tagLoving WivesShelly & James Ch. 01

Shelly & James Ch. 01


We had been married for eight years. My wife Shelly was just as beautiful, if not more, as the day I first met her. Her long blonde hair almost reaches the small of her back. I help her brush it at times and I am always amazed at how silky soft it is. Her tight, toned, and firm body always turns me on too.

Our sex life, while not wild and unusual, was good. We had sex about every day unless one of us was sick. She had many times sucked me until I almost came in her mouth, but usually, if it went past my being able to stop, she would pull away and use her hand to jack me off.

She had in the past swallowed my cum on occasion, but really didn’t care to. We often tried new positions, sometimes getting very athletic at times. She really loved to have me take her doggie-style, especially when I would finger her tight little bottom at the same time.

Once we started to try anal sex, but it hurt her too much. She told me that anal sex would probably never happen for us because it was too painful. Not even with her love for me. I loved the tightness and feeling of heat there while fingering her. I often pushed for anal sex, but she had so far said no way to that.

We openly talked about fantasies, which, when we were first married we didn’t. Over the years we had gotten more trusting of each other and then to jazz up the sex life we began to talk about our sexual fantasies.

When we could we would act them out, and while not always great, they were good. At one time or another we had talked about others joining in with us but those fantasies we never acted on. I think we didn’t because we were both afraid deep down that the other might like the third partner more than us.

Just after our eighth anniversary I took Shelly out for dinner. It was a Friday night and we went to an upscale restaurant. Shelly dressed to kill, her choice of cloths enhancing her very hot body. I could see men staring at her as she would walk by them.

She had no bra on, so her breasts swayed a bit as she walked. Her toned and seductive ass invited one to reach out and touch her. I was right behind her and knew that if I hadn’t been she would have been groped several times on our walk to our table.

She had braided her hair into one long pony tail and it had some colorful ribbons laced in it. I could see that it was touching her back almost slipping into her dress at one point. Her body was totally exposed except for where the shoulder straps held the scanty little material that made up the sides covered her ribs.

The cut in front and back dropped as low on her as I had ever seen. I could see her belly button in front and her tailbone in back. When I had put my hand on her back walking into the restaurant, I had discovered that she had no panties on too. This knowledge gave me an instant erection.

To my memory, she had never gone without panties and rarely without a bra. To know that all she had on was the black cloth of her scanty dress almost drove me to taking her right back to the car to fuck her right then and there.

We ate, and as we waited for the waiter to bring the check, Shelly sat back in her seat. Secluded as we were in the back of the place, she began to tease me. Her bare foot ran up my leg and began to press against my crotch. She put her arms out on the bench seat’s back and spread them wide. This pose coupled with the deep cut to her dress caused her nipples to just begin to show.

My erection was quickly becoming painful and I was looking desperately for the waiter. I want to get the check, pay it and get the hell out of there so I could get Shelly somewhere where we could really play.

Suddenly a voice came over my shoulder. A stranger had walked up behind me and stepped around the post next to where I was sitting, seeing my wife’s very enticing pose. He whistled and in a soft drawl complimented her.

‘Honey, you have the greatest breasts I have ever ‘almost’ seen. You’re nipples look good enough to eat. I’ll bet you that your man here is one lucky son of a gun.’

Shelly blushed and pulled her arms in to cover her chest up. I smiled and just shook my head in agreement to his observation. He glanced at me and evidently took my smile as permission to say more.

‘Oh honey, don’t do that. Don’t cover up those beauties. You need to show them to the world ‘cause they’re something to be real proud of. What are they? I’d guess 36 D’s plus a little bit. Am I right?’

I was a bit surprised at his forwardness, and amazed at his accuracy of size guessing. He hit her breast size on the head. Shelly was a 36 D, edging toward a double-D cup. She usually wore a bra because her nipples, while small in diameter, stuck out like little poles.

She had mentioned once that if she didn’t wear a bra they would stick out hard from the stimulation of cloth rubbing on them. I had measured them once and when hard they were just over three quarters of an inch long.

