Thanks to Zex for editing this.

I wrote this for one person, and one person only. As long as she's happy, which I know she will be, I'm happy with the response to it. This is a step away from my other stuff, and not something I'm used to writing, so I hope you like it.

For Jess, my texting little muse on those lonely nights after work.


Jess tousled her dark hair and peered out the window at heavy clouds, swollen with rain. A flash of lightning split the sky and for a second the entire yard was as bright as day. A figure stood staring up at her, near the edge of her vision, standing beside a tree in the distance. She saw him only for a split second, a moment before the darkness enveloped them both. Curious, she peered closer at where she thought she had seen the figure to have been, waiting for another lightning strike.

She gasped and backed up away from the window, covering her mouth as the world outside her window brightened again. The figured had moved again, impossibly fast, and closer to the house. She moved towards the closet and reached inside, grasping for the cold, comforting metal of the softball bat that she knew was there.

Shivering uncontrollably, she forced herself forwards toward the window again. As she inched forward, she wondered if she should call someone.

Her roommate was out with a date, and her boyfriend was out with his friends. She shivered again and reached for the phone, but there was only silence on the other end. Cursing to herself, she peered out the window again as another flash lit the exterior. He was closer now, close enough to make out a face, had the light not faded so quickly.

She held the phone to her ear again, listening for the dial tone. She was answered by only silence however, as she surmised the storm must have knocked out the line. She shivered uncontrollably again, peering out the window and looking for the mysterious figure.

Rain drops surrounding the house was the only sound she heard, and through the chill of the air, she saw that storm was moving off. The lightning flashed again, but she saw no trace of the mysterious stranger. Shaking her head, she dismissed the entire thing as paranoia and backed away from the window, freezing immediately as she sensed someone behind her.

Closing her eyes in fear, she tightened her grip on the softball bat as she felt warm breath on the back of her neck. Her heart felt like it was going to beat through her chest. She felt the warm breath of the stranger and could hear him breathing behind her. Fear gripped her as she felt the stranger pulling the bat from her grasp.

A tear ran down her cheek, slowly making the journey down to her chin, then under her neck and down her cleavage. Several minutes seemed to pass as she stood shivering, frozen with terror as the stranger stood silently behind her. She sensed him moving finally, and felt something push at the back of her head, into her hair, then heard him inhale deeply, drawing in her scent. Another tear worked its way down as she stood quietly, unmoving, frozen in place, her mind racing at what, if anything, she should do.

The figure behind her inhaled deeply again, and she shivered in shear fear once more.

Finally, the figure broke the silence. Leaning in very close to her ear, his voice was deep, resonant, and terrifying.

"Don't... move..." he said slowly. His voice pierced through the darkness, shattering the veil around them, causing her to shiver uncontrollably. A few moments passed and she felt him move closer to her.

"Please don't hurt me," she said, a cry of fear punctuating her sudden outburst.

He ignored her, and continued to inhale her scent deeply. She felt a hand on one shoulder and then the other. And then, ever so softly, she felt a soft wind cross the flesh between her neck and shoulder. She closed her eyes and shivered uncontrollably again as the stranger blew a breath softly across her skin.

He moved across her back and to her other shoulder, blowing softly on the skin exposed by her night shirt. There were a few moments of silence followed by a gasp as she felt something warm and soft on her skin.

'Lips,' she thought, and winced, wanting to scream and run, but feeling something holding her in place.

The stranger gently brushed his lips softly across her skin, raising tiny hairs across it as they passed. She felt him move back across her back and onto her other shoulder, then felt his hand moving from there to pull the thin strap of her nightie with it.

"Please..." she whispered.

"Don't... move..." he said again, and fell silent, moving his warm lips back to kissing her neck and back, as she shivered beneath them.

Jess didn't know what to do. For some reason, her body wouldn't move, though she was screaming for it to do so. The stranger wasn't violent, and though she was still terrified, she had no way of knowing whether her life was in danger or not.

