tagErotic CouplingsShe Needs Some Work Done

She Needs Some Work Done


She finished unpacking the last box and looked around the room. Finally a place of her own. Alana had wanted her own flat for so long, somewhere to decorate as she wanted, where she could have her pictures on the walls and not have to explain her comings and goings to anyone.

She was proud of what she now owned but knew it would need a lot of work. She had got it cheap but it was cheap for a reason. The first thing that had to be done was a new kitchen. She knew someone at work who would be able to do it for her. He was only at work part time, his main skill was carpentry and he promised that when she got her new flat he would be round to do the work.

She'd been trying to flirt with him for ages. Alana remembered the first day she saw him, he was one of the most attractive men she had ever met. She didn't know how to speak to him though. She'd never been able to speak to men she found attractive and he was incredible. It wasn't just the way he moved, with a swagger that could stop traffic, or the way he spoke with a voice so deep that it made her throb in all the right places, it was everything about him. His very presence made her want to run for the hills and his personality made her want to bare her soul to him and spend all the time she could with him.

He would be at her flat in an hour. What should she wear? Keep it casual and nonchalant or go for sexy? She threw her jeans and vest top on. There was no point making too much effort, he'd see straight through her and she wasn't sure if she was ready to be honest with him.

He was having to fit her work in during his evenings as he was busy during the day working on another house.

Soon an hour had rushed past and Alana was feeling increasingly nervous. She took deep breaths to try and calm herself. The doorbell went and she felt the adrenalin coarse through her body.

She slowly walked to the door, trying to convince her body that everything was fine, he was just another guy, there was nothing special about him but as soon as she opened the door and saw him smiling at her with his disarming smile and beautiful brown eyes she could feel herself getting anxious again.

"So, where do you want me?" he said with a cheeky wink.

Alana repeated her mantra in her head "You are a strong, confident woman," but the familiar throbbing took hold. It wouldn't be long before the urges became unbearable, thankfully her vibrator had new batteries and when he was gone she would be able to sort herself out. She'd got through a lot of batteries since she had met him.

"The kitchen is through here," she managed to say, her breathing becoming more rapid.

Soon he got to work and was delighted to be offered beer to help him as he fitted the various bits of wood.

She watched him work, his muscles rippling beneath his various layers. As the evening went on and more beers were consumed the layers came off until all was left was a thin t-shirt. It was much easier to talk to him when he wasn't watching her and teasing her, although he would still get the odd comment in when she wasn't expecting it. She almost choked on her wine when he asked her to hold his wood.

Before she knew it midnight had struck.

"How much have I had to drink?" he asked. They had been talking so much that neither of them had realised how much beer he'd been drinking. "I can't drive home. Could you give me a lift? I'll pick the car up in the morning."

"My car is in the garage," she replied. "There's no more buses now either and I won't be able to drive your car, I've had too much wine."

"I could get a taxi,"

"Don't be ridiculous, that will cost a fortune. You could stay here." He looked at her, his eyes widening. "But it will have to be in my bed, the new sofa hasn't been delivered yet and the floors wouldn't be good for your back."

She breathed deeply, it sounded like she was propositioning him, maybe she was, the wine had gone to her head.

"I'm sure there must be another solution," he said with uncertainty.

She tried to not let her shoulders sag in response.

He stood still, thinking for a moment. "But if you are sure then I could stay over. I would keep my hands to myself of course." His laugh sounded forced. There was an unexpected charge in the room.

"It's fine, really." She said, feeling the familiar quivering sensation come over her when she got too close to him.

"Okay, fine. I'll stay over then."

The both got ready for bed. Her in just a t.shirt and knickers and him in his boxers. Soon they were in bed, she wondered if it was obvious to him how nervous she was.

She lay in bed motionless. She was too afraid to look at him. She could feel the heat radiating off his body. She thought about sliding backwards just slightly but was scared at what that would mean. What was he thinking? She couldn't even hear him breathing. Maybe he was already asleep.

"Are you okay?" He whispered near her ear.

His voice made her hold her breath, she didn't know how to answer. Just knowing he was there turned her on in ways she wasn't used to. She could reach out and touch him if she wanted to and she was desperate to. The need wasn't just in her head, she could feel herself getting wet.

"Mmmm," she replied. It was supposed to just be an agreement, that she was okay, but it came out like a moan of pleasure.

She heard him moving behind her, was he getting closer? Before she could work it out she thought she felt his lips brush her neck. It was so gentle that she questioned exactly what she felt but then his lips brushed again, slightly harder this time.

She heard herself moan again. Words wouldn't come out as pleasure was rushing through her body. He paused, was he changing his mind, was he worried about what he had done?

"I'll stop if you want me to," he whispered, his breath making her skin tingle.

