tagLoving WivesShe Wanted a Younger Man Ch. 03

She Wanted a Younger Man Ch. 03


PLEASE READ: This story is full of female-dominant / male-submissive content, including Cuckolding. If you don't like that sort of thing, please move on to one of the other wonderful stories found on this site. Also, if you're reading this story shortly after it was uploaded, it is part of an incomplete series, and the plotlines will not have resolved at the finish of this installment. All Characters are 18 years old.

Thank you for reading with these warnings in mind. All the best! -- Jeffrey


All week long, Susan and Jeffrey had had sex at least twice a day.

It was like they were newlyweds again. Everything seemed fresh and new.

Susan teased Jeffrey constantly about her lover, and Jeffrey couldn't do enough for her, attending to her every need and desire and whim -- usually thinking of it before she did. And he was all over her like a lusty 18-year old on his first date, necking in the back seat of a car.

Susan liked it.

A lot.

During the week, Susan had again been to the lingerie shop and to several stores to look for suitable dresses that she might wear on her dates, but those shopping excursions had included Jeffrey since it was of utmost importance to her that he share in every detail of her dating life. If he was to be cuckolded properly in the modern female-dominant-relationship fashion, he must be a part of everything.

It had been an exciting time with Jeffrey as they shopped together. There was a young girl, perhaps twenty, who helped them in the lingerie store as Susan picked out the tiniest and sheerest thong panties. Susan explained to the girl that these panties were specifically for her to wear on her dates.

It took a few comments like this before realization dawned on the girl's cute face. When it did, the young woman looked at Jeffrey with a bit of shock in her eyes, and the way Jeffrey had looked down and blushed was absolutely priceless. They had ended up shopping for quite some time at the store, because the young sales girl was suddenly eager to help Susan find "just the right panties that boy's her age were into."

When they were finally finished shopping, Jeffrey carried at least a dozen tiny panties -- each one smaller and sheerer than the other -- to the counter and paid the smiling and glowing sales clerk. The final icing on the cake was when the sales girl told Jeffrey that she thought he was the best husband ever!

Susan gave the girl her card and told her to call if she wanted to hear how the coming 'Date night' went, and the girl assured her she would.

Dress shopping had also been wonderful for both of them. There was one boutique they found in the newly-renovated "Olde Towne" retail area of the city that had cornered the market on sexy and revealing cocktail dresses. Halter tops, spaghetti straps, dangerously high slits, and ridiculously short hemlines were everywhere in fashionable and creative combinations.

The owner of the store was a beautiful woman in her late fifties named Darla. She had a very wise and worldly look about her in a very feminine and gentle way. Susan hit it off with this woman very naturally, and it wasn't but a few minutes before Susan had shared the 'secret' that she was shopping for dresses that would be irresistible to her young lover.

Darla had turned to Jeffrey and looked at his blushing face. She immediately saw what she needed to know and smiled at the couple. "Quite an adventure," she said, "to have embarked upon cuckolding your husband properly. You're a wise woman to include your man. A cheating wife is just a slut, but a wife that convinces her husband that cuckolding is good for their marriage is a precious rarity. I've known several women who have cuckolded their men wisely, and they are still married 30 years or more. It is really the natural order of things, dear, and I'm glad you've discovered this together."

"Really?" asked Susan, "The natural order? I've read articles that claim this, but I just thought it might be at least a slight overstatement."

"Of course, dear, that's how we girls were raised. The free love of the sixties was thwarted by the STD troubles of the past two decades, but the genie is coming out of the bottle again. I have a friend, a college professor, who has written extensively on this subject as well as others. I am convinced that it is unnatural for a woman to have only one man, and that it is merely the product of pas patriarchal thinking that has clouded the truth. You're on the road to happiness, both of you. Cuckolding is as good for the goose as it is for the gander." She smiled at her little joke and began to show her wares with renewed enthusiasm.

Over the course of two hours, and a lot of conversation with Darla on the subject of female-dominant marriage and cuckolding, Jeffrey walked out of the store carrying three very flattering and revealing dresses, suitable for Susan's new dating regime.

