tagNonConsent/ReluctanceShe Said Anything

She Said Anything


Why hadn't she paid more attention?

Her father was right; she was irresponsible. She could never admit it to him; not now, and she certainly couldn't go to him with this. Not this time.

Was she really a bad driver? How else to explain the second accident? It had been her fault. And after the first one her father had screamed at her for her lack of attention, her crappy driving skills, her irresponsibility. He had threatened to take the car away if it happened again. And then it had. She had been so scared, so terrified of losing the car and her freedom that she had panicked. Rick had come to her rescue, got the car fixed, helped her hide the damage and put up the money. She couldn't go to her parents now.

No, she had made her deal, begged for his help, and he had delivered. And so she reached behind herself at his command, and spread her cheeks and held her breath, feeling the cold lube on his finger, feeling the pressure at the entry, felt herself opening. She gritted her teeth against the anticipated pain that didn't arrive as his finger slipped into her ass. Her muscles reacted, her legs and back and especially her anal muscle, tightening and resisting. She took several deep breaths, forcing herself to relax, and failing. Her knot gripped his finger as he spread the lube inside her.

"Try and relax," he coaxed, "or it will hurt. And it's going to be a long night." She breathed again, concentrating on the digit inside her ass, relaxing, feeling her muscle ease against the invading digit. Not painful. Uncomfortable, unusual, but it didn't hurt. It began to move, slipping out and in, slowly, then came completely out. She sighed with relief, but it lasted only a moment. The finger returned, wetting the opening, the lube initially cold, then warming. The finger toyed at her ring, teasing the rubbery flesh, devoid of hair at his request.

Why didn't she pay attention when she was driving?

She inhaled sharply as it re-entered her, wet and firm, and she felt a tingle in her pussy; against her will she felt the tiny pearl begin to stiffen and swell. She could do this; she had promised, foolishly. Anything, she'd said, anything if you help me. She'd never thought of what that might include. Her breathing eased, and she accepted her plight.

She was on her knees, naked and exposed, her pubic and anal hair removed, face and shoulders pressed into his bed helplessly, her hands shamefully pulling her cheeks apart. She knew his eyes were on the valley exposed lewdly between them, staring at her private hole as his finger slipped in and out. She heard his occasional groan as he admired her, and her body reacted to his admiration even as her mind resisted. He had rescued her from what she had thought would be an unacceptable outcome of her minor collision, and now he was holding her to her promise. Anything, she had told him. Anything, she had promised. Anything, she had begged.

The sensation changed then, tighter. She felt her loosened muscle clench reflexively against the entry; wider, full. A second finger, more lube. She breathed deeply, feeling the sheets against her warm face, head turned to the side. She tried to angle her vision, but couldn't see him; then her eye caught the mirror over the dresser. An incomplete view, but she could see his upper body and head, and her raised ass, her hands holding herself open. A wave of humiliation swept her as she watched his face in profile in the mirror, his attention trained intently on her exposed butt as he pushed two fingers into her virgin asshole. Her face reddened and she groaned.

"Yes," she heard him whisper, then more loudly, "it's beautiful, and it feels so good, so hot. So tight." One of his hands caressed hers, still holding her cheeks apart. "You feel it, too, don't you. You feel my fingers in you." He was whispering again, and his voice held a seduction that travelled from her ears to her anus, willing the muscle to relax, to accept. To embrace. Oh, no, she couldn't. She couldn't WANT this, couldn't enjoy it. A drip of excess lube trailed wetly down her crack, joining the wetness seeping from her, and she felt herself move, shifting back against him. "Yes, that's it, take it. Oh, your ass is so sweet, so hungry for me."

She closed her eyes, concentrating on NOT wanting this, feeling her body escape her control, accepting the penetration and asking for more, for deeper. Her lewd and exposed position was humiliating enough; she felt her face heat up as it reddened more, horrified by her body's desire. His two fingers spread her tight exit open; she felt the muscle strain and burn, and she gasped as she took it, accepted it. He pressed deeper, spread her more, gently but firmly, and a tremble took her. She pressed back, and sighed. Did he hear her?

"Here it comes, baby," she heard him say, and her ass felt suddenly empty and yearning, missing the fullness, the stretched and filled feeling, and she winced as her ass opened for him, against her will, determining her will, swaying her and breaking her resistance. Bulbous and spongy, she felt it then, the lubed head of his cock, pressing against her tiny virgin asshole. Her mind said no, but her knot defied her and relaxed, inviting and willing. Wanting.