His hand twirled into the strap of her nightie and gently pulled it all the way off her shoulder, drawing the tiny hairs along her upper arm with it and causing another shiver to shoot across her body. He moved his lips along her collar bone, warm and soft, gently sucking and tenderly biting towards her shoulder, across her warm skin and finally to her arm where his hand was. Moving back across, he started the other way, kissing and tenderly sucking, biting his way across her shoulders, several times. Each little kiss drawing a shiver from her.

She was still terrified, but felt her body begin to betray her. She was more scared than she'd ever been in her life, but the kisses the stranger was coating her shoulders and back with felt so good. The two conflicting emotions terrified, but excited her at the same time.

She felt the tiny hairs raise all over her body as he gently massaged the shoulder muscles and back as he tenderly bit her warm flesh. He worked his way down, slowly pulling the top of her night gown down, kissing his way down her back, down her arms as he slowly stripped her top off, nibbling and biting, kisses being draped across her soft skin.

She shivered again and felt him fall to his knees behind her, his hands on her hips as the top of the night gown fell down around them, her naked breasts exposed to the cool air, the sound of dripping water still filling the room from outside. He kissed the small of her back, drawing yet another shiver as she stood before him, and she felt his hands work her free of her top, and let it fall to the ground around her feet.

He worked his lips across her back and finally to her hip, then moved slowly downwards across the sides of her legs, pausing to pull a finger or two of hers into his warm mouth, where his tongue gently caressed each of the digits that were hanging next to his head.

Pulling each finger into his mouth, he let her hand fall back to her side and moved back to her buttocks, tenderly kissing and biting each.

Shivering softly, she failed to hold completely still as he moved to the other side. He kissed the tops of her buttocks, gently biting every few centimeters, causing tiny hairs to rise beneath his touch.

Moving slowly down until he got to the back of her thigh, he slowly pulled up on her foot, kissing tenderly as he slowly moved lower, finally hitting the back of her knee and then her calf, followed by the bottom of her foot.

Repeating the process on her other leg and taking his time with each, he caressed and kissed, bit and licked each spot of her body. He slowly drew in each of her toes, slightly tickling the bottom of her foot as she stood shivering in the chill.

As he withdrew the last toe from his mouth, he began the slow ascent back up her body, kissing each part as he went. Finally, reaching the apex of his climb, he turned her around slowly, and leaned in close to her ear.

"Close your eyes." he said quietly, his deep voice filling the room like a cannon shot.

She squeezed her eyes quickly shut, as she felt his hand pulling at her shoulder, slowly turning her to himself.

She was keenly aware of her nudity, but the fear and excitement of the experience was overriding the fear she was feeling. She was terrified, but excited. Turned on and quaking in fear at the same time. She could feel his eyes roaming over her naked form, clad only in her tiny panties. The thought of this stranger eyeing her, wantonly, knowing full well what he was looking at, scared and excited her all at the same time and caused her to shiver all over once again.

She heard him shuffling forward, felt his hands on her shoulders again followed by his lips. Those warm soft, inviting lips. She suddenly realized that this was a stranger, and fear shot back into her, but followed immediately by the feeling of warmth emanating from his lips, drawing her deeper into the moment.

He moved down her to her hips and placed both hands on them, pulling her to him as began his kissing descent down her torso.

"God... please..." she whispered, fear gripping her again as she felt his lips moving towards her breasts, as she felt a single tear fall from her eye.

Suddenly he stood, moving very close to her face. For an instant, her body quaked in terror.

The she felt warmth on her cheek, where the tear had been slowly descending, and realized his lips had kissed it away, the warmth stealing the chill from the tear trail. Then he was on his way back down her body again, lips and tongue, teeth leading the way, biting and nibbling, kissing and sucking at her skin, causing shiver after shiver to echo across her body.

Finally, he reached her breasts and immediately drew one of them into his hand, pulling the other over and cupping it, slowly blowing across it with his lips. Then she felt nothing but warmth, and she knew his mouth was on it, gently kissing.

Then came his teeth, gently nibbling and working her nipple, as finally it entered the strangers mouth.

The feeling over this strangers mouth suckling at her breast, his teeth and tongue gently rolling it around his mouth, caused it to swell. Terrified, she suddenly felt a moment of shame. A stranger, suckling on her, and her, as a result, being turned on by his advances.

