She Wanted a Younger Man Ch. 04


She knew that many women disliked the feeling of a penis probing or pushing against her cervix, but Susan was not one of them. She adored the feeling of being so completely skewered on a man's hot stiff penis. It made her feel very full and very womanly – as though her lover were fucking her womb in addition to her vagina. But she knew it was best to start gently so that the sensations could increase without becoming unpleasant.

When her little rolling motions had done their job, helping her vagina to relax and stretch to accommodate her lover, she was ready and eager to feel his muscular body take over the work. She was glad that her boy had given her such delicious orgasms with his mouth so that she was very wet, which helped her take his girth and length more comfortably. She gave Randy the usual instructions to begin their lovemaking in earnest.

"Alright, lover," she cooed, "Long and slow and deep, dear boy, and make sure you give my cervix a real kiss with every thrust..."

"Yes, Ma'am," Randy whispered. He slowly withdrew his penis until only the head was still at her opening, and then reversed course to slide slowly in until his pelvic bone was pressed firmly against her ass. Once all the way into her, he could feel the firm bud against the tip of his penis and he moved his hips slowly side-to-side to maximize the contact.

"Ummm..." groaned Susan, as she felt his massive cock gliding in again and kissing her deepest part. The contact with the opening of her womb reverberated deep in her belly, and made her feel like the penetration extended up to her navel and beyond. It was soooo good... sooo deep... She involuntarily pouted when her lover began to withdraw again, and then grinned as he began to move into her.

Randy gave her ten or twelve soft, slow, deep thrusts – like pounding her hard but in slow motion. All the while, Susan's body continued to relax and adjust and accommodate, so that by that time, she was ready to let him run a little freer.

"Ok," she said between panting breaths, "You can go a little faster, but still take it easy, dear."

He knew what she wanted next, and he timed himself – 'one-thousand-one IN / one-thousand-one OUT'. He kept up the casual even pace for a while, gradually feeling the rise of impending ejaculation, but it wasn't urgent yet and he knew she'd want more before he came. He concentrated on the feel of her soft hips under his hands and imagined her jiggling breasts, trying to take his mind off of the fact that his penis was sliding in and out of her soft wet pussy.

Susan was feeling more and more aroused by his thrusting, and her desire to be well and truly fucked was rising in her chest. Her nipples were stiff little buds crying out to be pinched and rolled and her hands moved instinctively to meet their needs.

"Oohhh, that's so nice, lover," she whispered, then she braced herself and said, "Take me. Now."

Randy paused a moment to take a better grip on her hip bones in preparation to begin driving his cock into her with youthful vigor and gusto.

Susan felt his grip tighten and his penis withdraw almost completely. 'Oh, boy,' she whispered breathlessly to herself, 'here it comes...'

Randy had been so gentlemanly up to this point, doing everything he could to be calm and give this gorgeous woman the time and patience she needed in order to be ready. He had held his animalistic desires in check and kept a cool head, all in deference to the 47 year old woman, 21 years his senior. He had held back, relaxed, caressed, and pampered the soft feminine body now bent down before him and offering her softness and wetness to his plunging sex.

She was completely sensual and luxurious, in every way. Her eyes, her smile, her body – she was all woman. She was a bright twinkling star, powerfully drawing him into her orbit and pulling him forever downward to touch the surface of her heat. She was gravity and he was a falling stone. Now he let go of the last taught rope of control and fell into her.

Susan gasped loudly at his first powerful thrust – the first was always the most shocking, she knew. Her mind began to go to Jell-o, becoming a montage of conflicting disjointed thoughts and images flashing across her mind's eye. Intellect was being driven out by sensation, and the sensations were both large and wonderful.

She felt the iron grip of his hands at her hips and knew she couldn't escape his masterful control of her hips now, even if she wanted to. The Grip steadied her body for the Cock. And the Cock kept driving in, over and over. With each thrust there was a small discomfort that somehow made the pleasure greater. Again and again he plunged into her without any sign of relenting. In fact, it seemed that each thrust pounded into her body with greater urgency.

She didn't notice that little words were slipping out of her mouth with every gasp that came with ever thrust into her, as though there weren't enough room for her breath when his penis surged home. Small plaintive whispers; "Big... Deep... Oh! Cock... So much... Ohhh... Fuck me... Oh God... Yes..."

