tagLoving WivesShe Expects That I Obey Her Ch. 03

She Expects That I Obey Her Ch. 03


My wife Jenny arrives home early on Friday night. I had taken the afternoon off and am in the midst of preparing dinner. I am wearing only a pair of boxer shorts and bending forward to place the crown roast of lamb in the oven when she walks in the door. She drops her keys and purse on the kitchen table for me to put away. She stepped towards me and playfully grabs my ass as she leans over me to kiss my cheek.

"Hello, Dear. Looks like you have dinner well underway. I'm going to jump into the shower. I'll be needing your help getting ready when you get things under control in the kitchen."

With that she headed off to the bathroom in our master suite. She started disrobing and carelessly dropping her clothes onto the floor as she walked away. I finished up in the kitchen and then followed her trail of laundry as it led to the shower door. I picked up every piece of her discarded clothing and placed it either in the dry cleaning pile or the hamper where I would deal with it later.

I went into her closet and picked out the outfit that I already knew she wanted to wear for tonight. There were black stockings with a visible seam that ran along the back of the leg. There were garter belts. There was a short black skirt and a white top that dropped in a low V across her chest. She would wear no bra. I also grabbed the new, high-heel shoes with the straps that wrapped around her ankles. I had bought these for her yesterday during my lunch hour. Finally, I took her strand of pearls out of her jewelry box. I draped everything across the bed and stepped into the bathroom as I heard the water turning off in the shower.

I hand Jenny a towel and stand waiting for her instructions. She looks down at my boxers and reminds me that this is not the uniform she had prescribed. I go back to the closet and remove the boxers. I then reached into my dresser to pull out a stainless steel and leather cock ring. I fasten it around the base of my cock and balls. This is to be the only thing I wear tonight.

I go back into the bathroom and see Jenny sitting on the toilet to urinate. I grab her some squares of toilet paper and stand waiting for her to finish. She looks at me, takes the toilet paper, and throws it on the ground in front of me.

"I think we are beyond this." She stands with her legs spread slightly. For the first time ever she has me lick clean the urine that was left on her pussy. "Next time, I'll just piss right in your mouth," she says as she lifts herself away from me and walks to the sink. "You'd like that wouldn't you?"

I nodded. It was undeniable that I would like that. I liked everything that she was doing to humiliate me. The rapid acceleration of my submission to her was something that I had started out trying to fight, but I quickly surrendered and was becoming more and more the deeply submissive, obedient husband she demanded.

What had happened? What had come over her in just the last month? Only a couple of years ago we had been just a completely vanilla couple. I had always fantasized about submitting to her authority, and finally had the courage to confess my feelings to her. She read the copy of Around Her Finger book that I bought her, and immediately grasped the benefits that a wife-led household had to offer. But that book was so tame. We were now going way beyond anything in that book. She must have stumbled onto other websites that discussed femdom marriages. She must have read about more intense femdom behavior on those sites and now wanted to experiment with this activity in our own relationship.

Tonight she would be cuckolding me. In a fit of passion she got me to confess that I wanted to be her cuckold. She brought me to the brink of an orgasm and then held me there until I offered my blessing to let another man fuck her. From the moment I said it I had regretted it, but she wouldn't let me take it back. The truth is that she wants this to happen. She wants this to happen for a number of reasons.

To begin with, she wants to establish her authority over me in a way that transcends the domestic servitude and sexual control that we already practice. She wants to feel the white hot light of complete and irrevocable dominance. She wants the power rush of that will come when I willingly submit myself to the indignity, to the abject humiliation of becoming her cuckold. She will know she owns me and that our power exchange is complete.

More than just that, she also wants to fuck this man. She has been thinking about this for a long time. My submission to her has made it impossible for me to ravage her like she craves. An alpha-woman needs an alpha male, and I am now undeniably not her equal. When this man's cock enters her, it will satisfy her in a way that I no longer can. With me kneeling before her, I can bring her orgasm after orgasm with my tongue. My cock can enter her, but only with permission. I can't take her, possess her. She needs this and tonight she will get it.

Jenny steps out of the bathroom and into the bedroom. She smiles approvingly at my naked vulnerability. She caresses my cock and squeezes my balls gently. She instructs me to kneel to help her into her garter belt, her hose, and her shoes. The doorbell rings before I can finish dressing her and she commands me to go answer it.

"Treat him with the respect that he deserves," she commands as I walk out to answer the door.

I open the door a crack to make certain that it is Carter. It is, and I open the door all the way. This is the first time I have ever seen him. He is a magnificent man, and I immediately see why Jenny is so attracted to him. He is about 6' 2" with an athletic build. The slim waist on his unpleated khakis and tight-fitting button down shirt suggest a flat stomach with ample muscles. I cannot quite figure out if he is white or very light-skinned black. He seems like he could blend into either race. He has a chiseled face with dark brown eyes that look me over disapprovingly as he steps inside the house. Over his shoulder is a gym bag and in his hand is a small paper bag. He places the gym bag on the floor next to the door and hands the paper bag to me. I open it and see that is a tube of body lube.

"That's in case I want to fuck your wife up the ass, cuck. Go put it next to the bed."

I do as he instructs. I poke my head into the bathroom while running back to complete his errand. I see that Jenny is almost ready. She is standing in front of the mirror primping. She smiles at me and asks me how she looks.

"Wonderful," I reply. "Carter is out there right now," I tell her. "He asked me to put a bottle of lubricant next to the bed." I paused. "In case you want to have anal sex... that's what he said." She smiled at me but said nothing. "You wouldn't let him do that would you? I mean, you never let me do that."