"No, please, don't stop," she managed to murmur.

His lips returned to her neck, kissing with more urgency. His hands started to move, she could feel them gently stroking her hips then moving up to cup her breasts over her t.shirt. She started to move her bum, looking for his crotch behind her so that she could grind herself against him. This was the encouragement he needed as he started to move his hands down to the bottom of her t.shirt. She wondered if he would lift her t.shirt up but instead she felt his hands stroking her legs, moving towards her pussy. She longed to feel him there, feel his fingers on her pussy but again he surprised her, moving his hands instead to her bum, stroking it, rubbing it, squeezing it with his strong hands.

Alana thought his hands would feel rough, after all his hands were working with wood all day but instead they were soft, caring and gentle.

His hands teased the bottom of her t.shirt, moving it up slowly as his fingertips brushed her hips. She moved to touch her breasts through her top but he gently pushed them out of the way. His hands were on her breasts. His strong hands cupping her naked flesh. He tweaked and twisted her nipples. She'd always been unsure about playing with them when she was getting herself off but the feel of his hands manipulating her sensitive nipples brought her close to orgasm.

He kissed her neck, "Do you like that? Do you like my fingers touching you?"

"Oh God yes," she cried into the pillow, biting her lower lip while moans escaped out of her mouth.

"Would you like me to touch your pussy?" he growled.

"Yes, please, yes"

"I'm not sure if you really want it," he teased her, knowing that he was in full control of all her pleasure. "Are you sure you want me to touch your pussy?"

"Please," she begged. "Oh please touch me there." His hands moved down again. His fingers rested on the edge of her knickers, rubbing the lace around the edge. Just when she thought she would feel him move his hands below the lace she felt them move to her bum, his hands returning to cup it and squeeze it.

She thought she might come before he had even got near her pussy. She could feel herself throbbing at the anticipation. Suddenly his hands were gone, she knew he was there but he was no longer touching her. She couldn't understand what was happening. She felt movement and heard the sheets were rustling.

Before she had chance to question what he was doing she felt him close again. He was turned on, she knew because she could feel his cock growing, pushing itself between her legs, the only thing separating it from her aching pussy was the thin material from her knickers. As if he could read her mind he slowly touched the edge of her knickers and slid them down her legs, carefully taking them off before he tossed them on the floor.

His hands stroked her carefully. He started at her calves, with every movement up she could feel her excitement rise. His hands continued to travel, touching the back of her knees and then between her thighs, rubbing the inside, still not touching her pussy but instead teasing her, prolonging the excitement.

"Please," she begged again.

She could feel his naked flesh pressing into her from behind. Maybe he had heard her words or maybe he was also struggling to hold back but suddenly she felt the tips of his fingers lightly graze over her clit. It was as slight as his initial kisses to her neck but she orgasmed instantly. He waited while she climaxed, letting her ride it out, her breath heavy and whimpers escaping her lips.

As she came down from the orgasm she felt his kisses return to her neck, she could tell he was smiling as he nibbled at her ear. He gently turned her over, onto her back, her tired body willing and complacent to whatever he wanted.

"God, you're beautiful," he said as he looked deep into her eyes.

"Thank you," she managed to whisper.

"You don't need to thank me. Besides, it is about to get even better," he smiled the smile that had always been able to touch her deep inside. He waited for her breathing to settle just slightly and then moved his hands to her pussy, taking time to build her throbbing and urges back up. Moving his mouth to her breasts he licked one nipple, sucking it gently, then moving his tongue round the nipple. Knowing the other one would feel left out he moved his mouth across.

His hands continued to stroke her clit. She moved her hands to his head pulling him up so that she could draw his mouth into a heated and passionate kiss. As their tongues came together she felt him push one finger inside her, it was swiftly joined by another finger. His fingers were magnificent and just when she thought she might come again before he had even had a release he drew them out.

Alana went to cry out, she was quivering with anticipation but before she could say anything she felt his cock press into her. Gently he moved it into her pussy, not wanting to shock her but instead give her more pleasure than she had ever known. He pushed gradually, making sure she could take all of him. Soon she could feel all of him inside her and she was completely full.

"You are so tight," he whispered between her moans.

He started to pull back slightly and then thrusted into her. The groans masking any other noises. He ground into her, soon they were moving together, gently at first and then with more frenzy, both of them desperate to come together.

"I'm almost there," she managed to say.

They climaxed together, the ecstasy rushing through their bodies.

Soon he was holding her in his arms, a smile plastered across both their faces.

"You're hands are incredible," she whispered.

"This is just the beginning," he whispered into her hair. "I have a lot more work to do in this flat, the bedroom seems like it needs a lot of attention, not to mention the shower."

They both drifted off to sleep, satisfied smiles teasing their mouths.

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