tagLoving WivesShe Lost The Bet

She Lost The Bet


I walked back into our bedroom. My eyes stared at her beauty. Her long brunette hair was tussled about her face. Her firm full breasts were topped with now very hard and erect nipples with a beautiful hue of pink areola surrounding them. I let my eyes wander down her firm flat stomach to her luscious smooth hips and to her completely smooth and freshly shaven pussy. Her pussy was merely a slit in her body with just a hint of her lips protruding. Her clit was erect and now peeking from between the folds of her pussy. I wandered further down her body to her taut thighs. Then to her strong calves that were perfect and not too muscular. Then to her sweet and delectable toes with the French manicure.

The beautiful female form that I have been describing belongs to my wife Jane. I know that her pussy was just freshly shaven because I had just done it for her. Jane was tied to the bed. Her wrists were tied to the headboard with silk scarves as well as her ankles. She was spread-eagle on the bed with a pink blindfold covering her eyes.

Her pussy was wet from the moisture it was generating due to the excitement of having me shave it for her.

Jane had lost a bet with me and this was her punishment or maybe it was actually a reward. Oh, well what does that really matter? I was getting to have my way with her for the entire day. She had to do what I asked of her all day with no hesitation.

I had decided to get the day started early. It was morning and I had just awakened and found Jane in the kitchen drinking her coffee.

I informed her that today was the day she was to pay up on her losing bet.

"Back to bed." I ordered her.

She immediately stood up, went back to the bedroom, and crawled onto the bed. I gathered the scarves and tied her to the bed then placed the mask over her eyes.

I went to the bathroom and gathered the supplies I would need to make her as smooth as the day she was born. I had carefully shaven every hair from her pussy. I was just back from the bathroom putting the supplies away.

I crawled onto the bed next to her and kissed her. She responded with a passionate kiss. I let my fingers lightly float across her hard nipples until she moaned and writhed against her restraints.

Jane loves having her neck kissed so I leaned into her and kissed and licked her neck. I let my kisses flow to her breasts that were now heaving from her heavy breathing. I let my tongue trace circles around her erect nipple then around the globes of flesh. I scooted down in the bed to kiss and lick her sides, which caused her to writhe even more from the tickling sensation it was causing her. I kissed to her hip. That beautiful velvety skin that continued to her smooth thigh.

I could hear her breathing and looked up to see her biting her lower lip. I had to smile knowing she was enjoying this as much as I was. My cock was rock hard and pre-cum was running from the head.

I flipped around in the bed so that I could kiss her shins and calves. I worked my way to her feet then kissed each of her toes then sucked each of them into my mouth one at a time. I crawled between her outstretched legs and kissed up her other leg to her hip. I then kissed across to her mons and laid down between her legs.

I let my tongue slid down her now very wet slit. When my tongue hit her hard little nub, she jerked and moaned again. I let my tongue slid deep into the folds of her pussy savoring the sweet taste of her juices. I let my tongue slid inside her then down to the tender spot between her pussy and rectum. I let my tongue tickle her there before scooping up her juices with my tongue. The sweet nectar was pooled on my tongue and I swallowed it.

My tongue entered her pussy again on my way back to her clit. As soon as my tongue touched her, she responded with a moan.

I sucked her clit into my mouth and let my tongue flick it hard a couple of times.

"My gawd Charlie make me cum." She growled.

Unfortunately for her making her cum was not my intention. I wanted her so horny all day that she would do anything I asked her to do. My face and chin was coated with her juices as I slid back up her body kissing each nipple on the way.

I straddled her chest and let my hard cock lay against her lips. She immediately opened her mouth and sucked me in. I leaned forward against the headboard and slowly began fucking her mouth. She kept her lips wrapped tightly around my cock and sucked.

I looked down at my cock sliding in and out of her mouth. It was wet from her saliva. I kept humping in and out of her and slowly inching my cock deeper into her waiting mouth and throat.

I leaned further into her and apparently hit the back of her throat causing her to choke slightly. She kept on sucking.

She was moaning on my cock, which intensified my excitement. I could feel the cum beginning to boil deep in my balls.

Jane had taken my cum in her mouth on a couple of occasions and today was going to be one of those occasions.

