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She Wants Rid


I wrote in Nightime Disturbance the true story of how my virginity was taken back in the late 1980's. If you want to hear how I returned the favour to a most eager participant read on...

I had assumed after popping my cherry the sexual floodgates would open. However, in the five months since the holiday there had not even been a trickle.

The floodgates would definitely remain closed, I thought to myself, as I sat in a pub staring into an empty glass accompanied by my friends Mark, Andy and Rob who were talking their usual shit.

'Ere Rob, there's Michelle over there, she's well fit,' commented Mark.

'Well go over and talk to her then,' replied Rob, adding, 'you can get the beers in while you're at it, it's your round.'

'Give me a hand with the drinks then,' said Mark as he got up and was followed by Rob.

Michelle was a friend of Rob's sister, so Rob knew her quite well, however she was very pretty and nice with it so well out of Mark's league. Mark talked endlessly about her, but never did anything about it.

They had both been gone a while so I turned round and saw that surprisingly Mark and Rob were at Michelle's table chatting to her. Apart from Michelle there were a couple of other girls, one of them Lisa, was Rob's next door neighbour.

Andy and I eventually went over to join them. It was booth amusing and rather painful to witness first hand Mark's attempts to chat up Michelle. This was personified when Michelle and Lisa left the table to go to the toilet and Mark proclaimed, 'she's absolutely begging for it.'

This was clearly heard by the other girls so it was no real surprise when they all left soon after.

I thought nothing of the above until a week or so later when the four of us were down the same pub. I was up at the bar getting the drinks in whilst Mark seemed to be badgering Rob about something. Whatever it was he clearly got what he wanted as could be heard by his childish snigger.

When I returned with the drinks, Mark had this stupid grin on his face and accompanied by Andy walked over to the payphone.

'What are those two up to?'

'You remember Lisa from the other night?'

I nodded to Rob.

'Well, I gave Mark her number.'


'I don't know he kept going on about it.'

After about a minute Mark still on the payphone called me over.

'What is it?'

'It's Lisa, she wants to talk to you.'

Reluctantly I took hold of the phone, 'ere hello.'

'Hi Steve.'

The tone of her voice was expectant. Mark smirked as he read my face, and whispering in my ear, 'I said you'd go out with her.'

I grimaced, I didn't know Lisa too well, but what I did know about her was not very appealing. Whilst she was the same age as me she seemed a bit immature and opinionated, in fact her and Mark would have made an ideal couple. Also, I didn't think she was the most attractive girl in the world either as I recalled from last week, her wild cork-screw hair and large round glasses coupled with an oversize jumper which made her enormous.

'You alright?' It was the first thing I could think of.

'Was Mark just mucking about?'

I didn't want to hurt her feelings, 'not really.'

'So do you want to come out for a drink?'

I was both shocked and surprised at her keenness, 'ere I suppose.'

'You don't sound sure.'

'No, no.'

'Next Friday okay?'

'Yeah,' I didn't have time to suggest a venue as Lisa declared

'Meet me at the Windmill, 8.30, oh and what's your number?'

I gave her my home number. However I was tempted to leave it a few days and to make some excuse, but she did seem keen, worryingly keen. I didn't have much time to think any further as the talk got onto other things.

The Windmill was the pub nearest to Lisa's house, a fairly boring estate pub which required a bus journey on my part. I arrived at the pub just before the prearranged time and got myself a drink and went to a table near the main entrance. I really didn't want to be there as I recalled what Lisa looked like, but then I thought it would be too cruel to not to turn up. I looked at my watch 8.27pm and scanned the pub hoping there was nobody inside who might recognise me.

A few minutes passed and then at 8.30pm exactly a girl walked into the pub. It took me a moment to realise it was Lisa. Instead of the baggy jumper she wore a light cardigan over a pale purple dress which made her look a lot slimmer, her hair was tied back and she'd ditched the glasses.

'Lisa,' I called out.

She turned round to me, smiled and walked over, 'can I get you a drink?' was the first thing I said. In hindsight it should have been to compliment her on how she looked.

I went to the bar and bought her a lager.

'I didn't think you'd come,' was the first thing she said as I sat down with her drink.

I didn't know what to say, but I knew what to think, that comment smelt of an almost certain desperation. Instead I just smiled.

