tagExhibitionist & VoyeurShe Didn't Know

She Didn't Know


I need to describe my wife Sally to help this little tale make sense.

Sally isn't one of those raving beauties we read about here, she wasn't blessed (or cursed if you will) with huge "38DD's".

Sally is 5'6", she barely makes 115#, the right description for her bust is "ain't any". She does have a set of nipples that I could use to nail two boards together after licking on them for about 10 seconds, and when I do her eyes get all funny looking and she goes completely nuts.

Her hips are a shade bigger than would be perfect. She bitches about the size of her ass all the time. Her legs are pure power because of the damn bike she rides all the time, which I think makes the size of her butt even bigger. She does have a fanny to die for, I bet any woman on this planet would trade with her. Not a mark, blemish, lump or bump on her anywhere, not a single flaw that I can find and trust me when I say I have looked.

She doesn't own a bra because there is no point, and she is one of those women who the only time she wears anything resembling undies is at the beach. The outfits she wears when we go to the beach are pointedly designed to show off what she damn good and well knows is her best asset, that behind.

Even though she gripes about it all the time. She knows where men's eyes go without fail.

She has never really seemed to be a complete exhibitionist that I could ever tell, although the way she is built up top makes for lots of accidents if she is wearing a blouse or loose top.

I get a kick out of that, and she knows it so she gets careless. Not deliberately enough that anyone can tell, though.

Her other neat feature is her beaver which she keeps naked as a jaybird because of those outfits she wears to the beach, there isn't much to them. This means she has nothing hidden when nude, hell, even if she let it all grow out there is nothing hidden. Sally has more sticking out between her legs than some guys do. Her lips are big and wrinkly looking, her clit is easily the size of a big peanut and everything almost doubles in size if I lick her nipples and play with her a bit. A couple of times I got to messing with her at the beach and she swelled up and stuck out both sides of her bikini bottoms.

I have to admit I got a kick out of that, too. She had to sit with her legs together until she got under control or she didn't dare stand up.

She is hot, and it isn't possible for her to be nastier in the sack. Often we don't even make it to the bed. We have had at it on the couch, the floor, the bathroom. She delights in making my 8 incher stand up and will do anything to get me into that state. So she runs around the house in all sorts of manners of naughty dress, to the point where for her it is just normal.

If she wasn't so eager to take care of me I would have blue balls all the time.

K..That's my Sally. the gal I married. We are faithful to each other as far as I know except for once I was getting a massage from this cute redhead. She hinted around about extras for a tip so I went for it and got jacked off with both of her hands working feverishly, her top on the floor and her tits swinging freely. Then she leaned down as I blasted off so it hit her in the face, that was hot.

But I felt guilty so I confessed to Sally. I half expected her to take my balls off but she got a flushed look and next thing I knew she had me down and whacked me off too. Even took her top off, her tiny nipples like little needles, and yep. She leaned down so it hit her in the face, then she licked me off with a grin.

Of course she wanted to know if she was better at it than the redhead and I told her the truth when I said there was no doubt at all! Then she floored me when she asked if she could go get a massage like that.

What was I to say, no? She was sitting on my legs with my pecker in her hands, having just been told that I had some other woman do the same thing. Not a good time to act one-sided, I thought.

"Sure, honey, sounds like fun!" I lied. I wasn't really jealous at the idea , and I was pretty sure she wouldn't do it anyway.

It was about a week later when I came home and there was a van parked in my driveway. It had some kind of company sign on the side, I wondered what the hell and went in to see what was up.

Sally was sitting on the couch, there was one guy standing with a damn vaccum cleaner in his hand and the other one was sitting across from Sally in one of our easy chairs pointing at a folder on the coffee table.

Great. A couple of fucking salesmen. I was thinking of scooting them out the door when I looked at Sally and realized she had on one of her skirts that is a bit on the short side and a top that buttons up the front, and it had a couple of extra buttons undone, the highest one was level with her nipples. Not abnormal for the way she looks when i get home, but here was two strange guys in my living room and that wasn't normal.

So I sat down in my chair, curious. The guy standing up was an older man, a bit chunky and half bald, maybe 40 or so. The one sitting down was younger and lean, perhaps 25.

The way Sally was sitting with her legs curled back and facing me pretty much bared her left butt cheek about halfway. The guy standing up had a straight shot at her right tittie inside her blouse that was gapping open quite a bit.

I was sitting directly across from Sally who was asking about warrenties and things like that. That damned skirt of hers had ridden up quite a bit, I could see in there far enough to get a bit of a peek of part of her pussy. I started to say something to her but she moved and turned her knee out a little as she leaned out and reached for the folder on the coffee table. This caused her skirt to move even more, and now I COULD see her snatch.

I just sat there as she read the flyers, completely engrossed in them. I realized she really did want a vaccum, and had even mentioned a couple of times since we didn't own one.

I looked down at her pussy, now in my clear view but hidden from the guy in the chair who was staring at her legs and saying nothing. Sally didn't realize, if she was doing it deliberately I would know the signs and her big pussy lips looked normal. It was obvious she was so engrossed in the idea of a new machine that she didn't realize.

I just sat there, kept my mouth shut.

The older guy started the machine making quite a racket, and he started moving it back and forth on the carpet. It didn't take him long to work his way around to in front of Sally who was still sitting there reading, completely unaware of the show she was putting on.

Then she swung her legs around and set her feet on the floor, leaned over the coffee table and set the folder down. Her knees were a good foot apart, the skirt was now slid up to the top of her thighs. She was sitting there directly facing the guy in the chair with her legs spread and there was no way he could miss seeing the whole thing, hell, I could see her even from my angle.

She asked him about a discount for cash, when he didn't answer she looked at him closely and then her rather exposed state registered on her.

"OH!" she said, pulling her knees together and tugging at her skirt with little effect. Then she blushed as red as I have ever seen. She gave me a dirty look, I got up and went into the kitchen to get a beer. Safer in there at the moment.

I came back out a few minutes later, wrote the guys a check and ushered them out. The younger guy grinned at Sally and said "Thanks", bringing another blush to her cheeks.

"You didn't tell me!" she yelled, taking an ineffectual swing at my arm.

"I thought you were going for the discount!" I laughed.

Sally grinned at me, looked down, then her face changed.

"You liked that, didn't you?"

"I always like looking at you."

"I mean you liked THEM looking at me, huh?"

She was stroking my erection through my jeans as she said that. I had no defense.


She tripped the front of my jeans, freeing me. She cradled me in her hands with a purr.

"Maybe if I get this reaction I will do some more of that."

I dropped my hands and lifted the hem of her skirt, she was wet, swollen, ready. I hadn't even licked her nipples yet.

"Got you going too, I see!"


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