tagNonConsent/ReluctanceSheriff's New Girlfriend

Sheriff's New Girlfriend


Sheriff George Reynolds couldn't believe his good fortune. One of his deputies, Carl, had set up the gorgeous brunette, Vivian, for a sting, knowing that the 26-year-old assistant manager of the local branch bank had bought a bag of marijuana while back at Kansas U. last weekend in Lawrence and was splitting it with a young female teller that Carl had dated.

Carl said the clerk told her Vivian had gone to the campus to break off her relationship with a professor there and would buy some pot from an old contact at the school. She wanted something to ease the pain of the breakup after learning the prof had taken up with a young co-ed.

It was a Sunday and the two were meeting at Jefferson Park before sunset for the exchange, just down the street from the local high school.

Reynolds had parked his patrol car partially obscured behind a hedge near the park exit and used the video camera on the dashboard to record the exchange. Vivian, dressed in cutoffs and a loose T-shirt, sat on a park bench and after the teller approached and sat alongside, Vivian took a plastic bag from her pocket and removed a handful of pot, placing it in another bag and taking some bills from the young woman. Both then walked to their cars parked nearby, the teen pulling away as Vivian stood near her car and waved bye before getting inside and driving toward the exit.

Abruptly, he pulled his squad car across the gateway, blocking the road with patrol lights flashing and Vivian's car came to a quick stop and he saw her lean toward the passenger side of her sedan.

The chubby sheriff bounded from his car, yanking her driver's side door open. "Get out, right now!" he shouted and a flustered Vivian unstrapped her seat belt and stepped outside. The sheriff reached between the seats and found the bag of pot. "Miss, you are in big trouble, get in the front seat of the patrol car."

In a daze, Vivian walked toward the patrol car, the sheriff a step behind watching every move of her curved bottom straining at the tight blue jean cutoffs.

He shut the door behind her, admiring the tanned, athletic legs of the 5-foot-8 woman, well toned from hours on the tennis court.

Reynolds got into the driver's side, started the car and backed it up off the roadway, partially behind the hedge again.

"Officer, it's only a small bag," she stammered, fists clenched in nervousness.

"Small, maybe, but watch this monitor miss," he said, replaying the park bench scene on the small screen attached to the dashboard camera. "That, sweetheart, is a drug sale, and you're within 1,000 feet of a school. You know what that means?" he asked, gripping her chin in his pudgy fingers and forcing her to look into his scowling face. Before she could reply, he released her, leaving finger marks on her soft skin. "Felony, minimum three years in jail, and that's the absolute minimum."

Vivian began sobbing, her firm breasts heaving beneath the T-shirt as he reached to eject a mini-disc from the camera and placed it in an envelope along with the small bag of pot.

"This evidence in the envelope is going to the district attorney's office." he said as small tears rolled down her cheeks, now turning crimson as she continued to sob softly, covering her face with her hands.

"Tell you what, and this is just between you and me, honey. You can have your life ruined with this felony charge. A story in the paper, 3 years in the slammer, but I'll give you one chance and one chance only."

A glimmer of hope appeared in her tear-stained eyes as she looked at his face, the scowl now replaced by a wicked, tight-lipped smile. "You be my slut girlfriend for a full month and I'll give the envelope back, pot and all. After a month, I'll be tired of screwing you and I'll need something fresh. Even a hot babe like you bores me after a while."

Vivian looked at him, dumbfounded, too dazed to reply. The sheriff reached acrossed and delivered a stinging slap on her left cheek, snapping her back to reality.

"You walk back to your car now and think about it for a few minutes, when you see the patrol car lights switch off, you come back and sit here in the front seat, giving me a sweet kiss like that boyfriend you used to have. Or go sit in the backseat and I'll handcuff you and take you in for booking. The choice is yours darling."

Vivian's heart was in her stomach as she half-stumbled back to her car and sat in the front seat, trying to come to her senses.

My god, she thought. That fat middle-aged creep, oh what am I going to do? Even as she asked the question of herself, she knew the answer. Somehow, someway she's have to get through a month of being his girlfriend. Oh, what would people think, but then again what would they think when they read about her arrest in the paper. And he had said slut girlfriend; she realized the horible sexual implications of that.

The lights on the patrol car had stopped flashing. She opened the door and began a slow walk to the patrol car, head down. Vivan opened the door, sat down and leaned over as the sheriff turned to her with an evil grin. Her soft lips touched his and she started to pull away.

