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She Said He Needed Help


I had just finished grading my latest class at the Massage Therapy school I teach at.

I must confess to being a bit proud of the latest group, all of them had proven to be relaxed and liberal, a prerequisite to success in the field today.

All had graduated with high scores, and every single one had passed the board exams, which is a bit rare, to be honest.

I looked at my schedule for the next semester, and was startled. I had just 4 signups!

I realized that this is a result of the current economy, our classes are expensive, to say the least, but I need a minimum of around 10 students to earn a decent living, as I am paid on percentage.

I could see that since my wife, Lee, was cut back on her hours, too, we had a big problem. My home massage practice was fair, but the average of 3 clients a week wasn't enough to take up the slack.

I got home that evening, and had a long talk with my lovely wife, explaining the rather dire straights we found ourselves in. As we were talking, the phone rang, another man asking about massage. "Just darn!" I thought, explaining to the caller that I only accepted female clients.

As I hung up the phone, Lee looked at me and said, "There is our answer..."

I told her I didn't want to work with men, not that I am homophobic or anything, but the truth be known, probably I am a little. Nothing against homosexuality, it's just not my thing.

"Well, you don't need to do anything out of line," She said, "But you could talk to them a bit and maybe accept some of them!"

I thought about that, I have never really accepted a male client, or even worked with any except in the classroom setting. But the truth is, I do get calls from males on a ratio of about ten to one.

As luck would have it, within just seconds the separate phone line I reserve for my massage ads rang again. I picked up, and a male voice asked about getting a massage.

So I booked him for the next evening.

I wasn't myself all day at class, thinking about the coming change in my practice. My massage style is mostly soft tissue work, combinations of kneading and stroking, combined with stretch techniques that loosen the body up nicely. It feels marvelous, but involves a certain degree of intimacy to do properly.

I would just have to make the best of it.

That evening, at the appointed time, the doorbell rang, and I greeted a well-dressed man in his mid forties, who announced himself as Terry. I introduced him to Lee, who smiled sweetly, and I noted his fleeting glance up and down her body as she turned back to the cake she was baking.

"Well, at least he isn't totally gay," I thought.

I had to admit that cake Lee was baking did make the house smell wonderful, what a thought to pop in my head just then.

I showed Terry to my massage room, and showed him the showers and told him to freshen up, explaining the procedure briefly, and the draping I expected.

He just nodded, after a few minutes, I came in to go to work.

He was lying face down, I started on his legs and went to work.

In no time at all, my instincts began to come out, I just worked as I would with any client, following the patterns the muscles give me.

Every single body is unique, and reacts differently to touch, when one is experienced, it is easy to feel and follow lines of pain or tension. In no time at all, I was quite comfortable, and as I finished up with Terry's shoulders, and had him turn over, I noticed that even the muscles of his face were softening.

I worked down and across his chest, stopping shortly below his navel as I did the rotations around the abdomen. I also noted that he was experiencing an erection, so I placed my right hand on his stomach, and had him take a deep breath, which tends to trip that nicely and return a male to a flaccid state.

That worked, so I started on his legs. As I worked up his thighs, I could feel the tension line that runs up the inside of the leg to the crotch, so I tucked the drape tight up around his scrotum, and worked to the base of his genitals with the tiny circles that flatten the soft tissue in that area.

Sure enough, he aroused again, and his penis popped out the side of the drape! "Sorry," he said, as I recovered him. "No problem," I answered, that is all perfectly normal."

I worked the other leg, grateful that his penis, now hard as a rock, was laying the other way, allowing me easy access.

Still, his problem continued, and being a male, I am well aware of the pain that this can cause, and the rather serious physical problems that can develop if left unattended. But there was no way in hell I was going to reach in and grab another man's cock, no matter what!

Then it hit me! I excused myself, and stepped into the living room, telling Lee, "I am going to need your help!" She giggled, understanding instantly, and said, "OK!."

I stepped back into the room, and explained to Terry that if he wished relief, I could have Lee take care of it. His eyes lit up in delight, and he smiled. I stepped out as Lee came in, grinning the world's biggest grin. She came back out in just a few minutes, and gave me a peck on the cheek.

"All handled," she said.

Terry came out a few minutes later, looked at me and thanked me as he paid for the session. Then he rebooked for the next week! As he was leaving, he turned to me and thanked me again, and asked me if he could book an appointment for his wife! "We have been looking for someone like you folks for a long time!" He said.

"Cool," I thought, "This just might work!"

I went in to clean up and prepare my room, and there on the table lay a crisp $50 bill!

"Yep, I thought. "This will work just fine!"

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