tagFetishShe Dreams of Cum Ch. 01

She Dreams of Cum Ch. 01


Every time I close my eyes I hope I'll have the dream again. The most perfect, vivid, and memorable dream I've ever had. I remember every sight, taste, smell, and feeling like I lived it yesterday.

Everything around me was bathed in soft, glowing white light. I recognized right away that I wasn't in the real world. I was in a fantasy world. Somehow I knew that this was a perfect place where I could fulfill all of my sexual dreams. Nothing was forbidden to me, and I could have anything I desired, without rules or restrictions.

I was sitting naked in a bedroom, in a huge, beautiful house overlooking the ocean. I could smell the warm sea breeze coming in through an open window. It was beautiful. Inside the house there were hundreds of gorgeous servants at my command. They waited on me hand and foot, providing whatever I needed to make my fantasies a reality. At that moment, they were all busy preparing me for a party.

My body was going to be the centerpiece for the event. The purpose, and the reason so many were invited, was for me to be covered and filled with as much warm, wet cum as humanly possible. My body was a canvas, ready to be painted with thousands of loads of hot, white sperm.

Two beautiful blonde women appeared in the room and helped me stand. I knew they were there to help prepare me for the evening. Once I was standing they knelt in front and behind me. They both leaned forward together and begin to thoroughly lick my shaved pussy and ass, making sure I was wet and horny for my guests. Their soft, warm, wiggling tongues dug into my holes and made my knees go weak.

They gently licked me for several minutes until I was soaking wet, and my steamy pussy juices were dripping down the insides of my thighs. Then they stood up, and one of the women produced a golden mouth spreader, carefully placing it between my teeth. It was shaped in a wide oval and once fitted, held my mouth open as far as it would go.

Next, she slid a similar spreader, kind of like a speculum, inside my cunt, carefully stretching it wide. This held me open and would give my guests a clear view all the way inside my spread pussy, straight to my cervix, where much of their cum would be getting deposited. That meant that I wasn't going to be fucked, at least not right away, but that didn't matter. That's not what I wanted.

I didn't want to be fucked. I just wanted cum. There would be plenty of pussy available for the men to use, and in my dream, I just wanted my body to be the receptacle for the thousands of loads of hot, sticky jizz that would be milked from countless hard cocks and full, swollen balls that night. I wanted to feel consumed by it.

The final touch that the women put on me was a golden collar that was placed around my neck. From each side of the collar, a thin chain hung down to my feet. The ladies called for my special attendants, and two stunningly gorgeous young women appeared. I don't know how I knew, but somehow in my dream I knew they were sisters. Both beautiful, with full, perky tits, and tiny, suckable nipples. Their delicious pink pussies were completely shaved so that their glistening lips would always be visible. The only difference between them was their hair; one blonde, one brunette. They were a perfect pair.

In my dream, they had no names, but I'll call them Sara and Brooke. These pretty beauties were my personal and most dedicated sexual servants, on call to pleasure me whenever I desired. But tonight, I had a second job for them. Both girls wore a silver collar with my name engraved on the surface. They knelt beside me and I hooked the chains that hung from my collar onto theirs. Once we were attached together, the three of us headed downstairs to the party.

As we came down I could see all my guests waiting for me. A sea of men and women were in front of me, more than I could ever count. In the dream they were faceless, almost like clones. They just existed as perfect specimens of the male and female form. Every man had a huge, stiff cock, ready to empty it's thick, gooey cum in and on my body. Every woman was wet, horny, and ready to prepare them men to spray me with their sperm. They filled the room, and poured out the doors of the house further than I could see. I felt my skin flush at the sight, and my already dripping wet cunt started to overflow with juices.

I made my way through the sea of bodies to the center of the room where a large bed covered with red silk sheets waited for me. Sara and Brooke stood on both sides of the bed and each took one of my hands, helping me up. I rested my head against pillows to prop it up, making it easier for the men to service my hungry mouth. With the spreader holding my mouth open I wasn't going to be sucking any cock, but I was going to enjoy the labors of others. Sara and Brooke placed a pillow under my ass, spread my legs apart, and announced to the crowd in loud, clear voices, the words I had waited to hear.

"Feed her."

