tagBDSMShe Waits

She Waits


O left Baby Girl's bed at sunrise; he left just a note on the pillow.

Baby Girl woke up and rolled over in bed. A stab of shock and fear ripped through her chest as she realized that she was alone. They had only been together a few blissful weeks; had she been abandoned already? There was a note on the pillow. She opened it with dread, expecting a goodbye letter.

"Lover: I will return to you soon. When I do, I had better find you ready for me: naked, blindfolded, on your knees in the middle of the living room. Remember, I expect my slave to be wet and ready for cock. Your master, O."

Baby Girl's heart leaped into the sky. No, he wasn't leaving her. It was part of his plan to give her a wonderful Saturday, fulfilling some of her deepest fantasies.

Namely, her fantasy of being taken forcefully, handcuffed, and treated like a sex slave.

But when had he left the note? How long would he be gone?

Baby Girl flung the sheets from the bed and hopped to her feet. She could not remember ever getting out of bed so fast on a Saturday before. She rushed to the shower, determined to look perfect when O returned, but afraid of what would happen if he came home and she wasn't where the note told her to be. Would he spank her? The thought sent a throb through her clitoris.

Baby Girl scrambled out of the shower, drying herself in a hurry, then went to the center of the living room and sat back on her feet with her legs splayed scandalously. She waited there for some time, wondering when he was coming back.

She had almost reached the point of getting worried about O's return, when she remembered his other instruction: she had to be wet and ready for him. She was already aroused, but would that be enough? She reached between her open legs and let her fingers wander.

She touched her outer lips. She brushed through her trim bush. She slid a fingerpad across her clit. A flood opened up within her. She stroked her clit fiercely, forgetting all else but the greedy demands of her hungry clit.

She wanted badly to come. His note hadn't specifically forbade it, but would she be punished for it anyway? She reluctantly decided not to take the chance. After giving her clit a final stroke so strong it almost sent her over the edge, she yanked her hand away from her pussy. Her cunt ached from losing the stimulation of her delicate fingers so close to orgasm. She placed her hands on her knees and closed her eyes. Her pussy throbbed with an unending series of earthquakes driven by her pounding heart.

Time passed. O did not appear. She could not see a clock from where she sat but she was certain that hours must have passed. As the throbbing would subside, she would periodically give her cunt some fevered strokes, returning her swiftly to the edge and unleashing a fresh torrent of her slick pussy juice.

Baby Girl almost jumped out of her skin as the front door burst opened. O stood in the doorway for several minutes, watching her. Her wet and open cunt was exposed to the whole neighborhood, but it was her exposure to O that excited her.

Slowly, O stepped into the house. He wore a red T-shirt, blue jeans, and--presumably due to the chilly spring weather--a black sportscoat. He carried a plastic bag from the grocery store. Once inside, he again found himself staring.

"Don't you move," he said as he slowly shut the door.

O carried the groceries to the kitchen and--very deliberately--put them away. Baby Girl bit her lip in frustration as she listened intently to every can of food that O put into the cupboard.

Finally, silence. She waited. She felt his presence behind her. His breath kissed her ear, sending a shiver through her body.

"Did you do as I asked?" he whispered. She nodded.

"So, you're ready to be fucked?"

"Yes," she growled.

"Let's see."

O let his hand drift slowly from the side of her neck down her arm, drawing out her goose bumps. Her belly trembled as his fingers slid across her navel and down toward her cunt. While he lazily twisted his fingers around her close thatch of pubic hair, he kissed and licked her neck and ears. She groaned and bit her lip.

"Ready to show me how wet you are?" O asked.

Baby Girl could only nod. O's fingers pressed into the base of her clit. She cried out and thrust her hips into O's hand. He ground the heel of his palm into her pubis and continued to work her clit. He had to grip her shoulder with one hand to hold her in place.

Finally, he began his real inspection. She gave a plaintive cry when he left her clitoris, but almost fainted as he began a massage of her sopping wet pussy. His fingers were drenched by a flood of her fragrant drippings. Suddenly overpowered by the aroma of her passion, he plunged his fingers deep into her cunt. Her slick, warm vagina gave way to his intruding fingers.

"Oh my. You are wet, indeed," he said in a voice that trembled as he struggled to keep control. "But you'll have to be punished anyway, since you did not follow my instructions."

Baby Girl gasped. Her chest tightened in a momentary panic. What could she have possibly gotten wrong?

He held her tight, not moving. His warm breath caressed her neck, but did not kiss her; his fingers filled her pussy but refused to fuck her. She knew that she had to speak, but the thought of calling him "master" filled her with dread. She swallowed hard and spoke.

"How have I failed you, master?"

Her heart pounded in her chest. Her pussy flooded anew. O rewarded her submission with a subtle but powerful stroke of his thumb across her clitoris.

"Oh fuck," she muttered. Her body tingled from the sudden rush that took her.