I moved my hips faster and could feel my cock swell inside her mouth. Jane had to know what was getting ready to happen but just kept sucking.

"OHHH FUCK!" I moaned as the first load emptied down her throat.

She kept sucking until I had finished cumming in her mouth then she swallowed what had not shot straight down her throat. My cock went flaccid in her mouth.

I climbed off her face and back down between her legs. I kissed and licked her inner thighs then slid my hands under her ass to pull her pussy to me. I let my tongue slide along her smooth, soaking wet slit until it made contact with her clit.

"OHHHHH GAWD" she moaned as her whole body jerked.

I pulled off her clit knowing that it was hypersensitive and she would cum quickly. I was not ready for her to release yet. I kissed and licked her outer pussy lips and the creases between her pussy and inner thighs.

"Dear gawd Charlie lick my pussy." She begged.

I stopped all attention and crawled from between her legs.

"I'll be back in a minute." I told her

"Oh fuck Charlie don't do this to me." She begged again.

I turned to look at her beautiful form squirming on the bed itching to cum.

I went into the kitchen to get some breakfast and left Jane tied to the bed.

After eating a bagel, I returned to the bedroom.

"Charlie please untie me I have to pee." She pleaded.

I said to her, "Ok but I want you to shower and get ready to go to lunch."

She simply nodded her head in approval. I untied her wrists then her feet. She leapt out of the bed and ran to the bathroom.

I heard the shower turn on and I went to her closet to pick out the clothes she was going to wear for the day.

I chose a pair of spandex shorts that she has only worn around the house to tease me. They are pink and leave a third of her ass cheeks showing as they ride up the crack of her tight ass. In the front, they also ride up into her pussy clearly displaying a camel toe. I then chose a thin white top that was form fitting and cut well below her cleavage. It covered just enough to keep her hard nipples from showing. I then reached for her shoes and chose a pair of high-heeled backless sandals.

She stepped back into the bedroom with a towel wrapped around her hair.

"Damn it Charlie you could have at least ......" she suddenly stopped when she saw the outfit on the bed.

"Surely you don't want me to wear that to lunch?" she looked shocked.

"Surely I do." I responded.

"I will get arrested for being a prostitute wearing that in public." She stated.

"Remember the bet? With no hesitation?" I asked.

She started to say, "But"

I cut her short with a look of do not start.

"You are evil" she stated and turned to go back to the bathroom.

I jumped into the shower while she continued to get ready. I got out, dressed, and waited in the family room for her to finish.

Soon I heard the click, click, click of her heels on the hardwood floor. I turned and my cock nearly jumped from my pants.

The shorts had already slid into her pussy. Her nipples were hard as rocks and her areola was pimpled up with excitement.

I used my finger in a circular motion wanting her to turn around. She did a pirouette and turned around. Her shorts were in the crack of her ass and her tight little bum was on clear display.

"Wow!" was all I could muster.

"I'm sure you know that every man we come across today will be eyeing my ass." She stated.

"That is what I'm counting on." I responded.

I glanced at the clock, it was one pm, and I said, "Let's go I'm starving."

I got up and took her hand as we went to the garage and got into the car,

Driving to the restaurant, I kept my hand on her thigh right next to her pussy. It was radiating heat all on its own. I would occasionally run my finger across her hard nipple. I wanted to keep her in a constant state of sexual excitement.

I did not want to take her to a family restaurant because I was afraid there might be kids there so I drove to a local restaurant/bar that I knew had no kids in it. I also knew there would be a bunch of horny men in there drinking and having lunch.

I pulled into the parking lot, parked and got out of the car. Jane was still sitting in the car so I walked around and opened her door.

"Come on I'm ready to eat." I told her.

She took a deep breath and got out of the car. I took her hand as we walked to the door. On the way, a car passed by and honked. I looked at Jane whose face was turning bright red. We both knew the driver was honking at her.

We stepped in and just as I had expected Jane was the only woman in the place other than the bartender.

I purposely walked her to the other end of the bar where there were about six guys sitting at a table behind us. I pointed to the barstool and Jane climbed up. I watched her ass as the bare skin sat on the stool. The guys behind us who had been talking were now silent.