She ignores me completely.

"Go open us a bottle of wine, cuck. I'll be out in a minute."

I walk back to the kitchen and find Carter already looking at our wine bottles.

"Open this," he barks. I take the bottle. It is a very nice cab that had been given to us for our last anniversary. I open it and pour two glasses, handing one to him. I set the other on the table to await Jenny. "You ever sucked a cock before?" he asks me. I told him that I had not. "Which do you think would be more humiliating for you... me fucking your wife or you sucking my cock?" I stand silent, not even knowing how to answer that question. He smiles at my silence. "You're into female supremacy right? This all started out you just wanting to adore and submit to your wife... all that 'Around Her Finger' crap, right?"

"I never wanted any of this," is my response. "All I wanted was for her to be the head of the household, to let her make the decisions, to let me do the housework, give her massages...."

"But you're getting a hell of a lot more than that," interrupts Carter. "Both you and your wife have no idea of what you are getting into tonight. You are both going to be so completely addicted to my authority that I am going to own you both forever. You'll both do things for me that you never imagined you would do. Part of you will hate it, but you won't be able to resist it. I'm telling you what's coming because there's nothing you can do to stop it. She'll be mine by the end of the night, and when I own her, I'll own you."

We both look up and see Jenny walking in from the bedroom. She has no idea what we were discussing. They exchange pleasant greetings like they are already old friends and lovers. Carter looks over her shoulder when he embraces her and flashes me a wink. What have we gotten ourselves into?


I serve them both the incredible dinner that I had prepared. It is a multi-course meal with appetizers, salad, a crown roast of lamb, and crème Brule for desert. They more or less ignore me during dinner, although Jenny does take occasion to point out my shackled cock and note how much smaller it is than Carter's. I fill their glasses with the last of now the second bottle of wine, and they rise from the table to move into the den. As I begin cleaning the dishes, I can see that Jenny has already straddled Carter on the couch, and they are kissing each other passionately.

By the time I finish the dishes, Carter is telling Jenny to stand in front of him. He asks her to disrobe slowly so he can savor each new part of her body that she reveals. She removes her blouse and her breasts come into view. They are large and hang down slightly with their own weight. Her nipples are enormous and totally erect. Then she steps out of her shoes and allows her skirt to drop to the floor. She is wearing only hose with garters, so there are no panties. Her pussy is closely trimmed and her hands move immediately to begin caressing herself. He calls for me to come in the room. I stop where I am with the dishes and immediately obey.

"You've got him trained well, Jenny." She smiles in response. I stand before him and wait for his next instructions. "I'm going to want you to undress me, cuck." I drop to my knees and remove his shoes. I take off his socks. He pulls his arms away from his waist and I undo his belt. I unsnap and unzip his pants and he stands. I pull the pants down and he steps out of them. He is wearing a loose fitting pair of boxers. "Next the shirt," he commands. I undo the button on his shirt and remove it. I go to hang the shirt on the back of a chair and look over at him. He has an amazing body. He has the most chiseled muscles I have ever seen on any man in person. Jenny is staring at him like she is possessed. "Now, kneel down and pull these boxers off of me, cuck." Again I do as he instructs. I pull down his boxers and see his cock for the first time.

I have never seen a cock like this before now. It hangs a full eight inches even though it is soft. It curves gracefully as it descends. It is a perfect, light caramel color with a softer pinkish glow in its mushroom-like head. His pubic hair is closely shaved. He steps out of his boxers and stands with his hands on his hips allowing both Jenny and I to marvel at his physical presence. She drops to her knees beside me and places her hands on either side of his hips, staring at his cock as if hypnotized by it. I stand up and step back. I'm amazed at my own reaction. I've never had a homosexual thought in my life, but now I'm feeling the blood flowing to my own cock, hardening in an unmistakable response to the sight of his body. Jenny presses her cheek against his cock and closes her eyes. His erection begins to take shape. It grows to at least eleven inches long and twice, maybe three times the thickness of my own member. She kisses its head. He grabs her by the hair and points her face towards his own.

"Not so fast," he says, "I have some ground rules I want to discuss."

The first thing he wants is for me to go and get the gym bag from next to the front door. I bring it to him and he opens it to reveal a small digital video camera and a telescoping tripod. He has me set it up in the corner of the room.

"I want to film everything," he says. He looks back down at Jenny. She can barely contain herself. One of her hands is holding his cock and the other is rubbing herself between her legs. "Do you want me to fuck you, Jenny?" he asks. She nods. "Then I want you to submit to me as completely as your husband submits to you. I want to control you not just now, but forever. You'll be my complete slut, my whore, my property. Do you understand this?" She nods again. "Say it," he commands.

"Yes, sir. I want to be your slut, not just now but forever. I'll do whatever you tell me. Just please let me suck your cock, please fuck me."

"You filming all this, cuck?" I nodded. It was all captured on the camera. "Good, then go ahead. Put my cock in your mouth." With this permission she opened her mouth and let the cock slide in and push against the back of her throat. Carter smiled at me knowing that his prediction was coming true. "And I'm going to make your husband my special little bitch as well. You are both mine after tonight, and I've got big plans for both of you. Come over here, cuck, get down and lick my balls while your wife sucks my cock." I did as commanded. I positioned myself between his legs and let his balls drop into my mouth.

The camera was rolling. It was going to be a long night and things would never be the same again.

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