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She Smiles When She Swallows



My wife has the most beautiful behind in the world. I guess you could call it an apple bottom, although that is by no means enough to describe just how perfect her sweet ass really is. Those twin firm orbs, that smooth velvety skin. Oh my. I wish you could see it right now, she's only wearing this tiny little thong bikini bottom that slides right up her little crack. My god, I'm in love.

Really, I am. In love. I'm so totally in love with my wife, I wouldn't know what to do if she wasn't there every morning to wink those gorgeous eyes at me and just say "Hi there," the way she does, like she'd been waiting for me to wake up. It's a great feeling, and perhaps you've felt it some time as well.

Isabelle is her name, I call her Belle. She's trying on her new bikini at the moment, it's a really hot little thing, all a light yellow lycra or whatever they make bikinis out of, and it's clinging to all the right places and hiding only what absolutely needs to be hidden. Did I mention it was a thong? Yeah, I guess I did.

She's trying it on because we're having a little pool party later this afternoon, just a few friends and some friends of their's, you know - to get a nice blend of those who know each other and those who don't. Seems, it's those parties that turn out the best. People can hang with their buddies when they feel like it and go mingling with some new faces when they feel like doing that. It gets people in the right, festive mood.

Belle has been strutting in front of our full-length mirror in our bedroom for a while now, I haven't said anything. I know she's dying to hear my opinion on her skimpy little outfit and she's trying really hard to act cool about it.

The outfit.

This outfit that would be so incredibly slutty if it was a different kind of party, but it's not. It really is a pool party and at those, a girl's supposed to wear a bikini. I have to give myself some credit for this. Bear with me.

Two years ago, a newlywed couple moved in to a big new house in a nice neighborhood, bought with money earned, grinding the corporate wheel for some years. Some people say too few years and some say too many, who cares - right? The money was there and no one was going to miss it for ten to twelve years. That was the deal. Let's not get in to details.

Never mind.

The money was there, the wife was looking hot and an opportunity to buy a house with a little bit of land presented itself. The tale is old and it was looking pretty good for the young and beautiful couple. And then, the man had a thought.

"What if we got a pool," he said.

"A pool, whaddya mean," the wife said. She was from a southern state and still had some of that charming, sweet tone to her voice. "Like a swimmin' pool?"

"Yea. A swimming pool, wouldn't that be nice? We could cool off in these hot summer days and even have like little pool parties. What do you think?"

The little wife thought about it and soon beamed with delight. The man was just as excited, he knew his wife had a lot of girlfriends that he would just love to invite to a pool party.

The couple was of course Belle and me and don't get me wrong, I really do love my wife. It's just that she has a lot of really hot girlfriends. I wouldn't trade my honey in for any of them but they are hot and I would love, Love to see them in their bikinis. If you're a girl, then I guess you think I'm a bastard or worse. If you're a guy, then you know what I'm talking about.

Anyway, I was going to tell you how this with the pool party was all my idea and how smart I was, suggesting it to my wife. Oh, yeah, sorry, we had some people over to build the pool, I was going to tell you that as well. Guess I'm not so good at telling these stories eh? We even had a jacuzzi built in connection with the pool. Anyway..

I said, once the pool was built, "why don't we have a little pardy, whaddya say? We could invite sum'yo friends" I often try to use a bit of her old southern accent when I want her to go my way. She shed it herself after a while up here but seems to respond to it when I try it.

She said, "A party, yeah that would be nice I guess. I know Nicole and Sammy would love it." Jackpot.

Nicole and Sammy are two of her best friends, and my god are they hot! Nicole has implants, not that it's what I prefer but her's seem to be really nice, round and smooth and her nipples often poke through her tops like little stone beads. She has a body, kinda like those you see in comic books when the artist is trying to draw the sexiest woman you could imagine. You might find it a bit unreal when you see the drawings but when you see Nicole, you understand she must be the model. But I love my wife, don't be fooled.

Sammy is more of a natural beauty I guess, her boobs aren't exactly small but not exactly big either, just a little bit smaller than my wife's and she has that popping personality and these sparkling, flirty blue eyes that seem to suck you in, closer and closer as you look into them. I'm telling you, they're one sure way to drown a happy man. Well, anyway, what can I say, I'm a happily married man. Married to a girl who happens to have some really nice friends, that's all.