The feeling passed quickly and was replaced with slowly growing pleasure as he rolled the nipple around on his tongue, and she felt it harden further, swelling as he sucked it deeper into his mouth. Suddenly it was free and the cold air of the room chilled it enticingly, drawing it even more erect, then moved to the other breast, gently nibbling and fondling, taking his slow deliberate time, as if he had eons to dedicate to sucking on every inch of skin.

Soon he finished with both breasts and moved lower, causing the muscles of her stomach to tighten and jump as he first blew across, and then kissed them, running his tongue across the flexing and un-flexing muscles as she shivered visibly. Still terrified and excited at the same time.

He moved lower, falling to his knees and nibbled and kissed at her hips, both hands grasping her tightly, but not painfully, just as lovers might embrace. She shivered again as she felt him bite at the edge of her silken panties, slowly working them down with his teeth as she stood shaking, naked before him.

He moved from one side to the other, pulling slowly down on her panties, moving them down her body until he was at her knees, then her ankles, where they finally dropped to the floor.

He was back up at her waist then, slowly kissing around her hips, slowly shuffling his body closer. Soon he'd worked to her inner thigh, pushing it out with one hand, and gently pushing on the other until she began to feel herself move lower and lower, closer and closer to the warm lips and tongue that had been moving across her body. She shivered again, unable to control the excitement and fear that gripped her, and suddenly felt something warm and soft probing her. She gasped, partly in surprise and partly in fear, but also in pleasure as the warm wet muscle pushed into her womanhood.

The stranger was sitting down, both of his hands on her buttocks as she bent her knees and lowered herself onto his face.

She opened her eyes, but the room was too dark and all she saw was faint likeness of his eyes peering back up at her. She moaned loudly as she felt him nibbling at her, his tongue warm and muscular, knowing just where to touch and to play. His powerful hands held her weight, almost effortlessly it seemed as her knees gave way and she fell completely onto his lips, his tongue pushing deep into her.

"Oh... God... " she said, more pleasure than fear in her voice now.

He remained in that position for a few minutes, softly sucking. Licking, and gently biting at her most private parts for what seemed an eternity. She felt him moving finally, and he ducked underneath her, his tongue seeming to never leave her pussy.

As he turned around beneath her, she felt him push his tongue into the crack of her ass, felt the warm softness tickle her anus and she shivered again. She remembered her boyfriend and shivered in fear, but another thought quickly entered her head and she wondered if she'd ever been this turned on by him before. The thought disgusted, but excited her all at once.

The stranger moved his hands to the front and continued to gently tongue her ass. She felt him pull his tongue out of her and felt him stand, lifting her in the process, almost effortlessly, as if she weighed less than a feather.

He laid her on her bed and stood next to it, silently peering down at her in the darkness. She lay still as he'd said earlier, suddenly realizing that she was waiting for his command, as a slave might a master. The thought scared her, but was quickly followed by excitement.

Slowly, he leaned over, drawing one leg across her chest and straddled her. She felt him above her, and knew that this stranger had his cock dangerously close to her face.

He didn't speak a word, but she felt something soft, yet firm, brush across her lips, and knew that he was rubbing his cock across her lips. She shivered in fear once more, unsure of how to proceed, yet something within her pushed her to gently opened her mouth offer him her tongue. In response, the stranger slowly ran the tip of his cock across her tongue and lips, his hands on either side of her head.

She lay quiet, her eyes closed, as this intriguing stranger straddled her chest, his cock gently probing at her mouth, seemingly searching for a way in.

She obliged, something within her, willing her mouth to open. Shivering in fear, she felt the tip of his cock push into her mouth, warm and hard, yet soft against her lips and she involuntarily began to suck, excitement taking over as she began to move quicker and quicker. She felt him pulling against her head and felt him move higher on the bed, his cock was pointed straight into her mouth.

He was big, much bigger than her boyfriend, she thought, and a feeling of disgust washed over her, but immediately followed by excitement. She felt so dirty, so wrong doing what he willed, with no resistance. But she was incredibly turned on by the impurity of the moment.

