Sheeba's Cat Therapy


Sheeba bent down and ran her tongue once along the underside of my hard-on from base to tip, followed by a second long lick. She then rose, curved around and flopped her upper body across my waist, her armpit resting on my stomach, her head facing my groin and the end of her tail waggling up towards my face. With her body in the way, I could no longer see what she was doing, but I could certainly feel it. She licked at the tip of my penis, lifting it up with her tongue and letting it flip back down onto my abdomen. One of her hands played with my balls, batting them, scratching them, squeezing them and pulling them.

Her tongue kept flicking at my tip, causing my penis to quiver up and down repeatedly. Flick, flick, flick, flick, ... I loved the tickling sensation but desperately wanted more. I lifted my hips to offer my erection to her and succeeded in inserting my shaft partway into her mouth. She bit down lightly on the skin, causing me to freeze immediately. "Eeeasy, Sheeba," I said soothingly, dropping my hips slowly onto the couch and removing the chew-toy carefully from her mouth.

Suddenly, Karen burst into the room. "I can't believe he forgot the groceries!!" she grumbled as she swished a white cotton robe around her body in a hasty but vain attempt to cover her nakedness. When she came upon our scene, she halted mid-step and let the ends of her robe fall out of her hands. The gown opened artfully to her sides and framed her curvaceous front like a carefully posed boudoir photo.

Sheeba seemed unconcerned, but I panicked. "My gawd, Karen!" I exclaimed and tried to sit up, but I was pinned by the girl's weight. "I ... I ...," I stammered and reached down to cover myself, but Sheeba was in the way. She kept flicking my erection into light oscillations. I felt a gripping sensation in my balls at being caught and then a sharp digging of fingernails in my ball sacs, which almost sent me over the top. I glared up at Karen in shameful horror.

"Wellll ...," Karen observed gleefully, "The two of you really are getting along. This is fantastic." She bent down and petted Sheeba on the back of her bobbing head and then knelt beside the couch near my head. As Sheeba's tongue played diligently with the tip of my penis, Karen leaned in towards my ear and whispered, "Thank you so much for this. She is really coming out of her shell. I don't know how you've done it, but she is really taken by you." Karen gave me a long, wet kiss of appreciation and then moved around to sit down by my feet. I was speechless.

Karen reached for my hand and pulled it up to Sheeba's behind. She pushed it between her legs and got me to rub my fingers along her wet lower lips. The girl spread her legs to give me better access. "That's it," Karen cooed, "Let her know how much you appreciate her grooming you." She pulled gently on my wrist and had me insert a finger into her vagina. It was warm and slippery and tight. Sheeba raised her head as my fingers, guided by Karen, moved slowly in and out. "You like that, don't you Sheeba?" Karen said soothingly, "He's your new friend, isn't he?"

Karen removed her hand to brush Sheeba's cheek affectionately and then dropped it onto my hard-on, which she grasped. Slowly, she ran her fist up and down my wet pole. It felt heavenly, and I could hear the light squishing of the moist spittle on my skin. I kept up my manual penetration of Sheeba's wet tunnel.

Karen's rubbing sped up, and I knew that I would have to warn her that I was not going to last much longer. Rub ... rub ... rub ... Sheeba's attention remained fixated on Karen's stroking, but her hips were also moving back against the in-and-out movement of my hand. Slip ... slip ... slip ... She lifted her leg over to straddle my upper body and slowly moved her groin up towards my head to increase my penetration. Rub ... rub ... rub ... Slip ... slip ... slip ...

When her hips were so far up my body that I couldn't angle my hand around anymore, she flopped her body down, and her wet vagina landed on my mouth. I couldn't breathe. The sweet tang of her juices flowed into my mouth and up my nose. Karen shifted into high speed. Rub, rub, rub, rub, rub, ... Yikes, I was ... Sheeba began to grind her hips; her lower lips slopped roughly against my mouth. Slop, slop, ... Karen jerked quickly. Rub-bub-bub-bub ... Aaahhhh!! I was going ... Slop, slop, ... R-r-r-r-u-u-u-b-b ... I was going to ... to ... to ... Unghhh!!! SPURRRT ... UNGHH!!! Spurt, spurt, spurt, ... Oh my gawd!! Sheeba suddenly tensed firmly against my mouth. Slopppp, ppressss, ... "Nnneowww!!"