Susan was distinctly aware of her lover's muscles. Arms, legs, thighs, buttocks, back, and chest were all engaged and bulging to a single purpose – to drive his mind-numbingly stiff penis, like velvet-covered steel – into her body. Again and again and again.

She could almost feel him in her throat each time the head of his penis bottomed out against her cervix, and it was making her feel... What? Used? Exploited?


That was it, she was being plundered by her lover's powerful body and his big hard cock, and it made her feel so very good.

Randy was giving her everything he had. Sweat was breaking out on his brow and his muscles were tight and throbbing. His cock felt so good inside this woman. She felt so small and soft and warm and compliant – her body was wet in invitation, and she was more than submitting to his thrusts – it felt like her body was welcoming every powerful surge.

The sensations on the crown of his head were building, she was so tight and wet, and she couldn't resist his thrusts. He pulled her hips to him every time his buttocks and hamstring and abdominal muscles contracted to force his penis forward and into her. He loved how it felt as his relaxed testes slapped against her pussy lips with each thrust. He could feel his climax approaching and an involuntary snarl murmured deep in his throat.

Susan shuddered as she heard the low gravelly snarl of her lover's passion peaking. She felt his grip tighten as he nearly lifted her from the bed, taking the weight of her hips up in his powerful hands as he ruthlessly slammed her body onto his heavy shaft. His driving thrusts intensified, surprising her because she wouldn't have thought it possible for him to fuck her harder, but he did.

Her own cries intensified and jumped from her lips unbidden with each impact of his body into hers. She felt the exhilaration of his impeding ejaculation mix with the helpless despair that there would be an end to her lovemaking. She had reached the point where she wished it would last forever, and knew it would not, and knew she had no control over when it would stop. She had given herself to him, to be fucked as he wished, and the end of it was the price paid when a woman gave herself.

And now he wished to cum in her body.

As that thought came to Susan, a new thrill filled her heart. She had been so completely overwhelmed by the sensations of their coupling that she had forgotten her reward. A grin played upon her gasping lips as her shallow breaths were forced from her in time with his ever increasing thrusts. After enduring the devastating and wonderful invasion of her body, she was about to receive his gift to her – an oozing, slippery pussy, drenched with her lover's cum.

Suddenly, she felt Randy's body tense as he drove his cock home, pushing her cervix down and away from the plundering head of his penis. She heard the groaning triumph of his release as he cried out, and she felt the warm slipperiness of his first spurt enter her.

"Oh God... Yes! Come in me!" she cried.

She felt him push again, and felt the throb of his penis, and another spurt. Again and again, he pressed hard against her and ejaculated into her body – his hot semen pouring into her and bathing the walls of her vagina. She imagined the mouth of her womb covered in his hot white fluids. It felt so good to be filled with semen, to feel his hard penis sliding more easily by the moment.

She felt relieved and very satisfied as he stopped thrusting, but just held her to him as his penis continued to pulse several times. She felt victorious and was patient to hold still and let him finish his pulses and give her the last drops of his ejaculation. She couldn't help but squeeze him with her vaginal muscles, trying to help him finish as well as being a sort of 'thank you' for a job well done.

Finally, he was finished with her – for now – and he let his still-stiff penis gently slide out of her. She squeezed tight, trying to close the gaping opening of her vagina to hold in what semen she could and tolled over to lie upon her back. She cocked her hips slightly, trying to stop his semen from dripping out of her and squeezed her thighs tightly together.

Randy fell exhausted onto the bed next to her, sweat glistening all over his body, and his penis still standing proud and throbbing.

Susan scooted down on her side and took hold of his rigid cock at the base and began to lick him clean, swallowing every precious bit of his boy-juices and hers as well. She was careful to be gentle on his head, knowing it would be sensitive, but she was determined not to allow a single drop to escape her, one way or another. When she was satisfied that he was clean, she scooted back up and after giving her lips a final lick and a swallow, planted a soul kiss on her dazed lover that lasted a good long time.

Once she broke the embrace, she laid back again beside him, gently stroking his still-erect penis in her hand. Susan said, "Well, lover, that was a good start. I'll let you rest awhile and then we can start round two."

