tagMind ControlShe Really Shouldn't Have Said That! Ch. 01

She Really Shouldn't Have Said That! Ch. 01


At time I truly believe that I am a magnet for these types of people!

Have you ever met someone who is so arrogant and full of themselves but yet have no idea how much their actions annoy and hurt others, well I seem to attract them like flies on...well you get the idea!

My names Jack and I wanted to share with you some of the delightful people I happen to meet on a daily basis.

My first case in point, Nadine...well what can I say but wow.

26 years old, shoulder length brunette hair, medium height, and deep brown eyes with a killer thin body, fantastically long legs and to top it off a pair of decent size breasts that appear just too big for her frame to allow.

I have known Nadine since I was 19 and she was 18 and it must be said that she has not mentally matured at all those years but in spite of her childish self centred behaviour she just had this way about her which drove every guy in the office wild.

You literally just could not say no to her and believe me I tried but every time it ended the same with me doing what ever she wants, whether it be working overtime to cover her work or just being her errand boy but after every conversation it left me thinking ...yeah I got a shot with her..Only to be pushed aside until needed the next time.

Things looked like it would not change until one night while heading home after spending the evening in a local pub when I got struck by something hard on the back of the head from behind and everything went black.

I woke up what felt like hours later with a cut to the back of the head and found that my mobile and wallet had been taken.

My head throbbing, I dragged myself home and made a phone call the mobile phone company to cancel the mobile and arrange a new one as well as cancelled my credit cards with my bank.

Reasoning that there was little point in getting in contact with the police to report being assaulted I decided a shower was the best course of action but then I noticed the time, I had been knocked out or over seven hours and was late for work.

Cursing myself I must have set a new record for having a shower then practically running to work to find Nadine standing outside of the office looking pissed off and appeared to be wearing tiny blue denim hot pants and a very tight fitting pink top.

"I have been calling you for hours" Nadine growled "why didn't you pick up your phone when I called".

"Nadine I am sorry but I got mugged ok!" I responded curtly "give me a break, why were you calling me?"

"I was out with my mates and could have went back to a footballers house but I have to come into work" Nadine pouted " I called you to see if you would cover for me today but obviously I have to work now thank you very much!"

Can you believe this girl, I mean come on! How self centred are you to not even ask an alleged friend if they were ok after being beaten and mugged!

I should have told her to go to hell and went home but god help me the way she looked standing there in blue denim hot pants, knee high go-go boots and a midriff high pink t-shirt just crumbled my already pathetic defences to this person.

"Ok I'm sorry ok, I have had a rough night" I reasoned.

"Well you can make it up to me by doing my data input while I try to see if I can get another crack at that footballer guy" Nadine said sweetly as she pushed past me into the office and was straight on her mobile.

"Well that's just great" I mumbled under my breath "not even a how are you? are you ok? Oh no you were mugged...fan bloody tastic"

I opened the rest of the office up and switched the computers on, glancing at Nadine who was on the phone and flirting like crazy then I hear a sound like keys dropping on the floor. I look up and see Nadine bending over with the mobile still to her ear as she's picking up her keys.

Suddenly I am treated to a perfect view of her pert ass high in the air and those amazing long tanned legs, wishing to myself that she would stay exactly like that, suddenly a sharp pain shoots through my head but quickly disappears leaving my vision blurry for a moment. Turning away in case I got caught staring at her and focus back on the computer screen.

"Help...Jack please help...I'm stuck"

Looking up from the computer I see Nadine flailing her hands in the air calling for help but still in position bent over.

"Are you ok?" I ask trying not to give away the fact that I can't stop looking at her ass.

"I think my back ..gone...cant get up...please help me".

"Are you in pain, do you want an ambulance?" I ask her while at the same time desperately trying not to look down the back of her denim shorts that were now offering a very nice view of Nadine's lacy pink thong.

I help her to the floor and to my surprise her body stays ridged almost like a doll.

"This is great; I didn't even want to be here today" Nadine whined "why couldn't you have picked up your phone, she growled... how about thinking of others for a change"

Feeling my anger rising and desperately trying not to show it I make a lame excuse to get away from Nadine before I completely lose it.

