Shogun: Japanese CFNM


The elderly Lady Chiaki was a very small woman and as Blackthorne approached her she seemed almost intimidated as if she might retreat at any moment. However instead she lurched forward and aggressively grabbed his raging erection with both of her tiny hands. She immediately pulled him to her as the ladies snickered. Blackthorne blushed scarlet as the old woman shamelessly squeezed his hard-on as if she hadn't touched one in quite some time and was perhaps reliving a sexual moment from long ago. With both hands upon him she held her grip firmly squeezing it as if wanting to test how solid it was.

While pulling on him she whispered slowly and passionately, "it's so thick...and warm...and oh, it's just so meaty."

After several moments the Lady Safi once again instructed Blackthorne to move to the next woman but Chiaki would not let go. The Lady Safi clapped her hands loudly and spoke angrily as if ordering her to release Blackthorne but she still stubbornly refused to comply and only gripped him even harder. Blackthorne could only surmise that she was reflecting on a former lover, a samurai perhaps who may have been equally well-endowed and had blessed her with much pillow pleauring. It was only until the lady Kyoko intervened that she and the cha server girl were able to pry her hands off of his erection. And as he moved on to the next woman the Lady Chiaki folded her arms in front of her body and pouted in disappointment at his departure.

The Geisha Kiku sat right beside both the Lady Safi and Mariko. Kiku declined from any touching and out of good manners allowed the hostess Safi to have full access to him. The Lady Safi first gently grasped him as if she was shaking hands with his dick. She smiled and with two fingers she slowly squeezed from the base of his shaft all the way to the top. She repeated this gesture over and over as Blackthorne became even more excited due to having the Lady Mariko in such close proximity to him. The Lady Safi pulled his erection down then released it and chuckled as it quickly sprung upwards. She repeated this action over and over and even batted it sideways while Mariko and Kiku smiled in enjoyment. When she was finished she motioned him onwards and it was of great disappointment to Blackthorne when the Lady Mariko refused to take part in any hands-on inspection.

Female after female Blackthorne stood before with each Asian woman touching him gingerly and gently in their own unique way. They were primarily interested in his genitals but a few of the women stood up and walked about him in order to closely examine his body and muscles, feeling his chest, shoulders, stomach and the firm mounds of his backside. In addition, with their soft gentle fingers they also caressed the various scars he had acquired from his many years at sea. He began to understand that to these women he was very strange, like an exotic animal that they had never seen before. The lady Hoshiko was the only other elderly female present and Blackthorne became livid with rage when the shriveled old crone asked him to turn about and bendover so that she could see his anus. He instantly made facial gestures of staunch protest to Mariko all to no avail. On the high seas he was a warrior and a fearsome force to be reckoned with but in this room with these perfumed and dainty women he was absolutely helpless and at the mercy of their gleeful feminine whims. He complied and for almost a full minute the lady Hoshiko viewed him in that very embarrassing position while whispering to the other women next to her.

By the time he had completed the circle he had been touched, stroked, grabbed, pinched, squeezed, tickled and explored on every inch of his body and peerless parts. His manhood was still fully engorged and after all the feminine stroking and touching he desperately needed to possess a woman. However that wasn't what he was there for, he was present at cha for display and entertainment purposes only.

The Lady Safi spoke and instantly Mariko translated aloud. "Anjin-san, the ladies would now like to see and hear the English sailor's song and dance that you taught Lord Toranaga. Would you be so kind as to perform it for us?"

Blackthorne walked over to his kimono which was laying in front of the Lady Safi. As he reached down she instantly pulled it away and out of his reach to which she snapped at him.

Mariko spoke, "Anjin-San, please dance without the kimono and in the nude so that the ladies may continue to be properly enchanted."

Blackthorne reddened with anger and embarrassment. He knew he would have to now dance naked for the women with a full hard-on which was practically throbbing with need; it was either that or the agony of being boiled alive in the cauldron. He backed away from the circle of women where he knew he'd have more room to perform. It was dead silent as he looked about and noticed even the cha serving girls in the background had full smiles on their faces. He began his song and dance.

