tagMatureShelving the Kama Sutra

Shelving the Kama Sutra


We don't get a lot of customers at Logan Books. The store is a dusty affair with dark wooden stacks. Dust dances in the air when light shines through the dirty windows. A book called Kama Sutra sits open on the shelf in front of me. The photograph shows the woman on top, her back arched, hair swinging, mouth agape, nipples erect, suspended in pleasure. He cups her tits, he points his toes. If the image came to life he would explode on the page. I sit on a stack of old, hardcovers in the Sexuality section. I roll my swollen clit between my thumb and forefinger. I submerge three fingers in hot wetness and I picture Logan. I picture Logan, married, forty years old, taking me, an English student, twenty-two years old, here on the floor, sending this stack of hardcovers to the ground to make room against the stack as he pounds me mercilessly, as he grips my tits and as I grip the shelves, and then he'd cup his hand over my hot pussy, he'd gather the cocktail and make me lick it off his fingers, as he's done so many times before. A soft mist blankets my forehead. I tug my nipple and throw my head back. Oh god, Logan. A little moan pushes past my lips. Logan. My stomach muscles hardens and pussy juice spills down my legs. I'm coming....I'm coming...I'm...

The door to the back room swings and Maggie appears with a dozen books stacked at her hips. I jump and adjust my skirt. I put the book away. My clit throbs, my pussy is hot and wet. I try to wipe my legs. I try to walk.

Maggie's little tits bounce beneath her tank top. Maggie never wears a bra and her nipple ring pokes through the fabric, as if it's trying to escape.

I run behind the counter and busy myself with some paperwork. My fingers smell like orgasm.


Am I still panting? "Yes?" Can she tell?

"Could you shelve these for me, please?"


"Sorry?" Maggie asks.

"I hate shelving. You know that, Maggie."

"Just shelve the fucking books, Elizabeth."

"I'd rather not." I smile.

"Fuck, Logan's gonna be pissed."

Somehow I doubt that.

Someone comes into the store. The little bells above the door ring. A cute anachronism, but annoying on busy days. Then again, there were never busy days. Logan approaches the counter. He's drinking a caramel frappachino topped with a mountain of whipped cream.

Logan glances at the shelving cart.

"Christ, Elizabeth. What the fuck am I paying you for?"

I swallow hard. Maggie puts her arms behind her back and stares at the floor. I think I see a smile. Vindictive bitch. I know she's enjoying this.

"Maggie, how are sales?"

Maggie shrugs. "They're alright."

"Could you do me a favor?" Logan sets his drink down next to me on the counter and throws me a stern glance. "I need you to empty all the boxes in the back and stack all the books on the overstock shelves. Don't come out until you're done. Elizabeth and I need to have a serious talk." Logan clenches his jaw. Even Maggie looks worried. She nods and dashes for the back room.

Logan shakes his head and stares at me.

"Sort these books," he orders. "Sort them here and shelve them later."

I start to stack the books by subject. Fiction, Self-Help, Mystery, Sexuality. Logan walks to the other side of the counter and peers at my work over my shoulder. Logan presses up against me, squeezes me to the counter and sniffs my hair and my neck. I shiver. My clit tingles. Logan reaches up my shirt and his cold hands make me jump and I sort the books. Logan's wedding ring scrapes my nipple. I sort the books. Logan reaches up my skirt. My head rolls back and I moan. I'm soaked already. "Wow," says Logan. "You started without me." He licks his fingers then I lick his fingers.

"Remind me again," Logan whispers in my ear as he presses his hard cock against me, "why I hired you?"

I smile. "I wowed you during my interview."

"Oh yeah. How did that go, again?"

I turn to face him. I bite his bottom lip.

"Something like this."

Logan turns and leans against the counter. He knows what's coming. I drop to my knees. He's ready for me. Logan's cock almost bursts out of his jeans, waiting. I unzip him, reach for his throbbing cock. I kiss the tip and gaze up at Logan. He's waiting. I circle the tip with my tongue and Logan throws his head back and pants.