"I will be right back, just need to fetch a first aid box" trying not to lose my temper I get up and go looking for the first aid box even though I know there is nothing in it that will help but it gets me away from Nadine for a moment to clear my head.

I go outside to get some fresh air, angry thought raging through my mind while at the same time the image of her lacy pink thong dances through my thoughts teasing me.

After everything I do for her this is how she treats me, screw her!

Pacing up and down, I don't need this, temper rising and rising...this is it I am done clearing up after her, I don't care if she is waiting for me with in that office naked with that cock teasing thong hanging from her mouth begging me to fuck her up her ass! Suddenly the pain returns just like before shooting through my scull but this time less painful and less intense.

I continue to pace for a few more minutes to pluck up some courage to finally tell her off I storm into the office and then I see her ...Nadine...the girl who I have done nothing but have fantasised about...literally worshipped for years...sitting on top of her desk...completely naked...I mean literally naked facing me...with her pink lacy thong hanging from her mouth like a dog with a bone.

All rage and anger slips away and I just stand there...mouth open...unable to take my eyes off her breasts as they hang there perfect and round, her nipples erect and much larger than I had ever imagined in my wildest wet dreams.

My first thought that occurs to me is this what a coma feels like...I was struck quite hard and now I am seeing Nadine naked...I must be in a coma..

I hear a muffled sound that snaps me back to reality.

"Sorry, what did you say" I mumble, still in a state of shock but now with a very visible erection.

"pleath thuck me thup thy ath" repeats Nadine.

It is then that I notice that Nadine's eyes are panicked and look just as surprised as I am.

"err...Nadine...I don't understand what your saying...will you take your panties out of your mouth".

I feel the same sensation in my mind but now there is no pain, actually it felt quite nice.

Nadine drops the panties out of her mouth where they fall to the floor like a dog with dropping a bone, then she repeats what she was trying to say before "please will you fuck me up my ass" but all the time her eyes are wild and darting around the room begging for this to stop.

Oh my god, I nearly cum when she said that, this is unbelievable.

I am not the smartest person in the world but I certainly can connect the dots, what the hell either I am in a coma or Nadine is high / drunk from the night before but I certainly am not one to miss a prime opportunity like this.

"Ok, I will play along" I notice Nadine's expression of panic on her face "Nadine sit up with your legs wide apart and your hands behind your head pushing out those fabulous tittys that you have teased me with all these years"

To my disbelief she does it, sitting there on her desk naked, legs spread so wide that I can see everything, my eyes locked in between her legs, gazing directly upon a sight that I had been denied for so long.

I drank in the sight of her perfectly trimmed snatch that had been waxed so only a small little runway above was all that remained, tearing myself away from the gates of heaven I reached out and groped Nadine's perfect tits, so firm and pert with the hardest pink nipples.

"This is fucking amazing" I, couldn't help myself say out loud as I let go of her pert breasts, "hmm I wonder how far I can push this, ok Nadine you will tell me the absolute truth, you cannot hide anything from me nor will you try to cover anything up, you can only tell me the truth"

I feel the sensation in my mind as each instruction causes me pleasure while at the same time I can feel that is causes her discomfort.

"Lets start with the obvious question, Nadine did you ever actually like me at all?"

Nadine opens her mouth, I can see the internal struggle as she wants to scream for help or at the least try to sweet talk her way out of this situation instead I can feel the truth over ride everything.

"No, I don't like you very much" Nadine reply in a monotone voice with more than a hint of panic and desperation. "you are just someone who does things for me and I let you do them"

Well not exactly breaking news there then I think to myself.

"Why have you led me on all this time with promises of meeting up for a drink or telling me how much you want a boyfriend who is just like me"

"I need you to do the work for me as I really couldn't be bothered" Nadine reply's in the same tone "I like to watch you get excited and think you have a chance with me then I tell all the girls in the office how pathetic you are"

"Why would you do that?" I knew the other girls in the office were a bit funny with me but had no idea it was because of Nadine. "I have only every been a friend to you"

"I dont want anyone else in the office to know that you do all this for extra work for me as I am in line for promotion and this would kill my chances"

I knew about the promotion to head of the department and had interviewed with Graham Brown who is the section head for the position but had no idea Nadine wanted the job as well.