They took their positions beside me as the first two men approached, their hard cocks throbbing in the hands of two other women. They pumped the guys cocks furiously, sticky precum coating their hands and making the hard shafts glisten. I felt my mouth water as I watched the guys get closer and closer to cumming. My tongue inched out of my open mouth in anticipation, wetting my bottom lip. I could already taste all the juicy cum welling up from deep inside their tight balls.

Suddenly their cocks twitched, and all I had to do was watch as the women aimed the men's cocks right between my lips. They exploded, and two huge loads of creamy white goo splattered across my face and into my mouth. My pussy gushed as the first warm drops landed on my taste buds. Glob after glob of thick, sticky cum shot out of their cocks and drenched my face as the guys drained their balls. It seemed like they were both unloading a gallon of jizz. I felt it splash into my mouth and on my tongue and I swirled it around, playing with the gooey loads and tasting every drop of hot, sticky semen. It tasted incredible. Like warm, salty honey. I instantly wanted more, and my eyes darted back and forth searching for the next cock that would explode and drench my mouth with the delicious cum I craved.

While the guys were cumming on my face I felt a warm splash across my stretched cunt lips. I looked down to see several guys standing between my open legs, stroking their cocks as they looked down into my gaping pussy. Sara was quick to lean over and lap up any of the sperm that had splashed on my pussy lips instead of going inside me. She sucked up all the cum, and once her mouth was full, she drooled it inside me in one long, pearly white stream. Brooke did the same with the cum that didn't make it into my mouth when the guys came on my face. Her soft, pink tongue gently lapped each sticky drop of it up off my cheeks and she let it drip out of her mouth and into mine.

Both girls had a special job to do. They cleaned up all of the sperm that landed on my face or around my pussy. Brooke would feed whatever she cleaned up to my mouth and Sara would feed my hungry cunt. Any cum that was splashed on the rest of my body stayed there, soaking into my skin.

The next guy stood at the head of the bed and slapped his cock down over my face. His swollen, heavy balls rested on my forehead and the head of his cock reached down past my chin. Brooke wrapped her lips around his cock and started to suck it, swirling her tongue around the head, making circles around the throbbing shaft. I stuck my tongue out and flicked it along the underside of his stiff, throbbing cock as he fucked her face. He pushed deeper down her throat and I lapped at his heavy, cum-filled balls as they slapped against her chin. I could practically taste the sweet sperm that was boiling up inside them. I watched Brooke's neck muscles bulge as she corkscrewed her mouth on and off of the fat shaft, working it even further down her throat.

Suddenly he yanked it out of her mouth and she opened wide, stroking him in her hand as she held the swollen head right on the tip of her tongue. She reached up and massaged his balls with her other hand as he grunted and a thick stream of gooey white jizz shot right to the back of her throat. I could see it glaze her tongue and drip down from the roof of her mouth. His cock spurted again and again, and I could see Brooke's mouth fill up and overflow, the thick seed starting to run out of her mouth and down her chin. With one last grunt, the guy added the last spurt of his jizz to her already full mouth. She grinned and let go of his balls, then leaned forward and pushed the huge, sticky load out of her mouth and into mine. I stuck my tongue up and watched the creamy white waterfall slowly pour out over her bottom lip and ooze down the length of my tongue.

I didn't swallow right away. I wanted my mouth to be completely overflowing with a sea of hot, gooey cum before I guzzled it down. I wanted to enjoy the taste and feeling of the soft, sweet pool of semen filling my mouth for as long as possible. There was nothing I loved better.

Because of the way I was laying I was able to hold much more cum than Brooke had in her mouth. She saw that I wanted a full mouthful before I swallowed, and she was quick to get another cock aimed toward the creamy mess that my tongue was swimming in. She massaged the shaft and balls, squeezing and pumping until it erupted, laying a wet line of cum across my tongue. Another heavy spurt shot over my mouth and plopped on the far cheek, leaving a rope of sticky cock cream stretched across my open lips. I stuck my tongue up and wrapped the tip around it, pulling it into my mouth as Brooke milked the last drops of cum out of the twitching cock.

My pussy felt completely wet and sloppy. I could tell it was slowly filling up with jizz as Sara diligently collected every drop that missed and deposited it inside me. The more cum that filled my pussy, the hornier I got. I was squirming on the bed, my hips rotating in desperation as load after load splattered my body. When Sara wrapped her soft lips around my throbbing clit and started sucking, I moaned out in orgasm, my cunt clenching down on the spreader in my pussy as my own cum flooded into the sweet mix of juices inside me.

