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Shogun: Japanese CFNM


The characters in this story are from the novel "Shogun" which is my favorite book. This is my own erotic addition to it.


The Japans: May 1600.

English Pilot Major John Blackthorne stood at the edge of the path overlooking the bay. He wore his standard kimono and felt quite refreshed from having just received a hot bath and a massage. He regarded the bay while wishing that his ship the Erasmus was still moored there. Unfortunately it was now gone; towed away by the samurai. So much had happened since he and what was now left of his crew had first arrived in the Japans only a week before. Initially he and his men had been treated like prisoners but now in the village he was like a king; a vassal to none other than the great Lord Toranaga of the Council of the Regents. Blackthorne watched the sunset over the bay and waited for the Lady Mariko to arrive. He still remembered the previous day and what she had told him.

* * *

He had been sitting on a mat inside the house he had been given for his individual use and was busy learning Japanese as ordered by Lord Toranaga. The room had the usual latticed paneled walls and was mostly vacant aside from a bonsai plant in the corner. His interpreter the beautiful Lady Mariko had quietly entered wearing a bright white and pink flowery kimono; her hair piled high. She bowed to the samurai who was present and ordered him to leave before kneeling on the mat opposite to his. Blackthorne couldn't help but smile upon viewing her loveliness.

"Konnichi wa, Anjin-san," she had said. She was an adult woman but possessed a squeaky child-like voice.

"Konnichi wa, m'lady. As always I'm pleased to be in the presence of your loveliness," he responded.

She broke into English as she smiled. "You still have that honey-tongue Anjin-san."

"But only for thou m'lady; only for thou." He was very attracted to her. She was so feminine, so lovely and petite; her skin so unblemished. Some of the women in this land were among the most beautiful he had ever seen.

"Anjin-san, I have come here to tell you that Lord Kasigi Yabu's sister, the Lady Safi has....asked that you be present for cha with her and her lady friends tomorrow evening."

Blackthorne absolutely despised the Lord Yabu but remained cordial. "Tell the Lady Safi that I would be honored to have cha with her and her lady friends."

Mariko paused before continuing. "Anjin-san; she merely asked for your presence while she and the ladies have cha. She did not ask you to join them."

"I don't understand," he replied.

Mariko paused again and tried to be tactful as not to disrupt the wa of the Anjin-san's home. "The Lady Safi, wants you to be present for cha so she and the other ladies may.....observe you."

Blackthorne became puzzled. "Observe me? What does that mean?"

Mariko looked to the floor. Ever since the Anjin-San had had his first bath in Omi-san's home, word had spread of his generous endowment. Omi-san's mother the Lady Mura had even seen him become erect and had been very impressed.

She proceeded with caution. "Anjin-san, the ladies have all heard about your peerless parts; your manhood. Most of them have never seen a European's body before and they would like to observe you. Do you understand? They wish to look upon you without your kimono."

Blackthorne paused for a moment at the audacity of such a request. He knew that despite being a vassal, to many of the Japanese he was still just the European, the "barbarian." He retorted angrily, "absolutely not, I am not just some animal to amuse them!"

"Please Anjin-san you must," she replied. "This is a very rare opportunity for the ladies. Europeans like yourself are uncommon here and the Portuguese Jesuits as you well know smell horribly. You in contrast have been bathing regularly since you arrived and are now lice and odor free."

She was correct, he had been bathing regularly since he had arrived. In the past week he had had more baths than in the year before. He had to admit that he felt much better for them. No longer was he constantly scratching at his hair, his beard and his loins.

Mariko continued, "the ladies wish to inspect you; perhaps to see your peerless part become erect and to even touch it if they so choose to."

"This is out of the question!" Blackthorne growled. "How dare they just assume that I would comply with such a thing." It's not that he minded being nude in front of a woman. It was more the principle of how the decision seemed to be made without his consent. Even as beautiful as Mariko was he had to admit that he still looked upon most of the Japanese as uncivilized heathens just as they themselves looked upon Europeans in an equally negative light. Mariko's tone became more serious. "Anjin-San, you cannot refuse the request of the sister of a daimyo. It would be a terrible insult if you did."

"And why not?" he replied.

Mariko sighed, she turned and ordered the samurai to enter the room. He pushed the latticed door to the side as she rose; the two of them briefly talking before Mariko turned back towards Blackthorne.

