tagLoving WivesShelly & James Ch. 08

Shelly & James Ch. 08


Julie was wearing a tube top that barely covered her breasts and nipples, and a similar dress as Shelly had on. Sam had pulled hers down a bit less than Shelly's, so one could still see her pussy lips at a certain distance. Julie was unaware of that fact though.

We went to the car and Sam had the sluts get in the back seat. He then placed the tube over their clits and pumped them up a bit.

"For the ride over. Not as much as before for a few days. Just want a bit of an edge on them at dinner though. It will be the most exciting dinner you have ever had James. Trust me on that too."

When we got to the place, a crowd was standing in line waiting to get in. As we got out of the car I heard whistles and some catcalls. Looking around a group of young men were in the line waiting too.

We walked by and Shelly jumped once. Looking around I saw an arm snaking out behind her and then her dress pulled up in front a bit. As her pussy came into view, I could also see that the back of her dress had been pulled way up above the small of her back, exposing her ass to full view.

"Man, look at that ass. Nice and tight. Great cheeks. God, I'd love to fuck that one for sure."

"Oh yeah. Firm and shaped just right for fucking. Hey baby, why don't you party with us tonight?"

"I'm with them. I have to go now. Please."

"My, how polite we are. Well, sweetie, you have a real nice ass. Great tits too. Are you sure you don't want to come with us?"

"Yes. I'm sure."

Shelly almost ran up to me and in her hurry, she didn't notice or attempt to tug her dress down. As she ran away from them I could hear them groan.

"Oh man, look at that ass. God I want that ass. Fuck me she is one hot bitch. A real smoker."

"Yeah, I'd love to have her in bed for an hour or two. I'll bet she could fuck your eyeballs right out of your head. That ass though. Man, what an ass on that chick."

Shelly took my arm in a hard grip. Her whole body was shaking and she was almost in tears. Sam dropped back and took her shoulder, his arm protectively around her. We walked right up to the front of the line, both Shelly and Julie getting hot comments about their ass's and bodies. Julie got groped twice and Shelly, even with our being on each side of her got touched three times.

The bouncer let us pass right in. Sam knew the manager and he had gotten great reservations. Our table was off to one side, at a window. The waiter came up and did a double take at our ‘dates' dress.

"Would you like a drink while waiting to order sir?"

Sam smiled at him. The waiter wasn't looking at us. His eyes were on Shelly's breasts so magnificently outlined in her top. His tongue crept out and he licked his lips as he stared at her. Shelly sat up straight and held her shoulders back. This made her breasts stick out even more.

Realizing that we were waiting, he quickly brought his attention back to us. He was blushing embarrassed at being caught gawking at Shelly.

"What will you have to drink sir?"

I told him mine, and Sam ordered for himself and our sluts. We sat and looked over the menu's. The manager came out and visited with Sam for a bit, looking over Shelly and Julie very well. His eyes stuck on Shelly as she sat next to Sam. Following his gaze I realized that he was looking at her crotch.

I pretended to drop my napkin and as I bent to pick it up I looked over at Shelly underneath the table. Sam had pulled her dress up until the hem was above her waistband and then tucked it in there. Shelly was fully exposed as she sat there. Her naked smooth shaven pussy glistening in the dim light.

I looked over at Julie as she sat next to me and saw that I needed to do that very same thing with her. I sat up and Sam smiled across the table at me. He gave me a big exaggerated wink. Shelly blushed a deep red as she knew that I had seen her sitting like that in full view of the manager. The manager whom we knew pretty well.

I reached over and placed my hand on Julie's lap. She glanced at me but did nothing as I pulled her dress hem up just like Shelly's was. As I got it tucked in, I fingered her pussy, being careful to not touch her clit.

When the waiter came back to take our order, he about shit. He glanced down at Julie and froze. His tongue was on his lips and he began to shake. Then he looked away, only to look down at Shelly and get more of the same.

"What will you be having?"

He squeaked those words out. I could see that he had an erection and he was trying to hide it. I decided to have a bit of fun at his expense.

"Do you have chicken thighs? I just love juicy thighs, don't you?"

The waiter began to shake harder as he tried to regain control. His look was of a condemned man on his last walk. Sam was almost laughing as I kept the conversation just on the edge of sexual.

"T - T-T-ighs sir?"

