tagBDSMShe Needs His Control

She Needs His Control


They had met only once before tonight but, she felt like he knew her every thought. He had an air of authority and a coolness when they first locked eyes across the hotel lobby. She was there for a conference with work and it was the last night. At work she was one of the highest paid and well respected experts in her field. With a sharp mind for business and killer looks, instincts and charisma that propelled her to the forefront of her career. She never mixed business and pleasure. Men she dated had let her know that they thought her too in control and distant.

Her group was feeling rowdy and exhilarated after being stuck in the conference room with the smell of coffee and stale doughnuts listening to speaker after speaker. The guy Ralph who had hit on her non-stop was asking her if she wanted to join them for a few drinks in the hotel lounge and she was trying to nicely tell him that she had a headache and wanted to retire to her room but, she could feel him staring at her from across the room where she had 1st spotted him.

She could feel his stare wonder up her body as if he was willing her to look again. The group moved on talking and laughing knowing she would never go with them and glad the boss was headed back to her room.

Suddenly, she was standing alone staring back across the room at the most gorgeous face she had ever seen. He was in his early 40's with A head of rich, full, thick, brown hair with some gray, cut shorter on the sides. Making him look distinguished. His eyes were deep brown and set deep with high cheekbones and heart shape lips. He smiled revealing white, even teeth and boyish dimples. The smile did not reach his eyes. His eyes were saying something completely different as if he was undressing her mentally and that he could read her secret desires. His expensive dark gray suit tailored to fit his broad shoulders to perfection. He stood and walked over to her and introduced himself.

He asked her for a drink and dinner and she went. They talked and she realized later it was mostly about her. He asked questions not too probing but, ones not normally asked on the 1st date. She found him charming and polite. They finished dinner and he walked her back to the hotel and asked for her phone number email address. He was very successful himself and through the evening she noticed the staff had catered to his every need with extra lavish attention. The waitress flirted with him and he ignored it as if it happens all the time and was annoyed by it.

He kissed her then in the lobby and the heat and chemistry left her breathless. She told him she had a wonderful time. She returned to her room trembling. There was something about him that told her he was man used to being in control of his emotions and actions.

Shortly after returning home and back to work on Monday morning her email went off as she was sipping her coffee. It was him! Her heart started beating a little faster. They sent texts and emails daily. Getting more and more acquainted. He had dozens of flowers sent to her office and home. She told him things no one else knew. He asked her questions about her past love life. She told him she rarely had an orgasm with anyone other than herself blushing as she typed it. As the communications continued it got more sexual and he got more and more demanding. He sent instructions for her daily telling her to do naughtier and naughtier things to herself. Soon she was wearing lacy panties under her suits and he would send a text wanting a picture of her pussy with the lace material being pulled tight against her twat under her desk. She always complied and did what he asked even if he knew she was embarrassed. He enjoyed it even more when she emailed the first time begging him to come see her so that he could touch her. He told he would when she was ready and willing to do anything he asked of her. She was resisting and he told her the terms again. Finally she could not resist anymore and asked him what she had to do and he sent his final instructions. Now here she was at his beautiful, modern home. He let Lydia his maid escort her in and she was told to remove her coat. Lydia tried to take her coat for her but, she knew she was almost naked under it and was refusing when Lydia said to her Sir will not like it if you disobey. She took off her coat and saw a small mean smile on Lydia's face as she took the coat and went to let him know that his new toy arrived.

She stood before him with her eyes cast down to the floor. Waiting for his approval. Dressed as he had instructed her. She was petite, 5'1" 100 lbs. big green cat eyes, luscious big lips beautiful teeth with high her cheek bones, long slender neck, tan chest with pert, small round breasts she was beautiful woman. Curvy in all the right places and trim from working out daily.

Staring at her in her black sequined peep toe 3 inch high heel shoes. Shiny, candy apple red toenails... just how he had instructed in his email to her. He stared slowly up her body, noting her delicate ankles, the thin silver chain wrapped around it and continued up her small shapely calves. Her lace, purple negligee split up the sides of both thighs. God he loved her olive toned skin. It was glistening with the oils he had bought for her and told her to rub all over her body after her bath. He lifts the material knowing this is the part of the inspection that humiliates and excites her. He asks her as he rubs over her freshly shaved, puffy, swollen lips "Did you like rubbing the oil on your slut cunt?" He sees the blush crawl up her chest and neck.

While rubbing her pussy he uses his other hand to roughly pull down the material covering her breasts. She whimpers when the action causes her juice to leak down the inside of her thighs. Are we not going to behave like a good girl tonight and answer me? He said lowly into her ear. She squeaked out "Yes" quietly. He stepped back and touched her right breast lightly then grabbed her nipple twisting it hard. She yelped and he said maybe you need to say it louder so that I can hear you? "It felt good when I rubbed the oils on my slut cunt Sir." She said clearly still looking at the carpet.

