tagExhibitionist & VoyeurShelly's Appartment

Shelly's Appartment


I had just moved into this great apartment complex. It was well equipped with game room, exercise room, and a big pool with a huge sundeck. Much better than the last place that I had where I stayed with my ex boyfriend, but in the same town anyway. I didn't have much stuff, so I was all moved in no time. I threw on a bikini and took a quick dip to cool off. When I got there, I couldn't help but notice how many fine-looking men and women were around the pool.

"This is going to be great," I thought to myself. Even though I'm very shy around guys, I had hopes of quickly returning to dating.

After the swim I found a lounge chair and lay back, enjoying the strong afternoon Florida sun. I must have fallen asleep for a while, because I woke-up with a start. A handsome man about thirty years old was standing along side me, shaking my arm.

"I saw you sleeping and didn't want you to burn," he said. I couldn't help noticing that he had such strong features and a warm smile. He asked if I was the new tenant in 3G and I said I was.

"Welcome neighbor" he said, "I'm Jonathan and I live next door."

I thought "oh, you're that animal on the other side of my bedroom wall. Twice in the last 3 nights I was kept awake hearing the screams and moans from his apartment."

We spoke for a few minutes, and then I thanked him for the welcome and for saving me from burning.

The next week was quite uneventful – work, pool, a little exercise in the complex. On Friday night, I ran into Jonathan again in the exercise room.

We chatted for a few minutes between sets and decided to have a dip in the pool, and then go for a drink. We went to a nearby lounge in a Chinese restaurant and had a couple appetizers and Mai Tais.

We talked about our jobs, he is a manager in an advertising agency and I'm a secretary at a law firm. We talked about our personal lives a bit too. I had recently split-up with a boyfriend of two years, hence my new living arrangements.

Jonathan told me that he sees a woman, but nothing serious, or exclusive. He smiled a little when he mentioned that.

The drinks were flowing pretty well. After a while I felt a little relaxed. A lot relaxed, actually. I was very at ease when we walked home arm in arm and kissed along the way.

When we got back to the apartment, he brought me to my door and leaned in to kiss me. He pressed his chest tightly to mine. While kissing him, I brought my hand to his thigh and upward. I could feel his cock stiffen as I groped it during the kiss. His cock felt large and thick as I held it. I leaned back and smiled as I held his cock in my hand.

"Goodnight" I said through my smile as I opened the door and went in.

The next morning, I awoke to the telephone ringing. It was Tim, my ex, who still had a few of my things and wanted me to come get them. We were still friends, so I told him that I would. I rushed through breakfast and a shower and soon I was on my way to see him.

I arrived at the old apartment and he met me at the door. He had some coffee ready and we sat and chatted for a few minutes. He told me that he is seeing someone; someone younger. I felt a little jealous for about two minutes when he told me she is 28.

I'm 35, but have been told that I look more like 25; thanks to hard work in the gym 5 nights a week and watching what I eat. Tim is 36 and looks about his age.

As we talked, he told me that his girlfriend, Cindy, lives in my complex. I was curious and decided that I had to find her and see how well my ex has made out.

After coffee, I gathered up some of my stuff and headed out. It was Saturday, so I did a little shopping and then returned home. I changed into some sweats and went to the fitness room.

I was about two thirds through my workout when Jonathan came in. I was on the StairMaster as I watched him move from one machine to the next. I watched as his arm muscles stood out as he raised the bar. I caught myself daydreaming just in time as he was on his way over to me.

He got on the machine next to mine and soon was keeping-up with my pace. We chatted as we climbed; even though we were working hard, neither of us was out of breath. "This could come in handy" I thought.

When we finished, we agreed to meet at the pool after showering. I went to my apartment and took a fast one; he took his at the fitness room.

I was hungry, so I loaded some water and snacks into my tote and headed to the pool.

Jonathan was already in the pool, but had set-aside a couple of chairs for us. When he climbed out of the pool, his suit was clinging and it was quite impressive. I also noticed that a few others were watching him as well.