We then talked or more accurately Lisa talked, it was about all sorts, her brother, what she had done that day, the music that was in the charts and what was on the television.

Somehow the conversation got onto the subject of Rob and why he didn't go on the holiday, 'I'm so glad he didn't and I ended up going instead of him.'

'Mark said last week all the fun you guys had.'


'With girls and stuff, remember, he said there were these girls from Birmingham.'

I shook my head, 'there were no girls from Birmingham or anywhere else.'

'So why were you so glad you went instead of Rob?'

I blushed slightly as I explained, 'I ended up seeing this girl while I was there and so didn't really see much of Mark during the whole holiday.'

'Oh,' she paused.

'Actually I have Mark to thank for that, she worked on the holiday camp and Mark was very rude to her friend. I later apologised for Mark's behaviour and later still I met her and her friend by chance at a bar and we hit it off from there.'

I watched as she toyed with the beer matt as if trying to decide what to say, 'Mark said on the phone you were a bit nervous around women and I thought ...'

I shook my head, 'well I might be a bit nervous, but definitely not the other.' I tried to gage her reaction but instead she just appeared to be taking everything in, I decided to turn the knife in, 'if anyone's a bit nervous, around women, as you say, then it's Mark.'

'You mean Mark's a virgin?'

I nodded.

'That's what Michelle said but I didn't believe her.'

'She's obviously very perceptive.'

'And pretty, all the boys fancy her.'

'She is but ...' I paused as I watched Lisa take off her cardigan and for the first time I noticed the swell of her breasts and the beginning of a very nice cleavage.

'But...' she interjected.

I had completely forgotten what I had said, 'sorry.'

'You were talking about Michelle.'

'Oh yeah,' I stumbled as I tried to attempt to say something and ignore the thoughts inside my head which centred on Lisa's tits. 'Well, she's got a boyfriend.'

'So if she didn't have a boyfriend, would you be interested?'

She had leant forward slightly, just far enough that I could get a peek down the front of her dress and my cock began to stiffen.

'Not really, she's not my type.'

'What sort of girls do you like then?'

I just said half jokingly and without thinking, 'girls in purple dresses.'

She blushed and for the first time seemed lost for words before she eventually said, 'really?'

I smiled, 'why not.'

'Guys don't seem to be interested in me.'

'Oh I don't believe that,' as I smiled again. Not unreasonably I had expected her to smile back but she appeared not only lost for words but confused. I tried to think of something further to say but all lessons I'd learnt on holiday had, at that moment, disappeared. I glanced at Lisa again but she retained the same look.

Eventually she said, 'I'm just going to the ladies.'

I watched her as she left the bar area, wondering what I had done to seemingly upset her. I was also conscious of how much better she looked compared to the previous week; she certainly wasn't fat with her full figure, nice round bum and big tits.

Clearly I had a lot to think about and my mind was pre-occupied with these thoughts for a good five to ten minutes, it was only then I became aware of the length of time Lisa had disappeared. My first thought was she'd left the pub, or perhaps she's bumped to someone she knew. I finished the remains of my drink and went to investigate.

Around the corner just before the door to the ladies was a pay phone and there was Lisa with the phone glued to her ear hardly ever speaking but occasionally nodding away. She hadn't seen me but I could tell from her body language the conversation was about to end. I could not hear what she had been saying but just as she was about to put the receiver down I heard the words, "I'll let you know."

I quickly turned and walked back to the table trying to digest what that meant. A few moments Lisa returned and sat down. I motioned to my glass, 'do you want another drink then?'

'No, it's a bit dead in here.'

It wasn't that bad, I thought to myself and realised it was probably her way of saying she'd had enough of me and wanted to go. 'Right,' I replied and before I could say anything further Lisa said.

'Do you want to come back to mine, we can watch a video if you like?'

Her offer startled me as I stumbled, 'yeah,' before adding, 'okay then.'

We walked the short distance to her parent's house in silence. For my part I was trying to get my head round why Lisa would want to invite me back to watch a video.

I had expected Lisa's parents and brother to be home, but as soon as we stepped inside I knew we were alone. However, I thought nothing of this as I assumed they would be in later. Lisa got some drinks and we watched the film. Even though we were alone I got none of the "something might happen here," vibe.

Lisa seemed a bit tense and nervous about something, she had sat away from me on the sofa and I expected her parents to arrive any minute. In light of this I struggled to think of anything to say to her.

