tagExhibitionist & VoyeurShipwreck Ch. 02

Shipwreck Ch. 02


For the next few months, I was in heaven. During the day, I had three sexy girls prancing around the sand half-naked. There was no point in modesty after watching each other fuck, so the girls quickly got used to wearing just panties to keep the sand out, if even that much. By the third month on the island, the bump in Ruby's tummy was noticeable. If anything, her bulging belly made her even sexier, and it didn't hurt that her already-gorgeous tits were starting to swell even larger.

Sara and I were fucking every night, something we hadn't done since the first year we had been together. Several times a day we found an excuse for a nude swim in the ocean, which usually led to a nude chase around the sand, which usually led to a nude fuck session on the beach. But as in the tent, it was always the two couples together, screwing madly, and Siobhan just watching and getting herself off.

Eventually, Sara and Ruby started to feel bad for Siobhan, who did often seem lonely without a man of her own. Then one night, everything changed.

Davi had been fucking Ruby for about 20 minutes. I had already fucked Sara and shot my seed all over her belly as usual. Ruby had come down from one of her powerful orgasms, when she gently pushed Davi away until his still-rock-hard cock slid out of her pussy. She stroked it gently a few times, as if she was thinking over her next move. She looked over at Siobhan, who had been rubbing her pussy as usual, but had stopped to see what was up.

"Want a turn?"

My cock started to stir. She was going to let Davi fuck Siobhan! Seeing her long legs spread wide, and her pink pussy wet and wide open, it wasn't hard to imagine that big, brown cock thrusting into her. Suddenly, I wanted to see that happen more than anything. One live sex show a night was hot enough, but now I might be getting two.

"But... he's your boyfriend! I couldn't—"

"Please. I see you rubbing yourself every night. I see how badly you need some dick. Besides, he's got plenty to go around."

She stroked up and down his long, thick shaft, as if to emphasize her point. "And my pussy needs a break sometimes. You should take a turn. I guarantee it'll be the best fuck you've ever had."

Without letting go of Davi, she led him by the cock over to Siobhan's side of the tent. She clearly meant what she said. Siobhan looked at the Brazilian's massive tool and swallowed hard.

"Will he pull out?"

Ruby whispered something in his ear, probably "make sure you pull out," and that was that. He kissed Siobhan, and in the moonlight, you could see her go weak in the knees as he put one arm around her and cupped her creamy, white ass in his big, dark hands. She arched her back, offering up her breasts, which he sucked on in turn, while his free hand explored her sex. I could see her hands trying to reach his cock, which was pressed firmly between their bellies, but he wanted to make her wait for it, and she did. By the time he had three fingers buried in her dripping cunt, she was moaning and trembling. Even in the dark, I could see the love bites he had left on one boob, as his mouth went to work on the other.

"Please," she said. "Por favor. I need it."

She reached again for his cock, in vain. "I need it inside me. I need you to fuck me. Oh, God, please just fuck me. I need your big cock in me right now."

I don't know if Davi knew a word of English, but she was begging for it, and there was no mistaking what she was begging for. She didn't care that we were all watching her, naked and wet, and begging to be fucked like a desperate whore. At that moment, getting that big dick inside of her pussy was all that mattered. Without pulling his fingers out, he lowered her onto the sand. He fucked his hand in and out of her a few times, pulling out only for a second, before replacing his fingers with the head of his massive cock.

We were using to watching him slide right into Ruby's pregnant slit, but she'd been fucking him three times a night since we got here. Siobhan hadn't had more than two skinny fingers inside of her in three months, if not longer. So getting a monster cock inside of her was no easy task.

She grunted through gritted teeth as he worked the head in. She cried out as he ground his hips against hers, pushing the first few inches in.

"Oh Jesus! He's so big! Holy fucking God!"

When he had 4 inches in, he started fucking her slowly, pushing just a bit deeper with every stroke. She cried out, as each time her pussy was stretched just a bit more.

"Ah! Jaysis! Oh! It hurts! God! It's so fucking— Ah! —good! Oh! Don't stop! Ohhh! I need it! Aaah! I need your— Ohhh! —your cock— Aaah!!! —fucking me! Aaaaugh!!!"

Her body was racked with what had to be the biggest orgasm of her life. I thought my cock was going to burst, so I pushed Sara onto her knees and thrust myself into her in one stroke. She was sopping wet, and clearly as turned on as I was by the spectacle. Ruby watched the whole thing with a shit-eating grin on her face, one hand frigging her clit madly. Far from being jealous, I think she was proud that she had snared the man who was fucking this girl senseless and leaving her begging for more.

