Shifting Hearts


Xavier ordered the betas to seize her. Two huge betas grabbed her on either side, easily lifting her off the ground, withholding her powers from being activated. Although she was a witch and had quite few abilities, she knew she knew these men outmatch her in their size and numbers.

When he stared into her normally black eyes, were raged flaming red. She spoke in a deep, dark tone.

"This will not be the last you hear or see of me, Russo. Believe me when I say we will come in contact again, you will drop to your knees in agony, with all the pain you caused me. Believe me when I say this whole fucking compound will fall with agony due to your atrocious ways. And you can bet your fucking life, career and well being will be turned upside down and inside out in front of the ones you mistreated the most. You will get tenfold the despair from those you harmed for your own specisim. Watch your back you cowardly bloodsucking excuse of a dog".

"Yeah, yeah, bullshit, witch. Your warning falls on deaf ears. You are such a joke. Get her the fuck out of here."

"You are a fool Russo."

And with those last words she was removed off the compound with a new found attitude.


"I seriously cannot believe this shit. How dare he do this to me after all the hard work I put into that compound, all the spells I made, all the potions I had to brew that took days to finish, and having to put up with the disrespect from those fucking bloodsucking dogs while doing it, just really makes it even worse." Sallie Mae stomped her way home shouting to no one but herself at the worse day she ever had. She was furious more so than upset. She could not believe she willing put up with their shit for the last three years and had nothing to show for but a bruised, beaten up self-esteem, and a scared knee.

"I should have listen to my coven sisters, and my mother but oh no, I had to listen High priestess Morgana and go to work like a fucking slave for those fucking assholes. Yep, that's what they are evil, no good assholes. All of them dogs can go to hell and get fucked by the devil himself for all I care."


Without thinking consciously she answered "The Salvatore Russo pack that's who."

"WHOOOO." snapping her head up, she felt a trail of fear running up her spine.

"What the hell?" she looked around frantic searching wildly for the terrifying wacko. Her heart pounded in her chest, as she tries to gather enough energy to summon a quick spell.

The moment she finally turned around to face whatever it was, her high level energy subsided when she saw a black and gray owl in her big tree. "WHOOOO." it said again while moving to it's left on a big branch. Still feeling that sickening fear, and a little silliness, she quickly stepped into her home and shut the door turning in for the night.


He sat in that very spot and waited for her to return home for at least thirty minutes. He was so mesmerized by her presences their first encounter that he had to see her again; he had to get a glimpse of his black beauty.

He didn't have to wait long when the sweet scent of flowers after a summer thunderstorm filled his senses. He could feel his need to make love to her wash over him as he saw stomping angrily on her way home.

He could tell that she was upset about something with the way she spoke at loud to herself. The moment she reached the door, he made his presences known.

"WHOOOOOO." She answered unknowingly. It was the second time that he caught her off guard. She looked around frantic trying to place the unseen noise. A small pang of satisfaction settles inside of him as she realizes he was nothing but owl setting in her big oak tree. She gave him one more glance before running into her home.

"Mmm, Sallie Mae, my black beauty." He repeated this over in his head as his thoughts ran rapid of her. But his thoughts were suddenly interrupted when the squeal of a hawk circling above him caught his attention.

"Goddamnit Regan. What the fuck are you doing following me?" he mentally said to his younger brother. Regan landed on a branch above him all in his golden feathered glory.

"I just came to here to be the nosy little brother you know and love. Who's the girl?"

"No one in particular regarding to you, now get the fuck away from me."

"OOOHHHhhooo this might be serious. I asked a simple question and you are already being a major dickwad."
Roger knew he was being a little to sensitive at the moment. He always got like this whenever something he wanted really badly was just right in his grasp, and people always find ways to try and stop him.

