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Shoe Shopping


Another story I wrote my sexy wife trying to turn her on so I could get some. This is from her perspective though.

I had just finished having a horribly long week and was completely stressed out when I got home late Friday afternoon. I knew there was only one cure to fix the week I had just had - shoe shopping!

I took a quick shower to get ready before my husband made it home. I sat naked on the couch as I applied my make up watching a little TV in the process. The news was on delivering a story about a school district disallowing cell phones on campus. Apparently, all of the young horny boys in that high school developed a fetish and contest of taking pictures up the skirt of many girls.

This gave me an idea for the evening as I got up to get dressed. I put on a cute and colorful top that went well with the denim mini skirt I had put on. The shirt showed my ample size C breasts and the skirt rode up my legs revealing probably too much of my thighs. The pink high heels finished off my wardrobe for the evening.

I heard my husband come through the front door just as I had finished getting ready. He let out a whistle as soon as he saw me and asked me why I was all dolled up. I told him "because I had a rough week and you're taking me shoe shopping to make me feel better!"

I could tell he liked the idea by the look on his face but he said he was tired from a long day and had hoped we could just hang out and watch a movie at home. I said playfully to him "No, we'll go shoe shopping and you'll drive me there and buy me whatever shoes I want!"

He gave me his sheepish grin letting me know he liked the way I was talking to him. He reiterated again that he was tired but this time it was because he knew I had already made my mind up and that I would continue to persuade him to go until he finally agreed.

That's exactly what I did too! He had just sat down in his chair and I began my persuasion. I knelt by his side and began rubbing his thighs while looking lustfully in his eyes. I reached up higher and felt his penis over his pants. He was already turned on! He was just playing hard to get by saying he was too tired to go shopping.

I crawled on all fours to a chair facing my man and sat down. I looked at him as I slowly parted my legs allowing him to see all of my thighs and straight up my mini skirt. I had decided panties were optional tonight and I went without! He could only gawk at my clean shaven pussy as words couldn't materialize from his thoughts.

"You like what you see baby?" I teased him while sliding a hand between my inner thighs. "Don't you want to make me happy? Tonight, you can have this pussy if you take me shoe shopping!" His jaw dropped as he slid off his chair and crawled over to where I was. I had him now I thought to myself.

I spread my legs a little more and he began inching his head towards my open crotch. I put one hand on his forehead to stop him as I reached down with my other hand to slide a finger in between my pussy lips. I was already turned on by the silky wetness I discovered with my middle finger.

I slid my finger inside my pussy just a bit to get it wet with my juices. Then I took my finger out and held it right in front of his face. "You see my wetness baby? If you do everything I say then I may let you taste me later tonight!" I then proceeded to wipe my slimy finger all over his nose and lips. "Mmmmm. That smells and tastes good doesn't it?" I teased him more.

With that, he hopped up and said "let's go" as he fished around in his pockets for his car keys. He even opened the car door for me as I got in. I showed him my appreciation by getting in the car with my legs spread enough to give him a view of my panty less crotch.

As we drove and discussed our day with each other, I would occasionally stick my hand between my legs and "lube" a finger up with my wetness. Then I would reach towards his mouth and order him "to clean my finger off!"

He greedily sucked my finger dry each time. And each time I would say something different to turn him on as he sucked on my finger. "You like cleaning off my pussy juice don't you?" "I bet it smells good too!" as I would rub my wet finger all over his nose allowing him to smell me the rest of the evening.

His dick was hard as a rock and bulging through his pants by the time we almost got to the mall. I continued my teasing of him as I said "my pussy tastes good baby don't you agree? You like the way I taste don't you?" I had started fingering myself more and more each time before I let him taste my finger. This time after dipping my finger inside me though, I decided to really mess with him and I tasted my own finger. I sucked on it and licked on it just like it was small dick. "Mmmm. I do taste good" I mumbled to him as I reached over and grabbed his hard dick. I thought he was going to lose it right there so I backed off. He'd do anything I asked of him now for sure.