By the time Siobhan came down from her orgasm, Davi was balls deep, making her cry out with each powerful stroke. He had both hands under her ass, pulling her pussy up to meet his thrusts. I found myself pounding Sara's snatch in time with their fucking, while my fiancee rubbed her clit frantically, making pussy juice pour down her legs and the front of my balls. Soon it was her turn to come, and the feeling of her pussy clamping down on my cock was too much for me, as I yanked myself free and shot spurt after spurt of cum onto the sand between her legs.

I lay down on the sand, exhausted, but Sara hadn't moved. She stayed on her knees, one hand frigging her clit, eyes transfixed on the scene before her. Soon the Irish girl was bucking her hips against Davi's muscular brown body as another orgasm took her, and again Sara followed suit, getting off just watching the action. She collapsed in the sand next to me, but never took her eyes off the rutting couple. They fucked for another ten solid minutes, Siobhan whimpering, hair plastered to her face with sweat, before she had one more powerful climax, and Davi finally pulled his massive cock free of her well-pounded pussy, shooting a massive rope of semen that reached from the top of one of her tits to her navel. He started moving north, so the second spurt left a trail between her breasts and down one side of her neck. A third spurt hit her cheek from top to bottom and continued down her neck. The next rope of sperm was still thick, but a bit shorter, landing on her forehead and across one eye. His cock spasmed one more time, and her whole eye was covered in white, gooey mess. After that, a stready trickle of semen ran down his big brown cock, which Siobhan licked up like it was the nectar of the gods.

By the time she was done with ten minutes of licking his shaft and his balls, as a half cup of sperm covering half her body shone in the moonlight, his cock must have been so clean you could eat off it. Which is exactly what Siobhan did, distending her jaw to get her lips around the massive head, then slurping greedily as Davi gently but firmly pushed her head onto his still-hard cock, until about half of it was in her throat. Half was plenty, as deep throating my cock would have covered the same distance. The only sound in the shelter was the gagging noises coming from deep in the Irish girls' throat, and the occasional moan from Davi, as the other two women and I watched silently. After a long time, Siobhan came up for air, and Davi wasted no time flipping her onto her hands and knees for round two. My cock was spent, but it was still incredibly arousing watching her get pounded from behind, as globs of sperm dripped off of her body from her face down to her belly. Sara clearly agreed, as she went back to work fingering her pussy as soon as they started fucking again.

I eventually drifted off to sleep, but Sara must have stayed up, because she told me in the morning how they kept fucking for what must have been 45 minutes, until he finally pulled out with a roar, and coated her backside with another massive load of sperm. And how she again cleaned off his finally-soft cock, and didn't stop licking and sucking until he was hard again. The last go-around, they spooned together in the sand, with his cock lazily sawing out of her snatch for over an hour, as they took turns fingering her clit to several more orgasms. It seemed like Davi, tired out from two fucks already, could go on forever, but eventually Siobhan started asking him to fuck her harder, telling him she wanted to make him cum again. Who knows if he understood a word, but "fuck me" is the universal language, so a minute later she was on her back with her legs in the air and he was pounding her battered cervix. Sara said she couldn't believe I slept through all the screaming and moaning from both sides, but eventually Davi shot a third load, smaller than the first two, but still big enough to cover her tits almost completely.

Of course, Sara didn't tell me all of this right away, as we awoke the next morning to screams of pleasure, as Siobhan mounted her new lover, cowgirl-style, and rode him to still more orgasms. Her morning ride lasted long enough for Sara and I to fuck, go wash ourselves in the ocean, then come back to watch more. Watching by moonlight was hot, but Siobhan looked amazing in broad daylight, her red hair falling down her shoulders, her body caked with sand where the dried sperm made it stick on, riding Davi's cock like a slut in heat without giving a second though to the audience she had.

We thought it would be a one time thing, Ruby lending out her man, but from that point on, Davi fucked them both more or less equally. Some nights he'd take turns, sometimes one girl would get him all to herself. Sometimes he'd fuck one girl two or three times at night, then wake up and fuck the other one twice. Even with all the fucking going on at bedtime, Davi would often take a break from fishing or exploring the island to pound Ruby's pregnant pussy for an hour, or to cover Siobhan pale, taut stomach with a big load of cream. By this point, any pretense at modesty went out the window, as the women never wore clothes, and no one had any qualms about fucking in front of anyone else. Just my luck, Sara seemed to be the least amorous of the girls, and rarely wanted to fool around during the day, but she never failed to get wet watching one of the other girls getting her pussy stretched out.

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