"Yes, thighs. Chicken breasts are not anywhere near as good as thighs. Juicy, hot, tasty thighs. Mmmmm. Gotta love those thighs."

Julie and Shelly were both blushing as they began to catch on to my conversation. The waiter was stumbling in his choice of wording now. He desperately wanted away from me. Then Sam cut in.

"Thighs are all right, but I really love the rump. Man, there is nothing like a nice fresh hot rump roast. Something you can sink your teeth into, know what I mean?"

"Ru-um-p? T-t-thighs? Ummmm . . . what will the chick . . .I mean . . .your pus . . .sorry . . .I seem to be a bit um . . . ."

"Thighs. I will have the thighs. Hot and juicy, those tasty thighs. Sam there wants rump . . .roast. That lady over there would like some meat too. Shelly, why don't you tell the waiter what kind of meat you want? Then Julie can give him her choice of meat also."

Sam was laughing quietly as he watched the waiter's discomfort. Shelly was stammering, as was the waiter. Julie was just sitting there, trying to find something on the menu that had nothing to do with meat, thighs, rumps or any other sexual item. I could see she was having a tough time.

Eventually we got our food ordered, much to the relief of the waiter. After the waiter had left Sam broke out in laughter.

"That was awesome James. I never would have thought of doing something like that. Funny, real funny. I'll bet that waiter remembers us for a very long time."

"Well, after his vision of the two beauties and how they were exposed, I had to try to get him flustered."

"Flustered? Hell, heart attack would be more like it. He was about to have a giant stroke. He almost called the sluts pussies and chicks. You had him all worked up."

"Yeah, but you gave him the show though didn't you?"

"Hell, I had her skirt up as she sat down. The manager got a real good look at that prime pussy. I'll bet he comes back to visit again real soon too."

When the meal was delivered, the waiter was quick and tried not to look into the laps of the sluts. He couldn't keep his eyes away though and by the time the last meal was set, his cock was hard and sticking out under his pants. Plainly visible, the bulge was not too bad for size either.

Sam watched him and just as he finished setting the last dish down he whispered something in his ear. The waiter looked at him in shock, then at Shelly. After a second, he smiled and nodded his head affirmatively.

He left us to eat. As we ate the manager came up and visited again, looking not only at Shelly but Julie as well. He left after a bit and we finished our meals. Sam leaned over to whisper something to Shelly who looked a bit surprised, then nodded her head.

She excused herself to go to the bathroom Sam winked at me and then pointed to the bathroom doors. Shelly walked right past them and down the hallway. Looking back at Sam he was smiling. Then I knew what was going on. He had just sent my wife to the back to take care of the waiter.

Sam stood and then told me to head on back, it would be the third door on the right. I grabbed Julie's hand and we walked back to that hallway. It was darker in the hall and Julie got in close to me. I came to the third door and it was partly open.

Julie pressed her hand against it and it swung open. It was a large store room of some type. Clear in the back was a small light. We quietly walked up and as we got closer I could hear sounds. Moans and groans. Movement too.

Getting up to a stack of boxes, I looked around them to see Shelly on her knees, a cock in her mouth. She was sucking and licking it, the waiter standing in front of her with his eyes closed. Shelly paid no attention to us and kept on sucking the waiter. Then as he came she pulled his cock out of her mouth and holding it open, aimed his shots of cum right onto her tongue.

After he finished cumming she swallowed his cum in a very slow and sexy way. Then she took him back into her mouth. She sucked on him until he was rock hard again. Standing, she turned around, her eyes briefly looking at me as she did. Without acknowledging me, she kept turning until her back was to the waiter. Bending over, her legs spread wide, she offered herself to him. He reached out and ran a finger over her rosebud, then down to her dripping pussy. When he hit her clit, still in high stimulation from the suction device, she orgasmed hard. He was amazed at that sight.

Then he rubbed her clit again. Shelly was having a hard time keeping up now. The waiter took his cock and began to rub in along her ass. After a bit he moved it lower and shoved it into her pussy. He plunged in and out a few times then pulled out of her and pushed the head of his cock against her asshole.

This time, he slipped inside. Soon he was driving in and out of her ass. His cock was going all the way in and once in a while slipping out as he frantically fucked her. Shelly was shaking from her last orgasm as he really began to pound her ass.

When he came, he pulled out of her ass and let his cum shoot onto her ass. It ran down between her cheeks to drip on the floor. He put his cock away and zipped up his pants.