"I promised her rings for her fingers, sparkling flowers for her flaxen hair I swore that I'd never set sail in foul weather but stay by the side at the shore"

As he danced all of the ladies faces lit up with full smiles not just from his performance and singing but the fact that his erection was wildly waving and bouncing very noticeably in all directions while he moved. He continued singing.

"Fare-the-well, oh you barbary merchants fare-the well to the spanish blockade fare-the-well to the straits of Gibraltar and the treacherous seas of Cathay"

More cha was served to the women as they chattered, smiled and laughed with one another, the European's dancing body and bobbing hard-on a source of great delight to them. Blackthorne had been to many pubs on the docks in England where countless ships were moored. He had exchanged stories with many sailors about frigates they had plundered, exotic lands they had visited, battles they had taken part in and foreign women that they enjoyed. He knew that a story about him dancing naked for the samurai wives in the Japans would be a story that would be difficult for many to believe. As he ended his dance the ladies all applauded his efforts, his body and muscles glistening.

For a short time he stood before the women again before Mariko instructed him to kneel. He looked about bewildered as the cha serving girl passed out three small straw rings to each of the ladies. There was much talking and snickering before the Lady Safi made an announcement of some kind and in response the woman Sachiko who the first female to his left in the semi-circle tossed her straw ring towards his elongated shaft. The ring missed its target and bounced off his knee as all the ladies laughed and chortled. The woman Fuyuko then tossed one of her rings, it hit the side of his well-girthed erection but landed on the floor. Next was the lady Chiaki. It became silent as the elderly woman strained her weak eyesight and aimed her ring with as much precision as she could. With a flick of her wrist her ring spiraled towards him and landed perfectly around his hard-on before sliding down his shaft and settling against his balls. The women applauded for Chiaki as she made a slight bowing gesture to them. The lady Saiko was next, she tossed her ring and it bounced off the very tip of his penis but then hooped around it perfectly to which there was more clapping. Blackthorne couldn't believe what he was witnessing and what he was now a part of as one by one the women took their turns in this game that seemed to delight all of them. Even Mariko took part and out of three tries she hit her target twice. By the time the game ended there was 9 thin rings along his manhood and numerous rings on the floor about him. The Geisha Kiku-san was announced the winner as she had scored three out of three hits, Saiko was second and Mariko was third. The rings were soon removed from him and he was ordered to stand once again and though his testes were still quite sore his erection by this time was finally subsiding.

He stood nude while the ladies continued socializing with one another. At one point the lady Reiko who was a newlywed stood up to model a new kimono that her husband had given her on the anniversary of her birthday. The women touched the silky fabric and admired its many colors and beauty. Blackthorne smiled as this could just have easily been a group of European women, gossiping, talking about clothes and exchanging advice on how to do wear their hair. The only difference being that in a room of European women the stench would be foul from the many unwashed female bodies and unlaundered thick wools that they usually wore. He reflected upon his dear wife Felicity and how both of them had wallowed in their filth, making love on rancid sheets, their hair greasy and lice-ridden. Upon returning to England would he ever be able to convince Felicity that bathing was actually a good thing and that they should both bathe everyday as well as regularly wash their clothes? He thought not.

Blackthorne continued standing in the nude and was eventually given some cha by a flirtatious serving girl who couldn't have been more than 18 years old. The women carried on gossiping while still glancing and smiling at him from time to time. However after enjoying several cups of cha Blackthorne soon made the mistake of notifying Mariko that he needed to urinate. Instead of being allowed to relieve himself in private the Lady Safi instructed the serving girl to bring in a chamber pot. He was then told to urinate right in front of the women so they could all watch his stream. He awkwardly positioned himself as the room once again became completely silent. He felt absolutely humiliated and his cheek quivered with rage as he commenced performing his bodily function publicly without concealment while all the ladies erupted in high pitch squeaky laughter. One of the cha girls attempted to take the pot away too soon to which he haulted her and squirted out two more short spurts to which there was more female giddiness. As the pot was taken away a few of the older women even stood up so that they could view the color of his urine while the younger women happily declined.