Karen's fist gently rubbed down the last few jerks of my ejaculation, as Sheeba's hips slowly released their pressure from my mouth. I frantically reached up to lift her weight off my mouth so that I could breathe, but she ended up moving off me anyways and wedging herself between my body and the back of the couch. Rivulets of her juice ran down my jaw and cheeks and dripped onto the seat under my head.

I looked down to see gobs of cum dripping off Sheeba's face. Karen wiped them off with her hand as best she could and scraped the goo onto my stomach. Sheeba went to work licking my lower body clean, running her tongue diligently over my penis and through my pubic hair as if she were giving one of her kittens a motherly tongue bath.

Karen got up and moved over to my ear. "You're a miracle worker," she enthused quietly to me, "I think she just had an orgasm. You don't know how much progress this is. You don't know ..." She kissed me very affectionately on the mouth and then licked Sheeba's moist residue off her lips. "Mmmm," she murmured, "She definitely came." She bent down and kissed me again.

Karen got up again and walked over to the recliner. Picking up her abandoned jacket, she shook her head in familiar annoyance. "He is so lazy," she observed and reached under it to retrieve something. It appeared to be a collar similar to Sheeba's. When she returned, she wrapped it around my neck and fastened the clasp. "Here," she said as she adjusted it, "I think this will be symbolically important for her."

I reached up and wiggled it into a more comfortable position. "You've got to be kidding, Karen." I wondered if she was going to get my ears and tail next.

"No. Just go along with it, Harv. I think you two are bonding. This is good."


Sheeba had stopped cleaning my groin and was now licking her hands. Her costume ears flicked up and down as her head bobbed. Karen stood up and grabbed her by her collar. "I'm going to take Sheeba into the bathroom and clean her up," Karen informed me, "Why don't you get ready for bed, and I'll come by later to tuck you in." With that, she led the girl off the couch and out of the room.

*** Helping Sheeba ***

It took me a while to catch my breath, but I eventually found the energy to get up. I pulled up my shorts and pants but didn't bother fastening them. Instead, I just held them together with my hand and padded off down the hall.

In the guest room, I found that a small table lamp had been turned on. There was not really any bed in the room – just a mattress on the floor, which seemed out of character for Brian and Karen. I guessed that it was probably a futon, which they had chosen to use in order to save space in the room. In any case, there were sheets on the mattress, the bed had been turned down, and I was too tired to care.

In the corner of the room was a large, low-sided, wicker basket of about the same dimensions as the litter box, maybe bigger. Inside the basket was a large, black, overstuffed cushion. Scattered around the room were various toys, and I then realized that this must, in fact, be Sheeba's room.

Strangely, at various spots around the room, there seemed to be a dozen or so metal loops screwed into the walls about a couple of feet up from the floor. Through one of the loops dangled a leash. I couldn't make much sense of the hardware or configuration, and fatigue prevented me from worrying about it.

I felt sweaty and gunky, and I thought about washing up, but I didn't want to wait until the bathroom was free, so I just let my clothes fall to floor. Reaching up, I removed my new collar, which was starting to bug me, and then crawled in between the sheets, which were cool and clean. I playfully swished my legs back and forth inside the sheets to enjoy their crispness. Aaahhh, I felt comfortably drained.

In time, Karen entered the room with a washcloth and closed the door behind her. Her robe was now discreetly cinched. She lowered herself onto the mattress beside me and used the washcloth to swipe my face. It was soothingly warm on my skin. "So," she asked, "How's my tomcat doing? ... Hey, where's your collar?"

"I took it off. It was itching me," I explained.

"Nooo," Karen chided, "You're being a bad kitty." She picked it up off the floor and re-fastened it around my neck. "Wear it for Sheeba ... please. ... Say, Harv," she asked as she fiddled with the clasp, "What should your cat name be?"

What was she asking me? I was so tired that I was losing my ability to concentrate. Cat name? "I don't know," I replied lazily.

"I think it should be Solomon," Karen said, grabbing the top sheets and flinging them off my body with a single motion.


"Yeah, like in the Bible – Solomon and the Queen of Sheeba." She placed the washcloth on my chest and swished it down my front towards my groin. It was still warm, and the soft, wet terrycloth felt soothing as it descended. "You two make quite the couple, don't you think?" she added. The washcloth enveloped and mushed around my limp cock without the least amount of resistance, gently pushing and folding it from side to side.

"I ... uh ... I ... Solomon? ... Yeah, sure."

"Harvey," Karen interrupted me, "I need to ask you a favour." The cloth had mysteriously fallen aside and been replaced by Karen's naked hand, which began a soft, thorough massage. I had been drifting off, but I now suddenly started to come back to life – as did my penis.

