe he'd take it. That made two, maybe. Now, c'mon, c'mon...think! Cave! She'd heard cave once. And...slit, she knew slit was one. Pussy, vulva, cave, slit...that was four, maybe. I'm gonna get six swats if I don't come up with more! She pulled her mouth from him and checked...not even a twinge. That'd be an extra fifteen! No choice, really.

She bent and sucked his right testicle into her mouth, her tongue licking at the skin while her teeth trapped the hard ball inside. She felt rather than heard him moan. Good. Now for the other one. She tasted her juices on them. God, she must've really been wet. Releasing his ball, she passionately licked the sack, while encasing his dick in her hands. She could usually get Jack hard just by doing this. She supposed the tightness made him feel like he was inside her.

She transferred her attention to the head, caressing the cap with the flat of her tongue. Time was running out. Maybe...she released one hand from her baseball grip, and languidly ran a fingernail down, past his sack, into his crack, just barely touching his anus. There. She definitely felt a shudder this time. She traced the rim with her finger, while her other hand supported his dick, and she began gently sucking on the very tip. Yes, she could feel him definitely begin to harden. Gently now. Careful...don't break the spell.

Once, when she'd been dating Jack, she'd lost a bet with him. The stakes had been that she would suck him for three straight hours, with her lips never leaving his dick. She'd been so sure of winning, and so sure he'd never try to collect, that she'd taken the bet. And lost. When he insisted on collecting, she'd been sure that she could just bring him off, and he'd forget the rest. But after bringing him off, he'd still insisted on continuing. So they'd stayed in his apartment for three hours, she sucking and licking him while he sat back and enjoyed it. He'd even cum a second time, but still he held her to the bet. She'd learned a lot about the male penis that day. And she'd learned never to take a sucker bet, so to speak.

Alex's cock was really beginning to firm up, so she removed her finger from the entrance to his anus and transferred all of her attention to his cock. With one hand holding it tightly upright, she took as much as she could into her mouth, alternately sucking with her tongue as she pulled up, and swirling it as she went down. She could feel the veins inside begin to throb against her tongue, and was pleased to note that it could stand unsupported.

"Time," Alex declared, just as she decided to begin thinking of more names. "I guess I'm relatively hard, although next time I think I'll have you do it hands-free. So, let's see how far you've gotten on your dirty word list. You can start anytime."

"Yes, sir." She at least remembered to do that. "My dirty words for my cunt are: pussy, slit, cave, vulva..." She paused, hoping some others would come to her. "And..."

"And you have no more," Alex replied, waiting no more than a few seconds. "I'll give you pussy, slit and cave...very creative, that last one. Vulva is the outer part...but many of the other words I'm thinking of could also be considered the outer part. But is vulva a dirty word? No, I don't think so. So you have pussy, slit and cave. Not very good. That gives you seven PP's. So cunt, how many punishment points do you have?"

"I have seven punishment points, sir."

"Very good. This time, if you mess up on punishment points, I will estimate them, and then double that number. I guarantee you'll be crying before I lay a finger on you," he said to her, taking her face in his hands. "Now suck my cock again and get me good and hard," he ordered, settling back on the loveseat.

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