He stood before them, the relief to his bladder combined with the terrible pressure in his balls soon caused him to become erect once again. It now had come time for the Geisha girl Kiku to instruct the women on how to properly pleasure a man. Mariko instructed Blackthorne to stand before Kiku to which all the women including the serving girls gathered around.

Kiku was the most beautiful of all the women even more so than Mariko, a large flower in her hair and her face heavily powdered with white makeup. She was well known for her physical attributes as well as her skill as a geisha. She opened a small chest and removed some objects; a roll of beads, some ostrich feathers as well as some other devices that Blackthorne could not identify other than to assume that they were for sexual purposes. Kiku had a sweet gentle voice and as she spoke to the ladies she grabbed his manhood gingerly, caressing him with her fingers. Blackthorne noticed immediately that this would not just be another normal stroking which he had already received but instead a skilled stroking from a woman who was obviously an expert on a man's body as well as what was required to fully pleasure him. She spoke to them in Japanese while she caressed him, occasionally stopping to answer a question from one of the very interested women. As she began tickling his testicles with the ostrich feathers he quickly became excited to the point where he was fully erect again, his balls aching from all the unquenched desire and touching that had already occurred.

Kiku poured some scented oil along his shaft and began rubbing it on his engorged member while continuing to tickle his testes. The oil initially seemed warm but instantly began to heat up on his skin causing him to become even more excited. He began grunting and gasping, the women looking up to him and smiling, enjoying his reactions. Kiku used the various toys from the chest to massage his loins. One by one each device brought to him a new sensation as she would also continually poor more oil on his member which again would instantly heat up the moment it was on his flesh. His cock was purple and throbbing, his balls were swollen and sore, his face twisting with desire and need as he started gasping even louder while Kiku stroked his manhood with something that looked like a small ivory tusk.

The Lady Safi snapped again to which Mariko spoke. "Anjin-San, you must not release yourself yet. The geisha lesson has not been completed."

Blackthorne shouted, "I must release, I can't stand it anymore!"

The Lady Safi angrily clapped her hands and yelled to which Mariko in a fearful voice proclaimed, "No Anjin-San, you must not release! It would be very bad manners before the lesson is finished. You must withhold, you must!"

"I can't!!" he exclaimed.

"You have to Anjin-san or she'll call in the samurai!" said Mariko.

He immediately tried to restrain himself knowing that a premature eruption would cause him to be boiled. Every fiber of his being wanted a release but he had to hold on. The ladies were all looking at him, their smiles gone as they too wondered if the evening would end with him screaming in the cauldron. Kiku however only smiled even more so and became even more aggressive in how she stroked and tickled his body, for now it was a challenge. She could imagine how grand it would be for word to spread about how she had once pleasured a European to such an extreme that he had climaxed even though he knew that it would mean a long slow agonizing death for him. Blackthorne looked down at her pleading for her to stop to which she returned a sinister smile. She would not cease, she would continue and caress him even harder.

A worried Mariko looked on as Kiku poured a new kind of oil onto Blackthorne's purple throbbing member. This oil was even hotter and Blackthorne gasped. Kiku began stroking him with both of her hands while holding the head of his penis just inches from her mouth as she slowly licked her lips. All the ladies had intense looks upon their faces, knowing that there was now a battle of wills between the Geisha girl and the European. It would indeed be difficult to enjoy drinking cha with a screaming male boiling just outside the house. Blackthorne's face twisted with lust, his body glistened, contorted and his hips lunged while the lady Kiku used every toy and device she had to torment him while instructing the ladies. Blackthorne looked down upon her. He had been in many battles at sea and had confronted and defeated some truly brutal, burly and vicious men. However this beautiful, petite Japanese geisha girl who was now torturing his erection with incredible sensations was by far the most cruel and evil adversary he had ever encountered.

"Please M'lady!!" Blackthorne shouted.

"No Anjin-san, not yet!" Mariko replied.