I ordered a beer and said, "I'll be right back I'm going to the restroom."

She had a please don't leave me look in her eyes as I leaned to her to kiss her.

I primarily went to the restroom to calm down. My heart was racing I'm sure as fast as Jane's was. My cock was also trying hard to plump up and get fully erect. I washed my hands, splashed some water on my face, and headed back out.

I glanced at the table of guys who were all looking at Jane's nearly naked ass on the stool. I looked and her shorts had ridden further up her ass. She nearly looked like she was wearing a thong.

She had ordered a drink and had nearly downed it in the small amount of time I was gone. I sipped from my beer and the bartender took our lunch order.

"Can I have another please?" Jane asked the bartender.

She took another big gulp of it as soon as it was in front of her.

She leaned to me and whispered, "I can feel twelve eyes burning holes in my ass."

I laughed and she laughed with me. The drinks were beginning to loosen her up.

I finished my beer and she had finished her drink. We ordered another drink.

She finished it right as our lunch arrived and ordered another drink.

About half way through lunch, she leaned to me and whispered again, "I have to pee."

I smiled back at her and said, "Well go."

She took a deep breath and climbed off the stool. She hitched her fingers at the legs of her shorts and pulled them down as much as they would go. She turned without making eye contact with anyone and walked toward the restrooms. I looked at the table of guys and at the guys at the bar. Every eye was on her.

Her tight little ass was sashaying side to side. Embarrassed or not she knew all eyes were on her and she was making a show of it.

She had been gone a few minutes when I went to check on her. Knowing she was the only female in the place, I opened the Ladies Room door and stepped in.

Jane was standing at the counter with her hand shoved down the front of her shorts, fingering her pussy.

She was not sure who was coming in and quickly jerked her hand from her shorts with a shocked look on her face.

"HOLY SHIT CHARLIE! You scared the hell out of me." She exclaimed.

"What the hell are you doing?" I asked.

"Damn it Charlie you left me this morning unsatisfied and now you are parading me around in front of all these men who are staring at me and obviously want to fuck me. I have to have some release." She answered.

I stepped on in and stood behind her as she looked at me in the mirror. I ran my hands up her hips to her tits and massaged them through her tight top. Her nipples felt like little pebbles under my palms. She leaned back into me and continued to watch in the mirror. I then let my hands slide down her body to the waistband of her shorts. I pulled the front open with one hand and let the other slide into her shorts and onto her smooth and very damp pussy. I let a finger slide into her. Her pussy was soaking wet inside.

She moaned, "OHHHHHHHH!"

With my well-lubricated finger, I slid it along her slit to her very hard clit. As soon as my finger hit her clit, she jerked against my body and laid her head back onto my chest. I let my finger circle her clit then rubbed directly on it.

"OHHHH FUCK YES CHARLIE!" she groaned.

I watched her in the mirror as her eyes closed and her areola puckered up to make a swell in her blouse.

I pulled my finger from her clit and quickly pulled her shorts down. They fell to the floor as I turned her around and sat her on the counter top.

I got on my knees on the floor then Jane put her legs over my shoulders. I planted my face and tongue on her juicy pussy and began sucking her hard clit.

She grabbed the back of my head and pulled me deeper into her sweet pussy.


She shoved my head harder against her pussy and locked her thighs against my head.

She was breathing in short choppy breaths now as her orgasm overtook her body.

"OH FUCK YES!" she growled.

She nearly ejaculated on my face. Her pussy was soaked and her body was convulsing.

She kept my head against her pussy but I stopped licking her.

She let up the pressure and I backed off enough to say, "One is all you get right now. If you are a good girl or should I say bad girl you will get more later."


I stood up and said, "Clean yourself off and come back out to the bar."

I grabbed a paper towel, wiped her juices from my face, and left her.

I went back to my seat at the bar and soon she reappeared.

She walked to the bar with a bounce in her step that caused her tits to undulate beneath her sheer top. Her shorts were firmly embedded in her pussy, which left every detail visible to the entire bar. All of which was watching her again.

She sat down on the bar stool next to me and I heard a whispered, "Damn." Come from one of the guys behind us.