"Of course, Karen. Anything."

"We need you to stick around for a few days, Harvey. You seem to have triggered a breakthrough with Sheila, and we need you to help us follow it up." Karen's hand was now making long, luxurious strokes, and my cock was firming up in appreciation.

"Ohhh, I ... I can't," I said regretfully, hoping that my refusal wouldn't cause her to stop, "I want to; I really do. It's just that I have meetings this week, and I can't miss them."

"Mmmm?" Karen pouted and bent her head down to my ear, "Har-vey ..." Rub ... rub ... rub ... "We need you ..." Rub ... rub ... rub ... "Sheila needs you ..." Rub ... rub ... rub ... "Pleeease ..." Karen took my earlobe between her front teeth and bit down on it playfully.

"Karen ... Oh gawd ... Karen ... I wish I could, but ... Oh gawd, ... I ... uh ... meetings ... can't ..."

Karen stopped stroking ... regrettably just in time. She moved her face over top of mine and looked impishly into my eyes. "What can I do to get you to stay?" she asked and then dropped her head onto my neck. With surgical precision, she found an erogenous patch of skin that was primed for a twinge, and she gave it a firm, sucking kiss that sparked through my body in a zap. I inhaled violently.

Noting my reaction, she licked the spot a few times to soothe it, and then without notice, she attacked it again with a suction that must have left a welt. "Gaawww!!" I exclaimed in surprise.

"Hmmm?" she whispered to me, "Don't you want to stay?" She began to kiss her way down the front of my body – my throat, my clavicle, my chest. Her kisses were soft and wet and audible. They were accompanied by a contented humming sound, as if she were enjoying what she was tasting. She continued down my upper abdomen, my stomach, my lower abdomen. The soft cotton material of her robe slid teasingly over the skin of my hard-on as her body continued to reposition lower on the bed.

When she finally reached her goal, she retreated below my groin and lay down between my legs. Holding my erection vertical with her hand, she looked at me through it from the other side. As I looked down my body, I could see her eyes staring up at me from either side of my upright pole.

"Harvey," she pleaded, "Just say you'll stay, and we can have some fun right now."

Gawd, I so wanted to, but I would be fired if I missed those meetings. My penis ached to be relieved again. "Karen, what would Brian say if he walked in right now?"

"But he wants you to stay too," she replied playfully. Then she reached out her tongue and just barely touched it to the tip of my penis. "Just say you'll stay ..." She extended her tongue and grazed my tip again. "Just say yes ..."

"I can't, Karen." I was in agony.

"Ohhh," she wined and then whipped my shaft several times back against her pursed lips. Slap slap slap slap slap.

Changing tactics, she got up on her knees and positioned her head directly over my pole. "Just say yes, Harvey," she said and then lowered her widely opened mouth over top of my erection. My penis moved slowly inside, but no part of her mouth actually touched it. I could see her lips extend half-way down the length of my pole, and I could feel the warmth of her breath on my penis' skin, but she refrained from making contact. She lifted her head off slowly and repeated her request, "Just say yes, and I'll put you out of your misery."

"Karen, pleeeease. I can't stay."

Her head went down again, and her lips rested on top of the hand holding the base of my cock. Amazingly, the end of my penis still did not touch the back of her throat, although it must have been only a fraction of an inch away. I thought about thrusting my hips up to make contact but didn't want to abuse her trust. A drop of saliva dripped on the tip of my cock and ran slowly down its upperside to her fingers. She raised her head off again and slurped some errant spit to prevent it from dribbling out of her mouth. "Just say yes," she pleaded again with a slurp.

"Karen, I can't," I moaned sadly, almost crying. My face must have looked very pathetic.

She sighed in resignation and then jumped up abruptly. "All right," she exclaimed, pulling the sheets back over my aroused but now abandoned body, "Maybe you'll feel differently in the morning." She gathered up the washcloth and turned out the bedside lamp. Then, she padded off to the door and exited.

*** Bonding with Sheeba ***

I looked down at the tented sheets above my groin and watched them collapse ever so slowly down to the level of my body, my erection lying flat on top of my abdomen. In the hall, I could overhear bits and pieces of a whispered conversation, "... no ... I did ... Solomon ... could try ... Sheeba ... won't work ... the others ... maybe ..." I was about to sneak over and listen in or maybe even plead to change my answer to her request when the door opened. I heard movement in the room, but in the darkness, I couldn't see anyone lurking about. Then, the bottom of the sheets lifted and formed into a large bulge at the end of the bed.