Then after about fifteen minutes of near silence Lisa asked, 'the girl on holiday.'

'Yeah,' I blushed slightly as I instantly recalled all the bad things Mel and I did.

'When you said in the pub you didn't see much of the others does that mean you stayed over at her place?'

I thought it was a bizarre question and none of her business, 'that's private.'

Although my reply was curt she did not take offence and even appeared to relax a bit as she nodded before replying, 'so that means you did.'

'So what if I did.'

'I'm just surprised that you never bragged about this to Mark and the others.'

'As I said, it's private and none of their business.'

'So you can keep a secret?'

I was getting a bit irritated by her line of questioning but nodded nevertheless.

'Good, what you said earlier in the pub did you mean that?'


'About girls in purples dresses?'

I recalled the events leading to my comment and for the first time since leaving the pub felt a slight stirring in my trousers, 'I did but it's made you go a bit strange.'

'I know, I'm sorry.'

'You disappeared for ages, I thought I'd said the wrong thing and you'd gone.'

'No I was...'

'On the phone,' I finished off her sentence.

'How did you know?'

'Well you were gone for so long I went to look for you.'


'Who were you on the phone to?'

'Michelle and you didn't say the wrong thing Steve.'

I smiled.

'You do like me?'

'Of course.'

'It's just when we spoke on the phone the other week you didn't appear very interested.'

'Sorry, it's just that when we were down the pub the other day, you didn't really speak to me and I just remember you being a bit loud.'

'Sorry I'm really quite shy, that's just the way I try and hide it I guess.'

I laughed.


'You don't strike me as the shy type.'

'I am when it comes to some things.'

'What are they then?'

'Boys and stuff, that's what I was talking to Michelle about.'

I paused and turned to face her, 'what I said about girls in purple dresses I did mean that.'

She stared at me for a few moments and gave a nervous smile before saying, 'so my strange behaviour hasn't put you off?

Lisa was looking down at the floor, I reached over to her and gently stroked her chin and she whimpered something. I moved closer to her and whispered, 'can I kiss you?'

She nodded and I gently kissed her on the lips before pulling away.

'That was nice.'

'I've been wanting to do that all night,' before kissing her again, this time with more purpose as I flicked my tongue along the top of her lip.

She moaned appreciatively.

We continued snogging, I desperately wanted to feel her tits but remembering the lessons I had learnt previously I kept my hands away from her chest. Clearly it was Lisa who wanted things to progress as she took my right hand and guided it to her left breast. I groaned in pleasure.

This was making me very uncomfortable down below as my cock strained against my trousers. As we continued our snog I manoeuvred myself closer to Lisa but this action resulted in me letting out a yelp as my cock was squeezed painfully between my trousers and groin.

'What wrong?'

'Er nothing,' I replied but Lisa had seen the bulge in my trousers.

'Did I do that?' She asked in a faltering voice.

I slowly nodded and by way of explanation, 'see I told you I like you,' It was hardly a romantic thing to say and I half expected Lisa to take offence. Although she appeared both shocked and confused.

In response I mumbled a few apologies.

However Lisa's eyes remained glued to the bulge at my crotch, I could hear her breathing increase and her chest began to rise and fall. Eventually she breathlessly proclaimed, 'what I was asking about earlier, you can keep a secret and not tell anyone?'

I nodded.

'And you are experienced?'

'Uh yeah.'

'My parents and brother are away for the night.'


'Do you want to stay over?'

'What?' Where did that come from? I remember thinking before asking, 'are you serious?'

She nodded.

'When you say stay over, what exactly do you mean?'

'You know go all the way?'

'Wow,' I replied in disbelief, 'sorry I wasn't expecting this.'

'I don't want you to think I'm some sort of slag Steve.'

'No of course I don't.'

'But I really like you and it's...'

'What's wrong?' I asked as her sentence petered out, concerned she had changed her mind.

'There's something else and you to promise not to say anything to any of your friends. Do you promise?'

At that moment I would have promised anything.

She took a deep breath, 'I've not really done anything like this before.'

I struggled to take in what she said as I gave a look of surprise.

'Yes,' she said.

'You mean?'

She nodded, 'I'm still a virgin and I'm not on the pill or anything.'