"Just put it in your mouth," Logan pleads. I let him suffer.

I suck the tip. Hard. Let the tip hit the roof of my mouth. I take his cock out of my mouth, lick from his balls to his tip. Logan's knees are shaking. I smile. He tries to press my head down on his cock. I slap his hand away and press his fingers hard against the edge of the counter. Logan cries out in pain. I spit in my hand and twist my fingers around his cock. Logan moans. I put the tip in my mouth and then the whole thing. Logan cries out. Logan's cock hits the back of my throat. I gag a little, but Logan doesn't notice because his knees almost buckle. He hangs onto the counter. I suck harder, I jerk him faster. I spit in my hand again and take one of his balls in my mouth, then the other.

"Stop!" he cries, but I don't listen. My tongue detects the beginning of a hard orgasm. I gently rub his cock against my lips, like I'm putting on lipstick. "Jesus Christ." says Logan. "I remember that interview."

"I thought you would."

Logan takes my hand and helps me back on my feet. I lean my back against the counter. Logan slips off my shirt and bra again and kisses my neck. "I'll never forget your first day," he whispers. "So cute and nervous."

"Yeah, but you made me feel right at home," I say.

Logan kisses his way down to my tits and licks my nipple, then sucks my nipple, then bites my nipple. Hard. I gasp. Logan's hand holds me by the small of my back, the other hand pinches my erect nipple. I cry out. Logan reaches for the caramel frappachino, dips his finger in the mountain of whipped cream and gently lays whipped cream on both my nipples. He licks it off slowly as he rubs my clit and sticks two wet fingers inside my pussy.

"Oh god, just fuck me, please!"

Logan laughs. He puts two more little dots of whipped cream on each nipple and this time sucks it off and then kisses me hard on the mouth. I taste the sugar from the whipped cream. Logan lifts me onto the counter and sucks my clit, bites my clit, and I'm so happy Maggie has the radio on in the back room. My stomach muscles convulse. I grab whatever I can and clench my teeth. Logan makes shapes with his tongue in my pussy. The counter is wet.

"Logan, please, I can't take it. Please just fuck me. I'll do the shelving. I clean out the back room. Please!"

Logan flashes me a victorious side-smile and takes me down from the counter. My knees give out underneath me. Logan catches me and turns me to face the counter. Logan grasps my hips and enters me and I cry out. With one hand Logan reaches around and gently rubs my clit. With the other, he cups my tit. Logan moans. I moan.

I catch something from the corner of my eye. It's Maggie. My heart sinks. Maggie sits in a reading chair. I know Logan doesn't see her, but I do. Maggie's pants sit in a pile on the ground. Maggie's smooth legs are spread apart. With one hand, Maggie rubs the clit of her wet, shaven pink pussy. The other hand squeezes one bare tit. Her nipple ring sparkles at me. I stare at Maggie. Maggie stares at me. Logan thrusts into me harder each time, his swollen cock sliding in and out and as his juices mix with mine. I tighten my pussy muscles around his cock. And then I cum for the first time. I moan loud and I turn toward Logan and he lifts me onto the counter and I set my leg on his shoulder and he fucks me even harder as I rub my own clit, his cock so swollen I can barely stand it. I turn to stare at Maggie as she licks her lips. She's almost coming. And so is Logan. I cum again. Logan shoots inside me. Hot wetness explodes inside me and I can't take it. I want to scream. I can see Maggie cum. She sticks two fingers in her pussy as two fingers rub her clit hard. Her orgasm leaks onto the chair. I want to go over there and help her. I want to suck her swollen, red clit. But that would make things complicated, wouldn't it?

Logan puts his pants back on. I get dressed.

"Shelve these goddamn books, Elizabeth," says Logan. I don't argue. Maggie smiles at me and I smile at her, too.

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