"God, you are a hot fuck. Thank you for letting me have you. No woman has ever let me shoot in their mouth before. As a matter of fact, you are the first to eat my cum and let me fuck you in the ass. To think I see you come in here all the time and never knew you could be this way."

"What way?"

"Well, umm . . . well . . ."

"Slutty? Is that the word you are looking for? You never knew that I was such a slut? That my husband just watched you fuck my asshole and before that eat your cum as I sucked you off? Yes. I am a full-fledged slut."

"But, a very beautiful and wonderful slut. Thank you very much."

As he left he saw me standing there with Julie. He looked nervous for a second, but when I smiled, he relaxed.

"Thank you sir. I never knew. It was a great pleasure. She is so . . . hot. God. Thank you for letting me . . ."

"You're welcome. Better get back out front. Wouldn't want you to lose your job."

"Thank you sir. Thank you ma'am."

He almost ran as he left. I was excited by this whole thing. Shelly was standing there, her skirt was still tucked in like it was as she had been sitting. She had walked back here, past five or six tables with her pussy showing the whole time.

"You alright James?"

"Yes. You looked . . . well he put it best . . . hot. You looked hot Shelly. Slut. You looked like a hot slut."

"Yes, she even made me hot. Can I suck you James?"

Julie was rubbing my cock through my pants. I could see her need in her eyes. I looked at Shelly and then back to Julie. I finally nodded and Julie dropped to her knees and had my pants down in seconds.

Her hot mouth took me in and then she worked me all the way inside to fill her throat. Her hands were on my balls, caressing them as she began to bob her head back and forth. I reached over and slipped my hand down to Shelly's pussy. Fingering her a bit as she watched Julie suck me. As I came in Julie's mouth, I rubbed Shelly's clit causing her to cum too.

Just as I touched Shelly's clit she put her hand on Julie's pussy. As she came, her fingers ran across Julie's clit causing her to cum as well. I felt her lips tighten around my cock, and for a moment I was afraid she might bite me in the midst of her orgasm. She didn't though.

Getting ourselves back together, we headed back out to the dinner table. Sam was talking to the manager as we got there and he motioned to Shelly to follow the manager.

Shelly looked at me and I thought I saw a bit of fear in her eyes for a moment. I thought that she was thinking about using our safe word, but then I saw her change her mind.

I had been thinking a bit calmer now and realized that I may have pushed her too far. I decided that at the next opportune time I would get her alone, I would talk to her about all of this.

I had some fears about the suction device and the amount of cock, not just the sizes. I had begun to wonder if Shelly would be able to recover from this week at all.

Julie was staying in close to me and we followed Sam and the Manager as they lead my wife...my slut...to a set of stairs leading up above the restaurant. Julie had taken my hand and was holding me back a little bit as we went up the stairs.

"I want to talk to you James. It's something that I don't want Sam to hear either. Could you give me a bit please?"

"Well, I guess so. "What's on your mind?"

"In here."

Julie pulled me into a room as we walked down the hallway upstairs. Sam and the manager didn't notice as we stepped in, or didn't care. The room was rather large and I noticed a low stage there and lots of folding chairs fanned out in long rows.

I turned to Julie and she looked at me with a touch of concern and maybe a bit of fear too. She still held my one hand and now she took my other hand also. Holding me close to her she spoke so low that I almost had to strain to hear her.

"James, this guy...this manager, he's; well, he can be a bit rough. I want you to know that Sam and him planned up something for Shelly and I'm not sure that you or her are going to like it. I...Sam...they...oh, God this is hard...I've been on the receiving end of a bit of what Shelly is going to experience in a bit and I didn't like it at all.."

"Are you saying that I should get Shelly out of here now then Julie?"

"Yes. Shelly, me and you need to get out of here now James. Things are going to get harder...much harder now. I don't want Shelly to get or be hurt and Sam is thinking that you will be easy to take care of too. I will help you guy as best I can...but we need to get Shelly out of here now."

"Sam hasn't done anything bad yet Julie. Are you sure about this?"

"James, please, you must believe me. The manager is very rough on women. Too rough. He has some twisted ideas of sexual enjoyment and Sam loves to watch him use women hard. For all of our sakes, we need to get Shelly and get out now."