When I was done cumming, Sara dipped two fingers inside my open pussy and they came out coated with cum. She moved her fingers down and used them to grease up my tight ass. She knew exactly what I liked. Her slippery fingers slowly wormed their way inside the only hole available to fuck, and started pumping in and out as the men continued to use me as their cum dump. She hooked her fingers and pulled down, prying my tight little asshole open, then planted her lips up against the spread hole and pushed a mouthful of warm cum inside me. She slowly let it ooze out of my ass around her fingers and lapped it up again as they squished around, stretching out the tight, slippery hole. Guys were still spraying their loads toward my pussy and cum splattered down on Sara from every direction as she played with my ass.

I rolled the cum that was in my mouth around as more spurts were added to it, sticking my tongue out so that everyone could see how covered it was. Then they could watch as the cum slowly flowed off my tongue and back into my open mouth. It tasted so delicious, I couldn't help but play with it as I waited for more men to drain their balls into my mouth. I gurgled the sloppy mess in the back of my throat, tasting it as it washed across my tongue, and making bubbles in the thick, gooey cream. My pussy twitched in pleasure from the nasty, slutty act. Every inch of the inside of my mouth was glazed with warm semen. The taste was almost overwhelming, but I wanted even more. I stuck 2 fingers down into the pool of jizz in my mouth and rubbed my fingertips against the flat of my tongue, massaging the silky cum directly into my taste buds.

It took over ten more guys to finally fill my mouth to overflowing. Even after it was spilling out over my lips I still didn't want to swallow. I loved this feeling. I loved all the tastes and sensations of having my mouth completely full of warm, gooey cock cream. I loved that they were all watching me savoring every drop of their seed. I waited for several more cocks squirt into the creamy pool, letting the cum overflow and run down my cheeks in thick white streams. I pushed some of it out over my lower lip, then shoved my tongue through the sticky waterfall pouring down my chin.

Finally, I closed my eyes and gulped, letting the whole mess of hot, thick, delicious jizz flow down my throat. Brooke quickly leaned down and wrapped her lips around my tongue, sucking it into her mouth like a little cock and slurping the cum off of it. She let it go with a pop and moved to my cheeks and chin, lapping up the rivers of cum dripping down my face until her mouth was full, and then depositing the whole load on my tongue.

Several women that had been fucked and filled with cum started coming to my side. A stunning blond with perfect tits and a tight, glistening pussy crawled up on the bed and straddled my face. Her pussy lips were already dripping with little pearls of shiny white cum, so I knew an even better treat was waiting inside. She reached down with one hand and spread her lips apart with her fingers, opening her delicious pink pussy right over my spread mouth. I stared as a white stream of cum mixed with her juices dripped out of her pussy and plopped into my mouth. It was hot and sticky, like honey. Her other hand rubbed her swollen clit in little circles as the warm jizz poured out of her, making her shudder and moan. I knew that I loved feeling a big, fresh load dripping out of my pussy, so I could imagine how she was feeling getting to do it right into the mouth of a willing cum slut.

The last of the sticky cream dripped out of her and I lapped her juicy lips clean before she crawled off. The second girl to sit on my face had a double treat for me. She'd taken several big loads up both her holes. She leaned back on her hands with her pussy and ass right above my mouth and Brooke held her ass cheeks apart so the sweet sperm inside could find it's way out. She squeezed down and I groaned as I watched 2 stringy globs of spunk bubble out of her pink slit and her stretched out asshole. The sticky globs of cum ran down the crack of her ass and then plopped onto my outstretched tongue. Once I caught them she moved her ass right over my open mouth and pushed down, smothering me between her cheeks. My tongue shot out and I buried it as far up her gooey, quivering asshole as I could, trying to get any of the delicious semen that was still hiding in there. I swirled my tongue all around inside her tight little pucker as more cum leaked out and coated my tongue, lubing it up so I could shove it even deeper. I drank everything she had inside her as she worked her hips in a circle and her asshole twitched around my tongue.