Mariko spoke softly. "Anjin-san, I'm very sorry but if you refuse, Lord Kasigi Yabu has already ordered you to be boiled."

"Boiled?" he turned to her as chill went up his spine. He remembered how the Lord Yabu had taken a member of his crew and put him in the steaming cauldron and boiled him alive just for amusement. He still remembered the terrible screams that had lasted for hours throughout the night. How he still despised Yabu.

Blackthorne spoke frantically. "I was under the impression that I was a vassal of Lord Toranaga's and that I was under his complete protection."

"Yes, indeed you are," replied Mariko.

"Then how can Lord Yabu order me to be tortured and killed. Wouldn't this displease Lord Toranaga?" He asked.

"Yes Anjin-San, the Lord Toranaga would be quite furious if you were even injured much less killed. He would order Lord Yabu to commit seppuku immediately. Nevertheless, Lord Yabu still cannot bear the insult to his sister if you refuse to comply. He is the daimyo of Izu. Lord Toranaga may even order the village to be burned in addition to Lord Yabu's death."

Blackthorne took a deep breath and pondered the madness of it all. As always with these people, he was trapped. "So unless I comply, I'll be boiled alive and the entire village will be destroyed?"

"Yes Anjin-san, that is correct. Therefore you must comply. Please, it is only one evening. What is one evening in a lifetime then a grain of sand on the beach or a single tree in the forest?" She spoke gently and soothingly. She took him by the hand to console him. Blackthorne looked to her; an awkward silence filled the room before he spoke.

"Who will be present? What exactly must I do? Please be specific," he inquired.

She smiled cordially as she responded. "It will be the Lady Safi, the Lady Mura, the courtesan Kiku-san and several others. They will be sitting, drinking cha and you will stand before them in complete and utter nakedness as they discuss and appraise you. If one asks you to approach her you must do so immediately and remain silent and compliant. If they choose to touch, grope or feel you, you will allow them to. If they ask you any questions you must answer with the utmost politeness no matter how personal or embarrassing the questions may be. I will be present of course to translate for you."

"You will be present!" He said; raising his voice. He already had strong feelings and urges for the Lady Mariko and the thought of her being present at such a humiliating experience for him was too much to stand.

"Yes Anjin-San I am the only one who can translate for you. Also they heard about the sailor's dance that you taught Lord Toranaga, they may want you to perform that for them as well; again without your kimono. In addition, the geisha girl Kiku-san will be present. She will use your body to instruct the ladies on various methods of pillowing and how to extend the passion of a night of bodily union."

He could not believe what he was hearing. The ladies of the top samurai of the village would all be present and as they chattered and smiled he would have to stand stark naked before them. They would be allowed to touch any part of his body they wished to, he would have to dance while naked before them and then Kiku-san would use him as a prop to teach them the arts of pillowing; and all of this while the Lady Mariko was present. He knew he had to comply. Anything was better than being boiled alive by that pig Yabu.

"Hai wakarimasu. I agree to the Lady Safi's "request," he reluctantly said.

"Oh domo Anjin-San! The Lady Safi will be most pleased to hear this. I will go tell her at once." She rose and bowed to him politely before exiting the room.

He stood alone and could faintly hear her outside talking to the samurai; informing them of his compliance. He knew the next evening would be none like any he ever experienced.

* * *

Blackthorne overlooked the sunset across the bay as he heard the Lady Mariko approaching. She was closely followed by two of Lord Kasigi-Yabu's samurai.

"Konbanwa Anjin-San," said the Lady Mariko as she smiled and bowed. He returned her greeting while looking at the two huge samurai behind her; their faces like stone as they regarded him.

"Are you ready to join the ladies for cha?" She asked while smiling.

"Yes m'lady," he replied.

"Will you follow me please," she said as she began walking to which Blackthorne joined alongside.

She had told him to wear only his kimono and his codpiece underneath. He knew that once he reached the Lady Safi's home he would have to strip himself of both. As they reached their destination he could see that there was some activity in front of the dwelling. Upon coming closer he noticed five more samurai standing around a cauldron that had already been set up; flames burning around its sides, the water boiling. Blackthorne froze as he looked to Lady Mariko.

"It is quite alright Anjin-San. The Samurai will remain outside the Lady Safi's house. Providing you are well-mannered inside her home there will be no unpleasantness," she said softly.