Susan and Darla exchanged cards and vowed to stay in touch, and Darla loaned Susan a book by the college professor, Victoria Andre, PhD., that addressed the rise of female sexual power and freedom on the new millennium. Susan promised to read it and return it soon.

During the week leading up to the "2nd Firday", Susan had let Jeffrey sit beside her as she talked to her young lover, Randy, on the phone several times. She had also spoken to Nissa and Gail many times as the ladies discussed the benefits and joys of bedding young men, and polished their plans to do so. She had been very pleased with Jeffrey's reactions to her phone conversations, lusty as they were, and she had quickly fallen into the habit of having him naked at home so that she could enjoy monitoring his arousal.

On Thursday night she had thought of a wonderful idea, and had put Jeffrey's mouth and talented tongue between her thighs as she had talked to Gail on the phone. It was a wonderful experience to sit in her easy chair with her skirt up and panties off and naked husband licking her pussy, as she described to Gail how much more attentive and sexy her husband was, now that she had taken a lover.

As Susan shared secrets with Gail -- how her husband was now kept nude at home, always had an erection, and was right at that moment licking her pussy -- her sweet husband would groan in embarrassment, blush a very cute pink, and devour the wet and succulent folds of her unfaithful pussy with renewed vigor.

Susan had to pause in her conversation several times to have a long and loud orgasm due to her husband's attentiveness and the sexual thrill of the situation. Each time, Gail happily and patiently waited for her friend to finish cumming and regain her breath.

Gail had decided that she, too, wanted to have a young man on the side and was eager for every detail that Susan could supply her regarding how to approach the subject with her husband. Gail, like Susan, had no desire to merely cheat on her husband, but instead wanted the kind of relationship that Susan had -- the "new cuckolding" as described on various internet sites. Susan related her discoveries on Jeffrey's computer and urged Gail to explore her husband's laptop and report back.

As soon as she had hung up the phone, Susan found herself mounted by her over-excited husband and gleefully enjoyed his urgent thrusting and passionate kisses. She was quite pleased to be the object of his strident desires and she urged him to ejaculation with whispered 'magic words' about her upcoming date the following night.

When Jeffrey had fallen upon her in exhaustion after giving her a very satisfying round of desperate lovemaking, she caressed his head as it lay on her shoulder and kissed his cheek. She loved having his weight upon her as she felt him slowly softening inside her body, and his heavy breathing slowly returned to normal.

"You know, dear," she said lovingly, "It's very nice to have you so wild and crazy for me. I love it when you can't get enough of me and you want me all the time. I think cuckolding is a wonderful addition to our marriage; it seems to have awakened your inner Wildman. And I think I know why..."

Jeffrey, lost in the near coma of a man well-spent, said, "Mmm..."

"I read in Dr. Andre's book that sperm are not all just for baby-making. In fact, only about 10 percent of the tens of millions of sperm cells released in ejaculation are true egg-seekers. The vast majority of sperm are either killers or defenders designed to kill foreign egg-seekers from another donor, or defend their brother egg-seekers from the stranger's killer sperm cells."

She waited for a response, but instead got only deep breathing from her husband.

She continued, "The biological imperative there is obvious. A man wasn't designed to be the only one who is spurting into a woman. In fact, monogamy reduces egg-seeking sperm count. It is in fact the presence of competition for the woman's egg that increases sperm production in the male. It is competition for a chance to deposit semen that increases the male's arousal and desire. So, that means there is a scientific biological basis for the common male fantasy of his wife having another lover. Isn't that interesting dear?"

"Hrmphhh..." he said.

Susan had frowned at him in mock disapproval, but she knew that boys are generally useless for conversation after they've spurted. But they were very suggestible after ejaculation, so she knew that he had heard what she said, and was content to leave it at that.

The book that Darla had loaned her was quite interesting, she thought, and bore deep study. And study it she would, in great detail.

Once Susan decided that Jeffrey had had enough time lollygagging on top of her, rumpling her blouse and skirt, she pushed him up and put him to bed. It was late enough and tomorrow was going to be a big day.

Finally, it was Friday -- Susan's date night -- and she had again come home early from work to get ready with Jeffrey's help. He had bathed her, shaved her including all her pubic hair, and they had chosen what Susan would wear together.