He had already begged to taste me again but I was ready to buy some shoes. "I'll let you taste me later tonight if you do everything I say while we are shopping." With that said I reached over to his dick again and proceeded to tell him what he was to do for me tonight.

I instructed him to give me some of his cash as I would be the one to pay for the shoes. He didn't understand but did as I had ordered. Then I told him that he was to maintain at least a fifty yard distance from me while I was trying on shoes. I told him that every man who helps me with shoes will get to look at my pussy because I didn't have any panties on. I don't want them to see you or it could ruin the fun!

"Does that bother you?" I asked to which he replied "but I won't get to see anything like your shoes, your feet trying on new shoes, and your pussy maybe." He had a grin on his face though letting me know he'd do anything I told him to do in his state of arousal.

"You get to watch me from afar showing my pussy to other men and see their expressions and reactions to seeing my fresh shaved pussy!" I told him. "That's good enough for you. I know how you are and you'll have a difficult enough time hiding your hard on! Now let's go" as I proceeded to get out of the car.

We went into Macy's first as we had parked just by the entrance. I walked in ahead of hubby and proceeded to the shoe section. Luckily, it was a Friday night and the mall was void of its usually heavy crowd of shoppers. There was only one other couple and also an elderly lady looking at shoes.

I walked slowly up and down the aisles looking at some fuck me pumps. A younger kid looked to be the only one working as he had just finished ringing up the other couple's purchases. I turned to see if I could see my husband and sure enough he was doing exactly as I had said maintaining a fifty yard distance pretending to look at ladies accessories. I gave him a quick grin and wink and continued browsing.

The young man came up to me just as I had found a pair of heels that caught my attention. "Would you like to try those on?" he asked of me. I turned to give him my sexiest look and said "I don't know. Do you think they'd look good on me?"

He replied after looking me up and down and said "there's only one way to find out" and he disappeared to the storage room to get my size. I went and had a seat waiting for him to return. As I did, I pulled the skirt up on my thighs just a bit more than it normally would rest.

He came up and kneeled in front of me with two different boxes of shoes. "I found another pair you might like as well" he told me. As he pulled out the first pair, he finally couldn't resist the urge anymore and looked at my legs beginning first at my foot and then all the way up.

His facial expression told it all! He liked what he saw in front of him. He grabbed my foot and began placing the shoe on and strapping me in. As he finished with that foot and reached for the other shoe I adjusted myself in the seat just a bit which caused my legs to spread ever so slightly.

He was clearly at a loss for words as I felt his gaze straight up my skirt. He swallowed hard and then did the best he could do placing my other foot in the high heel. He took longer this time and even seemed to be feeling my ankle, foot and lower calf rather than just holding them to put a shoe on.

I stood up and walked down the aisles in the new heels turning to see if he and my hubby were watching. They both were! "What do you think? Do they look good on me?" I asked. A sheepish grin crossed his face as he said "yes mam they look great on you."

"I'll take them then. Now let's try those others on." I sat back down in front of the salesman and allowed him to remove the high heels from me and put them back in the box. He took his time again this time feeling my foot and ankle with his fingers. I parted my legs a little every so often just to pretend to help him remove the shoes. I know he saw my bare pussy that time.

He put on both of the other shoes and I let him steal glances with each shoe. He had started to sweat a little on his forehead obviously enjoying my little show. The other shoes not only looked great but were comfortable too making up my mind to purchase them. I was so turned on walking around in them feeling the salespersons' eyes staring a hole through me.

As I sat down for him to remove my shoes, I didn't even try to keep my legs together. I noticed this time though the salesperson had a raging hard on trying to bust out of his pants. "You must like what you see to get that excited!" I told him.

His face blushed to the color of a rose as he placed his arm over his hardness trying to conceal his obvious display of excitedness. "Don't try to hide it. You're supposed to get turned on looking up my skirt. Now take these other shoes off of me please." As he removed the first one, I rested my foot back down on his knee rather than the floor. I could see his dick tense up at my touch.

