tagBDSMSherri's Punishment Ch. 03

Sherri's Punishment Ch. 03


With the security guard out of the way, I turn my attention back to you. You look lovely there on the bed, legs spread wide apart, eyes covered by a blindfold, and mouth gagged. As I take in your beauty, I slowly undress, carefully folding my clothes and placing them on the other bed. I intentionally do not speak to you. I want you to wonder what is coming next, what I might choose to do to abuse your body.

I search through the satchel, and I pull out a long, black riding crop. I move to the foot of the bed and look up at you between your splayed legs. Juices still drip from your pussy, and the bed is soaked with your cum. This would make such a lovely picture for my bedroom wall, I think. I grab my camera and take several pictures including several close-ups of your wetness. CLICK! CLICK! CLICK!

Putting the camera aside, I step back to the foot of the bed. I raise the crop, and without warning strike you firmly on your clit. CRACK! You body convulses in pain. A muffled scream escapes around the gag. Your soft skin immediately turns crimson at the site of the impact.

CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! I hit you hard enough to cause pain to shoot through your body but not hard enough to leave anything other than short-term redness. I do, after all, have to send you home to hubby when the evening is over.

I reach forward and caress your clit roughly. You try to pull away, but your restraints hold you in place. CRACK! "Don't try to pull away from me again, or you will regret it. Do you understand?"

"Umurggh," you respond, and I take that to be an affirmative.

I pinch your reddened clit between my fingers, softly at first and then harder and harder. You move your ass from side to side but do not pull away. Opaque juices flow from you cunt. I move my hand down and slip a finger between your engorged lips. It glides easily inside. I insert another finger, then a third. I pump my fingers deep inside you, imagining how your pussy would feel wrapped around my erect cock. Those thoughts arouse my body and my curiosity, and I decide to see how much of my hand you can take.

I bunch my fingers together and push them into you. Despite your restraints, you try to spread your legs farther apart to accommodate my thrusting. I push harder and my fingers disappear inside you up to the knuckles. I enjoy the sight and feel of your pussy lips squeezing my hand. I push harder, and your moans tell me that I am now causing you pain. I push harder, stretching you wide, forcing my hand deeper inside. Perhaps I should have used some lotion I think, but just at that moment you relax and my hand is pulled farther in.

I fuck you with my hand, slowly but deliberately. When I pull back, only the tips of my fingers remain inside you, and I can see your body relax. But each time I push forward and my hand is buried to the knuckles and beyond, you raise your ass up off the bed to better accommodate my probing. Your pussy becomes squishy with your wetness, and your aroma permeates the room.

I can tell that you are coursing toward orgasm despite the pain. I thrust hard, gauging your movements and the moans escaping round the gag. Just as I feel that you are about to climax, I snatch my hand away, at the same time striking your pussy flesh with the crop. CRACK! CRAACK! CRAAAAK! Your body convulses with pain and pleasure. Your ass lifts off the bed time after time as your orgasm sweeps over you, and I wonder if the restraints will hold. You cum hard and squirt your nectar across the foot of the bed. You squirt a thick stream again and again, and soon the entire end of the bed is saturated. And still your body jerks in ecstasy. The restraints hold, and soon your trembling body settles back onto the bed.

I see that you are covered with a fine sheen of sweat, and that you are biting your lower lip nearly to the point of breaking the skin. I can only imagine the pleasure that I have just brought you. I loosen your gag and have you lick your cum off of my hand. You seem to enjoy the task, so I allow you to lick until every droplet has been removed. Once you are done, I put the gag back in place.

Now it is my turn. I pull away from you, and sit on the bed quietly for several minutes to give you time to think about what comes next. You of course have no clue, but your active mind surely conjures up many painful and pleasurable scenarios. Your head turns toward me as you hear me searching through the satchel again. I find what I am searching for, but again I sit quietly. The silence of the room envelops us. All I can hear is your shallow breathing as you anticipate my next move.

I press to open the clip I hold between my fingers, and I silently move my hand so that it hovers over your breast. Without warning I snap the strong clip onto your nipple. You scream, but I am the only one who hears. The sudden, unexpected pain causes your body to jerk against your restraints, but they hold firm. I check to make sure that the clip is firmly seated, then I clip the second one to your other nipple and pinch it hard so that it digs into your delicate flesh. You are whimpering now, but I know that you are enjoying the intense pain, so I pay no attention to the pitiful sounds.

"Say nothing," I command as I remove your gag.

"Open wide," I say as I kneel beside your head. I thrust my hard cock between your lips and down to the threshold of your throat. You gag, and I pull back. After giving you a moment to recover, I thrust again, deeper and harder this time, but I quickly withdraw. Thrust hard! Pull back! Deep and hard! Deeper! Harder! I am fucking your mouth, plunging as far as I can without making you gag. Your mouth suctions my cock as your tongue swirls around its hardness. Your teeth lightly scrape my flesh on every stroke, but you are careful to keep from causing me pain. I am grateful. The pain is for you. I am the pain giver and you are the pain receiver.

With that thought in mind I reach for the nearby riding crop. Raising the crop high, I bring it down on your clit just as I thrust my cock down your throat. Surprised by the pain, you nip me with your teeth.

"Bitch," I murmur. "What the fuck do you think you are doing?"

As punishment for your indiscretion, I strike your clit again and again with the crop—CRACK, CRACK, CRACK, CRACK. You writhe in pain/pleasure and suck hard on my dick. I take this as a signal that you want more, and I fuck your mouth more aggressively. I lean over you with my hands on the bed so that I can thrust my cock more directly into your mouth. I pump hard and soon my cock is sliding into your throat. The tightness feels like warm pussy clasping my erect phallus.

Soon you have relaxed enough that I am able to fuck hard without causing you to gag, but I know there are limits on how deep I can go. I pause to give you time to catch a breath, then I plunge in again and again. I feel my body building toward climax, and I prepare to fill your mouth with cum. As I thrust hard, I raise the crop. CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! I shoot my load down your throat just as you near the crest of a powerful orgasm. Your body spasms wildly, and you shoot a stream of cum across the room and onto the dresser. The stream of cum is interrupted by each spasm of your pussy, but then it arches across the room as your muscles relax again. Over and over again you squirt though with diminishing force, until your well finally goes dry.

I pull away from you. Your mouth remains open with the remnants of my load of semen visible inside. Your breathing is ragged, and for a moment it seems that you are having trouble catching your breath, but soon you are breathing evenly again. As I watch, occasional tremors course through your body. I stand and step to the foot of the bed and watch your pussy as it goes through its final convulsions. Such a lovely sight!

"How was that?" I ask.

"That was unreal! Can we do it again?"

Your response makes me grin. No, I think to myself, we can't do it again. But there is more, much more, that we can do.

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