He began slowly fucking her with his fingers as he spoke:

"Yes, you dirty little slut, you have failed me in one way. I expected you to be ready for a fucking when I got home. But are your nipples hard? Barely. You should have been pinching them the whole time so they would stand out nice and hard for me. Now, you'll have to be spanked. And, just to make sure you get it, I'll have to use clamps on you."

Baby Girl's nipples stiffened in anticipation at the mention of clamps. He'd given them to her some time ago, but she'd never used them. She had occasionally taken them out of her drawer and rolled them between her fingers, but she always put them back before trying them on. Now she wouldn't have a chance to chicken out. O would hold her tight in his arms and apply the clamps without mercy. She bit her lip.

O gave Baby Girl's clit one more firm stroke, then abruptly withdrew his fingers from her quim and stood.

"Don't move," he said. "I'll get the nipple clamps."

Again, Baby Girl found herself sitting in the middle of the room, panting and wet, not knowing when her lover would return to, hopefully, satisfy her. But she knew that she had already incurred O's wrath once and did not wish to disobey again, so, she sat silently and waited.

Before she could calm down much, however, he was upon her again, standing over her, still wearing his jacket.

"Stand up," he commanded.

She rose on wobbling legs. He walked around her, as if in inspection, dragging his finger possessively across the rise of her ass. He stopped and faced her. He drew his hands up her stomach to the underside of her breasts. O ran the backs of his hands gently around the sensitive flesh, then cupped both breasts. The thumb and forefinger of each hand closed slowly on her nipple. He looked deep into her eyes as he began to pinch.

It was soft at first, almost teasing. The pressure built quickly until she felt the urge to let out a satisfied moan--but the moan caught in her throat and became a gasp as he pinched her nipples much harder. Baby Girl's nipples stiffened. He pinched harder... harder... too hard! She cried out and squirmed away. O let go of her breasts. She quickly took her place again. O flashed her a stern glance. Then, he reached into his jacket pocket and produced a pair of wicked-looking nipple clamps.

They were alligator clips, with rubber pads on the tips and thumb-screws to adjust the tightness. A pretty silver chain connected them. For a moment, Baby Girl wondered if she would look good with the chain dangling between her ample breasts. Then all thoughts disappeared as the clamps closed fiercely on her stiff nipples.

The pain was searing for only a moment, then a dull throbbing that shot straight to her clit. She felt lightheaded. Her entire concentration was focused on her pinched nipples. There was no way to squirm away this time. O ran his fingertips in circles over the soft skin of her breasts, barely touching her. Sparks shot out from the hypersensitive skin. She moaned. Her knees buckled. O quickly wrapped his arms around her and kissed her. She felt so wonderfully exposed, rubbing her naked body against his clothes. Her nipples, tortured to a nearly unbearable tumescence, dragged roughly across his jacket.

She melted into his body and gave herself over to the kiss. Their lips pressed together and their tongues danced.

Baby Girl felt the front of O's pants bulge and grow firm. She thrust her hips into him, wantonly grinding his stiffening member into her mound. His hand gripped her ass possessively.

"Are you my cute little slut tonight?" he asked between kisses.

"Yes," she panted. "I'm your slut. I'll do anything for you."

Saying the dirty word turned her on more than she'd expected. She felt her cheeks blush brightly.

"Good," O said, then he abruptly stepped back from her. "But you're still getting a spanking."

O took the hand of his naked lover and led her to the bedroom. At his instruction, she bent over the bed, her ass positioned lewdly in the air. She waited as the anticipation built. She nearly jumped when she felt his hands lightly settle on her lower back then glide down over her ass. He stroked the skin so lightly it seemed to charge her with electric current. He brought his left hand up her back and gripped her shoulder, holding her down gently but firmly. His right hand ceased stroking her ass, but she knew exactly where it was.

O raised his hand and let it drop onto her left cheek. Baby Girl gave little yelp in surprise, although he hadn't struck very hard. A tingling sensation spread slowly from the spot where the blow had fallen. Just as she began to contemplate it, another spank landed on her right cheek-- this one a little harder.

Once again, O's hand caressed her ass ever so lightly, spreading the tingling around, dipping fingers just a little into the ravine between her mounds. Then, with no warning, he spanked her again, much harder. Baby Girl gasped. That one stung. Before she could catch her breath, a rain of spankings fell upon her bottom. He struck hard and fast, somehow finding the very rhythm of her quickening pulse.

Baby Girl's pussy began to throb. A jolt of excitement raced through her clitoris with every swat. She hadn't meant to like it this much, but she couldn't help herself. The cream flowed from her cunt. She arched her back to meet his rain of spankings.

Abruptly, he stopped. For a moment, Baby Girl was confused, but then she caught the sound of his belt buckle coming undone. She gave a silent cheer that she would soon have O's cock buried deep in her pussy. Suddenly, his firm hands pulled her cheeks apart. She felt his hot breath waft over her dripping labia for just a moment before his lips found hers in a wet kiss.

She moaned with all her voice. His lips caressed the swollen petals of her lotus gingerly. He drew her own wetness over her labia, then snaked his tongue out to collect her succulent dew for his own pleasure. He explored her with lips and tongue, sucking on her lips and probing the moist entrance to her vagina. Baby Girl moaned and gasped with each thrust of his tongue.

