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Shoe Shopping


It was late in the afternoon while taking a weekend in Santa Barbara about fifteen years ago when Kathi was 38 years old. After a day of swimming and relaxing on the beach, Kathi and I decided to do some shopping at the expensive boutiques along the board walk. We went store to store with Kathi trying on and buying a couple of outfits when she spotted her favorite store – the shoe store. Though she has hundreds pairs of shoes she can never resist a shoe store. The store was an exclusive shop and Kathi asked the thirty-some male clerk to see some shoes that a man would like. He said certainly and disappeared into the rear of the store. Kathi sat down and crossed her lovely legs. She was wearing a colorful sun dress that fell a couple of inches above her knee. When she sat down and crossed her legs it rose up to mid-thigh.

Soon the clerk was back with two boxes of shoes, he took out a black strap-on pair and asked if this was what she had in mind – she responded by asking to try them on. He sat on the stool and placed his hand behind her calf and placed her foot on the stool. He slipped off her shoe and started to strap on the shoe. When he was done with the first shoe he moved her foot to the floor and moved her other foot to the stool. From my vantage point Kathi's legs were spread 2-3 inches and her luscious thighs were on display. The clerk was trying to avert his gaze from looking up her dress. After the second shoe was in place Kathi got up and posed at the mirror asking if the shoes made her legs look sexy. The clerk replied that she looked stunning. She then asked to try on the other pair. She sat back down and the clerk placed her foot on the stool and started to unlace the shoe. Kathi's knees were now spread 4-5 inches and the clerk was no longer averting his gaze of her thighs, he also probably was also able to get a shot of her thin silk panties. When he went to buckle the second shoe her knees moved a little further apart. She is such a tease! There was no doubt that he could see completely up her dress. Kathi held her thighs apart and let the clerk examine her thighs and panties. After a couple of minutes, which the clerk never moved his eyes from her crotch, she closed her thighs and asked to try on some more shoes. The clerk said gladly but that it was closing time and he had to lock up the store first. When he got up his hard-on was clearly seen by Kathi and me. While the clerk was away I suggested that she remove her panties. She pressed her legs together and shuttered at the thought.

When he returned he had a pair of shoes that he said she would surely love. He sat down and grabbed her by the back of the calf and putting her foot on the stool- this spread her legs again and again gave him a complete view up her skirt. When he was finished strapping on the first shoe instead of placing her foot on the floor he put her foot onto another stool that he had moved into place and grabbed her other foot and placed it on the first stool. The result was that her knees were spread 10-12 inches and her legs set up high exposing her charms to his view (and mine too). He than pushed her dress up to her waist and slowly moved his hands up her inner thighs and began to massage her slit over her panties. She moaned that she was close to cumming and yet still always the tease she asked if he had the shoes in red.

While he was gone I again suggested that she remove her panties and this time she stood up and slipped them down her legs and handed them to me. She than sat down with her legs tightly together. The clerk returned with the red shoes and quickly removed the shoe and put on the new red shoe. Kathi kept her legs together but pressed her foot into the clerk's crotch massaging his hard-on while he strapped on the red shoe. When he had the first shoe on he again placed it on the stool and grabbed her other calf and placed it on the second stool exposing her now naked pussy to his enlarged eyes. What a sight it was - my wife with her legs spread wide and her wet pussy open and ready. The clerk pushed her dress up and remarked that the shoes went great with her pretty pink pussy. Kathi was going crazy with excitement. She is the type of woman who cums very easily and becomes extremely wet when she is excited.

The clerk wasted no time in sliding his hands up her thighs and quickly entered her with two fingers into her pussy. Kathi started cumming immediately. The clerk worked his fingers in and out of her until her climax was complete. He then slid down onto the floor and moved his mouth to her clit and began flicking it with his tongue while he continued to finger fuck her. He was not neglecting himself having removed his penis from his pants with his free hand. Kathi was coming again from the stimulation of his tongue on her clit. The clerk than moved between her legs and in one stroke buried himself deep into her pussy. His ass snapped back repeataly giving her a couple of long strokes. Kathi was moaning and cumming and cumming. He then pulled her down to the floor and started to pound into her with long strokes. It was amazing watching my wife of 19 years with her dress bunched around her waist being masterfully fucked by a complete stranger on the carpet of the shoe store.

Soon the clerk could not hold back his orgasm anymore and with a final deep thrust he buried himself deep and started to squirt his essence deep into her pussy. They both just lay their on the carpet in a glow from their fucking with the clerks cock still inside of Kathi. Instead of pulling out he started a slow grind and tugged at the top of her sundress pulling it down to reveal her beautiful tits – a full 38 C – he started playing with her nipples twisting and pulling on them. When he moved his tongue to her nipples Kathi let out a soft moan and looked up to me and said happily that he was starting to get hard again.

The clerk was going to fuck her again. His hips moved in a steady rhythm slowing raising her excitement. He was hitting her high keeping maximum contact with her clit. He continued to squeeze and suck on her teats. Since he had previously cum he was going to last much longer – Kathi was in for a long ride. She was laying with her eyes closed with her feet wrapped around his ass urging him on. She was cumming continuously. It was an unbelievable sight – I could clearly see his penis repeataly entering Kathi- his cock had become coated with a white froth from his previous cum. After fucking her for 15 minutes he began to pick up the pace and was slamming into her with long deep strokes as hard as he could. Kathi just loves to be fucked hard and was going totally wild. Soon I could see his ass muscles tighten and he once again shot his sperm deep into her willing pussy. Kathi had completely lost control from the fierce fucking that she had received. The clerk got up and left Kathi on the rug with her dress around her waist, he legs spread wide, and her pussy gapping open and cum dripping down from her twitching pussy to her asshole.

Once we got ourselves together the clerk gave us the shoes at no charge and introduced himself. We gave him our telephone number and said if he ever gets down to San Diego to look us up.

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