"Look, she's just a girl that really interest's me, that's all. Why does it matter to you anyways, that you have followed me all the way here from the manor? You have plenty of sluts falling at your feet. Now go away and play with one of them"

"Well dear brother if you weren't so caught in some girl, watching her for the last these few days, or better yet this past hour you would have been at home when Red Hawk's Aviation called about your pilots license. Such a shame really they said you aced everything, but since you weren't present they had to reject you."

that really ruffled Roger's feathers.

"Hahahaha I am only teasing brother, you are too easy sometimes. You were accepted thanks to me of course. After years of practice I finally nailed your voice down the max." Regan had always liked to poke fun at his brother, and the same can be said for Roger. Regan mood switched from playful to predator the minute they caught scent of a girl that smelled like fresh pine coming their way. Looking out onto the sidewalk they spotted a tall redheaded woman walking her dog.

"Catch you later brother, I am off to play for a while, and I hope you do the same." Spreading his wings Regan flew into the air, made sure the woman was a good distance away before landing and shifting into a little puggle. Both Roger and Regan had doubt that the woman would look behind her and see what happen due to the fact she was so engrossed in her phone conversation.

Roger turned back looking into the house where the beautiful woman reside, and was sad he had to leave. If he could he would stay the night sleep in her tree, but he decided he did enough witch watching, and he needed a nice warm bed.

"I shall see your beautiful face in the morning my sweet. Goodnight for now, my darling." And with no other words Roger took to the sky.


Meanwhile, Sallie Mae was in the mist of trying to magically take down her cornrows, when she heard the distinct cry of a hawk nearing her home. Stepping away from the spell book, and a small pot of potion she was trying brew, she walked over to the window and got a sneak peek.

Looking out the window she saw that the owl now had company in which came in as a hawk, a big golden hawk. The hawk was on a branch above the owl, and it looked liked they were almost communicating with each other by the way they stared at each other.

"I am just fucking paranoid is all. They are just two birds in a tree." Easing her way from the window, she made her way over to a mirror on a wall and took in her mess of a hair.

"What am I going to do with you?" she said grabbing a piece of her hair. On the left side of her head, was outdated cornrows that needed repair badly, and on the right side, was a big, bushy, kinky, nappy mess of hair. She mange to take half her hair down, until she got tired and decided to think of creative spells or potion to handle the rest.

"Hmmmmm I bet, if I could make a spell book on how to style and fix a black witches hair I would make a killing." She said staring back at her reflection. Turning away she went into her bedroom strip off her clothes rested her head on her pillow. "But tonight, I am bone tired."


'That fucking witch will pay for what she did. How dare she threaten the pack that brought her in, when everyone else refused?'

'That human will know her place, when I am done with her, all humans will. They are nothing but fucking prey to state our hunger for food, they are our food, so to think this witchy, skinny; bitch of a human think that she is better than us to threaten us with a stupid course is ridiculous. The Alpha would be proud that, I am willing to do what he suggested last night, when he came to my room and complain about that rotten human. Yep, I will rough her up real good. You will be so proud of me Xavier."
Helen stalked through the woods hell bent of trying to get rid of the pack's thorn. Thanks to today's technology she was able to locate where the witch lives. When the witch's house came into view through the edge of the woods murderous thoughts ran through Helen's head. "This ugly little bitch will regret the day she ever stepped foot on the Salvatore Russo pack lands."


Opening up her eyes to the morning sunrays, she could hear the morning birds chirping near her window. Slipping out the bed, she padded her way to the window, and threw back the curtains to get a better dose of sunshine.

She looked out her window to see little birds playing around in her flower bed just below her window. She got a closer look at her flower bed and realized how terrible it looked. She definitely had to do something about it.

Stepping away from the window she went to out on some raggedy work out clothes that she could easily get dirty in, and grabbed her garden tools to go to work in her garden.


Roger contemplated which form he should take on next the moment her footsteps and scent neared closer to him. Thinking quickly he shifted into the animal that whatever came to mind.