"I cant believe it, you rubbished me around the office so you will get a promotion and to make it worse you had me doing all your work" I was really angry now "what would you do when you got the promotion? You can't handle the work load as it is and it would have to come out that fairly quickly that you're lazy and couldn't be arsed"

The struggle with the now mentally defenceless Nadine was raging on, her face was glowing red with her internal struggle to try to gain at least some control.

"I have already agreed with Graham that you are to be let go to save costs and then I would use everyone in the department to do my work for me"

Oh man, that's just wrong and after everything I had done for her as well not to mention all the time I put in for this useless company.

"Why would Graham pick you over me, no actually why would Graham pick you over anyone else for that matter!"

"I let found out that Graham has a thing for panties so I let him have a dirty pair of mine ever week if he gave me the job"

That fucking pervert, I knew something was dodgy about him.

"Tell me about this footballer you were trying it on with"

"I meet Dwayne Moony at vodka revolution and he grabbed my ass, I was going to slap him when I realised who he was so I let him have a good feel then played hard to get"

Fuck not him, Dwayne Moony may be worth a fucking fortune and is undeniably magic on the pitch but he is also a well known sexual deviant! Every girl he was gone out with has left him under "mysterious circumstances" and his management made sure there was a cast iron gagging order to stop anyone revealing anything dodgy about their relationship.

It is widely rumoured that he has a huge fixation for anal sex and is well know to be able to stop himself from cheating with any other girls.

Then is hit me, it would be a fantastic way to get back at this scheming bitch.

"Ok bitch, your phone sends video clips, how about we send Mr Mooney a video CV of what he can expect from you tonight and I also think Graham will need a video as well"

Nadine stared back in horror, "please stop, I won't sack you please...I'll leave...you won't hear from me again...please don't do anything else"

Oh my god, this was brilliant, I don't know what's happening or how I am getting away with this but I am damn sure going to get as much out of it as I can.

"I think you need a time out while I write you a special script for your forth coming acting debut, go outside to where the security camera is set up over the car park entrance to the main road, when your out there you are going to flash every car that comes past, you will show everything and if anyone stops you will carry on flashing them, you are unable to cover up!"

Instantly Nadine got up and walked outside, I could hear her voice protesting and swearing as she stood stark naked in the car park entrance, smiling I picked up a piece of paper and started writing down what I wanted to see from my ex friend.

Dwayne Mooney Video CV.

Camera focus's on the back of Nadine's office chair, the chair spins around and there is Nadine, sitting naked on the chair except for three yellow post it notes, one on each breast and the third placed strategically between her legs which just about covers her modesty.

"Hey Dwayne, I just wanted to show you what you can expect from our date tonight" Nadine get up slowly, arching her back as she glides her hands over her breasts, down her toned stomach then gently pushes the post it note between her legs making sure to mop up the wetness that was growing between her legs.

Teasingly Nadine pulls off each post it note, throwing them away but keeping her pussy and tits covered with hers hands.

"All this will be yours" Nadine teased "I know the rumours...I like the rumours"

Nadine bends herself over her desk, her perfect little ass high in the air, she sucks on the middle finger of her hand then glides it between her butt cheeks, rubbing her sacred untouched hole, she lets out a pornographic moan.

"It will ALL be yours and just between you and me...no one has ever been here before!" Nadine punctuates the all by pushing her finger in deep into her ass. "See you tonight stud" she then flashed one of her killer smiles and gave a little wave to the camera.

Flipping through Nadine's contacts I find Dwayne's contact details and pressed send to e-mail him the video clip.

"You fucking cunt, I can't believe you made me do that you limp dick loser asshole, when I get free of this I am going to shove that script up your fucking ass" Nadine venomously spat.