She wanted him to take her, she knew that now, but the feeling was suddenly replaced with fear, but then immediately returned to lust.

She shivered again and felt him pull on her head, drawing his cock into her mouth until the tip pushed against her throat. She inhaled deeply as he pulled out briefly, and then pushed back in against the back of her throat, and she found herself wanting him to push harder, the idea causing her to feel afraid and disgusted again, but it was quickly replaced by lust.

She reached around to grab both sides of his hips to pull against them. With the act, she was suddenly disgusted with herself, but the contradiction of emotions inside her was turning her on more than she had ever been before and she pulled harder, suppressing a gag as he pushed into her throat. Suddenly pulling out, he let her breathe.

She moaned as he pulled free, suddenly feeling the need to have him back inside her, and she wondered where this side of her had come from. She knew she should be terrified, she should have tried to get away, but something about him was comforting, something inside that comfort had stopped her. She felt so naughty, such a slut, and felt her pussy getting so very lusciously wet.

He pulled against her head again and pushed into her throat, holding her there a few seconds before pulling out again, and then back in, each time causing her to get more and more aroused, and her pussy to get wetter and wetter.

He growled audibly and pulled out, turning around he grasped her by the thighs. She knew then he was determined to have her, and knew she couldn't, and didn't want to stop him. She moaned as he pulled her legs apart, lifting her off the bed and to him.

"Look at me." he said lowly, almost in a growl.

She shook her head and he repeated, "Look at me," more forcefully.

Finally, she slowly began to open her eyes, and saw his face for the first time. He was handsome, looked about her age, but there was something odd about him. Something about his eyes, so deep and pure, nothing evil about him, she thought.

"Tell me you want it." he said softly, his deep voice rumbling directly into her, causing her to get even wetter.

Did she really want him? Was it just the insanity of the moment, the culmination of emotions that he'd forced upon her?

She shivered uncontrollably again as she heard someone say, "I want you." suddenly realizing that it was her own voice, and that she really did want him after all.

He kissed her fully on the lips, as he pushed his cock deep into her, causing her to moan as she began to return his kiss, her arms slowly moving to encircle his body, her legs following and wrapping around his muscular hips as he thrust gently into her, his cock burying itself in her and pushing slowly in and pulling out.

She moaned loudly, her mind a sea of conflicting emotions, fear, anger, pleasure, happiness, lust... everything pushed the excitement higher, and she began to orgasm almost instantly. Everything going hazy as her pussy tightened around his slowly thrusting cock.

He began to slowly pick up speed, thrusting in and out completely, every inch forcing her higher and higher into orgasmic bliss, the entire length emerging and plunging deep back into her, her pussy still quivering and contracting as the orgasm rocked through her.

It wasn't stopping she realized, as he continued to slowly pick up speed. His cock felt like a lightning rod had been shoved into her, every cell that it touched lit up in pure pleasure, every movement he made caused her orgasm to squeeze him tighter and tighter until it felt like she was going to pass out.

Still he thrust into her as she clawed at his back, digging her nails into it as he continued to thrust into her.

She felt him begin to come as her own orgasm hit a new plateau. She finally blacked out as her head throbbed in pleasure, every muscle in her body contracting as he shot his warm load into her. She groaned in ecstasy a final time as her orgasm finally released her, and she felt sleep beginning to overtake her. The last thing she saw before all was over, was his dark mysterious eyes staring at her from above, and his smile.

She awoke with a start, sitting upright in bed. It was dawn. She peered around her room, but saw no sign of the stranger. She stood and went to the window, peered out but seeing nothing of the stranger. Scratched her head, she went to sit on the edge of her bed.

"Was it a dream?" she asked herself out loud.

She drew a hand up to wipe the sleep from her eye, then stopped. Peering at the image in the mirror, she blinked and stood. Moving closer to stare at the image.

Something was different, 'her eyes' she suddenly realized. Where they had been the deepest emerald green, they were now the darkest color she'd seen, the same mysterious eyes she'd seen last night. In the stranger.

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