Jeffrey had a completely different set of feelings during this time than he had had a week ago. This time, there was no question as to whether his wife was going to have intercourse with her young man. There was no question whether she would allow her lover to enter her without protection. And there was no question that Susan would allow her lover to ejaculate inside her.

Susan would be picked up by Nissa at 7pm for dinner and dancing at the same club in the Hilton that they had gone to last week. At 10pm, the four lovers would retire to a suite they had reserved in the hotel, where Susan and her lover would have sex, and then Susan would be brought home by her date not later than 1am.

All of these facts had been planned by Susan and openly discussed with her husband the preceding week in great detail.

In fact, Susan had set clear goals in her mind for her lovemaking session with her lover. She wanted to have a wider variety of sexual play with him this time, while maintaining control of the activities as she had on the previous date. One advantage of taking a lover of much younger age was that it was easy for Susan, twenty years his senior, could easily take the lead in their lovemaking without the boy feeling unmanned in some way. Her age gave her power over him in addition to her feminine wiles.

She would first 'take the edge off her boy' by giving him oral sex. She would take part of his ejaculation in her mouth, and then allow the rest to spurt onto her breasts. Next, she would mount him and have him ejaculate inside her. In this position, she expected that her lover's semen would get all over her pussy and run down her thighs. Lastly, if possible, she would allow him to have her missionary style and receive an ejaculation which she would try to keep inside her and bring home. To aid in keeping as much of the last deposit as possible, she would bring a pair of full-coverage panties in her purse to wear home instead of the tiny thong.

With the goal to excite and arouse her lover, the carefully chosen wardrobe for the evening was laid out on the bed. She and Jeffrey had spent bits of time all week debating what she should wear for greatest impact from among her new purchases.

They had chosen a pair of classic white 'fuck me' pumps with daring 4" heels.

The dress was a white satin sheath that was providentially cut to fit Susan's particular figure like a glove -- right off the rack. It was destiny. The dress had a mid-thigh hemline with a daring 3" slit in the back. Above the slit was a large open-back oval, cut to bare plenty of flesh down to the dimples just above the cleft of her bottom. In front there was a plunging neckline between form-fitting cups that created devastating cleavage, supported by spaghetti straps.

It was the white equivalent of the 'little black dress' your slutty sister might wear to embarrass her mother to tears.

Beneath the dress, they had chosen the tiniest, sheerest white low-rise g-string, with a narrow triangle of see-through material that could barely contain Susan's large and pouting vulva lips. If she were to 'accidentally' flash the room a look at her panties, they would clearly see her shaven pussy with no difficulty.

Atop the dress, a simple string of white pearls and matching earrings. A small white lambskin clutch and an off-white cashmere overcoat completed the ensemble.

The overall affect was that the innocence of the white was overpowered by the sensuality of woman, creating a delightful juxtaposition of values and mores.

At 7:10pm, Susan's makeup was done and she was dressed when the doorbell rang.

Jeffrey said, "You look magnificent. I can hardly keep from dropping to my knees and humping your leg."

Susan giggled, "You'll get your chance to hump more than that when I get home. In the meantime, I want you to clean the bathrooms, hand-wash all my bras and panties, and put clean sheets on our bed. And I want you to stay undressed while I'm gone, but keep your hands off your penis. Its mine and I have plans for it later this evening."

Jeffrey smiled and said, "Yes, dear."

"Good boy," she said, "Now go answer the door, honey, while I give my makeup one last look."

"But I'm naked and it's Nissa," he pleaded.

Susan took a couple steps closer, towering over her husband by several inches in her sexy heels. She hugged him and whispered in his ear, "She knows I've been keeping you naked at home, honey, it's no big deal. You're going to have to get used to it some time, sweetheart."

She kissed him lightly on the cheek and reached down, taking his testicles in her hand and giving them a gentle squeeze. "You know I'm in charge and that I know what's best for you, Sweetheart, and if I say you should answer the door for one of my friends without any clothes on, I want you to obey me. Now go show Nissa what a good obedient boy you are for me, ok?"

"Yes, dear," he said softly, "It's just...she'll see me erect, honey..."