Come to think of it, she did surprise me the other day though. We were talking about who were coming to the party, I was listening to how she and her friends had been out picking out bikinis at the mall, one bikini being smaller than the other and how at one time, one of Nicole's (the comic book girl) nipples had popped out of her top while in perfect view of this shy little store clerk, who apparently turned bright red but couldn't stop staring. Well who could blame him, I thought.

So, Belle was telling me about their shopping trip and the only interest I had, was anything had to do with either of the girls boobs. My wife actually loves boobs although she is by no means interested in sex with another girl, so she has told me, and would often tell me any story that had to do with seeing somebody with big breasts or a "breast-related story". I don't really know why she likes breasts so much but I don't complain. Personally, I'm more into the woman's ass than her boobs, but .. well.. no, boobs are nice too. Really nice.

The thing that surprised me, well should I say hit me in the face like bucket of ice water, was that all of a sudden she told me about these guys she and her two friends had met after trying on their swim suits.

They had gone to a nice little café and 'cause of it was almost full, they had had to share a table with these young studs. That's the way I thought of them anyway, young studs. Belle said that both Nicole and Sammy seemed to think they were nice guys, even hot looking, so why not invite them to the party? I said, "Well, did You think they were nice as well?" Getting a little jealous, I guess.

Now don't get me wrong, I'm not really the jealous type, I even think it's kinda flattering when other men stare at my wife when she's wearing something sexy, but I want to be there for it, you know? I don't want to hear about it afterwards.

But my darling wife said she thought one of the guys was alright, she guessed, but the other one was almost obnoxious, talking about himself like he was the greatest man to ever have walked upon the face of the earth. Her words, not mine. Just a couple of average Joes, I gathered.

So this stilled my jealous mind a bit and, oh can I tell you, the sex that night blew my mind. This was two days ago.

Belle has the most wonderful way of giving me blowjobs, licking up and down my shaft before she starts sucking and nibbling on my head and then finally taking at least four inches into her beautiful mouth, sucking and licking, up and down. She almost sucks me until I get off and then jerks me off at the very end. I've of course always wanted her to suck me all the way but she thinks it's kinda gross, and who am I to complain?


I'm really looking forward to the party tonight. Sure, my original thought was to have an all-girl pool party with me as the only guy, fighting my way through schools of thongs and perky nipples, but I think I always knew that was only going to be a dirty dream, not one that was likely to come through. As it is, it seems a lot more people are coming than I anticipated and definitely a lot more guys than I thought, it'll probably be about fifty-fifty, as it turns out. Maybe bringing the total to forty or so. But it shouldn't be a problem, we've bought enough beer, wine, booze and bubbles to fill the damn pool up to the rim, and even hired some caterers to keep the barbeque manned so I don't have to stand there all evening. It should be a nice party.

But right now, I got another thing on my mind. Belle is still standing there, wiggling and stretching, showing off her slender curves to me in the light yellow bikini. The soft light from the dimmed ceiling lights is making it all so much more erotic, her nipples hard, casting little shadows down her full breasts. A little turned on, I'm guessing. When she turns towards me, the small patch of cloth that covers her mound wrinkles slightly between her lips. It's beautiful, so beautiful. Then she turns her back to me again and seems to find something on her knee that needs her close attention and bends forward to investigate. Not in an obvious way, but still. The string that runs between her cheeks rides in further and below, I can see her pink slit. No, I can't actually see it but I know it's there and the suit leaves little to my imagination.

I can see she's starting to get a little frustrated that she's not getting much of a reaction from me. I'm only half-looking at her, got a magazine that I'm flipping through to look like I'm getting bored. However, if she could see under my pants, she would know for sure I really appreciate what I see. I'm stiff as a log of wood.