Shelly was red faced now. Her blush had traveled down to almost reach those breast’s she was futilely trying to hide. The man had stepped up closer and stood between us, me on his left and her on his right.

He was about six foot tall, slender yet broad shoulders. His stomach looked like it was flat under his shirt and he looked to be in shape. He looked at me and winked before apologizing for being rude.

‘Hey, I am sorry little lady. I didn’t mean to embarrass you. You have the finest set of . . . breasts I have seen in a long time and I couldn’t help myself. I am apologizing to you too buddy. I can tell that you must be husband and wife . . . the rings and all. If she were my wife I don’t think I would let her out of the house. Nope. I’d keep her inside away from any other men for sure.’

‘I’m not embarrassed. I was just showing my husband what he was getting later and didn’t mean to show anyone else. I’m just surprised that’s all. You caught me off guard.’

‘Ma’am, you caught me off guard for sure. I usually don’t make comments like I just did unless I am very surprised. You’re one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen. Honest.’

My wife looked across the table at me with a look of lust and pleasure. I looked up at him then back at her. I had an idea suddenly and I was debating if I should or shouldn’t attempt to put it into action.

‘Hey, would you like a drink? My wife and I were just done and waiting for the check. I think there is a nice bar right around the corner. On me.’

“Well, that sure would be great. Does that bar have a dance floor too?’

‘Um, yes I think they do. We will pay the check and be right along directly. It’s about half way down the street on your left. Can’t miss it.’

‘I’ll be waiting. I hope that you will give me a dance little lady. That would make my whole day for sure. To have such a beauty in my arms if only for a minute.’

My wife was stammering trying to catch my eye. I didn’t look at her thinking that I had to do some fast talking now to convince her to go to the bar with me and have that dance with this stranger.

He left us, heading right out the door. Shelly looked at me like I had grown a second head or something.

‘James, what are you doing? Inviting him to have a drink with us. We don’t usually go to a bar and have a drink. Have you lost your mind? After he more than obviously told us he likes my breasts you invite him for a drink? We don’t even know his name for crying out loud.’

‘Shelly, calm down. It’s just a drink and a dance. It doesn’t have to be anything other than that if you don’t want it to be.’

‘What are you saying James? You’re not . . . You are not thinking . . . James! Surely you are not thinking of this going anywhere else are you?’

‘Shelly, please, it’s just a drink with a good-looking man who is interested in you. I am not saying that you have to do anything. I was just thinking . . . well . . . if you were to want to . . . you know . . . that I wouldn’t . . .’

‘JAMES! You can’t be serious. We don’t even know this man. While he may be quite good-looking, I don’t know him at all. He could be a serial killer or rapist for all we know. Oh God, I can’t believe that you would suggest that . . .’

‘Hey hey hey, wait a minute. I am suggesting only that we go have a drink or two with him, get to know him a bit. You can dance with him once or twice. Then, maybe, if you feel good about it . . . as long as I am there the whole time and everything. I mean, we have talked about this in the past. I guess I am willing to let you try out someone else just to see if . . .’

‘I love you. I don’t need anyone else James. You are all I need and more.’

‘This guy is pretty hot looking Shelly. I could see that you looked him over pretty well even while you were so embarrassed. I think that you would look so hot on top of him. As long as you didn’t fall for him or something like that . . . I mean . . . as long as you still loved me afterwards, and stayed with me, well, to tell you the truth I would love to see you with another man.’

She was looking at me with an incredulous ‘I can’t believe you are asking me to do this’ look. I smiled and took her hands in mine. Looking deeply into her eyes I tried my last shot at a fantasy we had both thought and talked about.

‘Look, you are my wife and I love you so much that to lose you would kill me. I also love you so much that I would let you be with another man especially if it enhanced our love life too. I would love to see you in his arms, naked. I will still love you afterwards and I won’t think anything of you other than you are my lover, my wife and my best friend. You don’t have to do this if you really don’t want to or if it doesn’t feel right to you. I would like you to at least give it some thought. If you decide not to, we have a drink and a dance. If you decide to try it, we all go together to a motel and try something new and maybe sexually enlightening.’