She grinned deviously as Randy groaned. He made it sound as though he was finished for the night.

Hardly, she thought, hardly...

Susan reached into her purse and grabbed her phone. She looked at the clock and was surprised to see it was already almost ten. She had been making love with her young man for close to two hours. It made her smile.

"Hello," said Jeffrey.

"Hi, sweetheart," she said, "We're taking a break right now, so I'm giving you a call."

"Wow, that's like one hour and forty-seven minutes since you walked into the door," he said.

"Mmm, really?" she giggled, "I hadn't kept such close track. Well, I'll have to say that my young lover was very good. He took things nice and slow the way I like it, but he also just took me hard and fast too." She glanced over at Randy and said, "The poor boy's just exhausted, he's still breathing hard." She looked down at his penis as her hand lazily stroked it, "But I've got his big cock in my hand and I'm keeping him hard for me. I'll let him rest a little longer, but then he'll be ready for more, I'm sure."

"Wow, honey, you just finished?"

"Um-hm," she confirmed happily, "I'm feeling all juicy and squishy inside right now honey, because he just came in me not two minutes ago. Isn't that nice?"

Jeffrey's penis was rock hard and his heart was beating fast. His wife, in all her dates, had never been this explicit over the phone before and it was quite a shock and a rush.

"Yes... uh... very nice, dear," he gasped.

Susan smiled at the arousal in her loving husband's voice as she casually played with her lover's penis. "So, honey, let me tell you what's happened so far," she cooed. "First when we came inside the room, I had Randy undress for me and he was already nicely erect, so that was fun. Then I took off my dress and let him look at me in just my thong and pumps. The look in his eyes was just priceless, dear. So then I let him take off my panties and I let him kiss my breasts and lick my pussy. I had just delightful orgasms – he's not as good as you, but he's learning," she giggled.

"Then, I let him put his big stiff penis into me doggy style. He had to go very slow and easy, because it takes a while for a girl to relax enough to handle such a big young stud. But after a while, I let him just bang me, and boy did he! I thought I would tear in two, and the way he tried to push my cervix up into my throat was just wonderful." She paused to let her husband respond.

All Jeffrey could say was "Wow..." deep in his throat.

Susan grinned, "So now we're resting, honey, before I let him fuck me again. I must say that my pussy is still buzzing, it's like I can still feel him inside me, sort of. I guess it's because he really made love to me vigorously, honey, he pounded me really hard and I thought it would never stop. I was relieved when he finally came in me, and I could really feel his ejaculation. It was amazing." She paused to take a breath, "How are you doing, dear?"

"I'm fine," he gasped, "but you're making me crazy – I'm so hot for you, honey. When do you think you'll be home?"

She smiled, "That's what I love about you, among other things. It seems you're always hot for me these days. Anyway, from the look of things, I don't know if my boy can last much longer. I might be home before one, but no promises."

"Ok, I'll be here whenever you come home to me, honey."

"I know, and I can't wait to come home to you, sweetheart. I hope you like your special treat when I get home. I've been working hard on it all night. Now I've got to get this young stud back into action so I'll sign off. See you soon, my love."

Jeffrey said, "I can't wait. I love you Susan."

Her eyes sparkled as she said, "I love you too, Jeffrey," and she closed the phone.

She looked over at Randy, who seemed to have come to and was smiling at her.

Susan grinned and scooted up on the bed a little more, raising her knees and spreading her thighs and grinning at Randy's hard penis. "Get over here, big boy, you've got more work to do."

Randy rose to obey, saying, "Yes, Ma'am," as he crawled between her spread legs.

Susan lifted her feet until they framed her young lover's head, one on each shoulder. She said, "Now, lover, I want you to set a new world record for how many vigorous thrusts a young man can give a lady, before coming in her. And I expect you to have a very powerful ejaculation, since you may not be able to give me three." She pouted, looking up at him like a spoiled brat who wasn't getting what she wanted.

"I'll do my very best, Ma'am, don't count me out just yet," he said as he entered her sopping wetness and began to thrust with strength and purpose.

"Mmmm, that's my boy, give it to me..." she said, feeling his long thick shaft driving into her once more, this time at a new and interesting angle.