"Hey there Sallie Mae, how are you doing this morning?" her next door neighbor asked. The older woman looked at her strangely as she was getting into her car. "Umm, Sallie is everything ok, I mean your hair looks like.....are...feeling....fine?" the older white woman could not help but to ask and stare. Living in a predominately white area, and only handful of blacks living in her neighborhood Sallie knew why the woman looked at her so strangely. She couldn't help but to laugh.

"Hehehe, everything is fine Miss. Lent. Have a good day at work now."

"Ok, honey I was just trying to make sure, bye."

Walking over to her flower bed, she saw a cute little brown bunny in her daisies'. It was so darn cute that she couldn't send it away. "Hey there little guy what are you up too this morning?" she bent down to pet it and was amazed at how soft it was.

She began to work in her garden the normal way since she had nothing else better to do, and she liked planting and growing things with her own two hands. Working in her flower bed and garden gave her a peace of mind to herself, it relaxed her.

She was so preoccupied with her flower bed, she did not hear a vicious growl from a wolf and its claw slicing her arm until it was too late. Her screams sliced through the morning air of pain.


Pain, pain, pain, pain I am in so much pain it's unbearable. Tears of pain poured down my face as I turn to see a blond wolf staring at me, grinning. I did my best to collect my thoughts, I even tried to call on the great goddess Isis for help, but my head is clouded. I grabbed the nearest weapon I could to defend myself from this wolf the best I could, but the pain is searing through my arm and all over my body.

The canine reveled sharp fangs with salvia dripping from it, as it neared me. I waved my miniature pointed shovel at it as a weapon but all the wolf did was just grinned more as if, it knew I was as good as dead. and I was. I am going to die at the claws of a wolf and I don't know why.

Closing my eyes out of fear thinking this was the end of me, a very frightening growl of a large cat echoed through my ears before I opened up my eyes again seeing a large tiger hoping on the wolf and gave it a few good scratches. The wolf was easily outmatched by the tiger in so many ways, but it did try to put up a fight.

Taking it's large paw the tiger smacked the wolf across my lawn, leaving badly wounded. I wanted to run inside my house but my pain was too much for me, and I felt myself getting weaker by the moment. With heavy eye lids I glance over to the wolf, and was shock to see it turn into a pixie cut blond haired human named Helen. That bitch, and after all I did for that heifer why would she do this? Wait a minute, there's a tiger in my yard, what the hell?

"Sallie Mae are you ok, sweetie? Can you speak?"

Glancing up I saw a beautiful light brown skinned man with long straight jet black hair talking to me.

"Tiger" I said weakly.

"Among others. Just please let me help you, sweetling." He lifted me in his big arms and carried me into my home.

"But I---."

"Shhhh, I will take care of you. Just please let me."


Helen walked through the compound walls with shame; she was shamed that wasn't able to kill some little weak human. And was shamed that she couldn't sense the shifter that attacked her out of nowhere, she was one of the top Betas in her pack, and the mere fact that was defeated so easily by an unexpected shifter was very painful to mention.

She reached the office door of her Alpha to deliver the bad news of her shameful attack, and let him know that shifters are in the area. When she opened the door Xavier was right in the middle of a conversation with a pretty Asian she-wolf.

He abruptly stop the moment she walked through the door all bloodied and beaten. He sniffed the aromas, and was instantly by her side. His eyes glowed a blazing amber as his wolf came to surface. A look of concern swept over his face.

Helen couldn't help but to feel the pain he was going through as he took in her condition. He grabbed her bloody right hand and held it up to his face as silent tears leaked from his eyes.

Lifting her other hand to his face she swiped away the tears. She looked at him with caring loving eyes as she felt tears of her own slipped from her eyes. She had a feeling that Xavier always loved her, had always wanted her to be by his side as Alpha Bitch. She just never thought it had come to the point where she bloody and scared up to do it.

"Xavier I know what happen to me was awful, and I know looking at me in this condition is going to make you do crazy things to get revenge. But you should know something. I was-

"My mate."

"Yes I might be your other ha—." His voice now was filled with anger; she felt her bones being crushed under her Alpha's hand.

"Oww ahh."

"You have attacked my mate."

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