He saw the samurai standing around the cauldron. Their arms folded in a menacing gesture as they looked upon him. The boiling water was already ready and waiting; an ominous warning to him to behave. He could either be naked for the ladies inside the house or naked in the boiling pot. The choice was his.

He continued walking while the Lady Mariko bowed to the samurai who smiled and returned her greeting as the lady Safi emerged from her home. She was a middle aged woman, short and quite tiny in structure. She wore her kimono and had her hair well groomed and piled high as this was a formal occasion. A broad friendly smile appeared on her face as she looked at Blackthorne.

"Konbanwa Anjin-San," she said as Mariko translated. "We are so very honored to have you as our guest this evening."

"Konbanwa, Lady Safi, I am truly honored to be able to.....entertain you and the ladies tonight." Blackthorne replied knowing the politeness was all a sham with the boiling pot just a few feet from where they were all standing.

The Lady Safi giggled just a bit. "Oh do please come inside."

Mariko and Blackthorne removed their shoes and entered the house which like most houses in the village was constructed with lattices, thin wood and rice paper. As they came to a hallway the Lady Safi approached Blackthorne; the top of her head coming only to his chest.

Mariko translated again. "You are the first European I have ever had in my home Anjin-San. This will be a very interesting evening for myself and the ladies." She said followed by another giggle to which Mariko responded to her.

"What did you say to her, m'lady," he asked.

"I said that this will be a very interesting evening for me as well." Mariko replied as she smirked to him.

Blackthorne had been under the impression that Mariko would only be there in an official capacity to translate. However it was now clear that she too intended to enjoy the evening. The two women spoke briefly in Japanese to one another before erupting in giggling. Blackthorne stood awkwardly; not knowing what they were saying. The lady Safi then turned and slid a latticed door which led to a huge room. Blackthorne saw at least 15 women kneeling and drinking cha in a semi-circle on the mats. They were all in kimonos; their hair pulled back, a few with hand fans. The cha serving girls stood far in the background. The women had been chattering when they abruptly stopped and gazed at him; the Lady Safi bowing before and placing her tiny hand on Blackthorne's shoulder and speaking.

"She is introducing you Anjin-San" said Mariko. "Please bow to the ladies."

Blackthorne complied as he heard many of them speaking, some pointing and whispering. Mariko began with some quick introductions as she presented him to the lady Reiko, Hoshiko, Saiko, Chiaki, Fuyuko, Kyoko, Narumi, Shiori, Sachiko and on and on until they came to the geisha girl Lady Kiku. He could only imagine what they might have in store for him to have a geisha girl present.

The Lady Safi spoke. "Anjin-San, would you please stand here."

She directed him to stand in the immediate center of the semi-circle of kneeling ladies to which he complied. She then slid the door closed and she and Mariko took their position within the circle. For a time he stood in his kimono as the Lady Mariko spoke. He couldn't understand most of what she said but could tell she was explaining who he was and where he was from as well as some of the things she had learned about him. Occasionally one of the women would break in to ask a question. The lady Mariko would answer to which the woman would then gaze upon Blackthorne; sometimes smiling. He was completely surrounded by the women. They were in front of him, behind him and on both sides. They would soon be able to see him from all angles in the abandonment of his complete nakedness. At times while Mariko talked the room would erupt in laughter as the ladies stared at him while listening to her. He stood awkwardly and angrily; feeling as if he was just an amusement to them.

Eventually the Lady Safi clapped her hands twice and spoke to him to which Mariko translated. "Anjin-San, the Lady Safi please asks you to remove your kimono now."

Blackthorne breathed in and slowly undid the robe-like garment exposing his chest; he then released it from his arms and dropped it to the floor. He stood just in his codpiece before the women with one leg bent forward; his well-formed muscles bulging and knotting. A cha serving girl took his kimono and folded it neatly before placing it on the floor in front of the Lady Safi. Some of the women smiled joyfully; others held their hands over their mouths before turning to each other and laughing. Another woman pointed to him and said something as they all began chuckling. He turned to Mariko and noticed she was smiling as well. The lady Sachiko who was young and quite pretty rose from the circle and approached Blackthorne. She knelt before him and began touching his codpiece. Almost by instinct he wanted to push her away but he knew the cauldron was just outside waiting for him. As she stroked the laces of his piece he stood angrily. She spoke out loud to the other ladies as she examined it; yanking and snapping the fabric at his hips. The Lady Safi clapped her hands again and Blackthorne knew what she was instructing even before Mariko had translated.