I think it's hilarious to tease her this way. A little mean I guess, apparently she was sort of an ugly duckling as a little girl but the way she has blossomed since then, she shouldn't have any lack of confidence when it comes to her looks. But sure, I know she still craves a little ego boost every once in a while. Usually, I'm happy to oblige but today I'm feeling mischievous. Maybe I'm a little bit more jealous than I thought about the "young studs" from the café. I don't know why but I don't seem to be able to shake it completely. And I don't know why I think of them as young, I don't remember Belle saying anything about their ages. Besides, I'm not that old myself. It's all very confusing.

She's giving up now. I wonder if she'll go for a last try and take off her top, see if that gets my attention. I would love it if she did, get a look at those perfect breasts as they're bouncing with her steps.

But no, she didn't. Guess she didn't think I deserved it. She just walked into the bathroom again to change back into her ordinary clothes that she left in there.


The doorbell rang, the sound of digital bells still chiming downstairs. I know my wife is down there and I didn't even bother to make sure she opened the door for who ever it was.

I'm going through my e-mail, responding to those I should and deleting the spam. Today it's mostly generic Viagra, and I don't need any. I've got my generic Viagra downstairs, putting the final touches to the house for the party. Only about an hour before guests should start dropping in now.

Thinking a little bit about it, I can't imagine who could be at the door. All our friends are coming to the party, is somebody early? I hear Belle talking with somebody, she's sounding surprised. It wakes my curiosity and I go downstairs to check it out for myself.

I walk down the stairs and my wife is on her way up, giving me a puzzled look as she sees me. She says, "It's the IRS, they wanted to come in and see our house."

This doesn't compute in my head at first and all I can say is, "IRS?" like I haven't heard of them before.

She says, "Yea, I let'em in. He's got a camera and, what's going on Mark?"

The thought of a fucking IRS guy in my house - taking pictures - finally gets my blood pumping and I fly down the steps, taking them three at a time. This little weasel-looking guy is walking around, not with an ordinary camera but with a goddamn camcorder, shooting my house like it was some kind of tourist attraction!

I say, "Hey!" and the guy jumps in his cheap-looking wool suit, turning his head at the sound. "What the fuck are you doing here, you got a warrant, huh?"

And he says, "I don't need one, your wife let me in, I'm just getting some records for future reference," trying to sound in charge but I see sweat beads popping at his temples.

"My wife may have let you in," I say, walking up to him. "But now I'm letting you out, got it?"

I grab the camcorder from his hands and get a firm grip on his arm through the wool fabric. I can tell he's not the iron pumping type, which is fortunate, I'm only averagely built myself. I shove him towards the door. He says, "Hey, be careful with that, it's government property," talking about the video camera, a digital, expensive-looking one.

I open the door, still holding on to both his arm and the camera, and throw him out. I say, "Gedda fuck outta here," letting some of my old Brooklyn accent shine through. I'm from Brooklyn originally. "I'll send you the friggin camera!" I slam the door shut.

I told him I'll send him the camera, and I will. But first, I have to figure out how to erase the tape or whatever these digital cameras use to store the video. I don't want the IRS to know exactly what my house looks like. If he really was IRS, I forgot to check his ID.

I'd tell you why I thought he might not have been with the IRS but it's a long story and I don't think you want to hear it. It's not that interesting anyway. I haven't told my wife either.

Belle is standing there, still that puzzled look on her pretty face, asking me what that was all about now. I tell her it was nothing, just the nosy government, is all. "But next time, don't let some stranger with a fucking video camera in the house without telling me first, ok?"

"Ok, sorry," she says, and I can tell I've hurt her feelings.

When my wife gets her feelings hurt, she doesn't get all sad or edgy like some people. No, she gets pissed. Not in the way that she throws dinner plates around or anything, but you can be sure that she's going to get back at you at some time or another.

She walks up the stairs and all I can do is watch her butt cheeks roll in her jeans with the steps. It's too bad this had to happen today, with the pool party and all, but it couldn't be helped. And maybe the party will lighten her mood enough so she forgets about the whole deal anyway.

I put the camera in the bookshelf thinking I'll get to it later, and go to take a shower, wanting to get ready for the party now.