"Would you like to touch my leg?" I asked of him. "Go ahead and feel me just a bit." My pussy was so hot I didn't care if anyone saw us or not but I glanced around to ensure no one else was close enough to hear or see us just in case. The other elderly lady had given up on getting any assistance and had already left as his sole attention was on me now. He reached with his hands and began caressing both calves. I felt tingles shoot through my body as he caressed me for a minute or so. God I was so turned on now!

I decided he had had enough cheap thrills for the evening and told him I would purchase both sets of shoes. As he finished putting on the shoes I arrived in back on my feet, I gave him one last glance up my skirt as I literally spread wide to stand up and walk to the register. He tried his best to conceal his hard on but it was so obvious since his shirt was tucked in and his pants didn't hide much of anything. I told him thank you for the personal assistance and paid with the cash my husband had given me.

I walked over to where my husband had been and looked for him. He had moved to the corner of that section standing between the wall and the first isle beside it. As I approached him, I realized why he was hiding against the wall. His dick was hard and practically busting out through his pants too.

"You enjoyed that did you?" I teased him. I reached down to grab his dick and feel how excited he really was. "You like watching me shoe shop apparently" You see that salesman over there that just helped me? He just got to look straight up my skirt and see my pussy! I'm all wet from getting him excited! He even got a hardon looking at me. That excites you doesn't it baby?" as I squeezed his cock. He just shook his head yes as fast as he could while checking me out.

"Come on, I'm not done shopping yet." I reached into his pants pocket pretending like I was going to touch his manhood but instead I pulled out all of his money and told him "I need more cash sugar daddy!"

I simply began walking towards the main mall entrance not waiting for him. I wanted to see if he would follow me even though he was hard as a rock. I turned to look though and he had untucked his shirt and carried my new shoes in front of him hiding his bulge the best he could. He stayed back at least fifty yards though as I had instructed. My pussy was on fire.

As I walked ahead of my husband I came to a ladies shoe store with plenty of tasteful shoes in the window. More importantly though, the store was empty of customers as it was getting close to 9:00 pm, and a strapping young man was doing some work behind the cash register. He'd be ideal for our games tonight I thought to myself.

I casually strode into the store stealing a quick glance at my husband who was carrying my shoes and trailing behind me. He was across the mall walkway beside a men's clothing store directly across from the shoe store. He gave me a wink as he turned and walked in the store pretending to look at suits.

I saw several cute pairs of shoes but a bright red pair drew my attention. As I held it up, the salesman asked me if I would like to try that pair on. I replied that I would very much to try these on. I took a seat that just barely allowed my husband to see me and the salesperson's face. However, my back was to the store entrance so my husband would have to use his imagination since he couldn't see my legs as he had done in Macy's.

I did the exact same moves on this salesperson and it worked the exact same way. He was hard as a rock by the time I had tried on and walked around in the new red heels. It was then that I realized he was not working by himself. Another young man came from the back room and he looked just like the salesman helping me already.

"Oh my gosh! Yall are twins!" They each chuckled a bit and said that they had always worked together since they were young. In fact, they said, they do almost everything together. I replied sounding playfully interested and said "everything together?" They looked at each other and just grinned.

The twin from the backroom had been watching us apparently as he had a pair of shoes that were my size. "You'd look great in these too. Would you like for me to put them on so you can see for yourself?" I immediately took a seat and let my skirt ride up as high as it wanted. He sat on a stool in front of me and reached down to grab my calf as he gently placed it between his legs on the stool and removed the red fuck me pumps. I looked down at him and then at his brother and they were both getting an eye full as my raised leg brought my pussy directly into view straight up my skirt.

I was so turned on and having so much fun flirting and exposing myself that I almost forgot about my husband. The twin was pretty much massaging my foot as he slipped the new shoes on. His warm touch sent chills all the way up my leg.

As I was walking around trying out the shoes, the first twin, whose name tag said Blane, told me that they had just received a ton of new shoes in earlier that day but they were all in the back. "I know it's almost closing time but we'll stay as late as you need us too" he told me.