"Oh yes," she cried when he locked his lips around her pussy and drove his tongue past her doorway and deep into her cunt. The probing tongue licked around inside her, seeking out every spot that could make her squirm with pleasure. She went mad, crying out desperately for more. She needed to be fucked and she knew it.

"Please fuck me, master" she panted, just to make sure he knew it as well.

O nudged the back of her thighs, guiding her until she was on her knees, on the edge of the bed, her legs spread. She felt open and exposed, like she was offering herself completely to him. All she cared about was getting filled with cock. She could imagine how it would feel and the thought consumed her. Her clit pounded as it dangled between her legs. Oh, if only he would hurry and slip that dick of his between her lips and drive it home.

Baby Girl did not have long to wait. O licked his palm and wiped it around his erection. He stepped up behind her and pressed his thighs to hers. His cock slid along the length of her slit. Somehow, the crown found her clit, the dripping pre-come making it a tiny wet kiss between these two most sensitive body parts. She shuddered and bit her lip at the contact. O grabbed his cock in one hand and tapped the head against her clit.

"Oh God," she moaned. "Please put it in me. Please stop teasing."

"Is this what you want?" he said with a chuckle, more determined than ever to tease her, now that she'd begged him not to.

He pushed the fat head of his cock up between her lips.

"Please..." she said, barely able to keep from fainting.

"Please, huh? You like this, do you?"

She was delirious. His cockhead circled her opening, pressing against it just hard enough to make her crazy. She tried to push back against him, to sink that cock into her, but he grabbed her ass and tapped her clit again.

"Uh uh," he chided. "Not yet. Are you sure you can handle this? I'm going to stretch you nice and wide, you know."

"Yes... master. Please fuck me. Please."

His cock returned to her opening. Her body tensed. She held perfectly still, anticipating the penetration.

"Very well, you delicious little slut. I'll give you all the cock you can handle."

With that, he pressed firmly, pushing her open and slipping smoothly inside.

"Oh, Yes!" she cried out.

O's cock drove slowly into her. He filled her completely, as he'd promised. He withdrew just as slowly, letting out a deep moan of his own as his cock savored every moment of her wet embrace. When he pushed back in, he did it hard, shoving her forward. She pushed back against him. Her pussy squeezed him as he held himself deep inside her. She could feel his cock swell against the contraction.

He pulled her hair, lifting her head back until he could whisper in her ear.

"I'm going to plow you, sweetie," he said.

"Please take me," she answered.

O growled in response, grabbed her hips with both hands and fulfilled his promise, plowing her sheath with a hard and steady rhythm. Baby Girl went crazy. She cried out with every thrust of his cock and smack of his balls. She was ready to come in moments. She let the hypnotizing effect of his fucking carry her to the brink of oblivion, where her mind, Zen-like, let go of attachments and existed only as an increasingly intense build-up of pleasure. She didn't want it to end, but she could do nothing to stop the inevitable detonation that was building in her cunt.

As O worked his cock into her, he could sense her impending climax. Her juices were gushing around him. Her cries affected him deeply, and his cock swelled inside her, just as her pussy tightened around him. He wanted to feel her come on his cock. He knew what it would do to him.

O deftly reached a hand around Baby Girl's waist and found her clitoris. The rock-hard button hung deliciously between her legs. He pressed the tip of a finger into the base of her clit and worked it in circles in time with his thrusting.

Baby Girl's mindless revelry snapped. Her clit, oh God, her clit. She was no longer floating in the beautiful twilight of the edge of orgasm, she was now racing toward the cliff at full speed. His cock filled her so completely. His finger worked her clit so skillfully. She climbed and climbed, gripping the sheets as every muscle in her body tensed.

"Coming... coming," she hissed through gritted teeth.

"Come on my cock, sweetie," O said. "Let it go. Do it now, slut."


She gave in and let the orgasm take her. The wave of relief washed her from her toes to her hair for a moment, then O pulled off the nipple clips. Blood rushed into her nipples. Stars filled her eyes as the first explosion rocked her. Her pussy began to spasm. His cock continued its relentless drive, seeming to grow even as her cunt gripped it in a flurry of fierce contractions.

O gloried in the feeling of his cock receiving such a special massage from his lover's pussy, but it was the sound of her moans and the sight of her losing control of her body to her orgasm that pushed him over the edge. She had surrendered to his spankings of course, but that was nothing next to her surrender to her own body.

O's cock pulsed as his come shot into her cunt. He held onto her hips tight and slid his spasming member in and out of her cunt, savoring the sensations as his cock pulsed again and again inside her. Finally, his legs became weak, his contractions finished and his cock finally relaxed and softened.

Baby Girl collapsed forward onto the bed and O followed her, slipping gently out of her dripping pussy. He wrapped his arms around her and she sank into his embrace.

"Mmm," she hummed, as she drew the blankets around them. "Maybe we can do that some more after you take me out to dinner."

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