The bulge moved up my lower body and came to a halt as it encountered my flat but still fully enthused hard-on. A wet tongue ran deliciously up its underside – Sheeba, my saviour!! A few more licks confirmed for me that relief had arrived. I stretched out my body in warm enjoyment of the sensations and the anticipation.

The licking sped up, and I burrowed my hands under the sheets to pet my caregiver. As I touched her hair, I could feel her head bobbing industriously in her task. I had to get more involved.

I lifted the sheet and ducked my head underneath. It was dark and close in our linen cave, but there was something naughty and erotic about the confines. I slipped my hand under her jaw and pulled her head gently up towards mine. I decided that I needed to be careful not to spook her, and I made sure that all of my moves were slow and non-threatening.

I couldn't see the details of Sheeba's face, but I was able to home in on her mouth and give it a soft, seductive kiss. She did not kiss back, but she did lick responsively at my lips. I changed to licking, and the two of us fenced with our tongues for a while.

Slowly, I moved over top of her and forced her to lie back on the bed. I had to be gentle and let her feel in control. A couple of times, she did tense, but in the end, she lay back submissively. I moved my hips over top of hers and felt the mattress shift. I didn't think that I had done it, but I had other things to focus on.

I lowered myself slowly onto her. My first sensation was of wetness on the tip of my erection as it mushed into the soft folds of her flesh. I moved my mouth down to her neck, where I started nibbling her waiting, unprotected skin. Sheeba uttered a guttural moan followed by some anguished meows ... accompanied by a meow elsewhere in the room? No, just my imagination.

I slid my hardness slow-ow-owly into her wet canal. It glided in so precisely it felt like a piston greasily sliding back into its housing. Sheeba jerked her head up and bit my shoulder. "Aaaahhh!!" I reacted, but I was not going to be deterred. I resolutely withdrew my pole and gently re-inserted it. The action caused Sheeba to release her bite-hold and settle back onto the mattress.

I stroked again, ... and then I stroked again. Sheeba's back began to arch, and her head rolled back to support her. Under the sheets, the heat was building up uncomfortably. My hips picked up the pace and were facilitated by Sheeba's growing wetness. Thrust, thrust, thrust. The warm tingling in my cock began to hum.

Thrust, thrust, thrust. The slick insertions made a repeated squishing noise with each plunge. Thrust, thrust, thrust. Plish, plish, plish. I sped up. The mattress moved again, and then it shifted. What was doing that? I could hear movement on the other side of the sheet.

Thrust, thrust, thrust. Suddenly, Sheeba's vaginal muscle tightened around my cock. She dug her fingernails into my back, deeply ... painfully. I bucked with all my energy. Thrust, thrust, thrust, thrust, thrust, ... Sheeba meowed loudly, and I could have sworn that there was a chorus of responses from the room, but I was too distracted to think about it.

Thrust, thrust, thrust, thrust, thrust, ... I was going for it ... I was going for it ... I was ... Ullll, UNNGGGHHHHH!!! ... UNGGHHH!! ... UNGHH! ... Oh gawd ... Oh gawd ... Sheeba's back arched fully, and her neck muscles clenched tightly. I pushed out firmly on my final penetration against her strongly braced groin and into her sopping wet vagina. I raised my upper body up in a long stretch. ULLLLLL!! A big shudder coursed through my body.

As I lifted up, the sheets slid artistically over my head and down my back. My eyes were closed, and as I arched my back, I fell back onto the support of my arms behind me. I visualized my cum splattering against the back wall of her vagina and glooping down into the wet pool of her juices below. I shivered, opened my eyes and ... stared in utter amazement. A roomful of eyes returned my stare. On the bed and on the floor, in front and behind me, to my left and to my right came the glare of a roomful of ... cat girls. I froze.

Sheeba relaxed and limply settled back on the mattress. A cat girl close to her head leaned forward and sniffed at her face. The room was eerily quiet and still. I suddenly felt like I was in the morning-after scene from Hitchcock's movie "The Birds." There must have been about a dozen girls, all naked and wearing ears and collars and tails.

I'm not sure what the proper name is for a congregation of cat girls. I think that for cats it's a "clutter," but this group was more like a "pride" – a pride of lionesses.

The girl who was inspecting Sheeba started to lick her face soothingly. I cautiously pulled my limp member out its wet shelter and shifted my knees backwards. Without warning, I was shoved from behind, and I landed on my side on the mattress. The attack stirred the group.

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