"I could show them to you but you have to come to the backroom to see them" he said as his brother was very slowly removing the shoes from my feet. I placed my foot right in his crotch and started curling my toes against him trying to grab his now swelling manhood. "We are not allowed to put the new shoes out until tomorrow due to the brands' ad campaign for the big sale starting tomorrow. But we'd be more than happy to show you - just as long as it's in the backroom." His brother, named Cane, slid his hand up my leg all the way to my thigh causing me to gasp.

I was so hot and turned on I couldn't resist the two of them staring at me - and now touching me. I turned to look to see my husband leaving the suit store as they were locking up for the evening. Cane was still rubbing my leg when my cell phone vibrated. I opened it up and saw a text msg from my husband that read "come on! Let's go home so you can tell me all about those two guys looking at you. I can only see their facial expressions. Is your pussy wet?"

I told Cane and Blane to give me a minute and I'd love to see the new shoes. I text messaged my husband "they have new shoes I'm going to look at before I'll be ready. Go wait in the car n I'll be there asap.!" Luv ya!

As I saw my husband walk off he saw Cane grab be by the hand and lead me towards the backroom. I bet his mind was racing! My heart was pounding and my pussy was throbbing. I hadn't been this turned on in some time.

Blane had stayed in the front to close up the store right as Cane turned to face me in the backroom. He pulled up a step stool for me to sit on while he grabbed some shoes. Again his hand massaged my leg as he slipped off my old shoes and placed the new ones on me. I was sitting on the step stool with my legs slightly parted. This still gave him a good view of my soaking pussy.

I guess he couldn't resist me anymore. As I ran my fingers through his dirty blonde hair, he stood and reached behind me pulling me close to his slender body. I could feel his dick pressing against my stomach trying to bust out of his pants. He placed one hand behind my neck and tilted my head sideways so he could start kissing my neck.

With his other hand he went from my ass all the way to my boobs firmly feeling what he was holding onto. He squeezed and molded my breast before he slid his hand down further and further and further until his hand was at the bottom of my skirt.

His hand then slid up my skirt and straight to my hot and very turned on pussy. I could feel his fingers probing around me trying and trying to get to the right spot so I opened my legs for him. I was in ecstasy with him nibbling on my neck as he slid two fingers easily inside my lubricated love nest. He finger fucked me so good and so expertly I came right then and there.

Upon hearing me cum and feeling me cum with my pussy spasms, he stood up and unbuckled his belt and unbuttoned his pants allowing them to drop to the floor. I reached down and helped him slide his boxer shorts down revealing a nice hard dick that was all mine for the moment. I turned around and leaned over the step stool careful not to knock my purse off of it as I did so. He pulled my skirt over my ass and he placed his thick cock right at my entrance.

I backed onto his throbbing member feeling it slide inch by inch by inch until I had every bit of his huge cock stuffed inside me. He took over then and began fucking me firmly with a slow but steady pace. I had already begun moaning again telling him how good his cock felt and to keep fucking me.

I was lost in my own erotic world at the constant pumping my pussy was receiving when I felt him withdraw from me. When I turned around, Blane was there too with his identical looking thick piece of meat already out and in his hand. "Yall must really share EVERYTHING" I said as I reached back to spread my ass for him. He lubed his dick up by jacking off while placing the tip of his dick on my clit.

My juices spread all over him as he worked my clit into a frenzy. When he finally stuck his cock in me I lost myself in another orgasm from the clit stimulation followed by being filled up with Blane. His twin brother took advantage of my open mouth as he moved in front of me and stuck his shiny dick in my face. I got the hint and started sucking for all I was worth. As I sucked on Cane, I would naturally go up and down on Blane's fat cock.

Blane had both hands tightly around my hips pulling me back onto him while his brother had one hand squeezing a nipple and his other hand behind my neck holding my head firmly with his cock buried as deep as it could go in my mouth.

Just as I thought they were getting close to cumming, they both withdrew from me and switched places. I could not believe this was happening. Two very attractive stud twins tag teaming my pussy and mouth! And they were expert studs too having already made me cum twice.

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