I'm standing in the kitchen, my wife is with me. I've made us each one of her favourite cocktails, one I don't know what it's called but I know how to make it. She's sipping on her's now, tasting it. She's wearing the light yellow bikini from before but she's got on this semi see-through skirt over her hips that makes it a little more of an actual outfit I guess. And she's got a long double necklace that hangs down to the tops of her swelling breasts, drawing attention and making it a little ok to let your eyes wander to her inviting cleavage. I know a lot of guys are going to do just that today, I get a little excited at the thought.

She smiles when she swallows. "Mmm, this is a really good one. You've outdone yourself, honey." And I'm thinking she's already gotten over the IRS-incident. To make sure, and because it hits me, I say, "I love you, baby."

"Love you too," she says. I'm warm all over. It doesn't have to be poetic when it's the right person saying it.

I give her a little peck and she responds so I give her a little more of a kiss, a real one this time. Her mouth tastes wonderful. Some lemony sourness from the cocktail on her tongue and strawberry sweetness from her lip gloss. I slide my free hand up her back, pulling her closer to me, I can feel her tight body against mine. I've got on khaki shorts and a linen shirt so it's not skin-to-skin when we embrace but I can still sense her nipples stiffening. I'm sure she can feel my stiffening as well. I let my hand fall on her firm cheeks and I squeeze the left one as lovingly as I can.

She giggles and her stunningly beautiful eyes sparkle at me. "Down boy," she says. "We'll have guests coming anytime now." She pulls away, taking a mouthful of the cocktail, and swallows it all down with an "ahhh!" sound and another little giggle.


At a little before three in this hot July afternoon, our guests start to arrive and soon the party is gaining momentum. Everybody has a drink in their hand and they all seem thirsty. I do the meet-and-greet as well as I can but people seem to just float in, my closer friends making sure to give me a hug and hello, though. The pool area is the natural hot spot as the sun is beating down on us without mercy. Most girls have on their bikinis, one smaller and more revealing than the other, and some of the guys are walking around without shirts on. I'm just thinking it's strange that no one has actually gone into the pool yet, when I hear a high-pitched scream and a splash.

It's Margaret, a mutual friend of Belle's and mine, that has been pushed into the pool by two guys. Knowing Margaret, she probably didn't have anything to object, she's a fun loving girl, a bit plump, but with a personality that seems to make everybody around her as happy as she is. Sometimes I wonder what drug she's on and why she isn't sharing. The girly screams and hysterical laughter soon has the pool filled with people.


I'm sitting in one of our white plastic lounge chairs looking out over the pool area, talking with my buddy Simon. We've got ourselves a couple of beers from the icebox and we're enjoying the view.

He's a good-looking guy I guess, short blonde hair and goes to the gym on a regular basis. He never had any trouble getting laid and today he came alone. I know he's hoping to hook up.

"There are some nice looking women here man," he says with a grin as his eyes are jumping between thongs and bikini tops that have gone almost transparent in the pool, now barely hiding what they're supposed to.

This stunning girl in a pink bikini is stepping out of the water in front of us. Her long black hair, clinging to her neck and chest before she bends over, giving us a splendid view down her top. Then she jerks her head back up, sending her hair flying through the air and whipping down on her back with a wet, sharp sound. She has hair long enough that it may even have hit her ass. For a moment our eyes meet and she smiles at me, perfect teeth and dark blue eyes. I know I've never met her before.

"There sure is," I agree. "Got anyone special in mind already?"

Simon's grin widens. "Well, not yet, I think. Besides, you already hogged the hottest one."

"That's right," I tell him. "And don't forget it." All in good spirit though, I know he wouldn't think of trying to turn his charms on my wife. He knows I'd kill him.

"Tell me," he says, sounding like he's been thinking about something for a while. "Has she gotten a boob-job or is she, you know, all natural?"

"Who, Belle?"


"Hell no, all natural."

"Wow," he says and nods his head. "Damn."

"I know," I say, feeling more than a little proud.

Between the sun and the drinks, I'm starting to feel really good now. I have seen so many tight asses and perky breasts that it's a good thing I'm wearing this loose fitting shirt, otherwise it would be really embarrassing to stand up. Now the shirt will cover up the beginning tent in my shorts.

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