With my mouth covered the guys needed a new target for their loads. As the girl sat on my face and I cleaned her ass with my tongue, they started spraying her tits. Cum flew at her from every direction, quickly building up on her tits and starting to slowly work it's way down her body to my waiting mouth. I watched all the cum run together and form big white globs that rolled down her chest and over her flat stomach. She slid her ass off my tongue and moved down a little, smushing her pussy over my open mouth as the first warm loads dripped down over her mound. I licked and tongued her sloppy pussy, smearing the sticky globs of cum all over her gooey labia.

Brooke started licking the sperm off her tits and belly, as it was taking too long for it to get to my mouth. She fed me what she licked up as the woman over my mouth started rubbing her clit. Her hips shook and she moaned as she came. A stream of hot cunt cream, mixed with the rest of the cum that had been trapped in her pussy, splashed into my mouth. Brooke slid two fingers in her pussy and fucked her with them, making sure every drop of her cunt juice had dripped into my mouth, then treated herself to the taste and licked all her fingers clean. The woman smiled and scooped up a little rivulet of her cum that was running down my cheek and wiped it across my lips before climbing off the bed.

As soon as she was out of the way, warm blasts of cum started raining down on me again like water from a sprinkler. It was coming from every direction. I couldn't even keep track of the number of guys who were splattering me. Brooke gathered up my hair and held it in her hands as the men started spraying cum into it. Her slippery fingers worked carefully, massaging each gooey glob into my silky blonde hair like conditioner. At least 50 guys had drained their cocks into my hair before it was completely soaked. When it was finally dripping wet with sperm she gathered it into a ponytail and held it above my face. She tightened her finger and thumb around the base of the ponytail and dragged her fingers down the whole length. Creamy white cum squeezed out and streamed off it, pouring into my mouth and across my face. She moved her hand back and forth, making long lines of gooey spunk across my cheeks, lips and nose. I felt like a pastry getting striped with lines of warm icing. She let the last little bit stream right into the back of my mouth and then leaned down and started licking my face, pushing the cum towards my mouth with her tongue. Once my face was finally clean and she'd pushed all the cum into my mouth, I swallowed it down.

By the time I had swallowed that, several more ropes of hot jizz had been sprayed across my face. They never seemed to stop. Brooke used her hands and fingers to spead the warm semen around, massaging it into my face. I closed my eyes and she rubbed her hands all over my face, neck, and shoulders, covering them completely with a shining layer of cum.

By then my pussy was almost overflowing with jizz. Sara could hardly keep up. She was working very hard to make sure every drop splashed down there was ending up inside my cunt. Brooke kept lapping up the cum that splashed my face and feeding it to me until Sara finally announced that my pussy was completely full.

She then inserted a long plastic tube, about the size of a straw, through the mouth of the spreader and down into the countless loads of gooey cum that filled my cunt. She brought the other end up to my mouth and carefully removed the mouth spreader so I could close my lips around the tube. My jaw ached from being held open for so long, but as soon as my lips closed I started sucking the hot cream out of my pussy.

I watched the white flow of cum move slowly up the tube toward my mouth. Finally it reached the end of the tube and the warm cum poured into my mouth. I sucked down the dozens of loads of warm, sticky cock cream from my stuffed cunt as Sara rubbed my clit and made me orgasm. Every time I came, more of my pussy juices oozed out and mixed with the loads of jizz, giving me more to suck down and making the cum smoothie sweeter with every orgasm. I sucked on the straw non-stop until every last drop of hot cum had been pulled from my cunt. Sara moved the end of the tube around inside my pussy, making sure I got all I could, and then pulled it out and licked and sucked my pussy walls clean.

I held the last big gulp of cum in my mouth and swished it around as Sara pulled the spreader free from my hot, sloppy pussy. I felt it gaping open from being held so wide for so long. She slid two fingers inside the stretched hole, then three and four, until finally I saw her hand disappear inside me. Brooke joined her between my legs and used one hand to finger my ass, and the other to rub my slippery clit.

Sara twisted her fist around inside my pussy almost effortlessly as I gurgled and played with the cum in my mouth. I grinned as men again surrounded me and warm loads of jizz splashed down on me from every direction, glazing my body while Sara and Brooke were busy. In the dream, I couldn't see the men's faces. They were anonymous cocks that existed just to feed me their loads and fill my holes with sweet, sticky jizz. I closed my eyes and tilted my head back, just letting their cum turn my eye sockets into creamy puddles as the fist pumped in and out of my pussy and the big load of sperm bounced around in my mouth.

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