"I know, dear, but it's ok if she sees your erection. Don't you think it's better for my friends to see my husband's penis at its best? Your penis is very attractive dear, and it's time I showed it off a little bit. Now be a good boy for me. Go answer the door."

"Yes, dear," he said with an adorable tremble in his voice. Susan gave him an encouraging swat on his cute bottom to send him on his way. She smiled as she returned to the mirrors to give her look a last once-over, and awaited the sounds of Jeffrey's dilemma from the nearby living room.

Jeffrey walked faster when Nissa rang the bell a second time. He was blushing already with embarrassment and his penis was rock hard at its full five inches. He wished he was bigger, like the young lovers the two women bragged about, but there was absolutely nothing a man could do about it, short of dangerous surgery.

He opened the door, hiding his naked body behind it, and croaked an embarrassed, "Hi Nissa, please come in."

Nissa breezed by in her black overcoat. "Hello Jeffrey," she said with an unhappy voice, "I thought you'd leave me in the cold all night." Susan's life-long best friend had never liked Jeffrey. She always thought Susan could have done much better. She was usually civil, and she had long ago accepted and tolerated him. But she still didn't really like the man.

She felt strangely different about him since he'd agreed to allow Susan to date; like maybe she had misjudged him. And many things that Susan had told her in the past week had opened Nissa's eyes anew. But as she sashayed into the center of the living room and turned to see Jeffrey's naked bottom as he closed the door, she couldn't help but smile broadly.

"Jeffrey!" she said with obvious pleasure, "You're naked."

Jeffrey blushed anew and turned toward her with his hands trying to cover his extended genitals and only partially succeeding. "Yes," he muttered.

"Well, this is a nice surprise. I knew Sue preferred you undressed at home, but I would have thought you'd put something on when I came over..." She eyed him up and down, pausing only a moment to pout at the position of his hands.

"Susan told me to answer the door...like this."

"Did she now? How delightful. Did she tell you to cover yourself up with your hands?"

"She didn't say..." said Jeffrey looking down, unable to meet her eyes.

"Well, if she told you to answer the door naked, I'm sure she didn't mean for you to hide your...package." Nissa's eyes bored into his. She was truly enjoying this very much. "I think Sue would want you to have your hands at your sides. Don't you think so, Jeffrey?"

Jeffrey closed his eyes and nodded in defeat. He let his hands fall to his sides, and just stood before his wife's best friend completely exposed. He couldn't help but be even more aroused by the situation. There was something about being naked and vulnerable and embarrassed in front of a strange woman that made his erect penis throb with excitement.

Nissa was certainly no stranger; he'd known her more than 25 years. But this was the first time she'd seen him naked. In fact, other than nurses, no woman other than Susan had seen him naked since he'd left home. There was something fiendishly arousing about being naked in front of a fully clothed woman -- he'd enjoyed fantasies on the CFNM websites he'd visited, but the reality of it was much more intense.

"Jeffrey," said Nissa brightly with her eyes fixed on his groin, "You've got a stiffy; how adorable."

Jeffrey blushed again just as Susan walked into the room to see her naked husband standing at attention as her best friend inspected his naked body for the first time.

"I see you two are getting...acquainted," said Susan with humor in her voice.

"Yes," said Nissa, "It seems I'm getting to know your husband much better this evening. I'm even warming up to him a little. He does look very nice without any clothes on, I can see why you've decided to keep him this way..."

"Yes, I'm very proud of my man. I think he's gorgeous and sexy, don't you?"

"Strangely, I'd have to say yes," said Nissa, "I think I have a new appreciation for him." She turned to Jeffrey and said, "Jeffrey, I have to admit that you look very fit and handsome this evening. I look forward to seeing you again real soon. But we're running late and I need to get your wife in my car and to the club before the boys get too restless. As you know, we have a schedule to keep."

Nissa smiled and took Susan's arm, and suddenly they were two giggling girls on prom night. The transformation was instantaneous and stark. As they walked past Jeffrey as he stood naked by the door, they both blew him a kiss. Nissa shot a quick glance at his genitals and winked at him playfully. He was suddenly happy because it was the first time Nissa had been nice to him and said anything complimentary. She hadn't made any mention that his penis was smaller than her date's, and that was unexpectedly pleasant.

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