His right hand flashed out, squeezing the side of her face harshly. "Baby, I want to feel some tongue from my slut and you better keep on kissing till I pull away," he spat fiercely, staring hard into her eyes as he released her.

Half-crying, she leaned forward again and kissed, this time inserting her tongue between his thick lips and into his mouth. At the same time, he reached between her legs with his left hand, pushing her thighs apart and squeezing her pussy mound as hard as he could.

Vivian gasped and choked. His right hand had grasped her long brown hair, balling it into a knot as he pulled her face into his, deepening the gross kiss.

He then broke off the kiss, but maintained a tight squeeze on her mound, making Vivian squirm in her seat. He watched her struggle and chuckled, yanking his hand away for a second and before she could pull her thighs together, delivering a wicked harsh slap to the middle of her crotch, causing her to bend double with the quick sting of pain. He then took hold of her left breast, squeezed and pulled Vivian back to an upright position.

"Honey, we're going out tonight. I want to show off my new trophy girlfriend at the sports bar. And darling, you're going dress to please me for the next month.

"You slash about 8 inches off those cutoffs, I want them cut crotch high. And no more T-shirts. I want a tight top so I can look at these tits all night," he said, reaching over with his left hand to capture the other breast and squeezing both, bringing a loud moan from her.

"And high heels, too," he said as he released her breasts, following with a small slap across her lovely face "OK, slut, you got it."

Vivian could still feel a stinging pain in her love mound and and her breasts ached. "Yes," she nodded numbly.

"Another thing, when we're alone, you call me sir; when in public, I'm George, your loving boyfriend," grabbing her hair and twisting her head toward him for emphasis.

Totally defeated, Vivian looked at his stern, pudgy face. "Yes, sir," she said softly.

"Oh, and before you go, get on your knees in front of the seat. We're going to seal this deal with you sucking my cock."

He pushed her shoulders toward the windshield and as she slid toward the floor he unzipped his uniform trousers and his erect cock emerged, pointing to the roof. "Take it, but just lick it up and down. A slut like you isn't worthy yet of putting it in your mouth."

Vivian closed her eyes and leaned forward, but before she could move all the way toward him, his right foot crossed over from the gas pedal and delivered quick, cruel kick to her stomach. "Ugh," she bent over in pain, holding her belly.

"You open you eyes and look at your boyfriend when you lick that cock you love so much, understand."

Barely able to talk as she recovered her breath, Vivian mumbled yes sir and raised partly up, looking him in the eye as she slowly took his prick in her hand, licking it from base to top with the tip of her tongue.

Reynolds was in ecstasy. As her tongue moved backed down he couldn't restrain himself. The sight of the gorgeous brunette looking pleadingly in his eyes as her pink tongue moved along his cock brought him to instant orgasm, the jism striking her forehead, the lower dashboard and some falling to the carpet.

"Son of a bitch, baby, there's plenty more where that came from before the month is over," he exulted as he grabbed her hair and sneered into her face.

He used the long hair to wipe Vivian's forehead and then the dashboard as she struggled to pull away. "Oh, so you want to fight a little, eh. That just makes it sweeter," he said, pulling her pretty face toward the floor and wiping the rug, too, with her hair.

"You're going to need some training. It won't take too long, though, you'll be my hot slutty girlfriend in no time. You're going to get to know that cock real well. It'll be inside you every day, so get used to it.

"And there's a spot of cum on my right shoe, slut. You lick that off before you go and polish that whole shoe top with that sweet tongue of yours. We're going to give that tongue a good workout every day."

A sobbing Vivian leaned forward more and licked the cum off the black shoe, blanching at the acrid mixture of cum, leather and shoe polish as she continued slurping the entire shoe top, the sheriff chuckling loudly as she struggled to keep from gagging.

"That's a good bitch. Now you drive home and get that hair clean, dress up like your boyfriend George wants and be waiting for me at 7 p.m. I'll be outside your apartment in my black pickup truck. Don't make me wait," he warned, delivering a harsh slap to the well rounded left cheek of her cutoffs as she staggered out of the car.

"On second thought," he said out the window as she staggered toward her car, "wait for me inside your apartment. I want to grab a piece of ass before I take my slut to watch the game at Joe's Tavern."

Vivian nearly broke down, sobbing, head lowered, cum-streaked hair stuck to her face, as she got back into her car.

Part 2 coming

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