"Anjin-San, please remove your garment and give it to the lady Sachiko," she said.

He paused as the room went dead silent. All eyes were upon him as he undid the ties of his cod-piece and pulled it from his body, his large organ swung free as a few of the ladies gasped. He handed the cod-piece to the Lady Sachiko as she slowly rose while glaring at his loins. While continuing to stare with a half-smile on her face she rejoined the circle. He heard a series of whispers as all the lovely Japanese feminine eyes were upon his manhood. Some of the women again put their hands over their mouths, while one woman smiled and clapped her hands together next to her face in wonder.

He looked to the Lady Mariko who was also blatantly staring at his waist before she again spoke. "Anjin-san, please very slowly turn your body so that all the ladies may have an adequate look at you.....and continue slowly turning before them until I ask you to stop."

His cheek quivered with rage as he began turning. Each woman's eyes became wider as they caught site of his manhood. They began speaking again; chattering with their squeaky child-like voices, smiling and laughing as Blackthorne became more and more frustrated that he couldn't understand. Mariko however could understand.

The Lady Sachiko spoke. "Omi's mother told us no lie. His peerless parts certainly are impressive...neh?"

"Oh yes indeed," said the elderly Lady Chiaki. "It's much longer and well-girthed than I've ever seen. It's very odd."

"I think it's magnificent," replied the overweight Lady Fuyuko.

"Look how wide it is, all along the shaft," the Lady Kyoko said. "Are all Europeans like this? What about their women?"

Mariko joined in, "the Anjin-San told me that their women are generally larger than us; taller, wider hips with heavier breasts."

"They would have to be!" exclaimed the lady Narumi. "If they were too small he might hurt them with such a beastly saber." she said as all the ladies laughed in unison.

"I wonder how big he is when erect?" asked Fuyuko. "We are going to get to see him erect aren't we?"

"Oh of course we will, I promise you that," laughed the Lady Safi. "Omi's mother has already seen him and claims he was quite impressive."

"Impressive indeed, so odd, so intriguing," said Kyoko. "I can't take my eyes off of it. It looks so forceful, so vigorous and stout."

"Look...look..I think he's blushing!...hee..hee." said Kiku.

Mariko spoke. "Europeans are not as comfortable being naked in public as we are. To him this is a very embarrassing moment." Many of the ladies laughed upon hearing this; happy that they had a man at a disadvantage; particularly a European barbarian.

"He's turning redder by the moment." Kiku said and was quite correct.

Blackthorne felt his face get hot as the ladies all around him were smiling and chuckling with glee. Sometimes one would whisper something into another one's ear to which they would both laugh again. He was trying to keep himself from getting an erection but he could tell it was already beginning.

The Lady Sachiko looked to Blackthorne and pointed at the area immediately in front of her. "I want to see it aggressive and upright."

Mariko spoke, "Anjin-san, please stand directly before the Lady Sachiko. She wishes to......take hold of and inspect you now."

Blackthorne slowly walked towards the Lady Sachiko to where she was seated on the matted floor. She looked to be in her early twenties, lean and beautiful with porcelain-like skin. As he stopped and stood immediately before her she first dabbed his manhood with her fingers, touching it quickly as if testing the texture to make sure it was safe to touch. Her fingers caused a tingling sensation in Blackthorne's body making him stiffen with his member only a foot or so away from her feminine Asian face and lovely almond shaped eyes. She cupped her hand and held his testicles while beginning to stroke his penis up and down slowly, his erection fully sprouted under her caresses much to the delight of the ladies in the room who seemed to speak as if in awe. For over a minute she jiggled his testes in her hand while stroking him up and down, her face changing from wonder to amusement as he became even harder.

The Lady Safi clapped her hands and Mariko instructed Blackthorne to move to the next woman in the circle. The overweight Lady Fuyuko gestured with her finger, instructing Blackthorne to stand as close to her as possible, his member literally only a few inches from her face. She didn't touch it at all but instead inspected it carefully along the length of the shaft before looking underneath his scrotum. She said a few words in Japanese to which the ladies nodded as a slight smirk appeared on her face. For a time she continued her inspection before shaking her head in an affirmative manner indicating that she was both satisfied and impressed to which the Lady Safi clapped again indicating that Blackthorne continue to the next female appraiser.

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