Kiku looked up at him innocently and coyly, pretending as if she did not know the hell she was putting him through as Blackthorne used every ounce of his strength and his endurance to resist her. A look of terror spread across his face as he saw her prepare to take him into her beautiful mouth. As her lips closed around his raging engorgement he felt her warmth, her moistness, her tongue, her teeth. That a woman would do such a thing publicly was amazing to him but all the women continued to watch with looks of fascination. She sucked harder as he cried out and tried to resist but it was futile. He had been at sea for far too long and this woman was too beautiful and too talented. He was dying of longing and couldn't take the blinding waves of pleasure and passion that she was causing to burn beneath him.

Sweat poured from his body and while the geisha girl sucked him still harder he shouted out. "I can't take it anymore!!" The lady Safi spoke loudly to which Mariko instantly translated, "Anjin-san, yes! You may now release!"

Blackthorne instantly cried out as Kiku withdrew her mouth from him but continued stroking his member. The ladies backed away slightly as long spurts of his male seed spewed out onto the mat in front of him. He shouted out in orgasm in a way that he never had before while the ladies gasped at how much fluid he was thrusting forward. Spurt after spurt jutted forth as his naked muscles bulged and knotted. Blackthorne's shouts of passion echoed throughout the room as the women stared upon his contorted face, wide-eyed with excitement. His body was still shaking as his climax ended and he at last began to calm himself.

Kiku removed him from her grip and began putting her sexual devices back into her little chest. Blackthorne relaxed as his breathing slowed, every inch of his body pouring with sweat, his balls almost numb. How close he had come to a terrible death and as the lady Kiku stood up he backed away from her while looking upon her with absolute hatred. The lady Safi took notice of his anger and was offended at his lack of respect, feeling that he needed to learn his proper place. She began whispering to Mariko.

"Anjin-San, the lady Safi thinks it would be polite for you to honor Kiku-san for blessing you with such great pleasure," Mariko said. "Please kneel before her, bow to the floor and continue doing so until she returns the compliment."

Blackthorne again looked to Mariko in protest before turning towards Kiku who smirked to him in a mocking manner. He paused as his mind burned with anger before reluctantly falling to his knees before her. She smiled victoriously at him as he raised his strong arms over his head and then bowed to her as if she was royalty, with his opened hands on the floor just inches from her toes. It was very quiet as the women watched the huge and well-muscled European worship the little geisha girl. He continued bowing while on his knees over and over as Kiku-san placed her hand over her mouth and began laughing playfully at seeing Blackthorne naked and groveling at her feet, his face contorted with rage.

"Domo Anjin-san domo," she said glibly and flirtatiously as she at last bowed to him in return. "I do hope that we shall one day meet again." She then left the room and as enraged as Blackthorne was with her, he couldn't deny that he still desperately wanted her.

The mat where he had spewed his seed was taken away and there was talk that it might be hung in the village for all to see as if it was a work of art. Blackthorne could only shake his head upon hearing this but was relieved when he was finally instructed to put his kimono back on as the evening had at last concluded. He said his goodbyes to the polite women as Mariko translated for him. He knew that it would always be humiliating from now on to see Mariko or any of these women in the village after what had taken place in this room. Blackthorne and Mariko left the house and it was a relief for him to see the samurai dousing the fire that burned under the boiling cauldron. He made small talk with Mariko, trying to restore his sense of pride after such an embarrassing experience. She had seen him naked and erect while dancing and had even seen him urinate and ejaculate. No other woman in his adult life had ever witnesses any of these things other than his wife Felicity back in England.

As they reached Mariko's home it was time for him to leave her and say goodnight. He was still lusting after her and wanted to have her right at that moment. But she was married to a samurai and such an act if discovered might cost both of them their lives.

"I'm very proud of you Anjin-san," said Mariko. "You conducted yourself very well."

He spoke to her in the doorway as he placed his hands on her shoulders. "M'lady, I hope you will forget what you witnessed and how vulnerable you saw me tonight. I would greatly appreciate it."

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