‘You won’t think I am a slut or a whore if I should do something with this guy?’

‘No, of course not.’

‘You won’t get mad or jealous and do something stupid in the middle of something if, and that is a very big if, I were to let him have me?’

‘I promise that if I get jealous or upset for any reason, I will go in the bathroom and wait it out until you are done. If you should do something.’

‘Well, it is just a dance and a drink otherwise. I will still have my main man to take me home and fuck my eyeballs out too. Are you absolutely sure about this James? I don’t want to do this and then have you divorcing me or calling me a slut or whore afterwards.’

‘I promise you right now Shelly. I will not call you any names, unless you want me to. I will not divorce you. I love you more than life itself but I think that this may be the greatest adventure we ever attempt. If you did do something and liked it, this could open up a whole new level of intimacy for us. If it all goes to hell and isn’t a good experience for us then we never do this again. I promise you that I will still love and cherish you after Shelly.’

I was so wound up inside as I came to the realization that Shelly was actually thinking about trying another man in front of me that I was about to cum in my pants. I could tell I had put her fears to rest for the most part. Now I could see her thinking about that man who was waiting just around the corner and down the street.

She got up and taking my hand she pulled me up close to her. Putting her arms around me tightly she kissed me hard. Her tongue drove into my mouth as she crushed our lips together. Breaking away with a rush of breath she looked into my eyes with a long and deep intimacy of knowing me as long as she had.

‘You really do want this don’t you?’


‘What if something went wrong? You know . . . what if I were to fall for him or something? Have you thought of that James? Not that I would, but we have both read those stories about couples who have done this. In some of them the wife has gone head over heels for the lover or lovers as the case may be. Have you thought of that?’

‘Yes. That has been my biggest fear, but right now I feel that it is right and you won’t leave me. I also don’t think you would hurt me in any way either. I am willing to take the chance right now. Later I may chicken out, but right now I am willing. Please don’t get love bitten though Shelly. I truly meant what I told you, I would die if you left me or treated me poorly afterwards.’

‘I do love you James and I guess I would like to experience another man. A different cock may be something that brings us closer together too. I guess I am willing to try this. I have the same fears that you do, you know. I just don’t want to mess up what we already have together. If at any time you decide that you are not comfortable with what is happening I will quit for you, James. Although I may have to at the very least give him a blowjob, since I wouldn’t want to leave him hanging after building him up. Not my style, you know that.’

‘I understand Shelly. I really do. Shall we?’

She took my offered arm and I paid the check as we left. Walking down the street to the bar I felt Shelly shaking a bit. Excitement? Fear? A combination of both? I was shaking too, it could have all been me.

We arrived at the bar and it was hopping. It took a bit to locate our new friend. He was at a booth at the back of the club and he had drinks waiting for us. As I went to sit, I made sure that Shelly slid in before me. This put her between him and I, and either of us could take her out to the dance floor with relative ease.

‘I was worried that you had changed your minds.’

‘Oh no. Had to track down the waiter that’s all. I was afraid you might have gotten tired of waiting and left. Oh yeah, by the way I am James and this is my wife, Shelly.’

‘James, Shelly, I’m John. John Andrews. Pleased to meet you both. Um . . . do you live here or are you just visiting?’

‘Live here. Out for a night of fun. You?’

‘Visiting. I had some business to attend to and was getting ready to head home day after tomorrow. Thought I would take in the sites of the city. I’m really glad I did. I would have been upset to find out that I had missed the best and most beautiful sight in the whole damn state.’

Shelly blushed as he finished his spiel. He laughed and then offered to get us our next drinks also. Both Shelly and I had sucked our drinks down, probably from being so nervous as to what we had been talking about just a few minutes ago.

I volunteered to go get our drinks and he smiled as he handed me a wad of cash.

‘Are you sure you want to leave me alone with this beauty?’

‘We are in a very public place, and anyway, I know your name now John.’

He laughed and waved me off on my way. Shelly gave me a little nervous look, but I figured that I needed to let him have a bit of time with her to let them get comfortable together. I was gone for longer than I had thought and when I got back to our table John and Shelly weren’t there. Then, looking around I saw Shelly on the dance floor with him.