"Hmm now that's ironic since you mentioned asses when it is actually you who is naked, bent over a desk with your finger up your ass" I replied smirking "now upstairs to Grahams office, I think he needs to see what his potential new number two really has in store for him"

Man I was rock hard after watching that little performance but I had to control myself, I just have one more video to make then I can finally have what's due me. Graham Brown's Video.

The camera focus's on the front of bright pink pattern that zooms out a little to reveal that the pattern belongs to a pink lacy thong. Zooming out further the viewer can see that the thong is being pulled tight at the sides and forced in deep into a woman's vagina, then zooming out fully the camera reveals Nadine who is standing on Graham's desk, naked except for the pink lacy thong and is grinning brightly at the camera.

"Hey Mr Brown...I know we had an arrangement but wanted to make sure that you knew exactly what you would be getting every single week" Nadine erotically licks her lips while grinding herself against her tight little thong.

"What I am wearing right now is your deposit for giving me the promotion, I have worn these all night, I've danced in them, got myself oh so wet in them, made sure that when I had to pee I didn't wipe myself....oh yeah, I know how you like it"

Nadine slides the thong down her long legs, holds them to her nose while making a big show of smelling them.

Nadine gets down off the desk still grinning she then places the thong into Grahams desk draw. "I really hope you like them" Nadine mock pouts to the camera "cant wait to leave you more" she giggles.

"That was brilliant, well done Nadine, you will be a star...well a porn star if nothing else" I laugh as I flip once again through Nadine's contacts I find Grahams contact details then I make sure to copy myself in on the e-mail then I notice that she also has the contact details for the chief executive...blimey that girl had her sights set really high so I make sure to copy him in on the e-mail as well and send the e-mail off.

"Well that's your career well and truly fucked up" I gloat as the helpless Nadine who has stayed frozen in position with her ditzy smile on her face which didn't stop her making all sorts of muffled threats.

It occurred to me that it is now becoming pure instinct to give Nadine commands and for her to immediately follow them and as huge a plus there is no pain in my head like someone trying to drive a rail way spike through the back of my head so I have to say that as days go, this isn't going too bad.

I couldn't stand it anymore, I needed a release and as far as I am concerned I am owed a hell of a lot by this bitch.

"Nadine, wiggle that ass over here and give me a blowjob"

Through her gritted toothy smile I could hear her protests as she swayed that perfect ass from side to side, kneeling down in front of me her hands worked at pulling down my trousers and shorts freeing my aching cock. I looked into Nadine's eyes which were now fierce and angry as she opened her mouth and took my aching manhood into her mouth. I could feel her vile hate as if it was something tangible as she slowly sucked up and down my shaft in long deep motions.

"Mmm Nadine, you slut, I bet I'm not the first person in the office you have done this too!"

Nadine worked my cock hard and long, forcing it deep into her throat, god I was going to cum...

"Nadine's stop...bend over Grahams desk...yeah that's right...you tried to fuck me in here well its only fair that I fuck you right back"

Suddenly and evil thought entered my mind...was that a tube of Vaseline in Grahams draw?...hmm this has potential!

I have no idea why Graham would keep that stuff in his desk and quite frankly the thought alone is enough to make my cock shrivel and crawl back inside me.

"Have you ever had anal sex before?" the look of horror on her face told me all I needed to know "take the Vaseline out of Graham's draw and lube up that tight little bum hole"

Nadine opened the draw and took out the large tub of Vaseline; covering her fingers he worked the lube deep into her virginal hole, first with one finger, tentatively exploring then two fingers. Forcing the lube in deep up her poop shoot.

"Ok now lube up my cock, nice and gently which is funny really because I don't intend to be either of those things to you"

Nadine took another generous amount of Vaseline and rubbed it all over my rock hard cock, I could feel her desperation, feel her mind trying to feebly rebel while at the same time trying to do her best to make sure that my meat would be as slippy as she could make it.

Making her bend over Graham's desk I instruct Nadine to keep still as I line up and slowly force my way into the only part of Nadine that could be considered "virginal". I feel her resistance but I don't make for relax; I want her to feel this.

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