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She's A Tease


Have you ever met one of those people who just give you the irrits? There's no real reason for it, they just seem to rub you the wrong way. It's not even a case of you actively disliking the person. You can like them but still feel uncomfortable around them at times.

Sometimes, of course, you know the source of the irritation. It's some habit or mannerism that they have that just gets your back up. That's the way it was where my reaction to Francine was concerned.

Francine was Norman's wife. Still is for that matter. She's a nice enough young women. Quite pretty, nice shape, a good personality, age early twenties.

What tended to get my back up is that she's teasingly flirtatious. It's not that I'm a wowser. I'm quite willing to tease and flirt, the same as any other man. Any man who is not up for a bit of teasing and flirting is either unconscious or already in his grave.

Francine, in my opinion, just goes that one step too far. If she was male, people would probably mutter about sexual harassment, but being a woman she gets away with it. She also has a slight tendency to grope. If she thinks she's getting to you, she's not above dropping a casual hand down to check. If you didn't already have an erection, you've probably got one after a little hand gives you a quick squeeze down there.

A couple of times she's gone to lengths that would have an unmarried woman flat on her back getting some serious attention. If you actually pulled that on Francine she'd probably be shocked and all "Oh, how could you, you beast".

I actually had a word with Norm about it, suggesting that he tell her to tone it down a bit. He politely told me to get stuffed. He enjoyed watching her antics. Reckoned she knew how far to go and people don't really mind.

As far as I was concerned he was just emulating an ostrich, head in the sand. I knew of several arguments that Francine had caused between other couples with her too assiduous attentions. There was a bit of resentment building up amongst their friends, and he was just indifferent to it.

Well, if things go skew-whiff he can't say he wasn't warned.

It was a few weeks after that chat with Norm that I happened to be at a barbecue that Norm and Francine were attending. Francine was in full flirt mode, dressing for the occasion. She was wearing a flirty skirt. You know the sort. She bounces along and the skirt bounces, flashing her panties. And her panties were a black thong, so a very nice bottom was being flashed every so often.

Francine made a beeline for me, determined to flirt. I could see Norm sniggering as he glanced over at me and I realised that he'd mentioned our chat to Francine and she was out for some fun. Let's shock poor old Ron. (Not that I'm old. I'm still the right side of thirty.)

So Francine started flirting with me and I flirted right back. Innuendo and vague hints flew. If they'd been birds, we'd have been covered in crap. Come to think of it, crap would describe a lot of the remarks going back and forth.

After a while I gave Francine the slip, pointing out that I was monopolising her and she really needed to circulate. I thought that would be it for the day.

A little later I wanted a drink of water. I was driving and had to watch what I drank. I told my hostess I was just nipping into the house to get some water and she nodded and sent me on my way.

Francine followed me in, starting up her little charade again. I flirted back quite outrageously. All things considered, she was still very attractive and it was easy to flirt with her.

She, however, was apparently thinking of my having spoken to Norm.

"I hear you don't like me doing this," she said, and reached down and groped me.

"That depends," I returned. "Do you like this?"

I reached around her and cupped her bottom. And it was her bottom. The thong that she was wearing didn't cover it in any manner, shape or form.

Francine giggle and slapped at my hand but didn't really protest, but her eyes did go a bit wider when I unzipped and let out my erection.

"You seemed to be checking it out," I told her. "Do you want to really feel it?"

"Why not," she said, still giggling, and her hand dropped down to take hold of me.

As soon as her hand settled on my cock my finger slipped under her thong. I trailed my finger down, pulling her thong away from her and to the side so that it no longer covered her.

The next thing that Francine knew she was leaning against the wall. I'd lifted her dress and my cock was already pressing between her lips.

"What are you doing?" she squealed, predictably enough.

"You said you wanted to feel it," I pointed out, rapidly pushing into her.

All her flirting had excited her and she was nice and wet, letting me slide in quickly. It hadn't occurred to her that she should be putting up some resistance. By the time it did occur to her to struggle and protest it was way too late. I was firmly home.

"I didn't mean like this," Francine half squealed at me. "You'll have to take it out."

"Don't be silly," I told her. "How else can you properly feel it? Don't worry. We won't be too long."

My hands were on her bottom, helping to pull her onto my cock as I thrust into her, not that she seemed to need much help. She was already pushing hard against me as I took her.

She wasn't protesting anymore, whether because she thought it would be useless or whether because she didn't want to I didn't know and didn't care. She felt good on my cock and I was taking her as hard and fast as I could.

So there we were, Francine leaning back against the wall, me driving into her, her head bent back as she gasped for air. I was driving in willingly, and Francine was meeting me just as willingly, when Norm walked into the kitchen.

"What the fuck," he snarled.

I looked over at him.

"You're dead right, Norm," I told him, without missing a stroke. "Francine knows exactly how far to go, and she does it well."

Francine glanced over and Norm and groaned, but she didn't miss a stroke either.

Norm was standing there, mouth open. I guess he assumed that we'd stop now that he was on the scene, but not me. I was far too close to coming and as far as I was concerned Francine would dance to my tune. (Not that she wanted to stop at that stage, in my opinion. She was already too close to her own climax.)

Then Francine started shrieking and promptly jammed her hand in her mouth. I guess she didn't want anyone coming to see what the yelling was about. I matched her climax, and started pumping into her most enthusiastically.

I finally tidied up my clothes, nodded to Norm, and wandered back out to the barbecue. I thought that Norm and Francine might want to have a chat without me around.

"Bastard," Norm snarled at me as I passed him, and I winked at him. He couldn't say I hadn't warned him of what might happen.

"Bloody hell, Francine," I heard him say as I left.

"It wasn't my fault, Norm," Francine was wailing. "He jumped me and I couldn't do anything."

Like Norm was going to believe that after watching her performance.

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