It was a slow dance and he had her in his arms. She was smiling and laughing as they swayed around. I had a tiny burst of jealousy that quickly passed. I was intrigued watching her in his arms.

He was a good dancer and he led her around the floor with grace and ease. His one hand on the small of her back his other holding her hand. Shelly was pressed in close to him and her head was almost resting on his shoulder.

They turned around and when Shelly saw me I noticed that she pulled back a little bit from him. John noticed and turned her some more and then smiled at me. He swung her around and then began to move across the dance floor headed to the other side.

I watched as he maneuvered her through the crowd and pretty soon I lost sight of them. I left the drinks sitting and walked over to where I could see them again. Shelly looked around for me and when she didn’t see me I could see that she was a bit troubled. John was talking to her calming her I was sure.

After a bit Shelly once again was resting her head on his shoulder. He held her very close and then I noticed that he had dropped her hand and placed that arm around her back to join his other one.

Her face turned into his neck and I could have sworn she had just kissed him. His visible hand began to rub her back, moving around and around in small circles. I could plainly see his other hand was under her dress in the back, rubbing her ass cheeks.

As the dance came to an end I almost ran back to our table in order to not get caught by them. Shelly came up, her hair tousled a bit and smiling widely. John got there a minute later. They sat and we visited some more.

I got up and took Shelly out on the dance floor on a slow song. Her head nestled next to mine in a familiar and loving way. I whispered that I watched them dancing and her kissing his neck. She immediately got defensive until she realized that I was just telling her I had seen them, not angry or jealous, just a comment to let her know.

‘Oh James. He is pretty smooth. He compliments me and knows just how to hold a woman while dancing. His touch is electric too. I think I may want to . . . you know . . . if you are still interested that is.’

‘Hmmmm . . . his touch is electric is it? Should I be worried here Shelly?’

‘No, silly. I am so excited what with what we talked about earlier and where this could lead. I am trying very hard to be brave too. What are you thinking James?’

‘I am thinking about how I had a tiny jolt of jealousy when I saw you in his arms kissing his neck. Then I realized that it wasn’t something to be jealous about. We have both talked about this and made the choice to see where this would lead. I want to finish it Shelly. I really want to go on with . . . well . . . wherever this leads to.’

‘Then you won’t get mad if I tell you he was feeling me up on the dance floor before you got back with the drinks?’


‘You won’t get mad if I tell you that I really want to see and touch and fuck his cock too?’

‘Mad? No. I am so horny right now if you were to follow through and we took him to a motel room, got naked and you fucked him, I probably would cum without touching my cock. The whole idea has me so hard right now I can hardly stand it.’

‘I love you James. I love you with my whole being. You have my heart and soul.’

‘I love you too Shelly and I already told you that you have my heart and soul too. What are you thinking right now?’

‘I am thinking that unless he really screws up, we are going to that motel room and I am going to fuck two men in one night. Maybe even both at the same time if you two want to try that.’

When Shelly said that I almost shot off in my pants. I had to think about some other things for a moment to calm down. I was surprised but happy that she had decided to try this other man. I couldn’t wait to get to that motel room now.

We finished our dance and went back to the table. Shelly sat in close to John and we laughed and talked some more. At one point I saw Shelly give a start and then glance at me with a touch of guilt. I knew that John had just done something.

I excused myself to go to the bathroom. As I walked by the back of the booth I saw John had his hand under Shelly’s dress. He had been fingering her pussy as I sat right there at the table with them.

I went into the bathroom and had to wait to pee due to my hard-on. I was in there for a longer time than I had planned and when I got out I saw John and Shelly on the dance floor again. They stayed close to the table this time and as I watched them dance I saw John use every chance he could to feel Shelly’s body.

Shelly was getting quite tanked too. There were several drink glasses sitting on our table and most of them were the type that Shelly was drinking. The dance floor was pretty crowded and John maneuvered Shelly over nearer to our table in a dark spot.

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