He lifted her head up so, that she knew to look him in the face and slid it slowly to her throat grabbing tightly. I know you enjoyed it because your thighs are wet with your slut juice. Now let me carry on with my inspection of you. He grabbed a big, dark brown nipple twisting it between his thumb and forefinger. She was moaning. He had not let her cum for 5 days. Teasing her day and night. Sending texts while he was at work. Making her play with herself and send him videos.

He had reduced her to begging for the past 2 weeks and he finally agreed to meet with her tonight but, only if she promised to do exactly as he had instructed in his email this morning and if there was one thing out of order she would take the punishment he chose. If not then he would send her home aching.

He loved hearing her moan as he squeezed her nipples hard and twisted kissing her neck, nipping and biting then licking behind her ear. She knew she was pleasing him also, his hard cock straining against his tight jeans. God, he looked so good. Barefoot, only in jeans, his stomach flat, his tattooed covered chest, back and arms were muscular. She almost opened her mouth to beg him to take her but, she knew if she asked he would torment her even longer. He told her to sit in the chair and put her legs on the arms so that she was spread eagle. So shy and timid but, being spread eagle for him had her pussy flowing. He got on his knees to inspect every inch of her. She winced knowing that a drop of her cum just rolled from her cunt under his gaze. He took his finger and caught it. Look at how wet you are? Tell me what a cum slut you are he said as he slid his finger from the top of her pussy slowly down to her dripping hole. "I am a horny cum slut that neeeeeds cock Sir" she responded. Her voice catching as he grazed lightly over top of her swollen clit that had popped out and was standing thick begging for attention.

He stood up grabbing her nipples hard as he did and she had no choice but to stand up with him the pain turning to pleasure the more demanding he got. BEND OVER he said loudly and coldly. She bent over touching the toes of her heels. Just what I thought he said after he had ran his hands over her ass and around her asshole. He grabbed her by her dark brown, hair over to the couch. She whimpered and said "I'm sorry Sir." Not knowing what she had done wrong. He answered her by jerking her over her lap. She could feel his hard cock pressing into her stomach. He flipped her nightie up over her shapely tanned ass. What did I tell you when I told you to shave your nasty WHACK! She screamed as his hand came down and left a hand print on her right butt cheek. Slut WHACK! again in the same spot, Cunt! This smack came down harder on her left cheek and she squirmed trying to avoid his hand. She started babbling "I'm sorry Sir." Oh you will be he said roughly. Start counting and thanking me for your punishment slut! He demanded. As his hand continued to rain his hand down hard on her bottom as she wiggled and squirmed. She counted after each one and said thank you until it was all she could do to hold her cunt tight begging him to stop. He continued his hard spanking loving how her bottom was turning bright red. He was calling her a filthy whore and a bad girl with every smack. Her pussy was flooding and she knew if he didn't stop soon she would squirt down her leg.

He was growing huge and uncomfortable in his jeans watching her perfect globes wiggle and squirm. His cock was bulging. He stopped his spanking and started rubbing her round ass cheeks. He slipped his finger into her sopping wet pussy and she cringed. He said God, you must like being punished like a bad girl. Your soaking wet. God he loved her ass and has so much planned for it after this first time. She would only get a small taste tonight. He took his wet finger and slid it up her tight ass. She grunted and groaned.

He told her to get on her knees in front of him. He stood up and had her take off his jeans while she was still on her knees. She pulled of his jeans stepping out of them then pulled down his boxers and his cock sprang free. She wanted to suck his cock and big round balls so bad it but, knew she had to wait to be ordered. She did not want him to have her suck him off as she had threatened several times this week and then send her home again knowing she was dripping and needed to cum so badly. He rubbed her cheek. Slowly rubbed her mouth lightly with his fingers. Sticking his fingers in her mouth probing her mouth. He told her to suck on them and she did not disappoint. He pulled her cheeks and big cock sucking lips with his fingers even shoved them into her throat. He removed his fingers from her mouth and said God, what a cock sucking whore. He was mocking her and she loved it. Her clit was throbbing for attention. He told her to beg. She immediately started begging to suck his big, thick cock down her whore throat. He grabbed the back of her head and shoved his cock down her tight little throat grunting. She was gagging every time he shoved her nose against his stomach. Her hands bracing on his thick muscular thighs. Tears flowing down her cheeks from gagging. He almost lost control and pushed her off his cock. A thick strand of drool and pre-cum hanging off her bruised lips down her chin.

He stood up turning on the sound system and told her to crawl to the center of the room. As she crawled he watched her light brown ass swing from side to side and the bottom of her black heels were bright pink. She was getting more and more turned on knowing he could plainly see her swollen pussy lips and tight asshole as she crawled. God those are going to look good on the camera he had set up he thought to himself. One of the terms of their agreement that had kept her from knocking on his door earlier. She was reluctant to be videoed and have pictures taken of her while she took his punishments, begging to have cock fill her slutty cunt was humiliating enough without being taped and pictures taken.