She leaned to my ear, "You really are a bastard today. I'm so fucking horny I could fuck you right here in front of all of these guys."

I whispered back to her, "Good. The anticipation and the buildup makes the orgasm that much sweeter!"

We had finished eating and taken more time than I had thought. Not a soul left the bar and anyone who came in stayed also.

"Want to go to a movie?" I asked her.

"Sure what do you want to watch?" She replied

"There is a new one out I have wanted to see. They say it is great!" I answered.

I got up off the stool and paid the bartender. Jane slid off the stool and I held my hand out for her to lead the way. I had to look at her half naked ass, as she again knew everyone including me would be watching. She strolled with confidence to the door. As we got to the door, a whistle came out of the bar. I just smiled and I knew she was too.

I opened the car door for her. As she slid in, she reached for my cock. It was hard.

"My, my, it appears I'm not the only one horny today. You must really be enjoying this today." She smiled as she said it.

I shut the door and walked around to get in. She reached for my cock again and began to unzip my pants. I stopped her.

"Damn it Charlie, I want your cock." She exclaimed.

"The time will come for that. Right now we are going to a movie." I responded to her.

I drove down the street about a mile to a "XXX" theatre.

"Charlie, are you serious?" she looked shocked as she said it.

I did not say anything just got out and walked around to her side and opened the door.

She got out and we walked hand in hand to the ticket booth.

The show started in about ten minutes so we went on in and found a seat toward the back of the theatre.

I put my hand on Jane's knee and looked at her fantastically sexy body. I also noticed the front of her shorts. There was a wet spot right in the middle of where they were riding up into her pussy.

There were about five other people in the theatre. One of them was a couple.

The lights went down and the screen flickered to life.

As in many porn movies, it began immediately with a good-looking guy and a beautiful girl fucking in bed. Jane squirmed in her seat.

As the scene progressed, I slid my hand up Jane's thigh and ran a finger under the leg of her shorts. She spread her legs as far as they could in the seats. My finger found her wet slit and I let a finger slid into her pussy.

"Mmmmmmmmm" came from her.

The guy had a large cock and the close-ups revealed his wet cock pumping into the blonde's pussy.

Jane scooted down in her seat, reached for the leg of her short shorts, and pulled them to one side so that her pussy was out in the open and giving me full access. I let another finger slid into her.

"Ohhhhhh" escaped her mouth this time.

I let my fingers find her hard and wet clit. Her body jerked as I began circling her clit. Her pussy was so juicy I could hear the squishing sound my finger was making sliding against her swollen clit.

A few rows in front of us I noticed the other couple in the theatre. She was facing us sitting in his lap. It was obvious what was happening there. The solo men in the theatre were moving closer to Jane, I, and the other couple. I'm sure they were hoping to get a quick blowjob, hand job or even better a quick fuck from one of the two women in the place.

Jane was now pinching her nipples as I fingered her pussy.

Suddenly, "OH FUCK YES!" Jane screamed.

It was so loud that even I was shocked and everyone in the place turned to look at us.

Jane's body shook and quivered as she rolled into an extreme orgasm.

She quickly reached for my fly and unzipped me. She reached in to pull my hard and wet cock from inside. She then stood up in front of me with her ass in my face. She reached for the leg of her shorts again and pulled them to the side. She lowered herself onto my cock as I held it.

I easily slid into her pussy. She started to bob up and down on my cock all the time watching the action on the screen. I decided to give the two guys who had moved in on us a little show. I reached for the hem on her blouse and pulled it up over her full tits. I grabbed a soft globe of flesh in each hand and massaged them as she fucked me.

Her pussy was still vibrating from her orgasm and was squeezing my cock on each stroke. On each down stroke, I could feel her juices running from her onto my balls.

"Ohhh My GAWD!" I moaned.

Jane pulled off my cock and spun around with her knees on the floor she sucked my cock into her mouth just as I lost my load. She sucked down my cum without losing a drop.

I glanced over to one of the guys who had moved onto our row. He had his cock out stroking it. I looked the other direction and another guy was shooting his load onto the floor.

Jane also glanced both directions as she stood up and pulled her top back over her tits. She adjusted her shorts and sat down next to me.

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