We sat in the sun and had some water, crackers, and some grapes. I noticed a young blond woman watching us. She looked away when our eyes met.

Jonathan had to leave after about 20 minutes, but we made a dinner date for that evening. The blond woman watched as Jon got up and left.

I took a quick dip in the pool, and then returned to my chair. After a few minutes, the blond came over.

"Are you Shelly?" she asked. When I said yes, she smiled and said "I'm Cindy and I think we have a common friend."

I thought our meeting would be awkward, but it wasn't. She even mentioned my new friend and how she (and many other women from the complex) admires him.

I asked her how long she's been seeing Tim and she seemed a little down. "A few weeks" she said, "but I'm not so sure how it's going".

"He seems awfully shy around me and hasn't made much of a move yet; I'm not sure how much he likes me," she continued.

I told her how Tim isn't very aggressive and that he was the same way with me, until I practically attacked him. We both had a good laugh.

I wondered what was wrong with Tim; Cindy was pretty and had a very nice figure. She was pretty sexy too; I felt a bit of a vibe from her too. There was something about the way she looked at me or touched my arm when we talked.

After a while, I excused myself; I had to start getting ready for dinner.

We had a nice and light dinner at a nearby pub, and then returned to Jonathan's place. We were kissing in his living room, when I brought my hand up his thigh and rested it over his cock.

"You held my cock like this the other night," he said as he undid his pants and guided my hand inside them.

His cock felt so big and wide as my fingers traced it. I let out a little moan when I tried, but couldn't wrap my hand all the way around his cock.

He was smiling when I took it out of his pants; I must have been wide-eyed when I first saw his cock. It stiffened quickly and was very long, thick, and straight. It felt so heavy and strong, like none I've seen before. I began stroking him.

I got down off of his couch and moved, kneeling between his legs. I licked and sucked the thick head, but I was uncomfortable taking much more in my mouth because of his thickness.

I kept sucking and I started stroking him with one hand; I could even use two hands when I stopped sucking. My two full hands stroking him had a good effect on him – and me. The way it looked and felt made me feel so wet and he must have known because he had me switch positions with him.

He quickly took off his pants and kneeled between my legs. He slid up my skirt and laid his heavy cock over my panties, rubbing it over my pussy. He rubbed the head right over my clit and I came; I've never came that quickly before. He smiled down at me, and then slid my panties to one side.

He slowly eased his thick cock into my pussy; the feeling was intense as I felt so filled and tight. He felt amazing, but kept a slow and steady pace – going easy on me. Soon I was cumming again; then once more before he came.

We relaxed for a few minutes – I don't know how I kept from trembling after that session. Finally, I snuck to my apartment, hoping not to be seen by any of the neighbors that must have heard us.

The next morning, Tim called again; he seemed troubled. He asked, "do you think size is important?"

I played dumb and said, "Sure, I like tall guys," just to make him come out and say it.

"I mean my cock size, do you think it's small?" he added.

"Well yes, sorry," I answered.

There was a long pause, so I added "but you have other talents going for you."

Apparently, Cindy had expected more from Tim – and wasn't shy about letting him know. I told him that he needed to talk with her; maybe give her some space; not to try to force things. I said that there are plenty of women that might be less demanding.

Later, I ran into Cindy at the pool and we talked a bit. I told her that Tim's a good guy and he really does have other talents; he really is good with oral. "Maybe you should have some fun with him, but tell him you want to see others," I told her.

She said that he was coming over to talk in a little while. I had a devilish thought, so I told her to stop over my place, after they had their talk. My smile signaled that I had something in mind.

Jonathan stopped by and I asked him to my place. We started having fun, when there was a knock at the door, then it opened and they both walked in... slack jawed... They were so cute standing there, Cindy in awe and Tim frozen ... neither could look away. I plunged down, engulfing Jonathan's cock as they watched...

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