tagMind ControlShining Through Ch. 02

Shining Through Ch. 02


Authors Note: "Sorry about the wait. I ran out of time to write, and then when I did have time I found that I was blocked. I hope that you will be kind. But above all...Honest."

My heart pounding wildly and feeling wrung out. I rushed to my room and flung myself down on the bed.

What the hell was happening? Was I imagining this, was my mind playing tricks? I was reeling from the shock of what had just happened. Propping myself up against the headboard of my bed I stared thoughtfully at the wall to my left. Abby, I'm sure was getting dressed faster than at any time in her life.

I scooted down on the bed, putting my hands behind my head and tried to push obscene thoughts away with some light meditation.

Breathing deeply and slowly I began to visualize the beach...White sands...Bright blue sky...Nipples crinkled with excitement...WHITE SANDS...Bright Blue Sky...Warm breeze blowing gently...Skin kissed by the warmth of the sun shining overhead...Sweat slick skin sliding against....


My eyes flew open and I sat up against the headboard again. I tried to argue against the lust rising up within me.

I've got to stop this.... She's practically your sister asshole! You're not supposed to think about your sister like that....

I couldn't tell whether the low moan that escaped was from irritation, or the images that cascaded feverishly through my brain. She was permanently seared into my thoughts. Her breasts, softly swelling globes tipped with pale pink nipples crinkled with excitement. Hands on curving hips that tapered into firm thighs, legs slightly spread showing me the glorious tuft of soft, blond pubic hair concealing....

STOP IT!!! Concentrate on something else. Anything but the excited joy that danced in her eyes and sparkled like the dewy drops of moisture...

Jerking my legs up, I clenched my arms around them as tightly as I could.


I kept repeating that mantra. Over and over and over again. Like a shield held before me to protect the innocent.

Over and over, I just kept saying it to myself. It wasn't working though. I confess that I was saying it...Silently...Halting....Unwilling to stop....

My body was shaking. I was burning with fever, soaking my clothes with sweat.

I stretched out on my back and stared at the ceiling. Strangely enough I seemed to be slipping into trance after all.

Everything became much clearer to me. The light became soft, yet incredibly bright at the same time. I closed my eyes, shielding them from the brilliance. I felt myself being dragged deeper into the trance... I went unwillingly at first and yet my interest sharpened as a vast universe expanded behind my eyelids. I drifted slowly out into that endless place....

How can mere written words describe the feeling that arose inside? I could try to tell you that it was awe mixed with reverence. So many more things were mixed in; a feeling of fear and a great love were the next most powerful

Something else caught my attention, a whispering sound. It seemed to come from the points of light that battled against the darkness. I began to move, being pulled gently towards those lights.

"Go there" something whispered inside.

I quickly slipped beneath the seductive call of those lights.

I don't know how long I wandered in that vast place. However long it was, I had made great discoveries in my explorations.

When I opened my eyes I knew that something...Wonderful... had happened. That endless expanse had left me ...Changed!

In my new state of mind, I began to think about the beautiful creature in the next room. The images and thoughts that I had tried to erase before came flooding back with renewed intensity.

My cock hardened to the point of painfulness. Encased in the confining prison of my jeans it demanded freedom. I swiftly opened my fly allowing it to spring forth like a raging tiger eager to do battle with my fist. Grabbing my hard-on in one hand and a Kleenex from the nightstand with the other I stroked furiously. In a matter of seconds I felt the familiar surge boiling up inside me and exploded into the wad of tissue with a groan.

I slumped back exhausted, holding my still twitching cock as the last few drops of cum oozed out. I had never come so hard in my life. I didn't feel any of the guilt that I'd been experiencing earlier.

After thinking about it for a while, all that concerned me was my friendship with Abby and Elizabeth. The possibility of losing my best friend's over something that was in reality just a moment of craziness on Abby's part.

I stood up, and changed into a pair of clean jeans. I was prepared to face the music. I would just have to talk to Abby and apologize for what had occurred. Throwing the now soggy tissue into the trash and taking a deep breath in hopes of calming myself down. I opened my door and walked down the hall. I was shaking as I paused in front of her door, hoping that she would let me in and not be mad about it.

Just as I was getting ready to knock, the door opened. Abby stood there in the long t-shirt that she wore to sleep in.

"Um, hi." I muttered

"Hi Robby" She replied softly, "I was hoping you wanted to talk to me about what I did. I know that your probably a little freaked out right now, but don't worry about it...Ok."

"Well, yeah I was a little startled. I mean we've known each other for a long time..." I trailed off in confusion, hell, it sounded like she'd been reading my mind or something!

Abby chuckled at the uncomfortable look on my face.

"I guess it was pretty crazy of me to strip like that, but after all it's not the first time right." A smile stretched across her face and her eyes gleamed with mirth. "Look, I'm serious, don't worry about it!"

Suddenly she frowned and bent her head to avoid my eyes. "We are still friends aren't we?" She spoke so softly that I almost couldn't hear her. "You're my best friend Robby. I don't want to lose my best friend. Please say that you forgive me." A single tear tracked its way down her cheek.

I could never bear to see Abby cry, it was no different now. Enfolding her in my arms I reassured her that no matter what, we would always be friends.

I looked at the clock on the night stand next to her bed....A jolt of pure adrenaline shot through me. It was Three A.M.

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