"Yes," she heard again, but this time it was her own voice, not his. She felt the pressure, the push, the resistance and urgent need, and her world collapsed into that circle. It was all she knew, all she could feel as her virgin opening welcomed the invader against its ability. Her universe became the muscle and skin of her tight ass, stretching and burning, allowing the entrance, and she emitted a sharp cry over his groan as the head popped inside her outer ring.

"Yes," he moaned, and she answered with a hiss.

"Yes," she heard from herself, feeling her anal muscles twitch and spasm around the thick head and shaft. He held still, allowing her to adjust, to feel, to accept and welcome him. Her legs tightened, and again she shifted, wanting to pull away, but feeling her buttocks move towards him as the penetration filled her opening. "Yes," she repeated. Not knowing why she was enjoying this, hating the humiliation and submission while fighting the urge to feel him deep, hiding her anus' desire to have all of him, to be filled, to have his whole cock inside. In her ass. Oh, he was putting his cock into her ass and she wanted it, despite her thoughts she wanted it, her body wanted it, wanted to feel it, to have him in her, to clutch and grasp at his thick shaft with tight muscles.

She pushed again; she felt him sliding further inside, filling her more. The stretch eased as her muscles adjusted, the burn and strain of muscle and flesh just a memory now, a vestigial hint. He was filling her ass with cock, and she was taking it, pulsing back against him, taking more, wanting more. She felt an inner resistance, a sharp reflex of muscle as the fat head pressed against her inner ring. There was a little pain; no, a discomfort really, as the pressure mounted, increasing, and then a gasp escaped her as it opened and allowed him inside.

He groaned loudly, and she matched his again, feeling his shaft defeat her body's last resistance, and he slid easily into her. Her ass was open and hot, feeling the overfull sensation of hard cock inside her anal passage, the first time, her first ass fuck, and then his legs against the back of her thighs, his pubic hair against her. He was fully inside.

She had never felt anything like it, so full, so tight. So wrong, and yet...wonderful. Delicious. Freed by her unwilling commitment, her promise, she submitted, and her body embraced the violation of her intimate channel. She was taken, and filled, and she didn't want to be; her brain formed words, struggling to beg, to plead, to convince him to stop.

"Fuck my ass," she squeaked instead, and closed her eyes at her body's betrayal and surrender. She felt him pulse, then slide out, slowly, oh, the feeling of his cock slipping back, only partway out of her, her lack of control as her bowels lost him, wanting him, and then he pushed back in and she groaned with the filling. Her body trembled despite her will, and he began repetitive strokes. She opened her eyes to the mirror and watched him as he watched his cock sliding in and out her uncharted territory, and a thrill rushed her; the look on his face, the rapture and fascination as her gift opened for him, accepted him, submitted to his flesh, and she felt an unwitting pride in her stretched asshole for the effect it had.

"So good," he uttered, stroking her back, touching her fingers as he pressed in, slid out, pressed again. She felt the sensations; emptying and filling, stretching and accepting, wanting and resisting, and saw the appreciation and delight on his face as he felt them in her. "So tight, so wonderful." His words were genuine, unfettered.

"Fuck me," she begged quietly, then repeated it, louder, shame flushing her face at hearing her own voice. She had never asked that, never done this, and the words flowed out unwitting, like the juices from her pussy, flowing of their own accord. "Fuck my ass, fuck me. Fuck me with your cock. Fuck your hard cock in my ass!" They exploded from her with an urgency that embarrassed her, and she pushed back as he pushed forward, feeling his cock deep in her rectum.

"Oh, fuck, yeah, your ass looks so good taking my cock, so tight," he said, straining himself deep, then pulling almost all the way out, past her inner ring, leaving just the head inside her, then pressed back. Her inner ring submitted more easily, accustomed to the forced entry, and she groaned as his strokes lengthened, longer full strokes, in and out of her, pushing past the resistance until it held open inside her, easing the passage of his thick, hard flesh.

"And this is just the beginning," he said, his fingers gripping her cheeks, spreading her wider. She dropped her hands to the bed and pushed back as he teased her. Anything, she had said. A full day, he had told her. Yes, she had reluctantly agreed. Anything, all day. She had never imagined this. His words followed his strokes as waves crested inside her, so different, warmer and more urgent than regular fucking. "Wait... until you see... what's next..."

And she came.

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