Soon, little sighs and gasps of pleasure and surprise were slipping from her mouth in response to his urgent driving thrusts. "Oh, yes," she purred, "That's it. Such a good boy..."

She closed her eyes and concentrated on the feeling in her vagina, invaded and plundered anew by her young lover's insatiable penis. She casually played with her nipples, imagining other young men were suckling at her breasts. It was a very erotic thought now, and one that she hadn't really entertained before. More than one boy, she thought, how delightful.

As Susan lay on her back, fingering her breasts as the jiggled with her lover's thrusts, she thought about her husband and how wonderful a man he was. So good and faithful and true and loving... She realized she was very much looking forward to getting home to him. Perhaps she would forgo bothering with a third ejaculation from her lover. But on the other hand, a third would be so very nice...

It was only 12:15 when the Corvette pulled into the driveway. Jeffrey was happy as he stood naked behind the curtain, his penis fully erect, as he watched his wife's lover open her door and help her to stand up out of the car. He thought it strange that Susan held her left hand up under her skirt as she got out of the car, gave her lover a lingering kiss, and then walked up the steps to the front door.

Not wanting to make her bother with a key, Jeffrey opened the door for her as she arrived on the stoop. She stepped into the house and stuck her head around the door to kiss Jeffrey. Her tongue attacked his open mouth and he returned her ardent kisses with equal passion.

She stepped back so he could close the door. "Hi, honey," she said as she looked blatantly at his stiff penis, "Did you miss me?"

"More than ever, honey," he said, taking her into his arms.

"I missed you too," she said sincerely, "In fact, I was thinking of you a lot while my lover was inside me."

Jeffrey kissed her again in response. "I love you so much," he said.

Her left hand still under her short skirt, Susan smiled and took his hand with her right, leading him directly into the bedroom. She made sure the rheostat was set to give a low amount of light in the bedroom, but more than usual so that Jeffrey would be able to clearly see her body. It was the 'treat' she had promised him.

She dropped her coat and purse on a chair, turned to him and said in her sultriest voice, "Honey, I think you should come closer and undress your wife." She turned away and lifted the back of her hair, offering him her zipper.

"Yes, dear," he said gleefully, and he unzipped the back of her dress and slid it up and over her body as she shimmied to aid him.

Susan turned to him again slowly, revealing the soft white flesh of her naked breasts to her husband, and she grinned as she watched his reaction carefully. She was happy when his eyes went wide and his penis throbbed several times as he looked at her throat, chest, breasts, and tummy.

"Oh, wow," he mumbled, much to Susan's amusement. "You've got hickeys..."

She frowned playfully, "No, Jeffrey, these are not hickeys. But they are some marks from my lover. My lover has marked my body with his passion, and we'll both be seeing some of these marks for several days as a reminder of my lover. Won't that be fun for us to share, honey?"

Jeffrey nodded and moved to her, burying his face between her breasts and covering them with kisses and licks as he nuzzled her soft, round, comforting globes with the urgency of his arousal.

Susan's right hand caressed the back of his head, jostling his hair, as she purred, "Yes, my husband, kiss momma's breasts and make them all better... They belong to you, honey."

Susan gave her husband plenty of time to reacquaint himself with every bit of her torso as he kissed and licked and moaned softly in ecstasy. When he stood up again, she kissed him softly on the lips, lingered a moment, and then whispered in his ear.

"Honey, would you like to help me with my panties? They're so wet and gooey; I really need to take them off..."

He was on his knees before her in a heartbeat – his fingers gingerly tugging at the string waist band at each of her hips. She let him slide it down slowly, removing her left hand only for a moment and then replacing it again tightly between her thighs, covering her bare pussy.

Jeffrey held the skimpy sheer black thong up to the light and it was truly soaking wet with semen. He stared at the little bit of fabric with his mouth open, causing Susan to grin at her husband. He was so adorable, she thought.

While her husband was occupied with his examinations of her tiny panty, Susan took the opportunity to pull back the covers of her side of the bed, and lay down. She raised her knees, and with her feet flat on the mattress she spread her thighs wide for her husband and waited for him to come and find her. She rocked her pelvis forward to both present her recently-plundered vagina to her husband, as well as to try to keep as much of her lover's semen inside her as she could.

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