tagErotic PoetryShe Lights My Soul!

She Lights My Soul!

byUncle Pervey©

I bought a bottle of Spumonti wine,
On the way to see my daughter one night.
I figured Tracy Jo'd like to try it,
And I didn't think it would make us tight!

Spumonti wine is like bubbly pop,
Its tangy and tastes just a little sweet.
My daughter took to it taste right away,
And she thanked me for bringing her the treat!

Tracy had just gotten out of her bath,
When I'd arrived with the Spumonti wine.
She'd come straight from her bath to let me in,
And in her bathrobe she was looking fine!

She flopped down on her livingroom couch,
And was sprawled out there a little careless.
When I saw her bathrobe had come open,
I saw her scrumptious pussy was hairless!

I didn't think she was aware her robe,
Had accidently opened down below.
I filled Tracy's glass so she wouldn't move,
And my eyes fed on her unaware show!

My daughter Tracy Jo had relaxed now,
But I can't say I was feeling the same.
My mouth was watering like Niagra,
And my lust-filled mind was becoming game@!

I watched my daughter relax even more,
And lean back on the couch with her legs spread.
I couldn't stand it and dropped to my knees,
And moved between her spread legs with my head!

I pressed my mouth to her part open slit,
And moaned with joy and slid my tongue inside.
I felt Tracy tense up and then relax,
And as I licked I heard my daughter's sigh!

I felt my daughter's legs spread open more,
And my hands found her naked ass and squeezed.
I began licking and sucking her clit,
And I heard Tracy moan cause she was pleased!

I licked and slurped out all her pussy's juice,
And plunged my tongue inside her hole for more.
My daughter had more than one wet climax,
And I wanted to get at her back door!

I raised her hips enough to get started,
And kissed her pucker hole and licked it good.
I pushed my tongue against it and slid in,
And gave it all the tonguing that I could!

By this time Tracy's pussy was gushing,
And she wanted her pussy ate again!
I got undressed and stretched out on the floor,
And pulled her down on me and I began!

We were in position for sixty-nine,
And my cock was twitching like something wild.
I started slurping my daughter's pussy,
As I felt my cock sucked on by my child!

My daughter was sucking me and moaning,
As I was swallowing her pussy's cum.
My cock was draining out inside her mouth,
And as she sucked and swallowed Tracy hummed!

She kept me hard by licking and sucking,
And I moved my mouth up to her asshole.
I sucked until my lips were holding tight,
And plunged my tongue inside her spincter's roll!

I tongue-fucked her tight asshole til she came,
And then moved down and gobbled up her juice.
I slurped out and swallowed all her wetness,
And then I felt my own climax cut loose!

We licked each other's sex while we rested,
By now we were both wanting some fucking.
When I got hard my daughter straddled me,
And slid me inside and started bucking!

Her pussy felt so hot I thought I'd burn,
And I thrust up into that wondrous fire.
I felt like I was pushing into flames,
And Tracy's fucking filled all my desires!

She collapsed just as I started cumming,
She'd had her cum and I was cumming too!
My cock stayed deep inside and kept spurting,
And we fucked each other the whole night through!

This love we share is everything to me,
My daughter Tracy Jo, and I are one!
There's nothing more precious in life for me,
And she lights my sould brighter than the sun!!

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