I could see that Julie was distressed and I made my decision quickly. I didn't want Shelly hurt and it seemed that Julie was very serious about this. I hugged Julie for a second and then we headed for the room that the others had taken Shelly into. On the way out of the room we had been in Julie pointed out a stout mop with a large handle.

I took up the mop and removed the head leaving me with a nice strong stick. We walked down the hallway and when we got to the room Shelly was in I saw that Sam and the manger had already stripped her down. They were getting ready to strap her to a table like thing, kind of like the one that she had been strapped on that first night with Sam.

I looked at Shelly and said...

"Deluge. It is time Shelly."

Shelly looked at me confused, then dawning came over her. She reached out for her clothes. Sam didn't see my weapon, such as it was, and he almost shouted.

"Hey slut, what the hell do you think you are doing?'

"I don't want to do this anymore. My husband just used our safe word and I am done. We are leaving now."

The manager turned and glared at me.

"What the fuck is your problem buddy? We're just going to have a little fun here. The slut will love it afterwards. Back off now."

"No. I know what your idea of fun will entail and my wife will not be a target of your twisted sexual fantasies. Julie, Shelly and I are leaving now."

Sam turned to look at Julie and glared at her.

"Bitch, you'd better not have told him our plans for his bitch. I'm warning you right now."

Julie cowered into me, and I knew that things were about to get rough for all of us. Shelly had managed to get her dress and top on, her shoes in hand. She backed over to me and we started for the door. The manager stepped around to get between us and the door.

"You three aren't going anywhere. I have plans for that slut and she is staying here until I have had my pleasures with her."

I didn't even hesitate. The time for talking was done. I laid that mop handle across his head and it broke in half as I did. He went down hard and out cold. Sam backed off and stood quietly as we left. Outside, I flagged a cab down and had it take us to Sam's place.

Julie was crying and Shelly was a bit shocked at the turn of events. She had never seen me be violent before. Getting to Sam's place, we went in and gathered up all our stuff. Julie grabbed a few of her things too, and we loaded up our car. Shelly was looking around and suddenly she left Julie and I standing in the livingroom.

When she came back I saw that she had collected up a large box full of video tapes.

"I can't leave him with these tapes. He'd use them against us James. I grabbed all I could find."

"They were all together, if you grabbed them all you got every one he has ever shot. Keep them and let get out of here. Is it okay with you guys if I come with you? I really don't have anywhere else to go to."

Shelly didn't even glance at me when she hugged Julie to her. She didn't need to either. I was more than willing to let Julie stay with us. We loaded up the car and went to our house. Julie was calmer as we unloaded our stuff and I parked the car in the garage. Going inside, I found them making up a dinner and talking up a storm.

We ate, and after a long talk, coupled with a story from Julie of just how bad Sam could be...I locked up the house and got out a shotgun I kept in the closet. I used it frequently at the gun range, and was comfortable in its handling. I knew that a twelve gauge shotgun was a very strong persuader too.

That night was spent with me on guard and the women sleeping together in our master bedroom. I didn't sleep at all, and thought about how things had turned and twisted us around so much this week. Not at all what I had fantasized about, and not near as good as I wanted either.

In the morning I took a shower and as the girls got dressed, I crashed in the bed. Shelly knew how to use the shotgun, not real well, but good enough. I slept for a few hours then got up. We ate a snack for lunch and then talked about what we should do next. I had been getting madder by the hour. I refused to be forced into living in fear in my own home.

In the afternoon, the phone rang. I picked it up. It was Sam.

"Man, you really gave Ted a headache James. He was out for about an hour. We need to talk."

"Nothing to talk about Sam. Julie is done with you as are Shelly and I too. Just leave us alone."

"Come on...we were having fun. Things were moving in such a great direction too."

"I have learned about your idea of fun, and Ted's too. My wife and Julie don't like that kind of fun Sam. Give it up. We're through with you. Its over."

"Can I at least have my tapes back then?"

"No. I am sure that you would use them against whoever else you managed to get on film. I destroyed them last night in the fireplace. They're gone forever Sam. I burned them up."

"You fucking asshole. I oughta..."

"Hang up Sam. Give up and Hang up. There is nothing left for you. You would have used m y wife in your pain games with Ted and hurt her bad. Then I would have killed you. Give it up and leave us alone. That goes for Julie too. She wants nothing to do with you anymore either."

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