He told her to stay there on all fours and walked over to her opening up a brown wooden box he had carried over with him he got behind her on his knees and put his face in her ass and pussy, sucking, licking and fingering it until she was begging him to fuck her anywhere, in her pussy or her ass just fill her up somewhere. Not yet he laughed. Are you that much of a slut you'll beg for cock??? he asked her pulling her hair back by her ponytail. "YES!!!!!!" She screamed. Then earn it he replied. Tell me what you are and what you want. "I need your cock so bad. I'm a dirty, naughty cumslut that would do anything for a fuck." she said loudly with a pleading voice. He loved seeing a reserved, cut throat business woman reduced to begging. It made him even harder.

He pulled out the big anal beads from the box with his left hand as he continued to finger her sopping wet pussy with his right 3 fingers sawing into her. She asked if she could cuuuuummm oh god! She yelped as she felt the first anal bead pop into her ass and then begged him as it started to vibrate. He didn't know she was a squirter. A fact she had tried to hide from him knowing that really made her a dirty whore. Only she knew it because, until him no man had ever made her cum like that. She was the only one that could get herself like that. As he continued to stuff his thick fingers into her cunt asking her if she was embarrassed that she could hear what a whore cunt she had? He watched her buck and scream as he pushed the second big bead unto her tight little brown hole and told her to cum hard and smacked her ass hard. Her pussy sprayed her cum juices around his hand and he started licking and sucking up all the delicious cunt juice he could then shoving her ass full with the 3rd vibrating bead in hard. She kept coming and her thighs were covered and soaking wet. She was panting, slowly coming down from the hardest orgasm she had ever had in her life. She felt as if her knees were going to buckle when he slapped her tits hard 5 times and said she would be punished for withholding that information later.

He left the 4th bead out so he could pull on it and play with the beads in her ass. He smiled knowing she was embarrassed that he had found out her secret and slowed his fingers down in her cunt letting her orgasm subside. Well, Well, You are a filthy whore that squirts huh? Only really nasty whore bitches come like that don't they? She was shaking and trembling from it so ashamed that he knew. He removed his hand and left her for a moment.

She did as he asked as he pulled her up and told to stand up and squat. He squatted behind her to lift up the nightie that was barely covering her butt cheeks looking at her squatting in her high heels from behind her little brown hole exposed, her pussy spread open and he smacked her ass until it was red again and hit the anal bead that was dangling out of her ass the grabbed and tugged it a little chuckling lowly when she screamed. She heard the flash of the camera as he took a close up of her red ass with the bead hanging out. How could she be so embarrassed and horny right now. She had just gotten off so hard how could she already be feeling another one building? She thought to herself.

He told her to stand up and dance for him like the stripper whore that she is for the camera. She gyrated slowly feeling the hard vibration of the beads in her ass. She rolled her shoulders and wiggled her ass at him giving him peaks of the bead popping out. She put her breast in his face and he nipped, licked and sucked them. He pulled her nipples long roughly pulling her closer and had her open her pussy and play with herself. As she played he told her to open her pussy and slap her clit. As she did he grabbed her right nipple slipping a nipple clamp on it as she screamed he grabbed the other one repeating the process. She had tears streaming down her face so he tightened the clamps and called her a baby and told her to open her pussy and he smacked her pussy feeling the juice spatter. I think you like your nipples being squeezed by those tight clamps and made her look at them as he flicked them with his thumb and forefinger as she whimpered.

He grabbed her then shoving her to the floor on her back and shoved his cock deep and hard. Filling her up in one move and stopped. She was wiggling around him. He bit her neck, nipping lower until he had a nipple clamp in his hand removing it the blood surged back into her flesh she cried out that she was going to cum and did as he released the other nipple from it's torture. He sucked her nipple hard, rolling it around in his mouth as his other hand reached between them and played with her clit slowly lifting off her and slamming back into her calling her names, telling her she needed to be treated this way because this is what she is. What she needs and craves.

Calling her a whore with each word withdrawing and slamming into her. She was moaning and begging to come again on his beautiful, long thick cock. He told her to squirt as he bit down on the nipple in his mouth and with a scream she came and he grunted loudly as he came and came emptying himself into her wet pussy. She would never realize how beautiful and sweet he thought her surrender to him was but, softly kissed and rubbed her face until she came down from her wave of pleasure. She still had so much to learn and he would teach her.

She said to him "Thank you Sir. I am yours to use forever." He told her I will treat you with respect and love everywhere unless we are playing. Only the two of us will know that you will only wear what I tell you to where under your clothes. You are mine to use and will do as I tell you. This is only the beginning. I have so many plans for you and your beautiful body.

She said she would do anything for him anywhere, anytime. She had accepted who and what she was and it was all because of him. Then he withdrew his cock from her and she knelt to clean him off with her mouth, She started to remove the beads from her ass and he pushed her hands away and said I'll let you rest but, I'm not finished with you yet my pet. Then he laid her down beside him pulling her close and she drifted off to sleep he fell asleep too thinking of what fun things he was going to have Lydia do to help with his new toy's training with a smile on his face.....


I am a new author and would appreciate all comments, feedback and suggestions or story suggestions for my next Chapter.

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