tagNonConsent/ReluctanceShe Screams for Ice Cream

She Screams for Ice Cream


Her name was Tammy. She was 20 years old, with long blonde hair, blue eyes, tiny waist, long legs, and big D sized tits. She was in her 3rd year of college and was a bit of a wild child and got a kick out of her summer job driving the local ice cream truck around local neighborhoods selling frozen treats to excited children. She also knew that the tight t-shirts and cut off shorts she wore when she worked excited all the neighborhood boys. It gave her a thrill to lean out the window and show her cleavage to some teenage boy or horny Dad when she took their order. She was a flirt and tease and she loved it. She figured she was only young once and the big engagement ring on her finger reminded her she belonged to someone else. What Tammy didn't know was that all her teasing was going to get her into trouble someday.

That's where I enter. I'm a divorced father of two. Although I make a good living my ex-wife took me for all she could get and then ran off with my best friend. Needless to say I have some anger issues with women who play with men.

Several times a week Tammy's truck would pull in front of my house and I would buy ice cream for my kids and sometimes the neighbor kids if mine were with their mother. Tammy loved to tease me. She told me how hot she thought I was and how if she wasn't engaged she would love to hang out with me. She got me hot and I could always see a look of smug satisfaction on her face when she could tell she got my dick hard. She'd wiggle her hips when looking for things, lick her fingers seductively and sometimes even squeeze her breasts together with her forearms as she slowly handed me my order. Then she'd see the rise in my pants and say, "Well... see ya!" and drive away.

I decided I couldn't take it anymore so I made a plan.

I waited until my kids were gone and got my hands on some ruffies (aka the date rape drug). Tammy always kept a big can of soda near the open window by the driver's seat. When she was in the back pulling an order for the neighbor kid, I slipped around to the front of the van and dropped 2 ruffies in the can. Then I got my order as usual and Tammy teased me the same as always. But this time I waited around the corner and then got in my car and followed her truck at a distance. It was a hot day and Tammy was chugging away at that soda. I knew that soon she'd be out of it and all mine. About an hour later her truck pulled over to the side of the road where there were no houses. Tammy was out of it. So I snuck up to her truck and looked inside. Tammy was slumped behind the wheel in a dazed stupor. So I climbed onboard, slid her from the seat to the floor and drove the truck down a lonely country road and parked us in the middle of nowhere.

Tammy was lying on the floor in a red t-shirt that low cut to show off her cleavage, tight white shorts, and flip flops. Her long blonde hair was in a ponytail.

I knew she'd remember none of this so I decided to have some fun. I knelt down over her first ran my hands over those luscious tits over her shirt. They were young and firm. As I did this I kissed her neck and nibbled on her ear. Even In her drugged haze her body still responded as I could hear little moans from her and saw her nipples get hard thru the shirt and bra.

I wanted to see those tits so I grabbed her t-shirt and began to tear it down the center slowly exposing her tan young nubile body. She was wearing a lacy red beneath and had washboard abs. I took off my pants and slide my erect cock up and down her bra covered tits, stomach, and lips.

I spread her long tan legs and began to rub her pussy over her white shorts. She moaned a bit more but started to shake her head no when my hand slid beneath her shorts and my fingers caressed her hairless vagina and slide inside her most private entrance completely uninvited.

Her defenses where weak and she didn't even seem to know where she was much less who I am so I continued my exploration of her body. As I continued to finger fuck this blue eyed college cutie my other hand went back to her tits and slowly removed her bra. Her breasts were absolute perfection! Puff nipples on softball sized mounds of pleasure. I of course had to put my head between them and do the classic "motorboat" move before deeply sucking on each young nipple for what seemed forever.

In a hushed dreamlike whisper she kept saying "Please stop" but her body was in full response so there was no turning back for me!

Next step was sliding off those white shorts. Underneath she was wearing a purple thong. She must have tanned in a thing because when I removed it I saw the only visible tan lines on her.

I greedily thrust my head between her long toned legs and lapped at her pussy like a man possessed. I could tell she wanted to escape but the drug wouldn't let her. It was bliss!

After a while my cock was so hard I thought I was going to explode so I roughly thrust it deep inside her and fucked her without mercy. Then I pulled out, flipped her limp body over and fucked her from behind.

When I finally pulled out and shot my load I purposely did it on the back of her head so she wouldn't discover it until later.

But I still wasn't finished w/ my ice cream tease.

I pulled two drumsticks out of the freezer, took off the wrappers and stuck the frozen ice-cream cones on each tit. Then I found a large cherry Popsicle, took off the wrapper, and inserted it into her pussy. As these frozen treats freezer burned her vagina and hardened her nipples I took a few fudgicles and smeared them all over her naked body. I placed a melting ice cream sandwich in each of her hands and while I was there stole the diamond engagement ring from her finger.

As I was getting my clothes back on she began to buck and squirm at the frozen item pushed inside her so I decided it was time to go.

I never saw Tammy again but I'll never take another lick of ice cream again without tasting her.

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