'Really! I thought you were experienced and stuff.'

'No, all I seem to do is talk about sex rather than actually doing it.'

I remember being in a total state of shock and surprise that she wanted me to be her first, but very, very excited.

Lisa misread my reaction, 'that's put you off hasn't it?'

'No, no not at all, I'm just surprised that you're a virgin and want me to be your first.' I smiled and touched her hand, 'don't worry I've got some condoms.' Ironically I still had some left from the holiday in my wallet. 'As for being a virgin, I know exactly how you're feeling, it wasn't so long ago I was one too.'

A weight seemed to be lifted from her shoulders, 'I hate being a virgin, I've been wanting to lose it for ages.'

'With me?'

'When we went out the other week you didn't speak to me either and I thought you were a virgin and I want to do it with someone who knows what they're doing. Michelle said on the phone earlier you would be perfect. That's why I went a bit funny, when I found out you really liked me and the fact you weren't a virgin, and we could, you know. You do want to do it with me don't you?'


'Shall we go upstairs?'

Still shocked I asked, 'are you sure?'

She nodded, 'really sure, this is getting me really excited.'

We held hands as we slowly made our way upstairs and to her bedroom. She had quite a big bedroom with various posters and picture on the walls. Above her single bed was a large poster of Terrence Trent D'Arby which would turn out to be of use later. We both sat on the side of the bed and continued our kissing. In time I moved my lips away from her mouth to her neck her ears and back to her neck again.

'Mmm that's really nice.'

'Good, I want to make it special for you.'

'You're doing that.'

'You're not nervous are you?'

'A bit,' she replied, 'I've heard it can really hurt the first time.'

'Don't worry, we'll go nice and slow.' We continued kissing but I noticed how Lisa began to look at the bulge in my trousers. I pulled away from her and whispered, 'do you want to see it then?'

She gave a nervous smile.

I stood up, took off my trainers and undid my trousers letting them fall to the floor ground, my pants resembled a huge tent. I smiled at her.

She took the hint and gingerly pulled down my pants until my cock sprang out stiff as a board. She just stared at it seemingly unsure of what to do, 'you can touch if you like he doesn't bite.'

Still sitting on the bed, Lisa stroked me a few times, each time she lingered on it longer as she gained more confidence until finally she gripped it hard and pumped it vigorously.

'Slow down, you'll make me cum.'

'Sorry,' she apologised.

I smiled, but then stared at her before looking downwards a few degrees, 'can I see them?'

She nodded nervously, 'sorry I've never shown them to anyone before,' she paused, 'what if you don't like them.'

'Don't be silly, I couldn't take my eyes off them in the pub.'

'I did notice you looking.'

'And looking at them earlier in the pub was making me very hard under the table.'

She gave a little gasp.

'Sorry I didn't mean to shock you.'

'Nobody's ever spoken to me like that before.'

'Do you like it?'

She nodded, 'but it's made me feel a bit funny.'

'You mean horny.'

She nodded.

'Good, are you going to show me now?'

Lisa slowly peeled down her dress to reveal a white bra which made her tits look enormous.

'Shit,' I muttered under my breath.

Lisa looked up at me self consciously.

'Sorry,' I mumbled, 'they look fantastic.'

I sat back down on the bed and gently stroked her bra-encased tits with the backs of my fingers. Lisa gave a gentle moan as I brushed against her nipples.

Next I gave them a gentle squeeze, as I returned to her nipples it became obvious they had swollen in size and I stoked them with a bit more purpose.

'Take your bra off, I want a proper look.'

Lisa had grown in confidence after I had lavished praise on her breasts and I watched spellbound as she reached round and un-hooked her bra. Her wonderful breasts flopped invitingly out. I studied them for a few moments. Her areolas were about an inch and a half across and her nipples jutted out by about half an inch. 'They're amazing,' I mumbled as I then gently stroked round them before I started to play with her nipples which were rock hard.

'You like that?'

'Mm...' she nodded.

'You'll probably like this even more then,' with that I leant down and took a nipple in my mouth and sucked gently.

It had an amazing effect on her as she began to moan uncontrollably. I played with her nipples for a good ten minutes alternating between the two, gentle licks followed by hard sucks. Lisa moaned continuously and I began to smell the unmistakable aroma of a turned on pussy.

'Are we?' She asked excitedly.

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